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26 October 2010

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II
Mihaela StoyantchevaGururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy:  Hi, Rasa. I haven't seen you downtown in a while. I'm home this weekend and I had some time so I started looking through some of your posts about matriarchy. One of your points about the male society treats the mother. This stems back to the Oedipal/Freudian complex. However, there's another side to it...females with their fathers. How is that explained under matriarchy? Is it breastfeeding that steers girls away from that or is it something else?
Michaela, the child forms a bond with the primary caregiver, the one closest to it, & that is almost always the Mother.  The Mother is God-like for both male & female.  When there is a strong father presence (today there is a great absence of father presence) & the girl forms an attachment to him, it’s possible he might also be seen as “maternal” or “nurturing”, but this is usually in addition to that of the Mother, the primary care giver, so his importance would still be in the shadow of Mother or in addition to it.– but rarely would the father be seen as of equal importance.  The father taking care of most of or all the nurturing is extremely rare.  If a Mother disappears, then the child is usually given over to other females.  When the father helps it is usually not during the phase the “Oedipus complex” forms – which are three to six years of age. What I am saying is that the primary relationship with both male & female is with the Mother – Freud saw the father, it seems, as important & thereby the opposite happens to what happens with the boy/Mother – that is – that the boy sees his Dad as a threat to his relationship with the Mom & wants to do away with him.  The opposite of course is female wanting to be with her Dad & doing away with the Mom.  Freud was vague on how this happens & with good cause – it probably does not.  The Mom, again, even if she is an abusive one, has greater psychological impact.
In the Victorian era, when Freud did most of his work, we had female slavery in marriage.  Women had little or no opportunity to work outside the home, their union with a male, as bearers of children, sex objects, caregivers & domestics, was set in stone.  In this situation, however heinous a husband might have been, however cold hearted or unfaithful he was, he usually used his house & wife as a “point of departure” or “base of operations,” & so, there was a Father present more often than there is today - certainly in the upper middle-class families Freud served as clients.
Today, importance of the father is diminishing.  Most families do not have the father living in the home & so there is little or no attachment to him for both male & female, all the dynamics would rest with the Mother.  Women of course would have boyfriends for whatever good or bad they might bring.
I might also add that the presence of Dads in the house can often be more negative than good – 50% of all females are sexually molested by their Dads & 25% of all boys, so there is child damage rather than nurturing.  This abuse starts at the average age of 18 months – while they are still in diapers.  This makes one out of three Dads sexual child abusers – It is not a bad thing they are now mostly sperm donors, & not present in the house.  Today, women work, have help from their Mom’s or social services.
The importance of Dads in a household is shrinking fast & we are moving into Matriarchy, where the security & status of the children rests with the Mother, the identity of the father matters little, & after that, we will have a woman-only world, after males go extinct.  So any type of Freudian imagery about father attachment will go out the window.
To Ishmi from Rasa:  singular cases (of male or female transgressions) is what people get hung up on - you have to see the big picture - which is shown by STATISTICS - this is mostly what I espouse - look at the statistics & the studies, & add to that people's personal collective experience & verdict has to be MEN ARE VIOLENT CRIMINALS, THE CAUSE OF ALL THE CHAOS & MISERY ON EARTH, GET RID OF MALES FROM ROLES OF LEADERSHIP &/OR POWER, PUT WOMEN BACK IN POWER, & THERE IS THE SOLUTION TO THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS.
Anecdotal” evidence or singular experience cited does not prove a case.  That is to say, one million males commit violence, one hundred females commit violence.  This does not mean females are as violent as males – to the contrary.

Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder) performing at Playboy club
I personally think that Pa-Matriarchy in just Feminism with a different name and if we go down that route we will end up with patriarchy once again. Men are naturally competitive, so with co-rulership, ambitious men will be competing with ...women for power. Which will mean women will have to learn to be as competitive as men, or we will quickly have patriarchy once again.

Women may think that equality between the sexes is a great idea, but i don't know how you can get men to agree to this. If women want power, then they have to work together and take it. Men understand this, but they have little understanding of Feminism.

Yasmeen, Feminism states that men and women are the same and their stated view is that men and women should be equal.

Yes, the ideal position would be to get away from the extremes but many people like the extremes of life and if that is what they want, you cannot persuade them not to do this.

I personally think that men can either be trained to be mindless brutes or trained to be loving and caring people, it depends a lot on what sort of culture they live in and how they are brought up. Personally i think if we want to have a world where we no longer have conflict, wars and poverty we need to have women in charge.

The rulers of our world do not use terms like training, indoctrination or brainwashing but that is what they do to keep power. Politicians and priests have been brainwashing the people for thousands of year. I know we would like to live in a world where everyone is allowed to think and behave however they like, but we unfortunately the reality is, that we don't live in such a world.

We know how men rule our world through five thousand years of recorded history. And i think everyone agrees men have done a terrible job in ruling our world. I think we stand a far better chance of living in a peaceful and caring world if women take over instead.

I am sure Matriarchal rulers won't use expressions like training of brainwashing men but call it education instead. Which is more or less the same thing.

Education & brainwashing are two different things.  When males get hold of people’s minds they brainwash them with LIES.  To wit:  females are inferior, they are to be used by males, exploited, raped, abused, drained & at age 50, sent out to pasture.  Animals are here to be used, tortured, skinned alive, tested on & slaughtered.  Life is to be used, nature is to be used, people are to be used, all so we, the males, can get wealthier.  Go to war, kill innocent people, mutilate, maim & blind them, it’s all good – patriotism – our enemies are evil.  It does not matter what you do to civilians, go ahead rape them, mutilate them, blow their heads off.  It’s all business.
This is BRAINWASHING -     whereas when women rule the world, they will teach the following- & this is education of TRUTH:
“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” – “Whatever you do to the least of life, you do to God” – Have compassion, empathy for all living creatures, do not destroy the earth with pollution, toxicity; do not damage the environment.
Be kind, empathetic, compassionate, be just, merciful.  Do not lie, chat & steal.  This is EDUCATION.
Yasmeen, surely every human being alive has been trained - we are trained from when we are babies, trained how to speak, trained in all our ways. I have no problem with having been trained - I train myself! lol
If you watch the Kogi document...ary you will note that several times they state "That is how it is." I have no problem with this sort of generalisation or unchanging 'fact' because I see it in nature all the time. You can observe the lives of plants and animals and each has a very complex list of things that govern all possibilities for behaviour within each species. That is how it is!
Now whether we modern people like or dislike how the Kogi see things we must still consider this: they all lived peacefully and in balance with nature and their old people normally reached an age of 90+, even their pathways and buildings were not ravaged by time and the weather. Cloud and snow came to the peak each year, rivers ran as the snow melted bringing much needed water of life to all the forests, hills and plains below. There were healthy habitats from the peak to the coast below and then "Younger Brother" in the form of the Spanish conquest arrived bringing death, destruction and the Catholic religion and the place has been going downhill ever since. That is how it is.

The problem we have Yasmeen, is that we have brains and with these brains some of us can work out how to manipulate, indoctrinate and brainwash other people. We cannot turn our backs on this and say, "we shouldn't be doing this" because th...e "genie is out of the bottle" and we cannot put it back, because people will always use brainwashing techniques to gain power over others.

All we can do is to understand what is going on, and i would rather have women use these brainwashing techniques than men. After all women are far less likely to use these techniques to start a war and brainwash the population into believing that war is the right thing to do. Or indoctrinate the population into believing that it is right that wealth of a country should be owned by a small minority while the general population live in poverty.

The fact is that the general population can easy be easy manipulated by clever politicians. So it would be far better for us all that these techniques are in the hands of people who genuinely care about the welfare of the people. Than people who only use them for personal gain.

Re. William Bond’s statements: RASA SAYS:
As I already stated, the teachings of women are TRUTH – while the teachings of males are LIES.  Women speak truth, they educate (this is in general of course) but males, with their lies, indoctrinate, propagandize & delude people.
The whole basis of Patriarchal teaching was that they must rule everything - & why?  Women are inferior, of course.  They had no scientific or anecdotal evidence of this, but they proclaimed it from the rooftops, women were knocked down with cleated boots on their heads, males were put on a pedestal.  It was “The Reign of the Phallus” or “Cock Rules the World” – Brother Dick does his thing.  There’s his penis atop all the churches!
Then Lo & behold, science discovered that females are mentally, consitionally, biologically & emotionally superior to males!  Soon statistics proved that males commit 99% of the crimes & violence, & are flawed in all areas moreso than females!
Female superiority stems from their having two XX chromosomes, while males have only one X & a damaged why, which is crumbling fast & will render them extinct in 100,000 years or so.  Dr. Bryan Sykes, world ‘s top geneticist, said, “Males were a genetic modification experiment that did not work” & nature is, therefore, removing them.
William Bond & I have worked out a new blog which features many beautiful, saucy & sexy photos, with fantastic information about Matriarchy & related issues:
The largest leak in history reveals the true extent of the bloodshed unleashed by the decision to go to war in Iraq – and adds at least 15,000 to its death toll

October 23, 2010

So now we begin to know the full extent of what Tony Blair called the blood price. A detainee tortured with live electrical wires here, children shot by US troops at a checkpoint there, insurgents using children to carry out suicide bombings somewhere else; on and on, through 391,832 documents. At the Pentagon, these messages were the day-to-day commonplaces of staff inboxes; for Iraqis, they detail, in the emotionless jargon of the
US military, nothing less than the hacking open of a nation's veins.

Today, seven and a half years on from the order to invade, the largest leak in history has shown, far more than has been hitherto known, just what was unleashed by that declaration of war. The Iraqi security services tortured hundreds, and the
US military watched, noted and emailed, but rarely intervened. A US helicopter gunship crew were ordered to shoot insurgents trying to surrender. A doctor sold al-Qa'ida a list of female patients with learning difficulties so they could be duped into being suicide bombers. A private US company, which made millions of dollars from the outsourcing of security duties, killed civilians. And the Americans, who have always claimed never to count civilian deaths, were in fact secretly logging them. At a conservative estimate, the new documents add at least 15,000 to the war's death toll.
Rasa says:  Men looking at women’s breasts increases their health – Naturally – they need to worship our bodies – we are MOTHER – they need Mother God & her embodiment – they need to venerate & worship us – Patriarchy discourages this, encourages them to use, exploit, rape & trash us – to their own detriment of course, part of the reason they are so sick!   (this was a fake study – however – I think it’s conclusions are true)
Medical study' purportedly published in the New England Journal of Medicine claims research has shown that ogling women's breasts increases men's lifespans.
public awareness campaign in buses – very good

Kellie Everts (Rasa Von Werder) at playboy club. 

To:  UK & European Parliament
We the undersigned request that antifreeze preparations are banned in the EU unless they contain a bitterant agent and all labels are clearly marked with better warnings & hazard symbols in accordance to health and safety laws.

Antifreeze kills 10,000's of our pets every year. It tastes sweet - many cats & dogs will lick it off the ground, then die from kidney failure within 48hrs unless treated by a vet immediately. In the USA there is an Antifreeze Bill 2399 in Senate & it's banned in 5 US states unless it contains a bitterant. An 11 year old girl got this Bill to Senate! Antifreeze has also been used to spike people's drinks in clubs, more recently used in an attempted murder where the man was fed antifreeze in his food and again in juice whilst lying in ICU in hospital. If it didn't taste sweet, it couldn't be hidden in food/drink AND cats/dogs/wildlife wouldn't be attracted to it. Most screenwash contains antifreeze yet few of these products contain ingredients or hazard warnings on the labels. There is no mention of the danger to animals. We want clear labelling outlining how dangerous it is; a bitterant adding to it; antifreeze manufacturers to take responsibility in full knowledge that they are possibly breaching the Animal Welfare Act 2006 by causing unnecessary suffering by failing to disclose the dangers of their product by not providing this information on their labels. A manufacturer in Wales has created a non-toxic antifreeze with zero fatality. It does not cost more to produce.

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