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Rasa Von Werder interviewing William Bond

Questions for William Bond

When I first got on the internet, you were there promoting Matriarchy & other related subjects.  What was it like being the first man to do so?

It just felt like, “a lone voice crying in the wilderness”.  Though I was at first being supported by Dianna Vesta, it was she who encouraged and bullied me to come on the Internet and she put my articles on her web sites.  So getting support from her was a very big help to me, and gave me confidence.

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

We both were inundated by the femdom crowd when we were preaching 4-5 years ago.  We had debates on how femdom & Matriarchy worked.  We decided too many males topped from the bottom.  Do you have any further thoughts on this now that we have made so much progress?

I think the frustrating bit for me is how so many men are stuck in their Femdom fantasies and find it hard to go beyond this.  Yet, being a man I can understand why this happens.  For a lot of men, it is only about their emotions, they find they have within them a powerful desire to want to worship and serve women. but they don’t know what to do with these emotions.  Unfortunately for many men, these desires are being channelled into the sexual fantasies of Femdom whereas they could be channeled in more productive directions, like worshiping and serving women in real life. (This is not new, back in the Middle Ages these desires were being channeled into the concept of Chivalry, until patriarchy distorted it into men being loyal to kings and priests, instead of women).  So this is one reason why Femdom needs to be reformed, so these powerful desires that men feel, can be channeled into benefiting women more.  Perhaps the problem with Femdom is that patriarchal thinking has contaminated it. Patriarchy has always encouraged men to resist these desires, by denigrating women, so it becomes difficult for men to worship someone whom you have belittled. While at the same time patriarchy has encouraged men to serve and worship alpha males instead.  So for many men they have to fantasize women acting and behaving like alpha males for them to want to serve and worship them.  So this is why men fantasies women dressed in masculine gear like black leather and punishing them with whips and canes.  These men have been brainwashed into believing only a very macho person, can be dominant, so for them, if a women is dominant she has to play the macho role.

I think the whole concept of “topping from the bottom” comes from the Dominatrix/client relationship.  When a man goes to a Dominatrix she asks him, “what are your fantasies” he then tells her and she acts them out for him.  So even though she plays the role of a Dominant Woman, in reality it is the client who has the real power and is telling her what to do.  Then when these men try to move on from this and meet genuine Dominant Women, they continue to act in the same way, they tell her their fantasies and expects her to act them out for him and then wonders why she get angry with him.  Not realising that she might have her own desires and fantasies about how she might want to dominate men.  Femdom should be about what the woman wants, not what the man wants.

To be fair, a lot of men also complain they cannot find a Dominant Woman, so what they do is take a passive woman and train her to be Dominant.  Which can be a big help to some women and give them the confidence to be dominant.  The problem is that to be truly dominant, there comes a time when men have to surrender control and allow her to be the boss in reality and not just acting it out.  Many men find this very, very difficult and can become too frightened to surrender control to her.

When did you first have intimations that you thought differently than other males?  What were you like as a boy in relation to females?  How old were you when you noticed you liked female domination or authority?

I have always been an outsider since I was a child, I suppose it is because I have a questioning mind.  I was brought up to be a macho male but was never comfortable playing that role.  I was also brought up to be a male chauvinists and this was the attitude I had for a long time, for instance I was very much anti-feminists in the 1960s when the Women’s Liberation Movement started.  But even then, I did admire strong women.  My father, brother and I very much liked the early series of The Avengers on TV which starred Honour Blackman who played the role of the a very intelligent, judo expert and every episode she would be beating up men and for some reason, we all enjoyed watching this. (Later on her role was taken over by Diana Rigg)  Looking back now, it was strange that three confirmed male chauvinists would enjoy this. I also liked the books of Rider Haggard and in two of his books She and Ayesha- The Return of She he wrote about a powerful woman whom was called, “She who must be obeyed”, and I liked both books.  So underneath my male chauvinism, something else was going on.

Honour Blackman demonstrating her Judo skills

My male chauvinist attitude disappeared in my late 20s when I ended up having a bossy girlfriend.  She changed my attitude towards women completely, unfortunately the relationship didn’t last, perhaps because of my male chauvinist attitudes, and the break up was very painful for me. But after this relationship, my attitude towards women changed completely.

The world is changing toward female authority & we might have Matriarchy in a few generations.  Have you noticed men changing as they adjust to the inevitable?  Do you think some of them pretend to like the new female power, because there is nothing they can do to stop it, so they adjust?  But if they could stop it they would?

I have to say, I think men can be trained to be whatever you want them to be.  We have patriarchy because a few alpha men took power and then trained men to be macho men and male chauvinists.  If women take control of society they can, if they choose to do so, train men to be devoted slaves to women.  The military has proven than men can be trained to be so obedient, that if an officer orders men to come out of trenches to face machine gun fire, they will obey without question.  The Japanese Kamikaze pilots of WW2 were not volunteers, they were ordered to commit suicide by flying their planes into enemy ships and there is no record of any pilot disobeying this order.  We see the same today with Muslim suicide bombers who again are brainwashed into committing suicide for a cause.  This demonstrates how ingrained men’s obedience to authority is.  Also military men are very macho in character so it means very macho men can be as easy trained by women as any other male.

The majority of men will obey those in authority whether they are men or women.  So it is important that women take over all positions of power.  So the main opposition will not come from the ordinary man in the street, but from the alpha men who still hold positions of power.  Yet, even these alpha men are likely pass on their power to their daughters or women they love.  Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin have proved that women can still thrive within right-wing male chauvinists political parties.  Providing off course, they act and behave like men or like an archetypal dominatrix.

As with all things, “knowledge is power” if women have to knowledge of what men are like and how they can train them properly, then women will have no problem in holding on to their position of power.

Are you surprised that in the last five years since we started, so much improvement has happened for Female Empowerment, so many links & articles?  So many thoughtfully written out articles which prove the very things we’ve been saying for years?  Do you think they got some of their leads, ideas & inspirations from you & me?  After all, the things they are proving are things we already said.  Perhaps they saw our work on the internet, did further research, & realized we were right.  They get the credit because they are academics & bona fide journalists.

It is so hard to know whom have influenced whom.  I first heard about Matriarchy from the book The First Sex by Elizabeth Gould Davis, I then read more from the books of Robert Graves.  The problem is that you publish articles or books on the Internet and you have no idea who reads them or what influence you have had over others.  I think your main strength is that you have done a very good marketing job of Matriarchy, and given Matriarchy a far higher profile on the Internet.

I am sure there have been a lot of people out there who may have had matriarchal ideas, but were too frighten to express them because no one else was saying the same thing.  I know when I first came on the Internet and put “Matriarchy” into a search engine you got very few web pages and most of them were negative about the whole subject.  Now it is different and put “Matriarchy” into Google you get over a million web-pages.  So when people see that there are a lot of people discussing this subject they are now more likely to join in the discussion.

Matriarchy has been discussed a lot in academic circles, for a very long time, the first book that wrote about it was Myth, Religion and Mother Right by J.J. Bachofen back in the middle of the 19th century.  But Matriarchy was a taboo subject and anyone daring to write about it was severely criticised by other academics.  But now things are changing, and if journalists see the subject being discussed by many people on the Internet, then they are far more likely to write about this subject.

Early photograph of Kellie Everts (Showbiz name of Rasa Von Werder)
Tell me about your books.  “Gospel of the Goddess” was the first one, with Pamela Suffield.  Tell me how that developed.  Tell me how the Goddess Gospel differs from the Patriarchal gospel.

Gospel of the Goddess” started from a phone conversation I had with Pamela, back in the late 1980s.  She at the time was living on her own and phoned me to say she just had a wonderful weekend.  She got friendly with a young man 20 years her junior, and he drove up from London and repaired her car and washing machine both of which had broken down, and then made love to her in the way she likes.  So she said to me, “I’ve just had this wonderful weekend, what’s the catch?”  I replied, “there doesn’t have to be a catch, wonderful things can happen to us without their being a downside to it”. (As it turned out she was right, there was a catch, he was married, but that is another story).

She didn’t believe me but challenged me to prove what I said.  I put forward a number of arguments, which she quickly shot down in flames.  So in desperation, I began to talk about my beliefs that God is Female.  That got her interest and she wanted to know more.  So over the next few weeks we discussed this further in some more phone calls and Pamela wanted know if there was any books that were written about this, but I said I didn’t know of any.  I said I would like to write about it but was too poor a writer to do this, so she said she would help me write it.

“Gospel of the Goddess” wasn’t our original title.  Pamela wanted to call it, “No more Heroes” which I didn’t like and I wanted to call it, “The Return of Matriarchy”, which Pamela didn’t like.  Then Pamela suggested “Gospel of the Goddess” which I didn’t mind and so we agreed on that title.

A Goddess theology can be similar to a God theology but there is one big difference.  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam put forward the concept of a judging, condemning and punitive God who tells us how we should or should not behave.  Which is completely illogical, because if God created us all, and we behave in ways that are different to what he wants us to behave, then the buck stops with him, not us.  He was the one who created us, so if we are imperfect, then it is his fault for creating imperfect beings.  Patriarchal theology attempts to get around this through the invention of the Devil, but if God created everything including the Devil, then he has still created an imperfect being with great power.  So all this suggests that we have a God that clearly doesn’t know what he is doing. We even have this concept in Buddhism and Hinduism where although we do not have a judging god, we still have the concept that we are imperfect and we have to do things like meditate and other spiritual exercised to gain, “enlightenment” or perfection.  So again this suggests that whatever created us didn’t do a very good job.  Patriarchy religions give religion a bad name and the reason why some many people are atheists, is because patriarchal theology is totally illogical and doesn’t make sense.

A Goddess theology would be completely different.  We all come from the ONE we are all One Mind, One Spirit.  So there was no need for us to search for perfection we are all perfect already.  The problem is that in a world of Oneness and perfection there is no movement.  We lived in a world of such totally love and harmony that we can’t improve on it, and in such a world there is no relationships as there was no individuality.  This is because when we are all One Mind, there is no one else to relate to.  This is why God is feminine in nature because Oneness, love and harmony are feminine attributes.  So to create movement and relationships the Feminine God created the masculine, which is individualism and separation, but unfortunately if the masculine is not controlled by the feminine, then it leads to competition, conflict, chaos and destruction.  So we all voluntarily came from a world of total love, harmony and perfection, to live in a limited world of separation to learn what it is like to be separate individuals.

If we look back at history we find at first women were in total control over men because men were created by the Feminine God to obey women.  Unfortunately in time women took this total obedience for granted and were unaware of how dangerous men could be, if women didn’t control them.  So when some men began to rebel against the rule of women, women didn’t see the dangers of this and might of even thought it amusing.  This only encourage more men to rebel and some of these rebels discovered that they could dominate and control other men as easy as it was for women to do this.  So these rebellious alpha men began to encourage other men to obey them, instead of obeying women.  They did this by teaching men how to denigrate women and even how to dominate women using violence.  Many women felt totally helpless to prevent this because once they lost control over men, they didn’t know how to regain control.

But there was other women who remained in control by listening to the voice of the Feminine God who told them what to do, and it seems this was successful for a while.  But the alpha men countered this by inventing a male god and telling the people to pray to this male god for guidance and not the Female God.  Which meant the people who prayed to a male god then lost their contact with the Great Mother.  So a sex war broke out lasting thousands of year, between those who still worshiped the Great Mother, (Which is what they called the Female God in ancient times) and those who worshiped male gods.  In the end patriarchy won because too many people were willing to listen to the lies of the patriarchal priests, rather than to listen to the inner voice of the Great Mother.

So men led the way, away from the love and harmony of the Great Mother into a world of competition, conflict, hatred violence, war, and chaos, and we would remain there if individual women and men didn’t begin to listen to the voice of the Great Mother once again.

Throughout history there always have been people who have listened to the voice of the Great Mother but as a general rule, they have been too few in number, to make a big difference.  But since the 19th century more and more people have began to do this, with women demanding equal rights throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and men getting in touch with their inner desires to submit and obey women once again.  These desires have created the Feminist movement with women and the Femdom scene with men.  Hopefully in time these two very different groups will join together to create a strong Matriarchal movement.

Had men continued to rule our world, they would undoubtedly destroyed it, as we see in the cold war between the USSR and USA when both sides deployed enough nuclear weapons to destroy civilization many times over.

Once women take control once again they can create a world of love and harmony, but having to keep a tight control over men, means that women cannot take this harmony to the extreme where the feminine will take us back to a world of total Oneness where we no longer have individuality.  So this is what the male energy gives us all, it creates division so we can all be individuals. But as patriarchal history shows us, the masculine is dangerous and destructive, if not controlled by the feminine.

You then created “Make Love, Not War”.  Could you tell me ho that developed & what it says, more or less?

After we wrote, ”Gospel Of the Goddess” I discovered a lot of people where not interested in it, as it was a spiritual book.  So all I done was to write about my ideas on Matriarchy but leave out the spiritual bits.  Its central theme is to say why we all would be better off if women ruled the world.  I first got it published through PublishAmerica, but the sales were so poor I took it back and renamed it, “Why Women Should Rule The World” and turned it into a blog.

You made an important discovery about “mermaids,” & created a book - that they really exist, in the form of female divers.  You explained the reason why they disguised the reality that women were working this way, & supporting families & communities – they built a myth around this to hide the fact that women were more effective than males, in earning a living by diving. Could you tell us more about this?

Ideas about Mermaids come from the Aquatic Ape Theory.  In science they favour the Savannah theory claiming that ‘man’ evolved from the apes by coming down from the trees and hunting on the African plains.  In this theory women are not mentioned at all as the male scientist who invented this theory, never even thought about women.  Then in the 1970s Elaine Morgan wrote a book called, “The Decent of Women” explaining that a woman carrying or looking after a child could never have survived on the African Savannah.  She then proposed a different theory that had been around for long time in scientific circles, called the Aquatic Ape Theory.  This theory explains why we are naked, walk upright and have much bigger brains than other apes.  Since then the Savannah theory has been disproved and all the evidence points to the Aquatic Ape Theory being correct.  But this makes no difference.  Scientist will still claim that the Savannah theory is correct simply because it gives the staring role for our evolution to men, whereas the Aquatic Ape Theory doesn’t favour men in the same way.  And this is the reason why the Aquatic Ape theory is still rejected by mainstream science.

My ideas on Mermaids takes the ideas on the Aquatic Ape theory further and shows that if was women and not men who play the most important role in our evolution.  This is because our knowledge from breath-holding diving communities that have survived into recent times, show us that women are more aquatic than men.  So it must have been women who first ventured into the water, and probably foraged for food in the water while men still foraged on land.  Which means it was women who were far more responsible for our evolution from apes to human, rather than men.

What do you wish women would do to empower themselves, that they are not doing enough of?

A number of things. –

I have mentioned before, that a lot of what we read in books, magazines, papers and see on films and TV, tends to be patriarchal propaganda.  We can see this in the role of the violent macho hero who become the role model for teenage boys, (and then we wonder why teenage boys tend to be so violent.)  But recently I have come across a female version of this.

Some time ago I watch a book program on TV where they had two romantic fiction writers on it.  Both of these women were complaining about the state of romantic fiction today and pointing out how much it has been influenced by the Brontë sisters.  They pointed out that the Brontë sisters romantic heroes like Heathcliff and Mr. Rochester were monsters that abused women, and were terrible role models for women.  I know people will dismiss romantic fiction as escapism but we know that what we focus our minds on, does strongly influence us.  Romantic fiction is big business, more women read books than men and what they mostly read is romantic fiction, so we cannot take its influence on the minds of women, too lightly.

Fortunately there is another sort of romantic fiction novel like “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.  In this novel, the feisty, strong mind heroine brings the very rich and proud hero to heal.  The problem is, is that this book was written in the 18th century and it seems that women’s romantic fiction has barely moved on since then.  So what we very much need, is a new form of romantic fiction for women, where women break all the social conventions laid down my patriarchy.  So we have scandalous heroines who look for men they can dominate and demand men to worship them as Goddesses, or stories of older women who get romantically involved with very good-looking men much younger than themselves.  Novels like this will strongly influence women in the right direction.

I have also mentioned that I think it is about time women took control of the Femdom scene after all Femdom should be about what women want not what men want.  So perhaps what we need is Femdom fantasies written by women for other women and not for men.  The big advantage of this, is that if femdom men come to women asking or demanding that they act out their fantasies.  The women can instead present him with her fantasies that she wants him to act out.

I also feel that women need to learn more about mind power.  In the material world men will always have the advantage.  Men are not only physically bigger and stronger than women; they are more aggressive and competitive.  So men will always have the advantage in the physical world, where men can and do dominate women through physical violence and aggression.  It is true women can practice body building and marital arts or go to assertiveness classes but only a minority of women want to do these sort of things.

But we have to remember that patriarchy has not only subdued women through physical violence and aggression but also by brainwashing the public to believe whatever the ruling elite want them to believe.  So if women are to empower themselves, they have to be knowledgeable about the successful mind control methods that patriarchy uses on men, and make use of it themselves.

These methods are not a secret; the military, religions, political parties and advertisers use them, all the time.  Recently, some women have pointed out in the banned BBC TV show, "Bring Your Husband to Heel" or the book, “What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage”, by Amy Sutherland, that men can be trained by women using animal training techniques.  So knowledge is power and if women know about brainwashing and animal training techniques, they will be able to train their husbands and boyfriends to be whatever they want them to be.

But more that this, women can gain the advantage over men through the use of positive thinking.  Now, I know you use positive thinking all the time, but don’t talk about it so much, because people tend to think it is a bit strange.  Yet, I believe positive thinking is where women can make a big difference.  Women tend to be more spiritual than men, I saw this in the New Age movement where women far outnumbered men, and it is true of the Christian Church today where there are more women who go to church than men.  Many positive thinking concepts come out of religion and they tend to make more sense to women than men.  So I do feel that if we do start an organized Matriarchal movement, then women need to be taught all about the concepts of positive thinking, to empower themselves.

I have written two articles on this, called; “Femdom and Brainwashing Techniques”, and “Femdom Witchcraft”.

You have worked with some strong & interesting women such as Diana Vesta & told me how they would fold up under opposition.  Could you tell me more about this? – Why did she give up when opposed?  What do you think discourages one woman but not the other?

I think women who promote Matriarchy have to be very strong-minded women, as they have to defy all of societies conventions.  So it makes sense to me that only a small minority of women will be willing to do this.  As previously mentioned I know you practice positive thinking and prayer and it is this that gives you the ability to press on regardless.  I think another reason is that you have successful and that is you have been in showbiz, show business is all about promoting yourself and attracting attention, so you know all about this.  I think a lot of people are shocked by your methods, but in the end, they do get results.

I don’t think Dianna Vesta folded up, but left the scene when you arrived.  It was she who got me to come on the Internet, but even before I managed to buy a computer to do this, I sent her my articles and she published them on her web site.  Then when I finally got on the Internet she made a message board where I could express my ideas, and she told me to go on other message boards to talk about Matriarchy and even made up a web site for me called Matriarch.com.  At times I know she got fed up and disheartened with the lack of response, and I admit I also felt the same way at times.  Then when you came along with your “Womanthouartgod” website and using your megaphone marketing methods, she just stepped aside and let you continue with it.

Dianna Vesta

Another advantage I think you had was that Dianna Vesta tended to work within the Femdom community, which only has a limited number of people interest in this.  This is similar to what happens with more academic Matriarchal sites, their sites only attracted academic people and not the general public.  I did try to reach the general public but didn’t have much success, but I do feel you have been better able to go beyond Femdom and academia and appeal to the general public.

I think I also should mention Shirley Oliveira, (Ms Armetis), It was she who published, “Gospel of the Goddess” in America, and she also created a magazine called Matriarch’s Way.  She continued to promote Matriarchy for a number of years but just got ground down by the lack of response.  Also Ms Deering, she also attempted to create a Matriarchy organization called The Femina Society, and it was through her I got in contact with Mr Artemis and Dianna Vesta.

When Matriarchy (females) infiltrates Patriarchy & eventually supplants it (if you agree with this), do you have any vision of how some of the institutions will change?  For instance, medical science, politics, education, media, entertainment, home building, city planning, urban & rural communities, child care, family life, resorts.  How do you see changes in the abortion issue, the overpopulation issue, the factory farming, testing on animals, destruction of species, destruction of the planet through plastics, pesticides, nuclear toxins & other wastes, destruction of animal habitats & creatures through oil, mining, deforestation?  How do you see women changing these situations?

What to you will be the most glaring facets of women ruling the family & world instead of men?  

I personally think that when women do take over not a lot will change, at first.  This is because the only thing women know is the patriarchal society so they will continue to govern in the patriarchal way.  So I think although things will change, it will be a slow change.  I think the biggest change will be a Matriarchal governments attitude towards children.  No Matriarchal government will want to see children in countries where they govern living in poverty and ignorance.  So far more of the recourses of the state will go into childcare and education.  Over a generation this will benefit the whole community and create a far more fairer and equal society.

Women are far more caring of animals than men, so things like factory farming and testing on animals will be slowly eliminated.  I think it is more likely to happen through people protesting against these sort of things and a Matriarchal government being more likely to listen to the arguments of the people wanting better treatment of animals, rather then listening to the arguments of big business.  The same will be true of things like the irresponsible dumping of plastics, pesticides, nuclear toxins etc, as well as global warming, deforestation and the destruction of species.  A Matriarchal government will be far more likely to take all these problems far more seriously, than any patriarchal government and want to do something about it.  But also women being more responsible and cautious in nature than men, won’t make radical changes and move at a pace that won’t disrupt society.

It also doesn’t mean women will be united about all these things, for instance we find a lot of anti-abortion activists are women.  So we could have the same arguments about things like abortion in a Matriarchal government as we have in patriarchal governments.

It may take a few generations for a Matriarchal government to shake off its patriarchal influences, so that women are ruling society in the way they like to rule it.  I think in time a Matriarchal government will change society completely in ways we cannot imagine.  They will create a more caring and fairer society, and bring about harmony in everything they do.  Their biggest challenge will be men and keeping them under control.

As we know with dog owners, responsible dog-owners keep their dog under control and train them well, but also look after their welfare and take them for walks every day and feed them with the right sort of foods.  Irresponsible dog owners do not bother to train their dogs, can be very cruel to them, creating a vicious dog, or do the opposite and spoil and overfeed them and allow the dog to take the alpha position in the household, creating a dog that is completely out of control.

Men are far more dangerous than dogs, but even in a Matriarchy there will be women who will completely fail to train their men properly.  So as with dogs, some women can be cruel to men creating resentment, or on the other hand allow them to take the alpha position and rule the household.  These men will create problems for the Matriarchal society and perhaps these men will have to be taken away from their female owners and be properly trained, while the women who allow these men to get out of control, will have to be taught how to train men properly.

So although Matriarchy will create a far more peaceful, caring and loving society, men will always be, “the fly in the ointment”.  A man can be trained by women to be a very loving and caring person, who will worship and adore women.  But men will always have this other side to him, where if he is not trained properly, he can be a danger and a menace to the society he lives in.

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

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