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 Rasa Von Werder
Annette - the Guru blinds you?  Interesting thought...However, give yourself time to adjust to the Light!!!  One of my disciples went through a tunnel & then saw Light so bright he could not see.....the next day, he had the same vision.  His eyes had now adjusted, & he saw me standing there with battle armor, gunmetal vest, a helmet, spear - out of the helmet came a Light as powerful as a Lighthouse, & he later realized I had pulled him through the tunnel, by this Light, the tunnel being the sushumna canal!  He entered the Sahasrara - a very Holy Soul!
they want to kill a Mother for protecting her children from a violent goony boy
Profa - this brings to my mind the two perspectives of religion.  One is political, the other is mystical.  In the mystical realm, it is all Blessed, Perfect, righteous - each of the Patriarchal religions teaches great Truth on that metaphysical level.  It is in the political realm that they fall short or go astray, each Patriarchal religion (Christian, Islam, Judaism & all others) teaching hate against women & other men. These Patriarchal religions have made God in their own image & likeness - that God is a male, He is Almighty, & He has made the rules.  Then they tell you the rules, & the rules include discriminating against women & hating people of other religions.  The political aspect of it is violent & deadly.  I propose, today, we go back to worship God as Mother & venerate females as the embodiment of Mother God, in order to revive Love & peace in our world.  The Mother is a nurturer; She does not condone hate & violence.
The Pathway to Prosperity

Lesson Seven - The Paralysis Of Fear.
Fear and worry make us attract the very things we dread.

Fear in all its different phases of expression, such as worry, anxiety, anger, jealousy, timidity, is the greatest enemy of the human race. It has robbed men of more happiness and efficiency, has made more men cowards, more people failures or forced them into mediocrity, than anything else.

Fear is a great robber of power. It paralyzes the thinking faculties, ruins spontaneity, enthusiasm, and self-confidence. It has a blighting effect upon all one's thoughts, moods, and efforts. it destroys ambition and efficiency.

No matter what your need is, put it into the hands of faith. Do not ask how or why or when. Just do your level best, and have faith, which is the great miracle worker of the ages.

Chronic worriers are always deficient in faith.

The secret of achievement is concentration. Worry or fear of any kind is fatal to mental concentration and kills creative ability. When the whole mental organism is vibrating with conflicting emotions, efficiency is impossible. The things which makes us prematurely old, which wrinkle our faces, take the elasticity out of our step, the bloom from the cheek, and which rob us of joy are not those which actually happen.

Fear benumbs initiative. It kills confidence and causes indecision, makes us waver, afraid to begin things, suspect and doubt. Fear is a great leak in power. There are plenty of people who waste more than half of their precious energy in useless worry and anxiety.

Our sense of fear or terror is always in proportion to our sense of weakness or inability. When conscious of being stronger than that which terrorizes weaker persons, we have no sense of fear.
Satguru Ozay answer Rasa’s question – about why, when entering nonduality, all the pains inflicted by family & other disappear
Rasa The answer is a simple answer not a complex one, and that is the reason why the pain left you was simply because you let go, by letting go of the need to have love from your family you let go of the pain they help you create, it is the... holding on that is where the real pain comes from. Every one in life today who is not enlightened is going through the same processing, that is they find a some thing which gives comfort and they hold it, but the nature of life is change and nothing stays still, resistance to letting go is what creates pain and suffering the last letting go in everyones life is of the body, the more you hold onto it the more pain you may receive, but there is a deeper thing to understand that relates to the life that person has lived.

We are here to learn how to live and get through life by not holding onto any thing except that everything is change, holding onto change is the only thing we can hold where there will be no suffering inflicted

Therefore a correct way to engage life and all the things that come into your life is to not grasp it in a closed hand, but rather support it in an open hand that way everything moves as it is supposed to and you are not a block for the natural way of things, but rather a support to it, an open hand.
Well, Ahiranta, I believe women should be in authority over men - You will disagree - because you see it from the Infinite/Spiritual realm.  But on the biological, genetic, realm, the female is the Mother/nurturer, & male designed for something else - two different purposes.  He is supposed to protect the Mother & children, & work for their benefit - but males have not done that wisely or well for 5,000. years, ever since they took over.  Instead of protecting, they have exploited, tortured & killed women, men, children animals, & destroyed nature.
Hand-Build an Earth Sheltered House For $5,000
One young couple in Wales managing on an annual income of just $10,000 went ahead and built their own cheap home anyway, sustainably, mostly out of materials from “a rubbish pile somewhere.”
They had wanted to spend as much time as possible at home while their two children were young. Their nearby woodlands ecological management work would have been impractical if they were paying a mortgage.
So they enlisted some help from family, and sometimes just from people passing by, and from any of their friends who stopped by to visit:
The result was their very low impact homemade house. A hand built unique setting for a charmed life for their two young toddlers. I’ll bet they’ll remember this first home for the rest of their lives.
Four months of hard work and they were all 4 moved in and cozy.
Total expenditure? $5,000. Tools? A chisel, a chainsaw and a hammer. Building expertise? Simon Dale says:
    “My experience is only having a go at one similar house 2yrs before and a bit of mucking around in-between. This kind of building is accessible to anyone. My main relevant skills were being able bodied, having self belief and perseverance and a mate or two to give a lift now and again.”
Sustainable design and construction:
   1. Dug into hillside for low visual impact and shelter
   2. Stone and mud from diggings used for retaining walls, foundations etc.
   3. Frame constructed of fallen trees from surrounding woodland
   4. Reciprocal roof rafters are structurally very easy to do
   5. Straw bales in floor, walls and roof for super-insulation and easy building
   6. Plastic sheet and mud/turf roof for low impact and ease
   7. Lime plaster on walls is breathable and low energy to manufacture compared to cement
   8. Reclaimed (scrap) wood for floors and fittings
   9. Other items were reclaimed from “a rubbish pile somewhere”: windows, wiring, plumbing
(Maybe there should be a new LEED rating just for building so inexpensively: Sustainable Financing. This is one mortgage bill that’s not going to be haunting their mum and dad for years.) Inside there’s a wood-burner for heating – waste wood in the old-growth forest is locally plentiful.To get the most of the heat, the flue goes through a big stone/plaster lump to retain and slowly releases the warmth.
There are just a couple of solar panels – just enough for for lighting, music and computing. It’s a simple life. A skylight in the roof lets in enough natural feeling light, and water is fed by gravity downhill from a nearby spring. There’s a compost toilet. Roof water collects in a pond for gardening
Says Simon: “Our house is unusual but the aesthetic appeals to lots of people and perhaps touches something innate in us that evolved in forests.”
(\____/) Put this bunny on your
(=0_0=) page if you're AGAINST
(")___(") ANIMAL ABUSE!!!
Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy
      Green Party is NOT Illuminati. It's the Republicans & Democrats -"Tweedle de de & Tweedle de dum" by  the teachings of Noam Chomsky - they are all under control - selected & funded by the corporations, the President is the "Chief executive of the Corporate Elite" - no other party has a snowball's chance in hell toward winning the election - but they can air issues nationally if they promote hard.
The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed. By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us... these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure. • Expected ship date October 22, 2010 • Runtime 95 minutes • Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

The Pathway to Prosperity
Lesson Eight - One With The Divine

The secret of all health, prosperity, and happiness is being in conscious union with the Divine.

The closer we are to Divinity, the nearer we are to the limitless source of things. When we feel strongest, when we feel conscious of the power which is back of the flesh, but not of it, when we feel that we are in touch with Divinity, our power is greater and our supply larger.

Every time a man does wrong he weakens himself by so much. Every time we do wrong, every time we depart from the truth, every time we commit a dishonest, unworthy act, do a mean, contemptible thing, we lessen the Omnipotent grip upon us, and then we become a party to all sorts of fears, apprehensions, dreads, and doubts.

The moment we feel conscious that our union with the Great Source of things is broken, we are filled with uncertainty and apprehension; we feel a sense of helplessness, which makes us weak, timid, apprehensive. Fear, anxiety, worry, are positive evidence that we have lost our divine connection and strayed from home, that we are out of tune with the Infinite, and in discord with principle.

The very idea of persistently holding the thought that one is divinely upheld, the thought that no harm can possibly come to you while you are thus ensconced in the Divine Presence destroys all fear and worry; restores confidence, and multiples power.

what is a slut?  Is it not a word males invented?  Are males not the most promiscuous?  What is the word to define that?  Dogs, players?  Nothing worse?  Why are there so many negative words to define female sexuality but few, if any positive words?  Is it because males have been controlling language?  Language has deteriorated drastically in the hands of males - we used to have thousands more words in the vocabulary before they took over; males are inept
at communicating.
The Symptoms of Being in Love
Here they are:
(1) Wanting to be with the person all the time, wanting to know what he/she is doing when you are apart.  After separations you rejoice to see each other.
(2) Feeling depression/ anxiety/ pain or even anger at anything that separates you & the loved one.
(3)               During breakups feeling so dejected that you lose the will to live.
(4)               Being concerned with everything the loved one does – especially who he/she is with.  One fears that something might stand between them & the loved one.
(5)               Jealousy when it’s perceived that someone is separating you from the loved one, even wishing violence on the person doing so.
(6)               When love is not returned the lover feels intense pain, possibly the greatest pain known to a human.  People commit suicide over “unrequited love.”
(7)               This pain is so awful that most people, after being rejected by the loved one, shut down their emotional systems– they close down their hearts.  Of course, with the heart closed, they also derail their ability to love again.  Such people are difficult to touch as their guard is up, armor surrounds them, emotions are locked.


Marija Gimbutas

I have been asked a number of times if there is any proof that there was a Matriarchal age in the past.  Although there is a lot of evidence for this, most of it is in the hands of patriarchal minded academics that have very little interest in letting the public know about it. We can see this in the Marija Gimbutas controversy.  She was an archaeologist who wrote books about the ancient Goddess worshiping Neolithic civilizations and for this reason was condemned by other academics for writing ‘popular’ books about this subject.  Yet in spite of her efforts most of the general public are still ignorant of the Neolithic civilizations that existed before the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamian.
Excavating Neolithic sites, archaeologists have discovered a lot of evidence to suggest that Women ruled these early civilizations, but the trouble is that many people find this hard to believe. After all, throughout history we have been used to brutal alpha males who have ruled countries by force and violence.  So it comes to a surprise to learn that what archaeologists have discovered is that warfare was unknown back in the first Neolithic civilizations.  When they excavated ancient cities like Catal Höyük in Turkey and Caral in Peru, or the Neolithic civilizations of Malta, Crete, Eastern Europe, Japan, China and the Indus Valley civilization in Pakistan, they couldn’t find any weapons of war. Not only that, they couldn’t find any skeletons showing any signs of violence, nor could they find any carved images of war and violence and any fortification protecting the towns and cities.  Whereas the evidence of war and violence was overwhelming in later Bronze and Iron age excavations.  With thousands of weapons of war being discovered, skeletons in graves showing signs of damage by swords, axes, spears and clubs, with very strong fortifications around all towns and cities, and carvings on walls showing wars, acts of violence and torture.
So how was it that all over the world civilisations could live in peace and harmony for thousands of years, but then suddenly these peaceful civilizations were swept away and replaced by extremely violent empires?
The theory put forward by the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, was that warlike patriarchal tribes from the North conquered these peaceful Matriarchal civilisations.  Now, this makes sense of how some of these Neolithic civilisations were destroyed but it doesn’t explain where these patriarchal tribes came from, and why they suddenly turn to war and violence?  I will discuss this later on in this book.
Now, the human beings have also evolved through very difficult conditions. Scientists claim that we are 4 million years old. Which means that more than 99.9% of human existence happened in the Stone Age.  So we are still basically Stone Age people and what happened over the last four or five thousand years of recorded history has made very little difference to our true nature.  In our ancient past we have experienced ice ages and times of rapid climate change, causing the extinction of many animals like mammoths, saber-tooth tigers and even other species of humans like the Neanderthals.  This means in these times of rapid climate change, species of animals that are female dominated will have a decided advantage over species that are male dominated. More so for the human being, because unlike any other animal, the human baby is completely defenseless for the first few years of its life, and it takes up to 20 years before it is fully-grown.  So the human mother has to put in far more time and effort into caring for her young than any other animal.  This means that in times of rapid climate change it means that only female dominated tribes humans would survive.  Where the males would sacrifice themselves, allowing the women and young to eat first and not use their superior size and strength to take food away from women.  Which is what would happen in a male dominated tribe.
In is noticeable that patriarchy happened only after the invention of agriculture, which produced an abundance of food.  This allowed alpha males to dominate human society through violence without threatening the survival of the human species.  Yet we are all still Stone-Age people, so the desire within men to submit to women is still within us.  This is why patriarchy needs to degrade women in the eyes of men.
If men have within them a powerful desire to submit and even worship women.  Then for patriarchy to survive, it needs to counter this natural desire.  This is why in many strongly patriarchal societies women are degraded and subjected to male violence because it helps teach men to overcome their desire to submit to them.  This is because if a boy witnesses his father beating up his mother and forcing her to submit, then he will believe his natural desire to submit to women must be ‘wrong’. Whereas in western countries over the last hundred years where women are no longer degraded in the same way, men are getting in touch with their natural desires to want to submit to women, once again.
This means that male masochism is not a perversion or mental illness as many academic male physiologists will want you to believe.  It is a natural instinct that comes from our Stone Age past.  Men have only been taught to suppress this instinct by the alpha males who conquered the peaceful Matriarchal civilizations of the Neolithic age.  When men are no longer taught to degrade women and dominate them through violence, then women will once again take their true role of the dominant sex of the human race.
To William Bond:  Just listened to your entire book "Sexual Evolution."
It's really good.  Yes, it could do with many illustrations, both of Bonobo apes, people in sexual situations.  You are producing so much good work – writings & blogs!!!  I learned from this!
This work here reminds me of a new important book  which I know a bit about called
"Sex at Dawn - The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality" by Christopher Ryan & Cacilda Jetha.
They come to the same basic conclusions that you & I have espoused for years - that our origins are vastly different than Patriarchy espouses, & that Matriarchy existed & should return.
I have not read the book as it's not available online, nor by audio, & the way I do my research.  Do you know about this work?

This book is a THREAT to Patriarchy & debunks some of its’ long-cherished assumptions:  That monogamy is “normal” for humans – that our closest relatives are violent, Patriarchal chimps, not peaceful, sexual, MATRIARCHAL Bonobos – Takes the Patriarchal studies & CUTS THEM TO RIBBONS – This shows how human sexuality got screwed up (by Patriarchy) but sex was something else in the ancient days & we are going back to that.  This work supports the sexual norms of Matriarchy – pre Patriarchal repression, mind control & taboos. It underscores how POSITIVE is sexuality & it's "Culture of Life" & so, debunks repression, "The Culture of Death" - Biophilia instead of Necrophilia. This book is a friend of Matriarchy & the antithesis of male-domination control. (review by Rasa Von Werder)

From the authors:

Since Darwin's day, we've been told that sexual monogamy comes naturally to our species. Mainstream science--as well as religious and cultural institutions--has maintained that men and women evolved in families in which a man's possessions and protection were exchanged for a woman's fertility and fidelity. But this narrative is collapsing. Fewer and fewer couples are getting married, and divorce rates keep climbing as adultery and flagging libido drag down even seemingly solid marriages.
How can reality be reconciled with the accepted narrative? It can't be, according to renegade thinkers Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá. While debunking almost everything we "know" about sex, they offer a bold alternative explanation in this provocative and brilliant book.
Ryan and Jethá's central contention is that human beings evolved in egalitarian groups that shared food, child care, and, often, sexual partners. Weaving together convergent, frequently overlooked evidence from anthropology, archaeology, primatology, anatomy, and psychosexuality, the authors show how far from human nature monogamy really is. Human beings everywhere and in every era have confronted the same familiar, intimate situations in surprisingly different ways. The authors expose the ancient roots of human sexuality while pointing toward a more optimistic future illuminated by our innate capacities for love, cooperation, and generosity.
With intelligence, humor, and wonder, Ryan and Jethá show how our promiscuous past haunts our struggles over monogamy, sexual orientation, and family dynamics. They explore why long-term fidelity can be so difficult for so many; why sexual passion tends to fade even as love deepens; why many middle-aged men risk everything for transient affairs with younger women; why homosexuality persists in the face of standard evolutionary logic; and what the human body reveals about the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality.
In the tradition of the best historical and scientific writing, Sex at Dawn unapologetically upends unwarranted assumptions and unfounded conclusions while offering a revolutionary understanding of why we live and love as we do.
I wish to have gatherings at my new apt.  It’s on Main St. 1.5 miles from the clubs...I would like to have “safe space for women” discussions regarding Matriarchy/ Female Empowerment & also “chill parties” for male & female, after clubs close.  Food & drink will be provided.  If yes, please let me know.  The apt. is BEAUTIFUL.
 Female Empowerment at Binghamton begins – B.U. STUDENTS & Rasa:
 Lindsay O'Neill Caffrey says:  I whole heartedly apologize for my ill-informed, incorrect and rude friend. Mihaela and I would love to come by your apartment sometime. When might you be free? Or when are you having an event?

 RASA says:  We can start this week end - whichever day you are there, Thursday, Friday &/or Saturday.  I go to the pizza every night after the clubs, - the  place to find me.   Things like this start simple & end up big - I've done it before.  It's "word of mouth."  People like what's going on, tell friends, then groups of friends converge.  But we must note that for Female Empowerment/Matriarchy discussions, it has to be "safe space", women only. The objective of Female Empowerment is to remove Patriarchy – the rule of the “Father” & install “Matriarchy” – the rule of the “Mother”.  This, then, puts male & female at cross purposes, a “gender war.”  In my discussions with groups of females on the street, when males came by,  they derailed & disrupted our lessons with loud, obnoxious (illogical) statements, insults & rude behavior.  Women have learned that they must have “safe space” away from men –when they discuss our FEMALE AGENDA.  – It is obvious to all of us – that when they are around, we have to worry about their fragile egos!  The status quo is that they are in charge, & that we must surrender & serve their needs!  We can have gatherings with males AT OTHER TIMES – when we’re just having fun with them. Females wishing to join our discussions please contact me.

William Bond’s new book, “Sexual Evolution”

Rasa says: Yes, I agree - I like the stuff you said about sex & have comments about it when time permits -  What you said about females teaming up as lesbians - in the Bonobo world & the human world during eons of Matriarchy (since the stone age) - It's happening now, not so much "just sex" but women are acting in a much more sensual, affectionate way to each other at the clubs, even declaring other women to be their wives even though no sex occurs.  They are teaming up.
We all dance in a sensual manner with one another, including the "grind" which you could say is rubbing sex organs together - & we are not gay, but women are getting closer, less hate, we realize we have to bond to overcome the males -Which is what you explain happened in the past - & occurs right now in Bonobo (our closest relatives) behavior.  Females team up to beat up males!  They gang up on males, so males can’t dominate!  But in order to do this, they must have positive feelings for one another – not all the hate, slave mentality, women had toward each other in the past!


from William Bond:   Just looked up "Sex at Dawn" this morning and found a web-site that gives the first chapter or so of it. 
Rasa:  Go there!  Read it!  Monogamy is not natural or normal – been saying this for years!  Matriarchy was never repressive of sex & nudity – Patriarchy made sex dirty – While portraying death as “sacred” – The Matriarchal point of view is LIFE – the Patriarchs USE LIFE – (Males cannot reproduce – are jealous of the female power to do so) – This new important book repudiates everything Patriarchs have taught & vindicates Matriarchy – a system which they agree was in effect for eons before Patriarchy, (the culture we have today which is sick & insane.)


Discussion groups

I have two girls, Lindsay & Mihaela, who are starting this off - we talked 4 two hours at the pizza place.  They are in early college, they are advanced, both only 18 yrs old, geniuses, had the most intelligent discussion I have had with anyone in years - both are well educated in women's studies - their field.  I'm starting with them to get the women off on the right note - if they can join the men/women group would be good also.

We are not talking about Einstein discussions (with the men).  The questions would be those they can handle like,

"If you are in love with a female - can you also have sex with other females"?

Explain why yes or no.  Give examples.  etc etc.

"What do you expect from a woman on a date?"

(no jokes!!!  hahaha!)

If they say just sex - then we'll explain why women have such a low opinion of them, & why they refuse to have sex because they know that's all they want, & they will dump them the next day - etc.



Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)


The Pathway to Prosperity eCourse
Lesson Nine - Getting In Tune Within
If we could only learn the art of always keeping ourselves in harmony we could multiply our effectiveness immeasurably.
Mental discord is fatal to quality in work. The destructive emotions - worry, anxiety, hatred, jealousy, anger, greed, selfishness, are all deadly enemies of efficiency.
Harmony is the secret of all effectiveness, beauty, happiness; and harmony is simply keeping ourselves in tune with the Infinite. This means absolute health of all the mental and moral faculties. Poise, serenity, amiability, sweetness of temper tend to keep the whole mental and physical economy in harmony with the perpetual renewal processes constantly going on within us, which are destroyed by friction.
True prayer repairs the broken wires of our Divine connection, reassures us, brings us into harmony with the Infinite. This is the secret of all mental healing.
We all have moments when we get glimpses of the great possibilities within ourselves. It may sometimes be an experience which takes away a loved one, which opens up a rift in our nature and gives us a glimpse of power we never before knew we possessed.
Los Angeles, CA -- The Williams Institute, a research center on sexual orientation law and public policy at UCLA School of Law, has announced new findings from the U.S. National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study (NLLFS), the longest-running study ever conducted on American lesbian families (now in its 24th year). In an article published today in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the 17-year-old daughters and sons of lesbian mothers were asked about sexual abuse, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior.
The paper found that none of the 78 NLLFS adolescents reports having ever been physically or sexually abused by a parent or other caregiver. This contrasts with 26 percent of American adolescents who report parent or caregiver physical abuse and 8.3 percent who report sexual abuse.
According to the authors, "the absence of child abuse in lesbian mother families is particularly noteworthy, because victimization of children is pervasive and its consequences can be devastating. To the extent that our findings are replicated by other researchers, these reports from adolescents with lesbian mothers have implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, social service agencies, and child protection experts who seek family models in which violence does not occur."
On sexual orientation, 2.8 percent of the NLLFS adolescents identified as predominantly to exclusively homosexual.
The study was conducted by Nanette Gartrell, M.D., Henny Bos, Ph.D. (University of Amsterdam), and Naomi Goldberg, M.P.P. (Williams Institute). Principal investigator Nanette Gartrell, M.D., is a 2010 Williams Distinguished Scholar, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at UCSF, and affiliated with the University of Amsterdam.
The Pathway to Prosperity eCourse

Lesson Ten - A New Way Of Bringing up Children

Keep the child's mind full of harmony, of truth, and there will be no room for discord, for error.

Now, what advantage is it to send a youth out into the world with a head full of knowledge but without the confidence or assurance to use it effectively, or the ability to grapple with life's problems with that vigor and efficiency which alone can bring success?

The time will come when no child will be allowed to grow up without being taught to believe in themselves, to have great confidence in their ability. This will be a most important part of their education, for if a child believes in themselves enough, they will not be likely to allow a single deficient faculty or weakness to wreck their career.

David Icke Newsletter Preview
In the last month particularly, since I left home for New York, I have seen a new stage in the awakening as a whole new and potentially enormous group of people begin to cross the line and see that apparently random injustice is really calculated and coordinated injustice.
These are the people who have observed the grotesque unfairness and inequality in their own communities and the world in general, but have perceived this to be the result of human greed alone, almost a natural state of the greedy and unscrupulous seeking to exploit the masses for wealth and power.
On one level that is true, but more and more people are now beginning to realise that the foundations of this injustice are not ‘natural’, but globally enforced.
They are coming to the vital, perception-changing, life-changing realisation that the forces that manipulate their own communities and countries are the same forces that are doing the same in every community and country. It is a point I have stressed over and over in the last month: those dictating the lives of Americans are part of the same global network imposing its will upon the Portuguese and Spanish.
As ever more people in this ‘sense of injustice’ mindset start to connect the dots and see how it is all coordinated, the potential for bringing down the house-of-cards Control System becomes limitless.
And it is beginning to happen, though this is just the start.
RASA says:  Just to remind everyone, these injustices & atrocities are perpetrated by human males – their system called Patriarchy – which is the Culture of Death - necrophilia.  Women’s system, Matriarchy, is the Culture of life – biophilia.  We have solid evidence back to the Neolithic age (much of it from a woman, top anthropologist Marija Gimbutas – who was repudiated by male academics for her findings, but her discoveries are now accepted) that during all the ages of female rule there were no weapons of destruction, no armed warfare.  Skeletons at these times had no war wounds – whereas as soon as male-domination began, skeletons abound with wounds from axes, spears, swords & blunt instruments.
As David Icke brilliantly points out, this system is not willy nilly but well orchestrated globally. 
“Satan rules the world & he works through men.”
As a Catholic girl, I was taught by the theologians that although Hell is filled with those who hate everyone & everything, & there is no friendship between them but only enmity – nevertheless, in order to achieve their Hellish aims, they band together in unholy brotherhood.
The same is true on earth.  Human males agree to destroy women & the world, (& Satan & Hell is right inside of them.)  The reason for this destruction is simple:  they want Power so they can have all the women & in order to control the women & other males – they have to have the resources.  To achieve this, they exploit, destroy & kill everything along the way – nothing is sacred.  They do not worship a Mother God/ Mother Nature, but only the Freudian ID inside – which makes them psychopaths.
There is clear evidence that our world leaders not only worship “Satan” (the demons inside them & each other) in secret, but among themselves, worship this entity in gatherings like “Bohemian Grove.”  Most of these members are male, but occasionally they pull in the token female, as there is a Queen among the “Bilderbergers.”  These humans, who rule the world through banking & unjust wars we call “the shadow government,” “Illuminati,” & they are replete within the “Council on Foreign Relations” & above the 33rd degree level of Freemasons.  They plan all the wars & the banking systems, including economic collapses & depressions, they figure out how to enslave people by force or economics (economic slavery, the class society where they are always on top.)

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