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Interview with Rasa Von Werder

Recent Photo of Rasa Von Werder 

  I have sent a list of questions to Rasa Von Werder and these are the replies.-

 I recently came across a web-site that claims that you took steroids in your bodybuilding days.  I personally doubt this, as women who take steroids lose their breasts, and need to have breast implants if they want to look like a woman.  As far as I can see you have natural breasts.  So what is your reaction to this?

 RASA says:
Never took sterioids, breasts are natural.  If I took steroids I would be MUCH MORE MUSCULAR for the work I do.  There are symptoms:  Jaws get bigger, she gets “cornrow” teeth, hair on face & body, she has to shave.  Her face changes from pretty to harsh.  Her stomach sticks out (so do male’s.) You can see the abdominal muscles, but they are on a pot belly.  Her urine smells like a man’s & she has an unpleasant vaginal discharge.  She gets “roids rage” as do the males – who have too much steroids or testosterone.

Like many women I know, you do not like the way some men have treated you in your life, and certainly do not like the way men rule our world.  So what is your relationship with men?  How do you have a loving relationship with men, knowing what they are capable of doing?

Not easily.  I had two great males when I was celibate – Richard Von Werder & Joe the lawyer.  For twenty years these two men helped me in hundreds of ways, were always there for me, healed my old wounds, helped me build my business, got me out of emergencies.  Richard became my husband & left me well provided for & along with my own money I can help humanity, my Female Empowerment/ spirituality mission, full time.

In the Femdom scene, which comes out of male sexual fantasies, there is an assumption that a dominant woman is a cruel, vicious and selfish woman.  My friend Pamela Suffield greatly dislikes this concept and claims that a dominant woman can also be a loving and caring woman as well.  I know some people find this a difficult concept to understand as they believe that a loving and caring person is ‘weak’.  What are your thoughts on this?

I was in the scene for ten years & after all was said & done, realized that over 90% of their fantasies & fetishes come out of needing a Mother.  Most Mothers are not cruel – males fantasize this way to give them power.  Males exaggerate what a woman does.  When he was tiny, she was huge, when he was small, she was scary by spanking him or withdrawing her love.  So he then, now a man, has to make the woman stand seven feet tall & hold a two by four to give him the same feeling.

As a follow up from the last question.  There is a sort of Feminist Matriarchy, that comes from academic women like Hannelore Vonier and Riane Eiler that puts forward a type of matriarchy were men and women are equal.  I personally cannot see how this can work, because there would be nothing to stop ambitious men competing with women for power, taking control and bringing back patriarchy.  So in a Matriarchal society what do women do with men? How do they treat them?

 RASA: They treat them as subordinates who need to be guided, led & told what to do.  They cannot be trusted in leadership over people.  I mean, they can be trusted in how to lay down highway asphalt or stones along the river, but not in anything that deals with living life.  Everything they touch – even agriculture – they turn into destruction.  They are not thinking with a full deck – they were not designed to make those types of decisions.

Males in my opinion, were created to give women sexual pleasure & to work, the way horses work.  Put them in a bridle, the plow behind them, muzzle with oats, & go for it.  They must work, or else their destructive energies go into fighting.

How can we have equality with them?  The female has two X chromosomes, a bigger brain, emotional system contains compassion, she is reproductive & takes care of people.  She a Queen, he is the drone.  Keep him busy working & having as much sex as he needs, - that keeps him out of trouble.

Kellie Everts, (right) winning Miss Nude Universe 1967

We talk about how much better the world would be if it was ruled by women.  But what practical methods can we do to create a Matriarchal society?  We see women becoming more academically qualified in recent years so do we hope that will bring about a Matriarchal society?  Or do we try to create Matriarchal communities like some women have attempted to do?  Do we try and start a Matriarchal political party?  I know you would like to start a Matriarchal religion.  Or would it be best to simply try and promote the cause of Matriarchy on the Internet?

 RASA:  Each person has gifts, & a calling from God, to do what they do.  You & I are educators, so we write, preach & teach.  Some people aren’t good at that, but they want to build a community.  Some people like politics.  Let each person promote Matriarchy in their own way.  As teachers you & I should empower women of all ages as to what is the Truth - & then – women, get active.  When they know the truth it will set them free, & they will naturally do the right thing, like get an education, stop thinking men will support them because they won’t.  Our job is to dispel lies & lay out clearly & definitely, why Patriarchy is wrong & Matriarchy is right.

It is commonplace for nude models to shave off their pubic hair or at least trim it down so it doesn’t show when a bikini is worn.  You have never done this and because of it, you have gained a following of men who like bushy pubic hair.  Why did you buck the trend?  Are you a natural rebel?

I had more pubic hair than any woman I know & learned this is a fetish for some men – so I exploited it.  Wish I could say something else, but it was to give men hardons – which is how women in my arena (dancing, adult therapy) make a living.

But yes, I am a rebel in many ways – against lies.  I am obedient to Truth, but hate lies & fight against them.

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  1. I am happy to have found your blog. I used to read all your columns in the adult papers in the eighties.