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These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

My daughter, age sixteen & a champ in karate, & I - play acting. She is the one doing the kick - I am the one with the flexible back.  My daughter was a champion gymnast, ballerina, karate expert (won all the tournaments she entered), & did modeling & TV commercials for Gloria Vanderbilt.  Her gymnastics were amazing, she was invited (but declined) to join the Alvin Ailey dance company. I took many images of her beauty which must be scanned in before I upload them - need a webman to help.
I encourage all parents to help their daughters fulfill their potential.  It used to be that families gave the son more than the daughter - the assumption being that the daughter should get her resources from a husband.  Here, sickening discrimination started right in the home – the daughter deprived of resources but forced to be dependent on men! Today, with only part of the discrimination removed from women,-  women have forged ahead dramatically (75% college students are female) & WE ARE MOVING INTO MATRIARCHY.  Soon (IT'S BEGINNING) women will be supporting men!
Women ARE STILL DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!  White women are getting 77 cents to the dollar for the same work as men do, black women getting only 66 cents to the dollar!  And yet, WITH THE HANDICAPS STILL ON THE SIDE OF MEN, WOMEN HAVE BEATEN THEM IN EDUCATION, DOCTOR DEGREES, MANAGEMENT & NOW COMPRISE THE MAJORITY OF THE WORK FORCE! (This is increasing, women moving forward, males slipping back.)  What does this tell you – (which explains why men have had so many devices against women) – Females are far stronger than males!
Important:  The morning of Nov. 20th, 2010 , we held a meeting of the “Phi Beta Female” Empowerment Group.  In attendance were myself with two females, “Gabby” – 22 & “Erica” – 28.  We began at the pizza parlor.  Gabrielle had been studying my website for years – they both were totally receptive to the message of female superiority.
But what happened – as I predicted –with the human males around? (Hitherto called “Creatures” – “Freaks” or “Freakazoids”.)
No sooner did I sit at table waiting for the girls, one of a group of males tried to sit with me (he had been insulting me minutes before) & I told him “no.”  He tried again, complaining to his friends. He was a handsome Creature, mixed race, 6’ tall, around 20.  His buddy who was putting a hit on Erica was about 5’4”, chocolate, & the other three hangers on were white.
We women sit down & start talking & I declare,
“OK, we start the meeting right here & now .”
The freaks were listening, they were in the next booth.  You’d think they’d do their own thing – why don’t freaks just go ahead & do their own thing when women convene?  Because, as I said before, Freakazoids think that wherever there are women, they have the sovereign right to interrupt & invade their private space!  And they especially become worried, concerned, & frightened when the women seem serious, doing their own thing, impervious to them! 
As I spoke quietly to my women, the freaks went silent & you could hear a pin drop.
When I got to the part,
“men are going extinct”
Six foot freaky gave out a loud howl!  He began to make incomprehensible noises.  I asked the ladies to ignore him, but Gabrielle took it upon herself to curse him out – thereby starting a brouhaha with him saying more illogical things, louder & wackier.
To make a long story short, for the next 20 minutes, as I explained to the girls how the two X chromosomes of the female make her superior, with male having only one X chromosome & a tiny damaged Y, (this is the basis of female superiority),  they kept interrupting in two ways.
Mean freaky kept making loud noises, while the chocolate dwarf sat down with us & tried to do Erica.  I told him in a polite way,
“We did not invite you to sit down.  Please leave, we are having a serious discussion, this is safe space for women.”
He did leave but tormented us by doing it again twice – each time I had to be more forceful to make him go, & Erica did not understand the principle of our sovereignty – was way too nice to him, making it hard for us to get rid of the creature!
Gabrielle & I were on the same page & possibly I got more forceful than needed (haha, no regrets – Gabrielle was cursing like a sailor, I was proud of her but a little worried creatures might get violent) & said to him,
“She does not want you to dump her load into her.  She does not want to be used as a garbage disposal for your sperm – understand?  She doesn’t want your sperm!”
“You are not an asshole, assholes have a purpose!”
I said to the mean one.
Now a dispute started between myself & Erika, who cold not understand why she had to get rid of a creature THAT WAS BEING NICE TO HER!
I told her,
“Whether they are mean or nice, they are derailing & disrupting our meeting!”
I told her,
“We officially started the meeting here, in anticipation of going to my apt. next – don’t you remember?  I said, we are starting the discussion!”
She seemed obtuse & we hammered this issue again later on.  I told her,
“This is not an easy call when the guy is friendly, but I must tell you, once we are in meeting – all men must lay off. We have to understand– when a male, approaches us, we have to dismiss him.  If he is nice, you can always say,
‘Right now I am in the middle of something with my sisters.  I will speak to you another time.”
Be POLITE but FIRM he’s respectful.
But, I said to Erica,
“Freaky, although he had a nice front, was being disrespectful.  Did you not hear me tell him in a polite way that he was not to sit with us or interrupt us, that we were in meeting with an important discussion - & yet, he sat down two more times, kept trying to talk to you.  Can’t you see that under the front of “nice” he was being actually disrespectful to our wishes (for privacy) & imposing his will on us – like his desires were more crucial than ours?
(She said she didn’t mind him talking to her – but I said, look, I’m the leader of this quorum, & Gabrielle also agreed, we wanted to talk, but this was not possible with them butting in.  Every time I got started on a thread, that thread was broken by interruption.  This is derailing our work!)
Erica had trouble understanding the principle of this, but finally, in the end, after I said beg off in a polite manner she FINALLY GOT IT.
I realized then that as we begin our meetings, I must define certain principles by which we abide.  This incident triggered in me the need to write,
“Principles of Female Empowerment – Safe Space for Women.”
It could begin like this.
What does safe space for women mean?  Naturally, if we go off alone, behind closed doors, or where there is no male present, we are automatically safe.  But this is not always possible. Sometimes we meet in a park, or restaurant, where males might approach us.  What is the protocol here?
I believe the principle is this:  Once we convene, it is sacred, as private as the American Indian ceremonies.  Once a ceremony starts, no one can enter, even the Chief, if he was not there in the beginning!  It breaks the continuity of the event!
When we convene we have to understand that it is like prayer, & being in Church.  When you sit down before God you do not keep your cell phone handy – you turn it off.  You do not do anything but turn your attention to God.  You are finding your nourishment from God, peace, how can the world interfere?  If you allow the world to interfere, short of an emergency – you are compromising your own relationship with God – putting God second.
Now when sisterhood gathers, this is the time FOR US.  We recognize the Divine Principle within us & other women.  We know men & women have been at war – with them oppressing us.  They have in the present age, disempowered us, and deprived us of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.  They have taken away our sovereignty & our sisterhood, & we are working to get it back!  (Even in the best of times, when Matriarchy flourished, women would have sat down, alone, without men, to decide how to run the family & world – it had nothing to do with them – they were not leaders, & participated only when invited!)
What happens when males take part in any of our proceedings?  Dire consequences.  The point is - they are IRRELEVANT.
As sisters we have to make a decision, & it is this:
“Do I, right now, want to regain my autonomy, affirm that my identity is sovereign & that I do not lay it down the minute a male wants my attention?  AT LEAST FOR THE TIME BEING?  Do I leave God – Disrupt my intimacy with her, to bow down to a man?  Or do I allow myself sacred space at designated times?
The sisters have to STAND TOGETHER during these times.  One sister cannot break ranks to flirt with a male, or answer her cell phone for a booty call.  There are times for this, & times for that.  This is the time for this.  If any male approaches one of the sisters, we stand together in removing him.  Working as a corporate entity is respect for other women & it helps all of us.  Sisterhood is powerful – we can do more for each other by teaming up.  Men have done so to oppress us – it works for them, it works for us.
Now we continued our discussion, - Freakazoids were thrown out by the manager.
A minute later, another Creature enters, & seeing us, begins to talk so loud you would think he was trying to speak to an Elephant in Africa .  It was loud, louder, louder – he was alone & talking to the waiters.  I told the girls he was doing this for our benefit, trying to get our attention, & ignore him – what he was doing was saying,
“Look at my tail feathers!  Look at how big my dick is!”
He eventually moved his seat so he was a few feet away, became silent, trying to hear us.  I then told the girls, let us move away, turning my back on him to redirect my voice.
After a while, creature knew my name, & kept calling,
“Rasa – Rasa”
I told the women to ignore him.  Sure enough, when the ladies went to the bathroom I did ask him,
“What do you want?”
It was attention he wanted – like all of them. 
We then decided to go to my apt. to continue the discussion.
They loved the place & as we sat talking, wondered if we could improve the furniture so the group would feel closer.  The two of them picked up my sofa & couch & experimented – we did make an improvement – sisterhood!
When they entered my bedroom behind the French doors  both jumped on my bed & I thought they wanted to talk there – it’s so cozy & beautiful!
This conversation continued another two hours!  It was interrupted by a booty call for Erica!  Six AM a male caller! - she made a date with him a half hour hence, & asked if we could go to her apartment.
I was disappointed in her.  Funniest thing was, booty call stood her up.
We talked in her beautiful, huge apartment for another two hours, with Gabrielle & I discussing relationships, while Erica fell asleep at the table.
Overall, Erica said she felt greatly empowered within an hour of my teaching, Gabrielle cried  from emotional relief – she said she had been praying to God for help for a long time, & I was the answer to that prayer.
I had been trying to get like 5 to 8 women at a time for the groups, but even one or two is enough.  After I get these small groups going, they understand what it is, then after a while, we coalesce.  Things start small, but they have to start right, & then it grows.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta started WITH ONE WOMAN SHE PICKED UP OFF THE STREET, sick, abandoned.  She put that woman in her own bed, slept on the floor – the rest is history.  Saints are not dreamers, THEY DO THINGS.
Mother Teresa gets free air travel, from Pan Am, in First Class!  At dinner, she COLLECTS THE SCRAPS from the first class passengers, for the poor!  Rasa collects the pizza scraps from the tables for her raccoons – eccentric actions done out of charity. 
If you want to be in our meetings  contact me at 607 655 9391
@ Rasa a ho is a woman who sleeps wit multiple men or who sleeps with men for the wrong reasons....♥
Rasa says:  Liz, what r da right reasons?  & if a woman sleeps wit multiple men for da right reasons, is she still a ho?  btw, where can one find multiple men to sleep wit 4 da right reasons?  Just askin' 4 a friend of mine (she want'm goooooooood lookin, though - gotta b at least a 3 on a scale of one to 10 - she's a 2 so 3 is pretty hot to her.)  Now me, I only sleep (not really sleep though, hard ‘ta sleep wit da guy in da bed) wit guys that are 9-10-& jackpot 11-12)  or above, so ya' can only find like one of dem a month, so that restricts the multiples - Is twelve a year called multiples ?  Oh, I forgot to ask.  If ya' sleeps wit one guy 4 da wrong reasons (like being horny I guess is the wrong reason?), but you do it a few times a day, every time he can get it up,  for weeks, months, even a year wit da same guy, does dat make you a ho?  I would like to know more details on "right reasons" & "wrong reasons" - Do u mean sex is right only if u love each other but if ur "just horny" then it's bad?  How about if u can't find a guy who luvs u - but u luv him & wanna' do it - r u still ho material?  & one last thing, if u can’t find a good reason to do it wit a guy, do you think God would forgive u if you just once in a while, do it for da wrong reasons?  Maybe once a week?  What is the limit on multiples before u become ho material?
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Airport officials at Denver International airport were on high alert yesterday when a full body scanner operator was caught masturbating in his booth as a team of High School netball players went through the scanner.

"The young ladies were going through the scanner one by one, and every time one went through, this guys face was getting redder and redder. His hand was moving and then he started sweating. He was then seen doing his 'O' face. That's when the security dragged him out of his booth and cuffed him. He had his pants round his ankles and everybody was really disgusted," Jeb Rather, a passenger on a flight to New York told CBS news.

Kellie Everts (Rasa Von Werder)

We all witnessed the implosion of the 1980s power couple. As women flexed their shoulder pads all you got were stressed couples who were battling for the same role and trying to find a slot in their diaries for dinner.
But now there is a third way. The second-generation feminists – that is, women in their twenties and thirties – have found a new way to solve the alpha-beta paradox. The 21st century sisters have a terrifyingly clear agenda when it comes to finding a mate. They map out their life plans early: rise to the top of their chosen career, get the smart house, the cute kids and curl up in bed with a loving beta male. The alpha girl doesn’t need Mr Alpha to sweep her off her feet and buy her a condo in town; she has enough money to do that herself. She is successful, confident and she wants a caring man who can pick up some of the domestic slack.
October 7, 2007
What modern women want: a beta male
Men are surrendering in the sex war, taking on the supporting role
Kate Mulvey
Last week I went to dinner with an eligible doctor. As we were finishing the main course, I struck up conversation with the owner (Marco) in Italian – I speak five languages. My date nearly choked on his linguini and spent the rest of the date mute. I had committed the worst dating faux pas: I had outshone my suitor.
Yet it would seem I am not the only woman who is wondering whether it is time to hang up her brain and turn into a Stepford Date. In America research shows successful young women are hiding their accomplishments for fear that their academic achievements and financial kudos will scare off potential suitors.
And it is no different here. Researchers from Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow universities discovered that high-IQ women saw marriage prospects fall dramatically, but men with high IQs had little trouble finding a mate. They found that for each 16-point rise in a woman’s IQ, her marriage prospects declined by 40%, but the man’s chances of marriage increased by 35% with each rise.
The widespread view is that accomplished women are at a disadvantage in the marriage market because men start out by saying they want a strong, powerful woman and then end up running off with the secretary. I should know. A few years ago my Swiss banker found my conversation too arty and cast his attentions on a lovely Spanish girl who worked in his office.
Should women pander to male insecurities? Self-help guides exhort us to flatter the male ego; don’t talk too much and let him make all the jokes if you want him to like you. Well I would rather skewer my eyes out than change my personality.
So what is the answer? Someone has to surrender in the sex war. Should women soften their image if they want to marry an alpha? Since the beginning of time anthropologists have told us women are programmed to seek a mate who can provide for her.
We all witnessed the implosion of the 1980s power couple. As women flexed their shoulder pads all you got were stressed couples who were battling for the same role and trying to find a slot in their diaries for dinner.
But now there is a third way. The second-generation feminists – that is, women in their twenties and thirties – have found a new way to solve the alpha-beta paradox. The 21st century sisters have a terrifyingly clear agenda when it comes to finding a mate. They map out their life plans early: rise to the top of their chosen career, get the smart house, the cute kids and curl up in bed with a loving beta male. The alpha girl doesn’t need Mr Alpha to sweep her off her feet and buy her a condo in town; she has enough money to do that herself. She is successful, confident and she wants a caring man who can pick up some of the domestic slack.
Penelope, 34, a high-earning public relations executive, is married to an actor. They are both comfortable acknowledging that the wife is the chief breadwinner. So it makes sense that it is her career that gets fast-tracked. “John is really irreverent and playful and after I have had people kowtowing to me all day, it is nice to be brought down to earth with a joke.”
Does he mind playing the supporting role? “I love it that my wife is this go-getting career woman. I have never been into status anyway, so I don’t feel emasculated by the fact that she earns way more money than me.”
To better understand this role reversal, we have to look at the key social changes in the past 30 years. Since 1975 the number of women entering the workforce has increased by a third and in 2005 one-third of all managers were women. Women are better educated – there are more women with advanced degrees than before – and there are now more female trainee lawyers and doctors than male ones.
This creates a shift in the way women view marriage. With their increased earning power, women are less hung up on the Jane Austen model of finding a providing husband. “Women can choose a man who has charm and looks, instead of going for the grumpy, ugly alpha just because he is solvent,” says Penelope. So is this a liberating thing?
For young women this shift in economic power has given them new choices. But what about the men? While it is true that many older men seem stuck with the “man as success object, woman as sex object” idea and would never contemplate marrying a ball-breaking alpha earner, men in their twenties and thirties seem to be redefining masculinity.
Having grown up with successful women such as Margaret Thatcher and Madonna as role models, and with popular culture awash with fantasies of all-powerful women, from Lara Croft to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, men are not so uncomfortable with the woman in control. This value system recognises the trend of female supremacy, which while not as yet the norm seems to be pointing the way for future relationships.
The Pathway to Prosperity
Lesson 19 - The Secret Of Health, Success and Power

We all remember with what intense delight, as children, we listened to the never-tiring fairy tale. How eagerly we followed the fluctuating fortunes of the good boy or girl, ever protected, in the hour of crisis, from the evil machinations of the scheming witch, the cruel giant, or the wicked king. And our little hearts never faltered for the fate of the hero or heroine, nor did we doubt their ultimate triumph over all their enemies, for we knew that the fairies were infallible, and that they would never desert those who had consecrated themselves to the good and the true. And what unspeakable joy pulsated within us when the Fairy Queen, bringing all her magic to bear at the critical moment, scattered all the darkness and trouble, and granted them the complete satisfaction of all their hopes, and they were "happy ever after."

With the accumulating years, and an ever increasing intimacy with the so-called "realities" of life, our beautiful fairy-world became obliterated, and its wonderful inhabitants were relegated, in the archives of memory, to the shadowy and unreal. And we thought we were wise and strong in thus leaving forever the land of childish dreams, but as we re-become little children in the wondrous world of wisdom, we shall return again to the inspiring dreams of childhood and find that they are, after all, realities.

The fairy-folk, so small and nearly always invisible, yet possessed of an all-conquering and magical power, who bestow upon the good, health, wealth, and happiness, along with all the gifts of nature in lavish profusion, start again into reality and become immortalized in the soul-realm of those who, by growth in wisdom, have entered into a knowledge of the power of thought, and the laws which govern the inner world of being. To them, the fairies live again as thought-people, thought-messengers, thought-powers in working harmony with the over-ruling Good. And they who, day by day, endeavor to harmonize their hearts with the heart of the Supreme Good, do in reality acquire true health, wealth, and happiness. There is no protection to compare with goodness, and by "goodness" I do not mean a mere outward conformity to the rules of morality; I mean pure thought, noble aspiration, unselfish love, and f^r^e^e^dom from vain glory. To dwell continually in good thoughts, is to throw around oneself a psychic atmosphere of sweetness and power which leaves its impress upon all who come in contact with it.

As the rising sun puts to rout the helpless shadows, so are all the impotent forces of evil put to flight by the searching rays of positive thought which shine forth from a heart made strong in purity and faith.

Where there is sterling faith and uncompromising purity there is health, there is success, there is power. In such a one, disease, failure, and disaster can find no lodgment, for there is nothing on which they can feed.

Even physical conditions are largely determined by mental states, and to this truth the scientific world is rapidly being drawn. The old, materialistic belief that a man is what his body makes him, is rapidly passing away, and is being replaced by the inspiring belief that man is superior to his body, and that his body is what he makes it by the power of thought. Men everywhere are ceasing to believe that a man is despairing because he is dyspeptic, and are coming to understand that he is dyspeptic because he is despairing, and in the near future, the fact that all disease has its origin in the mind will become common knowledge.

There is no evil in the universe but that which has its root and origin in the mind, and sin, sickness, sorrow, and affliction do not, in reality, belong to the universal order, are not inherent in the nature of things, but are the direct outcome of our ignorance of the right relations of things.

According to tradition, there once lived, in India, a school of philosophers who led a life of such absolute purity and simplicity that they commonly reached the age of one hundred and fifty years, and to fall sick was looked upon by them as an unpardonable disgrace, for it was considered to indicate a violation of law.

The sooner we realize and acknowledge that sickness, far from being the arbitrary visitation of an offended God, or the test of an unwise
Providence, is the result of our own error or sin, the sooner shall we enter upon the highway of health. Disease comes to those who attract it, to those whose mind and bodies are receptive to it, and flees from those whose strong, pure, and positive thought-sphere generates healing and life-giving currents.

If you are given to anger, worry, jealousy, greed, or any other inharmonious state of mind, and expect perfect physical health, you are expecting the impossible, for you are continually sowing the seeds of disease in your mind. Such conditions of mind are carefully shunned by the wise man, for he knows them to be far more dangerous than a bad drain or an infected house.

If you would be f^r^e^e from all physical aches and pains, and would enjoy perfect physical harmony, then put your mind in order, and harmonize your thoughts. Think joyful thoughts; think loving thoughts; let the elixir of goodwill course through your veins, and you will need no other medicine. Put away your jealousies, your suspicions, your worries, your hatreds, your selfish indulgences, and you will put away your dyspepsia, your biliousness, your nervousness and aching joints. If you will persist in clinging to these debilitating and demoralizing habits of mind, then do not complain when your body is laid low with sickness.

The following story illustrates the close relation that exists between habits of mind and bodily conditions. A certain man was afflicted with a painful disease, and he tried one physician after another, but all to no purpose. He then visited towns which were famous for their curative waters, and after having bathed in them all, his disease was more painful than ever. One night he dreamed that a Presence came to him and said, "Brother, hast thou tried all the means of cure?" and he replied, "I have tried all." "Nay," said the Presence, "come with me, and I will show thee a healing bath which has escaped thy notice." The afflicted man followed, and the Presence led him to a clear pool of water, and said, "Plunge thyself in this water and thou shalt surely recover," and thereupon vanished. The man plunged into the water, and on coming out, lo! his disease had left him, and at the same moment he saw written above the pool the word "Renounce." Upon waking, the full meaning of his dream flashed across his mind, and looking within he discovered that he had, all along, been a victim to a sinful indulgence, and he vowed that he would renounce it forever. He carried out his vow, and from that day his affliction began to leave him, and in a short time he was completely restored to health.

Many people complain that they have broken down through over-work. In the majority of such cases the breakdown is more frequently the result of foolishly wasted energy. If you would secure health you must learn to work without friction. To become anxious or excited, or to worry over needless details is to invite a breakdown. Work, whether of brain or body, is beneficial and health-giving, and the individual who can work with a steady and calm persistency, free from all anxiety and worry, and with their mind utterly oblivious to all but the work they have in hand, will not only accomplish far more than the person who is always hurried and anxious, but will retain their health, a boon which the other quickly forfeits.

True health and true success go together, for they are inseparably intertwined in the thought-realm. As mental harmony produces bodily health, so it also leads to a harmonious sequence in the actual working out of one's plans. Order your thoughts and you will order your life. Pour the oil of tranquility upon the turbulent waters of the passions and prejudices, and the tempests of misfortune, howsoever they may threaten, will be powerless to wreck the bark of your soul, as it threads its way across the ocean of life. And if that bark be piloted by a cheerful and never-failing faith its course will be doubly sure, and many perils will pass it by which would otherwise attack it.

By the power of faith every enduring work is accomplished. Faith in the Supreme; faith in the over-ruling Law; faith in your work, and in your power to accomplish that work -- here is the rock upon which you must build if you would achieve, if you would stand and not fall. To follow, under all circumstances, the highest promptings within you; to be always true to the divine self; to rely upon the inward Light, the inward Voice, and to pursue your purpose with a fearless and restful heart, believing that the future will yield unto you the need of every thought and effort; knowing that the laws of the universe can never fail, and that your own will come back to you with mathematical exactitude, this is faith and the living of faith. By the power of such a faith the dark waters of uncertainty are divided, every mountain of difficulty crumbles away, and the believing soul passes on unharmed.

Strive, O reader to acquire, above everything, the priceless possession of this dauntless faith, for it is the talisman of happiness, of success, of peace, of power, of all that makes life great and superior to suffering. Build upon such a faith, and you build upon the Rock of the Eternal, and with the materials of the Eternal, and the structure that you erect will never be dissolved, for it will transcend all the accumulations of material luxuries and riches, the end of which is dust. Whether you are hurled into the depths of sorrow, or lifted upon the heights of joy, ever retain your hold upon this faith, ever return to it as your rock of refuge, and keep your feet firmly planted upon its immortal and immovable base. Centered in such a faith, you will become possessed of such a spiritual strength as will shatter, like so many toys of glass, all the forces of evil that are hurled against you, and you will achieve a success such as the mere striver after worldly gain can never know or even dream of.

"If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this. . . but if ye shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, it shall be done."

There are those today, men and women tabernacled in flesh and blood, who have realized this faith, who live in it and by it day by day, and who, having put it to the uttermost test, have entered into the possession of its glory and peace. Such have sent out the word of command, and the mountains of sorrow and disappointment, of mental weariness and physical pain have passed from them, and have been cast into the sea of oblivion.

If you will become possessed of this faith you will not need to trouble about your future success or failure, and success will come. You will not need to become anxious about results, but will work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitably bring about right results.

I know a lady who has entered into many blissful satisfactions, and recently a friend remarked to her, "Oh, how fortunate you are! You only have to wish for a thing, and it comes to you." And it did, indeed, appear so on the surface; but in reality all the blessedness that has entered into this woman's life is the direct outcome of the inward state of blessedness which she has, throughout life, been cultivating and training towards perfection.

Mere wishing brings nothing but disappointment; it is living that tells. The foolish wish and grumble; the wise, work and wait. And this woman had worked; worked without and within, but especially within upon heart and soul; and with the invisible hands of the Spirit she had built up, with the precious stones of faith, hope, joy, devotion, and love, a fair temple of light, whose glorifying radiance was ever round about her. It beamed in her eye; it shone through her countenance; it vibrated in her voice; and all who came into her presence felt its captivating spell.

And as with her, so with you. Your success, your failure, your influence, your whole life you carry about with you, for your dominant trends of thought are the determining factors in your destiny. Send forth loving, stainless, and happy thoughts, and blessings will fall into your hands, and your table will be spread with the cloth of peace. Send forth hateful, impure, and unhappy thoughts, and curses will rain down upon you, and fear and unrest will wait upon your pillow. You are the unconditional maker of your fate, be that fate what it may. Every moment you are sending forth from you the influences which will make or mar your life. Let your heart grow large and loving and unselfish, and great and lasting will be your influence and success, even though you make little money. Confine it within the narrow limits of self-interest, and even though you become a millionaire your influence and success, at the final reckoning will be found to be utterly insignificant.

Cultivate, then, this pure and unselfish spirit, and combine with purity and faith, singleness of purpose, and you are evolving from within the elements, not only of abounding health and enduring success, but of greatness and power.

If your present position is distasteful to you, and your heart is not in your work, nevertheless perform your duties with scrupulous diligence, and whilst resting your mind in the idea that the better position and greater opportunities are waiting for you; ever keep an active mental outlook for budding possibilities, so that when the critical moment arrives, and the new channel presents itself, you will step into it with your mind fully prepared for the undertaking, and with that intelligence and foresight which is born of mental discipline.

Whatever your task may be, concentrate your whole mind upon it, throw into it all the energy of which you are capable. The faultless completion of small tasks leads inevitably to larger tasks. See to it that you rise by steady climbing, and you will never fall. And herein lies the Secret of true power. Learn, by constant practice, how to husband your resources, and to concentrate them, at any moment, upon a given point. The foolish waste all their mental and spiritual energy in frivolity, foolish chatter, or selfish argument, not to mention wasteful physical excesses.

If you would acquire overcoming power you must cultivate poise and passivity. You must be able to stand alone. All power is associated with immovability. The mountain, the massive rock, the storm-tried oak, all speak to us of power, because of their combined solitary grandeur and defiant fixity; while the shifting sand, the yielding twig, and the waving reed speak to us of weakness, because they are movable and non-resistant, and are utterly useless when detached from their fellows. He is the man of power who, when all his fellows are swayed by some emotion or passion, remains calm and unmoved.

He only is fitted to command and control who has succeeded in commanding and controlling himself. The hysterical, the fearful, the thoughtless and frivolous, let such seek company, or they will fall for lack of support; but the calm, the fearless, the thoughtful, and grave, let such seek the solitude of the forest, the desert, and the mountain-top, and to their power more power will be added, and they will more and more successfully stem the psychic currents and whirlpools which engulf mankind.

Passion is not power; it is the abuse of power, the dispersion of power. Passion is like a furious storm which beats fiercely and wildly upon the embattled rock, whilst power is like the rock itself, which remains silent and unmoved through it all. That was a manifestation of true power when Martin Luther, wearied with the persuasions of his fearful friends, who were doubtful as to his safety should he go to Worms, replied, "If there were as many devils in Worms as there are tiles on the house tops I would go." And when Benjamin Disraeli broke down in his first Parliamentary speech, and brought upon himself the derision of the House, that was an exhibition of germinal power when he exclaimed, "The day will come when you will consider it an honor to listen to me."

When that young man, whom I knew, passing through continual reverses and misfortunes, was mocked by his friends and told to desist from further effort, and he replied, "The time is not far distant when you will marvel at my good fortune and success," he showed that he was possessed of that silent and irresistible power which has taken him over innumerable difficulties, and crowned his life with success.

If you have not this power, you may acquire it by practice, and the beginning of power is likewise the beginning of wisdom. You must commence by overcoming those purposeless trivialities to which you have hitherto been a willing victim. Boisterous and uncontrolled laughter, slander and idle talk, and joking merely to raise a laugh, all these things must be put on one side as so much waste of valuable energy.
St. Paul never showed his wonderful insight into the hidden laws of human progress to greater advantage than when he warned the Ephesians against "Foolish talking and jesting which is not convenient," for, to dwell habitually in such practices is to destroy all spiritual power and life. As you succeed in rendering yourself impervious to such mental dissipations you will begin to understand what true power is, and you will then commence to grapple with the more powerful desires and appetites which hold your soul in bondage, and bar the way to power, and your further progress will then be made clear.

Above all, be of single aim; have a legitimate and useful purpose, and devote yourself unreservedly to it. Let nothing draw you aside; remember that "The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." Be eager to learn, but slow to beg. Have a thorough understanding of your work, and let it be your own; as you proceed, ever following the inward Guide, the infallible Voice, you will pass on from victory to victory, and will rise step by step to higher resting-places, and your ever-broadening outlook will gradually reveal to you the essential beauty and purpose of life.

Self-purified, health will be yours; faith-protected, success will be yours; self-governed, power will be yours, and all that you do will prosper, for, ceasing to be a disjointed unit, self-enslaved, you will be in harmony with the Great Law, working no longer against, but with, the universal Life, the Eternal Good. And what health you gain it will remain with you what success you achieve will be beyond all human computation, and will never pass away; and what influence and power you wield will continue to increase throughout the ages, for it will be a part of that unchangeable Principle which supports the universe.

This, then, is the secret of health - a pure heart and a well-ordered mind; this is the secret of success - an unfaltering faith, and a wisely directed purpose; and to rein in, with unfaltering will, the dark steed of desire - this is the secret of power.

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

Monday, 15 November 2010

Face Book posts Nov. 13 2010

The Symptoms of Being in Love
Here they are:
(1) Wanting to be with the person all the time, wanting to know what he/she is doing when you are apart.  After separations you rejoice to see each other.
(2) Feeling depression/ anxiety/ pain or even anger at anything that separates you & the loved one.
(3)   During breakups feeling so dejected that you lose the will to live.
(4)   Being concerned with everything the loved one does – especially who he/she is with.  One fears that something might stand between them & the loved one.
(5)   Jealousy when it’s perceived that someone is separating you from the loved one, even wishing violence on the person doing so.
(6)   When love is not returned the lover feels intense pain, possibly the greatest pain known to a human.  People commit suicide over “unrequited love.”
(7)    This pain is so awful that most people, after being rejected by the loved one, shut down their emotional systems– they close down their hearts.  Of course, with the heart closed, they also shut down their ability to love again.  Such people are difficult to touch as their guard is up, armor surrounds them, emotions are locked.
How to tell if someone is in love or not:

(7)    When things go well with the loved one– you have ALL POSITIVE FEELINGS - euphoria, bliss, even ecstasy – you’re inspired toward action & creativity.  You’re able to take care of things you avoided, – your energy is great & positive, and life seems beautiful.  Problems that were terrible look small, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING because you love him/her & he loves you – This is the center of your Universe. Since you are SO HAPPY with the one you love, & SO MISERABLE without him/her, if the relationship ends there’s great pain. 

(9)  Easiest way to tell if a person is in a loving relationship or not:  They look happy or unhappy, cheerful or sad.  Unhappy people look miserable, bored, angry, cold, mean & rude.  Happy people are cheerful, sweet, kind, polite, & positive.  It’s really easy to see, written on their face & deportment.

Women over 50 in a righteous society are revered & worshiped, but in a Patriarchy we have worship of old rich men & disparagement of old women (as they have no "power" - the are PURPOSEFULLY DISEMPOWERED BY MALE MIND CONTROL) - I am working on this with my books coming forth soon "Old Woman, Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
 WE DESCENDED FROM AN AQUATIC “APE” ANCESTOR – BIOLOGICAL, PALEONTOLOGICAL PROOF BUT MALE-CONTROLLED ACADEMIA REFUSES TO PROPAGATE THIS BECAUSE THEY WANT TO PERPETUATE THE MYTH THAT MALES AS VIOLENT SAVANNAH HUNTERS (LIKE PATRIARCHAL CHIMPS) WERE THE MAIN ISSUE IN OUR EVOLUTION & MORE RESPONSIBLE FOR US WALKING ON TWO LEGS – WHEREAS WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR FORAGERS IN THE WATER, & COULD SUSTAIN A FAMILY MORE EASILY THEREOF! This woman explains that we had to have a watery ancestor.    (1)    All the NAKED animals who now walk the earth – elephants, hippos, rhinos have no fur because they had a WATERY ANCESTOR (fur can be an impediment in a watery lifestyle.)  That explains why we have very little hair on our bodies.   (2)    We do not resemble chimpanzee’s skeletons.  Rasa says:  We do resemble Bonobos’ streamlined skeletons, & their behavior which is sexual & Mother/ruled..  There is probably a COMMON ANCESTOR with the Bonobos as the “aquatic ape” – an ape who lived in swamps, walked upright wading through the water.   (3)    Human bodies are STREAMLINED as a swimmer’s body needs to be.   (4)    Humans have fat cells SURROUNDING their bodies (like whales, surrounded by blubber) whereas land animals have fat inside the body around their glands.   (5)    The “Savannah Theory” which says that our common ancestor went from jungle to Savannah & learned to walk that way – HAS NO CREDIBILITY OR PROOF, on the contrary, it is not plausible.  Our ancestor walked through swamps.   (6)  Why we speak:  It is because of CONSCIOUS CONTROL OF BREATH WHICH IS TRUE OF DIVING ANIMALS & DIVING BIRDS!   (7)   It was in 1962 that Alistair Hardy presented the “aquatic ape” theory & was basically told by male academics to keep his mouth shut – he was crazy.  They have placed a taboo on the discussion of the Aquatic Ape Theory, without having anything credible to take its place.   It seems to me that there’s a reason for this moratorium –It has to do with the fact that this theory EMPOWERS WOMEN while the Chimpanzee theory gives males a bigger role in our evolution & justifies their tyranny & violence.

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II
The proper place of men at the feet of women. Why should human males worship & venerate women? Because women have theGod power to reproduce, men give their DNA to women in sperm, but they cannot reproduce. Woma n is the embodiment, the messenger, & the agent of Mother God. She has the talent/ nurturing ability to rule the family & the world. When human males dominate, the world moves into chaos & destruction. We now need to restore the worship of women by males. They should live under their domination for everyone’s happiness, & to end the chaos, injustice & violence. When males dominate women, they quickly degenerate into demonics. They destroy everything around them & themselves. They cannot be spiritually happy as dominants of women, because it is unnatural in the eyes of God.  When they worship women they find their righteous & natural God-given place.

About "equality" Are you as intelligent as Einstein or as noble as Mahatma Gandhi? We are not equal, & it's not about competing - each person & gender must navigate within the waters that are right for it - For the woman it's right to rule the family & the world - for the male it's right to obey women - The human male, right now, is obeying males & the rule of the males. We are never totally free. Unless you go far away into a wilderness & live by yourself, & survive, you are not "free."
William Bond
Very good summery of the video Rasa.
I don't know who originated the Aquatic Ape theory. It was first published in a German science magazine in 1941, but apparently it was older than this. The evidence for it even back in the first half of... the 20th century was strong, but it came from marine biologists and the paleontologists didn't like this theory, so it was kept from the public.
Hardy 'let the cat out of the bag", when he gave a private talk about it, but what he didn't know was their was a newspaper reporter in the room, who reported to his newspaper and it quickly became international news. Hardy was then willing to explain it further but when he received criticism from other scientists he quickly backed down. But Elaine Morgan got to hear about it and wrote about this theory in her book, "The Decent Of Women". Then when Hardy dropped out, she championed the cause completely on her own.
Male scientist far prefer the Savannah theory as it gives the starring role of human evolution to men. According to this theory,it is man the mighty hunter who took us from being an ape to becoming human, women are not mentioned at all.
The aquatic ape theory gives women an important role in our evolution. What is more, it seems that women's bodies are more aquatic than men's bodies. Which suggests that it was women who foraged in the water and became aquatic while men still foraged on the land. So women could take the staring role of our evolution, which male scientists find completely unacceptable.
Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy
Now I am satisfied. The Aquatic Ape it is. I want to propagate this as an issue of Female Empowerment/ Matriarchy. Can you give me more details on this?. Basically want to know exactly how this supports the female role & diminishes the male's. Did you go into this in your Mermaid book? Did you speak of it in the Sexual Evolution book?
I would say that Elaine Morgan is a feminist, so she is only wanting sexual equality in understanding our evolution. Her gripe in her book, "The Decent of Woman" was that the Savannah theory was all about male supremacy, and paleontologist...s were selling this theory to everyone as scientific fact.

I've taken the Aquatic Ape Theory further in my Mermaid book by pointing out that women are far more aquatic than men. They have more subcutaneous fat around their bodies, to keep them warm in the water and less body hair, (hair is a drag in the water). So if we look at the Ama and Haenyo communities of Japan and Korea we find that the women are the main breadwinners, and are referred to in Korea as "dragon wives".

If we link the Ama and Haenyo to the Aquatic Ape Theory then it suggests that how the Ama and Haenyo lived must be very similar to how people lived for millions of years. With women being the main breadwinners and men probably looking after the children on land. Men would probably be more suited to this, as being bigger and stronger than women ,would be better able to defend the children against predators, or pick them up and run with them if approached by a predator.

People lived like this in historic times, but it seems that patriarchal rulers hated the Mermaids. In China and Korea women divers were banned by the central government, and it seems to be the same in Europe. The Christian Church preached against Mermaids and condemned them as Witches. Most mermaid communities were probably wiped out in the Witch-hunts.
Lindsay, Mihaela & Friends – I met a group of five women sisters & friends tonight –who all want to join our group – we spoke for half an hour & they endorse women as Powerful. Also had a great 27 year-old male write me who is a college graduate & supports feminism –well spoken, total gentleman.  Then tonight met a couple that looked & sounded like angels – they could be the cover of a magazine – they glowed with Godlike energy. They approached me - knew who I was, & want to join! (I ran out of paper so she had me put my phone number on her hand!)  She’s going to BU, he’s a graduate.  He was so happy to meet me he picked me up in the air & straightened out my aching back!
This project is going to be successful because THE WOMEN WANT IT & the men, of course, want to be wherever the women are.
I am going to be mischievous & make the males sit on the floor while we occupy couches & chairs.  That starts them with a lesson on Female Authority they’re not likely to forget.
The discussions for women will surround their identity & destiny – what God made them for, that they must be prepared to take over the family & the world – this is the future.  They are not getting this knowledge in a male-dominated academia/ media/ culture.

What does it mean today, to be a man or a woman?  As women are gaining power & affluence (women are the majority in education, management, doctor degrees & the work place!) Are the roles reversing?  How are we to behave in dating situations, when the female is more empowered than the male – (has a better job, more money, more education?)  The old time idea that women are to seek men for money to support the family is out the window.  Very few can do so now, & we are beset with over population. The only answer to this is Matriarchy - & that’s where we are headed – but most people don’t even know what Matriarchy means.  Both genders are confused & stressed because we are IN A TRANSITION with Patriarchy crumbling but Matriarchy just beginning.  And so, we need to know,
(1)   The rules of the Patriarchal society that were taught for thousands of years – which rules do we throw out the window?
(2)   What does it mean to be a Matriarch, a liberated woman, a woman in charge?  How do we act with men?  What is the role of males in a Matriarchy?
Serious persons who wish to join our groups, please contact me on facebook, or leave a message at:  607 655 9390   or   607 655 9391

Kellie Everts (Rasa Von Werder)

The Pathway to Prosperity eCourse
Lesson Twelve - As A Human Thinketh, So Is She
When you are suffering from fear or worry, you may be sure you have endowed something with this power over you, otherwise it could not have gained such a hold. The very fact that you fear it shows that you have established between it and yourself a relation which you could break if you only knew how to apply your mental chemistry. Whenever you are unhappy, distressed, "blue," worried, it is due to some mental poison, which ought to be as easy to antidote as it is to destroy fire with water.
What you allow to live in your heart, harbor in your mind, dwell upon in your thoughts, are seeds which will develop in your life and produce things like themselves. Hate seed in the heart can not produce a love flower in the life.
Discord of every kind, whether it is expressed in suffering, in disease, in poverty, in failure, in happiness, simply means that one is out of harmony with their better self, that they do not harmonize with their divinity.
All thoughts which suggest weakness, failure, unhappiness, or poverty, are destructive, negative, tearing-down thoughts. They are our enemies. Brand them whenever they try to gain an entrance into your mind. Avoid them as you would thieves for they are thieves, -- thieves of our comfort, thieves of harmony, of power, of happiness, of success.
The mind must be kept f^r^e^e from bitterness, jealousy, hatred, envy, and uncharitable thoughts; from everything which trammels it, or there must be a penalty paid in impaired efficiency and inferior work as well as loss of peace of mind.
There must be good-will in the heart or we can not do good work with head or hand.
No one can carry secret hatreds and grudges, jealousies, and revengeful feelings, without seriously impairing their own reputation. Many people wonder why they are not popular, why they are disliked generally, why they stand for so little in their community, when it is really because of their bitter, revengeful, discordant radiations.
On the other hand, those who send out kindly, loving, helpful, sympathetic thoughts, those who feel friendly toward everybody, and who carry no bitterness, hatred, or jealousy in their hearts, are attractive, helpful and sunny.
Mankind will reach the millennium when we have learned to hold the right attitude of mind towards our fellow human. The time will come when it will be found infinitely easier to do right than to do wrong, when people will eagerly follow the Golden Rule, because it will produce harmony and universal well-being.
The Pathway to Prosperity
Lesson Thirteen - Mental Self-Thought Poisoning

Every thought or emotion vibrates through every cell in the body and leaves an influence like itself.

To be healthy, happy, and successful, we must be good. There is no other road to true happiness and real prosperity.

Did you realize that it is possible to read in your face and manner the record of your thoughts; that your face is a bulletin board upon which is advertised what has been going on in your mind for years?

A healthy body is composed of healthy thought externalized, out-pictured. And, too, it follows the ideals, and as long as one holds the youthful, vigorous, progressive, energetic, creative ideal in their mind their body responds to the thought.

Just try the experiment of thinking of yourself as an absolutely perfect being, possessing superb health, a magnificent body, a vigorous constitution, a sublime mind, and capable of standing any amount of strain.

Never allow yourself to have a defective, crippled, dwarfed ideal of yourself; never entertain such an imperfect health model for an instant, for these mental patterns of yourself will gradually begin to be reproduced in your physical condition.

Our ideas, ideals, thoughts, emotions, moods, our mental attitude, send a constant succession of vibrations through every cell, every organ, and through all the functions of the body. There is a perpetual succession of these impulses through the entire mass of the millions of cells.

It is now well established that vicious mental states, violent emotions and explosive passions, make chemical changes in the brain and poison the cells life through the whole body.

We are much more susceptible to disease when suffering from any sort of mental discord, discouragement, or the "blues," because of the cell damage due to the presence of chemical changes, the impairment of nutrition, imperfect digestion, and mental self-poisoning.

When discordant from worry, anxiety, anger, revenge, or jealousy, you may know that these things drain away your energy, waste your vitality at a fearful rate, and not only do no good, but also grind away the delicate mental machinery, inducing premature age and shortening the life. Worry thoughts, fear thoughts, selfish thoughts are so many malignant forces within us, destroying harmony and ruining efficiency, while the opposite thoughts produce just the opposite result. They soothe instead of irritate, and increase efficiency, multiply mental power. Five minutes of hot temper may work such havoc in the delicate cell life of the nervous system that it will take weeks or months to repair the injury, or it may never be repaired.

Many people keep themselves in a state of chronic self-poisoning by their embittered, revengeful, hateful, jealous thoughts, selfishness or by their violent tempers and fits of raging passion. These self-prisoners not only destroy their present happiness and success, but also many years of their lives.

Whatever improves the health of the mind improves the health of the body. The uplifting, inspiring, cheerful and optimistic thought is not only a great mental tonic, but a physical tonic also.

Never allow yourself to be convinced that you are not complete master of yourself. Stoutly affirm your own superiority over bodily ills, and do not acknowledge yourself the slave of an inferior power.

Love is the normal law of our being, and any departure from the love though must result in anarchy of the physical economy, because the law of our being has been violated.

It is not difficult to shut out poisonous thoughts from the mind. All one need do is to substitute the opposite thought to that which produces the fatal poison, for it will always furnish the antidote. Discord can not exist in the presence of harmony. The charitable thought, the love thought, will very quickly kill the jealousy, the hate, and the revenge though, if we force pleasant, cheerful pictures into the mind, the gloomy, "blue" thoughts will have to get out.
And Mary, who is She? From the beginning, Her image remained the same. She has always been Mother. As an adult, in my hardest of times, when I was terrified, when I could take no more, I ran to Her. I sensed Her comforting me, protecting me and giving me strength to endure. She was never the judge - never harsh nor punitive. She did not encourage me to suffer more - she compassionated me in my suffering. She perhaps above all things, was my PROTECTOR. If there is one title I would give Her it would be that above all: PROTECTORESS OF MANKIND.
Catholics call her "Refuge of Sinners."
The difference between Jesus and Mary is that She has no judgment nor punitive dimension. Jesus is purported to be our Final Judge, and indeed He will be to Christians, for by His example or Template, we will be measured! (Take a look at the Michelangelo frescoes on the Sistine Chapel, the Judgment - Jesus with His arm up ready to strike, and the great Saints of the early era all eager with anticipation. Even THEY fear whether or not they will come out clean against the Template of Jesus!
Mary was, (in real life,) and is, (in our understanding,) the absolute perfect Mother, the woman you NEVER FEAR but have ULTIMATE TRUST IN. She will always forgive, understand, no matter how low you have fallen. She will take you back to the Hearth. If you are Saintly and take on reparatory sufferings (like Jesus) she is there, always by your side, whenever possible giving you the glow of Her love. No matter how terrible your sufferings are, she is there at the foot of the Cross, loving you. That alone makes life worth living and death worth dying.
This is NOT to say that Jesus is without such qualities! He has His mercy, and forgiveness, and tenderness! He has all the great qualities of Mary, and Mary has all the great qualities of Jesus! It is simply that these two persons, in the way that I understand them, magnify "Spouse" and "Mother." When we ascend into Heaven, it is because Jesus has shown us the Way. But during the Way, Mary has always been there to nurture us and comfort us.
Concerning "Spouse," not all souls are ready to be the true Spouse of Jesus Christ. This is given only to the most mature. Those who are not fully developed spiritually relate to Him in other ways. To be His Spouse is a tall order; it means martyrdom! But we all suffer, and to those who are spiritual sufferers, Jesus shows us the Way.
The next question is why is Mary appearing throughout the centuries, and not Jesus? (Jesus appears time to time, but the famous appearances belong mostly to Mary.) The answer is because of all the statements made above. This prevalence of Mary is a BALANCE, among other things; between the Masculine and Feminine Divine. Since we have not had enough Feminine in our world, Mary is appearing. We have slid down the slippery road of violence and war and we, as a race, have brought disaster upon ourselves. Every day I thank God for the evil He/She has permitted, and the evil He/She has prevented. Violence, war, crime, killing, has a lot to do with the punishment due to our sins. So much sin occurs that God has to cleanse the world with pain. This brings us to our knees, and therefore, closer to God. We cause war - God does not. God permits it because we have sinned so terribly, that only disaster can cleanse us.
The war that happens is not the fault of every single person on the planet, but many of the innocent suffer by it. What is God's plan in permitting evil? Why doesn't the God who can do anything, simply eliminate all wars, evil and violence? Because of free will. We will to sin, and we bring chastisement upon ourselves. The chastisement awakens us to sin, and we stop - for a time. All our sins bring evil upon ourselves, and when the world is ripe with evil, war breaks out. If enough people are praying constantly, it can avert all kinds of evil, including war.
Prayer can also, I might add, prevent child abuse. Not enough people are praying against it. I prayed against it in a loud voice an hour daily for over a month. Because of those prayers, the "crisis" in the Catholic Church occurred. God singled out the Catholic Church as one of the worst offenders - it was not my choice nor my idea that this would happen. There is an interesting article that will be linked here as to how OUR LADY OF FATIMA ENDED THE COLD WAR through people PRAYING THE ROSARY as She requested, as well as the Holy Father consecrating Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. Please read about the Power of Our Lady of Fatima and her messenger who preached in front of the White House: WWW.KELLIEEVERTSISTRIPFORGOD.COM
Mary is appearing because as Our Mother, She must PROTECT US.

Do we want war to stop? There is no better image than Holy Mary, to whom we can pray to obtain Peace. Mary, oh Holy Mary, obtain Peace for us both in our personal lives and on our Planet! Holy Mary, stop child abuse! Holy Mary, stop torture of animals! Holy Mary, stop destruction of the environment and pollution! Holy Mary, protect all the defenseless and innocent! Holy Mary, help us stop sinning and bring us closer to God! Holy Mary, stop the wicked from hurting the good.....help souls avoid the wickedness and snares of the devil! Thank you, Holy Mary, you are truly the Mother of us all!

Oh that sounds terribly whacked..lol I did not say that by the way. I said that when in deep contemplation asking to see the face of God after two years, God showed me spectacular galaxies and told me that he was showing me something that n...o man would ever see. He said he is that with out beginning or end and that he is expanding constantly and that even on a molecular level he was the same. You said that I saw the face of God. My sense was that he has no face and that he wanted me to understand that. He wanted me to understand how expansive he was and in that I suddenly felt deeply moved that he was even aware of me at all. I stooped asking to see God's face after that.

I became a millionaire in 2008 and lost allot of it in the crash of 2009. I am now recovering and by the way a millionaire is like a joke these days. If you are not worth 100's of millions you do not even qualify as rich :
Yasmeen Stewart
Oh that sounds terribly whacked..lol I did not say that by the way. I said that when in deep contemplation asking to see the face of God after two years, God showed me spectacular galaxies and told me that he was showing me something that n...o man would ever see. He said he is that with out beginning or end and that he is expanding constantly and that even on a molecular level he was the same. You said that I saw the face of God. My sense was that he has no face and that he wanted me to understand that. He wanted me to understand how expansive he was and in that I suddenly felt deeply moved that he was even aware of me at all. I stoped asking to see God's face after that.
I became a millionaire in 2008 and lost a lot of it in the crash of 2009. I am now recovering and by the way a millionaire is like a joke these days. If you are not worth 100's of millions you do not even qualify as rich.
These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II
The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, appeared 6 times to 3 shepherd children; Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta; between May 13 and October 13, 1917. She came to the little village of Fatima which had remained faithful to the Catholic Church during the recent persecutions by the government. Our Lady came with a message from God to every man, woman, and child of our century. Our Lady of Fatima promised that the whole world would be in peace, and that many souls would go to Heaven if her requests were listened to and obeyed. She told us that war is a punishment for sin; that God would punish the world for its sins in our time by means of war, hunger, persecution of the Church and persecution of the Holy Father, the Pope, unless we listened to and obeyed the command of God. At Fatima, Pope John Paul II said on May 13; “the message of Fatima is more relevant and more urgent " then when Our Lady first appeared. The message is an anguished appeal of our Heavenly Mother, Who sees us in great danger and who comes to offer her help and advice. Her message is also a prophesy, a clear indication of what was about to transpire in the 20th century, and what is still going to happen infallibly in the near future, depending on our response to Her requests.
As a great sign of the whole message truly coming from God, a marvelous miracle was worked in the sky above Fatima before 70,000 witnesses on October 13, 1917 at the time, date and place that Lucy and the other two children had prophesied in the name of Our Lady of Fatima. The children were told by Our Lady that God would perform a miracle so that people would believe in the apparitions. The date the children was October 13, 1917, in Fatima. On that date, 70,000 people came to see the phenomenon. The miracle occurred with the sun. All could stare perfectly at the sun without blinking, or even hurting heir eyes. While all were watching the sun, it rotated, got large and small, got close to the people, and got far away from them. The sun " danced ". Every single person who was there testified to seeing the sun dance, even non- believers who immediately dropped onto their knees and begged for forgiveness.
MIRACLES TODAY Our Lady of Fatima continues to work miracles today through Fatima water which is sent from Fatima, Portugal around the world. This Fatima water sprang up in Fatima at the spot the Bishop told people to dig, very near where Our Lady appeared at the Cova de Iria (the Cove of Peace) in Fatima. The water is known to cure people with sicknesses and poor health. Still, other people are cured when they go on pilgrimage to Fatima, which is about 90 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal.
If we do not heed Our Lady's warnings soon, the Her horrible prophesy may well be realized in the near future, even in our own back yards. She told us that God had chosen to use Russia as the instrument of chastisement to punish the whole world if we did not, by our obedience, prayers, and sacrifices, obtain conversion of Russia to the Catholic faith. She promises us: " If my requests are granted, Russia will be converted and there will be peace. " But She also warned us: " If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world raising up wars and persecutions against the Church, the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. " She has told us that the whole world (the part surviving) will be enslaved by the atheistic tyrants of Russia.
 William Bond says: I totally agree women have the right to be very angry about what men do. But those feelings of anger come from a place of helplessness. When we see men hurting women or even hurting each other and we are helpless to do anything about it, all we can do is to be angry. So the anger has to be turned into positive thoughts and action. So we have to learn how to go beyond anger and believe that women are not helpless victims but have the power to control and train men properly. This is why i keep on pointing out how easy men are brainwashed by alpha males to do terrible things to women and to each other. The military shows us how easy it is to train men to be whatever you want them to be. Women need to learn how to work together and train men to be what THEY want them to be, and not how alpha men have decided they should be. Anger is then only the first step, in motivating women to want to change things for the better. But to do that, women have to change anger into positive thought.