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Fb posts 10 & 11 – 2010 - William Bond, Rasa Von Werder & Friends

Rachael you opened the door for Zeke & others now to defend males & bash women - there are evil women, but they are so small in comparison to what males do that I will not give equal time to female bashing.  99.9999 of violence, if you include war, is done by men - & they are grossly more brutal than women.  So do not line up & bash that tiny number of women who do evil here.  This site is for Female Empowerment & if you are going to say how evil women are - also give the statistics - how many women statistically are violent compared to a man - what you cite here isi framing a man - which is different.  There are also more cases of males robbing women, as the majority of crimes are done by men.   No apologies for the men.  Rachael stop being afraid for the men, stop apologizing for them or justifying them saying women are equally bad - they are not.
my job has been to smash stereotypes of women so they think they had me pegged as a stripper - a whore - but I gave sermons - so that didn't work - then as first female body builder - a dyke - but I am not - so that didn't work - then an old lady who does not like to knit or garden, but dance well & have sex with young males - On the street all they talk about is Playboy & did I have sex with Arnold?  But they never ask me about seeing God face to face. People see according to where their mind is at & according to their understanding or lack of it.  A saint cold be sitting under a tree blissed out on God & the substance abuser assumes she is high on drugs.
I agree with you Rasa about posting more positive educational links, there has to be a balance here. Yes, we have to be aware that 99% of all violence in the world is committed by men, but we also have to give people hope of a better world ...for us all.

Women are now better educated than men and hopefully this will mean most of the top jobs in the next generation will go to women. But should we also be thinking in terms of a Matriarchal political party or creating Matriarchal communities?
What about making sure the girls of today will not grown into women behaving like the men today?

We are not that blind to think that the men who rule the world today were born like the are, are we?

They were created! were they not?
And if men can be created like that,formed like that, what will stop women going the same way?

Is that not a point we have to look at? Instead of only pointing out how the men who are in power today do evil acts, pointing out their acts and crimes, should we not also focus on the young girls today, to guide them with our wisdom, to create groups where they can come to for guidance and advice, to learn how to stay deeply rooted in the heart, in God as Goddesses acting from Compassion?

Should not that be our focus also? Look forward hearing how you all see this.
Hi Steve, yes, there are many men who are caring and loving people. But in the competitive patriarchal society we live in, not many caring and loving people seem to get into positions of power.

Also as the military has proven time and time... again they can train men to become killers. The actual reason why despotic rulers are able to gain power is that they have a army of young men who will kill and torture the general population, if ordered to do so by the despotic ruler.

Yes, it might be a minority of men who kill other people and become corrupt rulers, but as history clearly proves, while men continue to rule our world we will always have warlike and oppressive rulers ruling our countries.

Recent photograph of Rasa Von Werder

Hi Ahiranta, If women did not have a powerful maternal instinct the human race would become extinct. We are dependent on women wanting to give birth to children and then to want to care and nurture them until they become adults. Because ...if all women decided not to do this, extinct would come within a few generations.

Yes, the society we live in, is teaching young women to become selfish, simply because the patriarchal does not reward those who give to others without expecting reward. Women today have a stark choice, they either follow their maternal instinct and care for children, which undermined any career prospects they might have. Or, they do their best to suppress their maternal instincts and have a successful career. The only other choice is the marry a man who is willing to be a househusband and is willing to look after her house and children.

I agree it is a shame that young women have to learn to be totally selfish to get ahead in our, patriarchal world. But once women do get into power and rule, then they can change the rules and laws of society, so that caring people will be better rewarded and have higher status.

If women want power they have to learn to be more selfish, but at the same time they do not have to give up their maternal and nurturing instincts to do this. If is positive for women to love themselves and also love others at the same time.
Hi Ahiranta, I think the problem is for women today there is not real support for women who want to have children. A traditional housewife who stays at home to look after the children while her husband goes to work, are now very few in nu...mber. Today even ordinary women without a career are still expected to run a home, look after the children and have a job. So unless she is a superwoman, it is understandable why women wouldn't want to do this.

As for women who have children and live off the state. Surely we should now recognize that looking after young children is a full time job. If a women was to do a job as a nanny for a wealthy family looking after their children she would be expected to be well paid. But if you stay at home to look after your OWN children, you are condemned as a scrounger?! I find this attitude very illogical.

I also find it insane that a mother has give her children to child minders while she goes to work. So why isn't she allowed to care for her children herself? It's crazy.

The point is that our society is still ruled by men who have little understanding or interest in the problems that mothers have in caring for their children. This is another reason why we need a Matriarchal government, so they can put the needs of mothers and children first.
I actually watched one of these videos where they ground up all the male chicks (alive) - this sort of thing must stop, & it will only stop with Matriarchy.  Thank God we are fighting for Matriarchy. Human males, for the most part, have no feelings.  As a woman who is dating them & trying to get love, I can swear to that.  I do not throw out the bad words (against men) for nothing, their behavior REALLY IS in most cases, subhuman, compared to women's. It isn't only the activism-scale atrocities, they assault  females emotionally EVERY DAY .  I see it on the street as I stand & walk with young women, I see what they do to me as I relate to them.  They are without sensitivity. The only time they seem to WAKE UP is when I assault them back verbally, in the most heinous manner.  Then it seems light bulbs go off in their heads.
Lynda, even an embryo in the womb can feel pain
This is part of "male pattern violence."
One woman observed how males exploit the reproductive powers of females.  They cannot reproduce, but they take all that females reproduce, exploit, abuse & kill it, over & over again.  They are using us - the female part of nature.  We are not in charge.  When we take over the world, we will dismantle their industries.
Kellie Everts 1981
This is fantastic - my fave vids are when animals get even with their torturers, - I have seen a bison throw a man 10 feet in the air, just with his horns & head, just toss him right up - imagine the power of animals - but human males devise how to get around their strength, invented weapons, machines,  guns, to torture & kill them - but when Mother God has killed males, the animals will be safe.  Human males are deteriorating fast, they are 8% infertile globally.  What is the purpose of males, anyway?  They were once needed for something, now they are redundant.  They are not necessary for the survival of the human species any more - they are doing more harm on earth than good.  I will be dead long before they disappear, but knowing they will be gone & the earth & animals safe, gives me a sense of relief & joy that THERE IS A GOD & SHE HAS DONE RIGHT.
Human males were once needed for sperm & to protect us - we no longer need their sperm - females can take 23 chromosomes from one egg, put into another egg, you have two female parents, all female offspring.  Females will also revive parthenogenesis.  If you put an egg into a Petri dish, add some electricity, it stimulates the egg & a fetus begins to form.  A woman can potentially do that to an egg inside her own body.  Woman is reproductive, male supplies only DNA information, he cannot reproduce.  Males, who once protected us, are now our greatest enemies.  We will have Matriarchy back soon, but apparently Mother God wants the world to be safe & is removing them completely, not taking any chances their violence will overthrow us again.
True detachment is to be a master of all things that we use.

Detachment is usually mistaken as being away from things because usually while using the facilities available we tend to get dependent on them. Such dependency is troublesome and so we sometimes give up using these facilities thinking that this is detachment which helps us to be free from their control.


The solution lies in mentally detaching ourselves from the facilities we are using. That means we use them but we are not dependent on them. For this we need to remind ourselves that we are the creator and whatever facilities are available to us are the creation. This enables us to develop mastery and control over everything.
ROUTINELY AT ALL EGG FARMS –This is how men run the world
By Sean Poulter
This is the reality for millions of chicks in Britain every year.
Fluffy yellow youngsters travel on conveyor belts at hatcheries dotted across the country – half to their death, the other half to egg farms.
The males are immediately discarded – and either gassed or thrown into macerating machines, which kill instantly.
Undercover filming by the campaigning welfare group Viva has captured the reality of the early days of factory farm chickens.
Once hatched, the chicks are placed onto a conveyor belt system to be sexed and sorted.
Bleak existence: Once hatched the chicks are placed onto a conveyor belt system to be sexed and sorted
Bleak existence: Once hatched the chicks are placed onto a conveyor belt system to be sexed and sorted
Immediately killed: These male chicks have been gassed and are falling out of the machine
Immediately killed: These male chicks have been gassed and are falling out of the machine
While the females will survive this initial process, their heads are placed into machines that will automatically clip away the ends of their beaks and inoculate them against disease.
In some hatcheries the tips of the beaks are removed using a hot wire.
This is done to ensure the birds do not peck and injure each other out of the frustration of spending their lives in cramped wire battery cages.
The same machine will inoculate them against various diseases common in the cage systems used on farms in Britain and around the world.
Even chicks going into other systems, such as free range, will have the end of their beaks cut off.
There was nothing illegal in the activities witnessed by Viva's undercover team, however the images demonstrate the reality behind the idyllic farmyard pictures plastered over supermarket egg boxes.
Viva is a pro-vegetarian organisation and would prefer people to turn their back on eating eggs. The filming took place at two hatcheries in this country in August.
At one, the male chicks are gassed in a machine before the bodies are then packaged to be fed to reptiles.
Life and death: This woman is sorting males from females to catch any that were missed in the gassing room and is pictured flinging a male chick from the conveyor belt into a crate
Life and death: This woman is sorting males from females to catch any that were missed in the gassing room and is pictured flinging a male chick from the conveyor belt into a crate
Coming up for air: This little chick's head was poking out of a crate
Coming up for air: This little chick's head was poking out of a crate
At the second the male chicks are picked up in handfuls and dropped alive into a mincing machine in a process known as IMD - Instantaneous Mechanical Destruction.
Even chicks going into other systems, such as free range, will have the end of their beaks cut off.
The official line of the UK egg producing industry is that this destruction method is uncommon.
However, the recent footage demonstrates IMD is routinely used by at least one major hatchery.
Both of these slaughter methods are approved by Government's food and farming department, Defra, and the Humane Slaughter Association.
Viva campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell, said: 'It is the hidden horror that the egg industry does not want you to see.
Star support: Actor Martin Shaw - aka Judge John Deed - backs Viva
Star support: Actor Martin Shaw - aka Judge John Deed - backs Viva
'For the first time ever in the UK , the egg industry’s number one secret has been exposed: what happens to male chicks.
'In egg production male chicks are surplus to requirements, which means that they are sorted from the females in vast warehouses and then killed in their thousands at just a day or two old.
'Identical to the chicks you see on Easter greeting cards, these uncomprehending young birds are either sent on a conveyor belt to be gassed or thrown alive into electric mincers.
'Our undercover investigator has revealed the awful truth that underpins the British egg industry.'
He said: 'The female chicks don’t get it much better. Roughly sorted from the males, they too are transported on a seemingly never ending conveyor belt.
'However, they are vaccinated and have the tip of their beaks cut off, which is potentially painful to these young animals.'
Mr Kerswell said the conveyor belt system in the egg hatcheries is not unique to the chicks that go into battery cages.
The same system is used to sort those which move to barn, free range or even most organic egg farms.
'It is an unimaginable waste of life – and all just to bring an egg to your morning table,' he said.
The actor Martin Shaw, who starred as Judge John Deed is a vegetarian and supporter of Viva. He described the footage as 'shocking'.
He said: 'This exposes the mass murder and mutilation of thousands of baby chicks – at the hands of the British egg industry.
Common abroad: Masceration is more widespread in other countries (file photo)
Common abroad: Masceration is more widespread in other countries (file photo)
'Supporting this cruel industry sees the continuation of the slaughter of male baby birds for no reason, other than their sex.'
The British Egg Information Service defended industry practises.
Despite the evidence of the Viva footage, the organisation claimed it was unusual to put live chicks into mascerators in this country - although not illegal.
It said: 'In the egg industry, on hatching, chicks are immediately segregated into the male and female sexes by feather colour identification. Obviously, only females lay eggs.
'In the past the male chicks were used for poultry meat but the broiler meat industry has now developed specific strains of chicken which grow quickly. The male chicks from egg-laying breeds are not suitable.
'It is therefore necessary to dispose of the male chicks using a method approved by DEFRA and monitored by the Government's Animal Health Agency.
'Disposal is normally carried out by exposure to carbon dioxide or a mixture of carbon dioxide and argon, which is quick and painless, following a Code of Practice approved by the Humane Slaughter Association.
'The male chicks then provide a valuable source of food for other species such as reptiles and birds of prey.'
It said hatcheries are required to have mascerators by law, but said these are mainly used to dispose of unhatched eggs.
'It is not in the industry's commercial interest to throw chicks alive into mascerators, although this is not illegal,' it said.
'Masceration of live chicks is common in other countries including the USA .'
Read more:
The Pathway to Prosperity
 Self-Encouragement By Self Suggestion

She only is beaten who admits it.  4

How can you expect to get the maximum of efficiency when worry, fear, anxiety, discouragement, or melancholy are sapping twenty-five, fifty, or seventy-five per cent of your mental energy? You must clear the mind of its enemies; otherwise you pay the penalty in exhausted vitality, in wasted energy.

Every time you feel fear coming into your mind, shut it out as quickly as possible and apply the antidote - fearlessness, assurance. Picture yourself as absolutely fearless. Say to yourself, "I am no coward. Cowards fear and cringe and crawl but I am a man. Fear is a child's frailty. It is not for grown-ups. I positively refuse to stoop to such a degrading thing. Fear is an abnormal mental process and I am normal. Fear can not influence me, for I will not harbor it. I will not allow it to cripple my career."

The man/woman who has acquired the power of keeping his mind filled with the thoughts which uplift and encourage, the optimistic thought, the cheerful, hopeful thought, has solved one of the great riddles of life.
Kellie Everts (Rasa Von Werder) is the only woman who was able to beat Morton Downey Jr. (big mouth) at his own game
The show that made headlines.  Morton Downey Jr. tried to beat Kellie Everts, but did not know he’d be facing the Anointed of God.  What was the result?  Press all over the U.S., a 40 million dollar lawsuit, front page New York Law Journal, 5 more TV Shows for Kellie asking what happened, front cover of a magazine, “Entertainment Tonight” & today – still not forgotten.  Kellie’s part in the show is featured in a documentary that will be in all the film festival of the world (Sundance, Cannes ) & PBS
God made women to rule the family & the world, it is the only path to salvation - otherwise, we are doomed.  Males have never been able to manage, neither the good nor the bad guys.  The bad guys always rise to the top by being the most ruthless & brutal, the good guys can never overtake them as they are too nice.  Women are dong it the way of infiltration.  They are now ahead of males in education, getting degrees, management & other arenas.  Males are sinking back, getting sterile, become "metro sexuals" due to feminization in pollution.  They are also crumbling by the Y chromosome deterioration, which cannot be repaired - we will have Matriarchy in 200 years or so, human males will be extinct in about 100,000 years, women will reproduce without men.
William Bond
The way patriarchal mind scientists have presented Stone-Age people to the public, is that Stone Age men were brutes who dominated their women through force and violence. Yet this is disproved by the existence of the clitoris. The only function of the clitoris is to give women sexual pleasure and therefore she is more likely to want to have sex with men. But if men were the dominant sex during the Stone-Age this wouldn’t be a consideration, as men would initiate all sexual encounters and would even rape any women who refused to have sex with him. If this was the case it wouldn’t matter if a women enjoyed sex or not, she still would get pregnant by men, so the clitoris wouldn’t be needed and in evolutionary terms what is not used, disappears over evolutionary time.
So the existence of the clitoris does show us that women did initiate sex herself and did have a big say in whom she had sex with. The problem is that many women cannot reach orgasm through having a penis inside them. The reason is that the clitoris is on the outside of the vagina and for many women the penis doesn’t touch the clitoris, when they have penetrative sex. For this reason, the only way a man can bring these women to orgasm is stimulating the clitoris with his finger or tongue. So what evolutionary pressure would bring about this situation? That for so many women, the penis is no longer the best way to bring a woman to orgasm?
There is also the problem of timing. Men can quickly ejaculate inside a women in a couple of minutes, but women themselves prefer long sensual sex play. So again for what evolutionary pressure brought about the situation where the sexual timing of men and women are so different? Could it be that everything we have been told about human sexuality is wrong?
Human beings also it seems enjoy oral sex, but again in evolutionary terms this shouldn’t happen because this sex-act doesn’t result in a women being fertilized. So people who greatly enjoy this form of sex are less likely to pass on their genes to the next generation.
Then there is that problem of homosexuality. In evolutionary terms homosexuality shouldn’t exist, because sex between people of the same sex does not produce children. Which means heterosexual people are far, far more likely to have children than homosexual people.
None of these things make sense if we think in terms that men were the dominant sex over the millions of years of our evolution from ape to human. But they make a lot of sense if women were the dominant sex and she dominated men to the degree she could demand that men pleasure them in whatever way she wanted. This is a similar situation with the bonobo ape where sex is use by the females to dominate males.
RASA SAYS:  All of this is very true.  Males are created to give women sexual, emotional pleasure & to work under their authority.  Males then DO NOT HAVE TO THINK (thank God) but OBEY (William Bond points out how easily males are mind controlled by military & other Patriarchal venues).  Granted, they think to some degree, BUT NOT AS LEADERS.  When they think as leaders, check the results all around you – if it were not so tragic it would be laughable.
Again, males have lost the ability to give women pleasure because the male-domination world made it a taboo for young males to have sex with old women.  Old women teach young males how to make love.  They teach them tenderness, compassion,& foreplay.  They also teach them ethics, compassion, morality & kindness.  Patriarchy does not teach these items, & their religions, however good, also have lots of evil within, say hatred of women & sexual repression.
All that William Bond writes is highly recommended, I have learned from William & been inspired by him.  It’s he that has underscored that women must rule the world because of their powerful nurturing instinct, & that they are like a cork which when not help down (by discrimination, force) pops up automatically.  This is what is happening right now.

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