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These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

Bohemian Grove is a place where the “Shadow Govt.” or actual world leaders plan the destruction of the human race – All men, they worship Satan – Have no conscience – lots of homosexuality (not against gays, just these guys hate women & look down on them) THIS IS PATRIARCHY – THIS IS WHAT MEN DO – HOW THEY RUN THE WORLD – PURE EVIL – LOVE OF DEATH (NECROPHILIA – Culture of Death) They are against Mother God, against Nature, against women, against everyone except their own individual power, & they wish to rule the world with iron fists, with terrible discrimination, atrocities, genocides, murder, lies, cohersion, extreme cruelty  They do not care one iota about God, goodness, virtue, life, love or anything good – They believe evil, love evil, want evil.  They only want power & physical gratification, they rule the world & they meet here.  The cure for this is Mother God & Matriarchy.
Alex Jones, the journalist here, is our greatest American hero.

Brittany , in order for women to run the world the entire world has to change from Patriarchy to Matriarchy (this is happening now & will be apparent in a few generations.  When females rise to power in a Patriarchy, they play by the "old boys rule" & the males are still controlling the world through the "shadow government" - Illuminati, Bilderberger & Bohemian Grove gangs.  The present world leaders are merely puppets who do as they are told, black & white, male & female.  However, even a token black or a token woman help galvanize the spirits of the masses.
People assume that the Presidents, Prime Ministers & leaders are actually persons with power, but they are merely actors following a script produced by the secret leaders.  This leadership of males is crumbling from the bottom up, as women have now taken over education, management, the work force - & in some countries such as Great Britain, women have more money than males.  In time, this uprising of women will rise to the top & crash through the ceiling of leadership - & then the agenda of the Woman / Mother / Nurturer will prevail over the killing spree culture of men.

Luke is trying to degrade a female (Brittany but they do it to all women) by accentuating her sexiness & her provocative photos - Implying that a woman cannot be both sexual & intellectual (or, she has no spiritual, mental value if she's sexy - you are our object, nothing else).  Nonsense, women are great spirits of God, embodiments of Mother God, as well as great intellects, much smarter than males.
In Matriarchy, women were free to advertise their sex appeal - even Priestesses wore see-through outfits, glamorous garb with veils, soft, shimmering robes.  The men worshiped them; women were Goddesses with their own cults.  Men went to Church to obey a Mother God & her embodiments.  They venerated women, & that is how it should be & will be again very soon.
In the world that is coming, human males will outdo each other in competition to who is the handsomest & the sexiest, in order to get our attention for love, sex, & partnerships.  When women are much more affluent than men (it’s happening right now) & they can support the men, they make the rules.  "The golden rule is the one who has the gold, makes the rules."


Brittany , what do you mean when you use the word "pervert?"  Just to define our terms. I believe a "pervert" is one who perceives others in a low-minded manner, in terms of sex, whereas sex is a creation of God which is a monumental way of sharing love.  A pervert sees sex but not love - a pervert defines all things by  his glands, without seeing anything spiritual or emotionally nourishing in sex.
There is nothing wrong with nudity or sexuality, but there is something wrong with a pervert who sees it in a twisted or "lowlife" manner.  Such a male wants to see nude & sexy women, but he wants to degrade them, because his vision (understanding) is degraded.
Rasa Von Werder & me – Rasa & William Bond blog

Patriarchal religions do not like sexuality because sex leads to childbirth and it is women who give birth.

In the ancient Goddess religions the Great Mother gave birth to the whole universe, so everything to do with childbirth, like menstruation, breast feeding and sex was considered to be very holy and sacred. But patriarchy took over, these things were made to be 'unclean' and sinful.

This is why you have baptism to 'clean' a baby of being 'born of a woman' and why menstruation and breast feeding was considered to be shameful. Sex became a real problem as men could learn to love women through sex. So sex was turned into a sin and men were encouraged to only use women for sex and were not encouraged to fall in love with them.
Rasa Von Werder & me – Rasa & William Bond blog

Rape is not an act of love or a "natural" sexual act - it's an act of hostility, hate, selfishness, brutality....God made sex TO SHARE LOVE - not to use women to dump your loads or use as garbage disposals for sperm - A man does not have to rape a person, he can use his hand to jerk off if he's that horny - but to rape a woman means he has no sensitivity to the feelings of others & in fact might be a sadist.  Men rape children, who are innocent & totally unable to defend themselves, little children.  One out of ever three Dads sexually molests his daughter or son.  50% of females & 25% of males are sexually molested by Dads.  They begin average, the age of eighteen months, while they are still in diapers.  Women do not do this.

I agree that Patriarchy is a big mess; I am working for Matriarchy, which is coming.  Are you aware that women are taking over from the bottom up?  75% of college students are women, women are getting more doctor degrees than men, women are now the majority in the work force, & ditto in management.  Women are quickly becoming more affluent than men & soon, most women will be earning more than men & therefore supporting them.  How can men dominate women when the wife has more money?  She will not let him.  Women will have harems of men; men will fight to get successful women.  Women will choose men for their beauty, sex appeal & charm - how nice they are around the house.  Can they cook & clean & be good conversationalists?
Regarding God & religion - the Patriarchal religions will shrink down into cults & Mother God / Goddess Temples will be everywhere.  People will laugh at the poor women who still go to male-domination churches.  Furthermore, men will prefer going to Temples where you have glamorous women in beautiful clothes as priestesses.  They will once again venerate women & worship God as a woman.  It will be beneficial to all.  This is what is coming.

I'm impressed with how diplomatic & kind hearted Neo is, as most staunch Christians tend to be obnoxious & dogmatic -
Speaking of baptism, whence comes the notion that a baby is born with original sin?  That is a dogma of the Church.  Supposedly it comes from the sin of Adam & Eve - but there was no Adam & Eve, all genetics trace back to a woman.
However, what Neo says  is true.  When someone is baptized it's so that their souls open up to the Eternal, Infinite God - so that the tiny flame that is there, like a pilot Light, is lit so it can be strong inside the soul - the baptism is the same as being "born again" without which, we cannot enter Heaven, as we must be Spiritual to enter Heaven.  In the case of an innocent baby who could have sinned - I believe it's the adults working to bring them that influx of grace, beseeching God to let it happen, & it happens.  Grace enters the soul. The adults are asking God to bring that grace - they are "God parents."
I have done many "proxy" baptisms on people I felt might need it - assigning saints as their Godparents - I do this without them even knowing it.  It always appears to me in dreams if & when they receive this grace.  Very rarely, one of them will not receive the grace - it's in their will, to receive or not to receive.

The Greatest Hope of Ending All Wars –
Mary, Mother God, the Feminine Divine

 Your home is first and foremost a Church. Your body is a Temple for God, and God lives in the middle of your brain as a blue globe which some Yogis call the “Blue Pearl”. Your home should reflect your faith in, and your love of God. There should be pictures of Saints, of Jesus and Mary or any of the deities of God that you believe in. If you are a Christian you should have crosses hanging, and statues. You could have flowers in some form, be they real or artificial. Some people have incense and candles, be cautious of candles because we would not like to see a fire start, especially with children around.
Have Holy books sitting around on tabletops and bureaus where they will invite you to read them. Always have reminders of God with you at all times. For example: in your car, in your briefcase or pocketbook; anywhere and anyplace. Not only does this encourage you, but it discourages the demons.
If you do as we say, your family will feel the Presence of God. This presence will offset the negative presence of the world, the flesh, and the devil with which we are bombarded daily. We always carry the Rosary with us everywhere we go, and pray a few times a day. Of course, our prayers are phrased in a Matriarchal way.



• Plain Water (at least a quart)

• Any kind of salt

• A bottle with a lid

• One or more small containers for water (if possible the small containers could be of the type that "sprinkle")

Into a quart of water add 1/3 cup of salt. Shake the bottle well until the salt dissolves into the water.

"Oh water, I bless you in the name of God, the Mother, and in the name of Jesus Christ and Holy Mary, and all the Saints, and in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Take the water, and put it into smaller receptacles. Put the receptacles in different parts of your house to get ready to sprinkle it whenever the need arises.



Psalm 67 (words approximate –put Her instead of Him if you wish)

"Let God arise! Let his enemies be scattered! Let all that hate Him flee before him! As smoke drifts away, so drive them away! As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish before the presence of God. Behold the Cross of the Lord, flee bands of enemies. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah , the Offspring of David.

Who is like God?!
Who is like God?!
Who is like God?!
Who is like Christ, True God and True Man.
Who is like the blessed virgin Mary, our Queen, who gave birth to the Eternal Word, a virgin before and after?!

Be gone Satan in the name of Jesus!
Be gone Satan in the name of Mary!
Be gone Satan in the name of everything that is Holy & Righteous!
Be gone Satan in the name of all the Saints! Be gone all ye demons and go to the pit!

To the pit!
To the pit!
To the pit!

Jesus Christ commands you!
Saint Michael the Archangel commands you!
Holy Mary commands you!

Go to the pit and never return! Do not harm the human race anymore. I command you to reveal who you are, what kind you are, when you entered, why you entered, what you have done, and what you plan to do, and then be gone forever to the pit never to return!

Be gone Satan! (say this while sprinkling Holy Water)
Be gone Satan!
Be gone Satan!
Be gone Satan in the name of Jesus!


Where we live on Earth is not Heaven. In Heaven there will be no demons. This world is a place of conflict, a place of spiritual warfare. On this place the souls do battle with Satan, and this is how God ordained it. There is wisdom in this. We do battle because we must prove ourselves, and we must be tried and tempted and proved. Without a struggle there is no victory. Without battle we cannot show God our true love. It is through discipline, trials, and heartaches that we become great people. If we do no struggle, we become soft and weak and perhaps helpless.

Some of the greatest chastisements come to us in the form of the demonic. They do not show us how ugly or evil they are. They come disguised as pleasure, and comfort, and success. Although the preceding things are natural, the devil uses these things to get our minds off God and the eternal in order to get us addicted, to get us confused. The devil may be hiding in the most innocent hobbies to make us forget the greater good. The devil can hide in seemingly innocent pleasures. He is sinister, he is wilily, and he is extremely intelligent. He has thousands of years of experience. He knows every game play, every move, and every trick in the book. If God did not restrain him, he would either kill us or put us on the road to Hell in a few minutes.

In God’s mercy, God permits the demons to attack us only from time to time and not constantly and only in certain ways at certain times, but not in all ways at all times. Why would the wonderful God permit the devil to torment us? Sometimes because we have committed a sin, or a fault and God needs to chastise us to get us out of that sin or fault. Sometimes we are with people who have demons, and those demons jump into us. The most innocent Christian or person of any religion can be attacked and frequently are.

The safest action is to do Exorcism every day. When demons come around, the first thing they do is to convince you that they are not there.

Whenever we think,

"Old Slewfoot hasn't been around for a long time. He probably got tired of abusing me and realizes that I'm not worth the trouble, because he can't get me to do anything evil. He probably won't be bothering me much anymore."

Know with certainty that he is there projecting this thought to you, and is ready to attack. How to Know When Demons are Present

First let us talk about when these demons are present in you, yourself. One way you could guess they are present is when all your problems seem insurmountable, or every problem seems horrendous. You lose your piece of mind, serenity, your trust, some of your faith, and some of your positive thoughts and feelings. It's as if everything is caving in around you. You feel weak, you feel traumatized, stressed to the point of exasperation.

Please understand that God permits these states, but when you have had enough and the Grace of God returns peace of mind, serenity, faith and trust return. Then you will see that someone was attacking you, and it was the devil. You can see it clearly when it is over. While he is attacking you, you are so absorbed in your problems that you never think of the devil.

It is a bit easier to see the devil in other people. They become hysterical, extremely angry, raging, anxious, and depressed beyond normal. You can see the devil in Sin when people commit atrocities and cruelty. You can see the devil in addiction, despair, and in gross selfishness, insensitivity, carelessness, and neglect of those they should love. The best way to guess that the devil is present is when all negative things are exaggerated. Our human nature is weak, and the devil uses it to make it worse.

There are demons that are extremely secretive. These secret demons hide in ego, and in pride. These types of demons can infiltrate the highest places. They can be in ministers, priests, and others in authority. Consider two of the worst monsters who ever lived; Stalin and Hitler. Nobody knew they were demonic. They did not manifest their demons in the open. All was done secretly. And so, there are many monsters in the world that look like good parents, good priests, good spouses, or even good children, but they are truly demonic and you cannot know this unless you know the secrets of their hearts.

There are also people who commit no crime, that really stands out but they live strictly for the world and the flesh. No demon need attack them because the demon knows they are going straight to Hell, and they do.


Sometimes the general exorcism is not enough. Sometimes you have to know who you are fighting. Sometimes you have to address them in order to get rid of them. Here are some of the demons you may have to name:

• Rejection
• Abandonment
• Unforgiveness
• Hardness/Bitterness
• Occult / Curses
• Generational Curses
• Bondage to Evil Persons
• Disobedience
• Self Hate
• Depression
• Discouragement / Despair
• Low Self Esteem
• Anxiety / Worry
• All Negativity
• Lying / Cheating / Stealing
• Lust / Rape
• Murder
• Child Abuse
• Prejudice
• Sexism
• Contempt
• Pride / Vanity / Self-Absorption
• Sloth / Distraction
• Gluttony / Addiction
• Hate / Anger / Revenge
• Violence / Cruelty
• Cold Heartedness
• Contempt / Indifference
• Insensitivity
• Indifference
• Arrogance
• Self Righteousness

You could do a general exorcism as we stated in the beginning, or you can add to that all the specific demons and do it every day if you want to be really fastidious. There are times when we do these exorcisms every day for months, and then we slack off. Obviously God does not permit them to attack us daily, because we would be totally worn out. The devil is so smart that he gets us into addictions and vices, where we become helpless to sin. Then he can leave us in the quagmire, and attack somebody else. If you do exorcisms every day and you don't need them, they will go to help others.


There are many weapons against Satan. There is the Whole Armor of God. The Helmet of Salvation, the Breastplate of Righteousness, the Girdle of Truth, the Feet shod in Peace, the Sword of the Spirit, and the Shield of Faith. There is participation in Holy Communion. There is prayer, one of the greatest of which is the Holy Rosary. Charity scares away demons, as does mercy, as does forgiveness. But there is one secret weapon which stands out in our minds and that is the weapon of humility.

Humility is a stupendous weapon. When you humble yourself, you remove your mind from your ego, from your flesh, and from all earthly desires. You sink into your Spirit which is God. You withdraw from all pride and sin, and from all Earthly desires. You become sort of a nothing. You become so small that the devil can’t even see you. How can the devil attack nothing? How can the devil attack something so small that he can’t even see it? This is the great secret to protecting yourself from the devil. If you ever feel anger, hate, or revenge, quickly humble yourself into nothing. In fact, all warfare against evil is done in humility, not in greatness. The flesh has no power. The human mind and heart has no power. Only God has power. Put yourself out of the way and let God be God.Every Saint who ever lived has battled. From Krishna to Buddha to Jesus to all the Saints; they have been attacked by all the forces of Hell. Satan cannot touch God. He can only touch you or harm you when your mind sinks into the flesh and the world. That is the great secret of triumph over all evil.


You must understand that all of us who are in the fellowship of Jesus Christ, his faithful followers and those of His Mother as well as those of other religions who are of God; the faithful Saints of God have authority over the devil. There is no greater instrument of defeat of the devil than the Cross of Jesus Christ and all that it implies. If you neglect to use your authority, that’s all that Satan needs to wreck your life and the lives of your loved ones.It is true that Satan does not attack everyone with equal ferocity. If you undertake to do anything great for God in your own soul or in active labor, you will be the number one enemy of Satan. He will target you for the most violent and persistent attacks. Perhaps the average person is not aware of spiritual combat because the average person has not undertaken any great works towards Holiness or service to mankind. But all the Saints and all Holy Souls understand the ferocity of spiritual combat. You never have to go down in defeat, but you must absolutely exercise your authority by your words and your deeds. Satan must obey you, because he must obey God, and God is in you. The Christian religion has a specific type of warfare against Satan, and it is good. No minister who is worth her salt can neglect the use of exorcism. If you employ exorcism, no matter who you are you can create positive results all around you. Never fear the devil. He has no power over you. He works when you do nothing, or when you give into his wiles. Pray for discernment of spirits. Exorcism is simply telling the devil to leave you and others, and to return to Hell. You have absolute authority to do this, and you must do it.


Your home is first and foremost a Church. Your body is a Temple for God, and God lives in the middle of your brain as a blue globe which some Yogis call the “Blue Pearl”. Your home should reflect your faith in and your love of God. There should be pictures of Saints, of Jesus and Mary or any of the deities of God that you believe in. If you are a Christian you should have crosses hanging, and statues. You could have flowers in some form, be they real or artificial. Some people have incense and candles, but I am cautious of candles because we would not like to see a fire start, especially with children around.

Have Holy books sitting around on tabletops and bureaus where they will invite you to read them. Always have reminders of God with you at all times. For example: in your car, in briefcase or pocketbook, anywhere and anyplace. Not only does this encourage you, but it discourages the demons.

If you do as we say, your family will feel the Presence of God. This presence will offset the negative presence of the world, the flesh, and the devil with which we are bombarded daily. We always carry the Rosary with us everywhere we go, and pray a few times a day. Of course, our prayers are phrased in a Matriarchal way.


Rasa Von Werder asks that all women who are of the Faith would say The Holy Mass at home for themselves, their loved ones, and the Souls in Purgatory.

The Mass illustrated in these texts are quick versions of the one you see in Church, thereby allowing you to say multiple Masses daily. Rasa says eight Masses a day in a row, and they only take 20 minutes.

Why should you wait upon someone else to do something that you can do yourself? The priests want you to believe that only they say the proper Mass. If what they're saying is true, then no Mass but the Catholic Mass would be valid. Jesus Christ told Rasa that He wants women priests and the requirements of a valid Mass are up to Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother.

Since Rasa believes that Jesus and Mary are equal and both incarnations of God, and they suffered equally in The Passion, she honors and summons both of them in this special Mass of MotherGod Church. If you wish to say the Mass consecrating Jesus alone, that is perfectly all right.



• Any type of bread (broken into as many pieces as Masses you will say) Rasa uses flour tortillas cut with scissors.

• Plain Water (you do not have to use wine or alcohol), because Jesus Christ can change water into wine.

• A table

• A bottle for your water

• Two saucers or plates of some type.

For each Mass you will fill up your glass or goblet with water, and one piece from your bread on one saucer. Rasa keeps one saucer with the bread on the left, and one bottle of water on the right. With each Mass she fills her goblet with a little water, and takes one small piece of bread and puts it on the special saucer. Rasa sits as she says The Mass. Remember that Jesus and His followers reclined, not stood at the table. Remember that they also ate the Passover first, then did Holy Communion. The rules dictated by the Catholic Church do not have to apply to us.

Rasa has the Cross of Jesus with the Corpus on it, and a statuette of Mary in front of her as she says The Mass. There are also porcelain flowers under The Cross.


Look at Jesus and Mary and say,

    "Jesus and Mary, you are all Holiness, the fountains of all Holiness. Please let your Spirit come upon these gifts and make them Holy, so that they may become the Body and Blood of Jesus and Mary."

As you say "Body & Blood" make the sign of The Cross over the elements. At that moment understand that the elements will transform into the Spiritual DNA of Jesus and Mary.

Look at the Lord and say,

    "Before you were given up to Death, (a death you freely accepted) you took the bread, you broke the bread, you gave the bread to your Disciples and said, "Take this all of you and eat It, this is my Body which shall be given up for you""

Lift the body of the Lord on high and gaze at it for about 7 or more seconds. Put It back down on the saucer. Now look at the goblet and say,

    "When supper was ended you took the cup, you gave the cup to your Disciples and said, (hold the cup in your hands as you say this) "Take this all of you and drink from It. This is cup of my Blood. It will be shed for you and for all, so sins may be forgiven. Do this in memory of Me." "

Lift the goblet or cup high in front of you and hold it for 7 or more seconds gazing at it, reverently. Put it back down. Now pick up the morsel of bread which is now Holy Communion and say while looking at it lovingly,

    "The Body of Jesus and Mary”….Jesus and Mary I am not worthy of receiving you, but just say the word and I will be healed. "

Consume the Body of Jesus and Mary reverently. Now look at the goblet and say,

    "This is the Blood of Jesus and Mary. May the Body and Blood of Jesus and Mary bring us to Everlasting Life."

You have now consecrated and consumed the body and blood of Jesus and Mary, and you thank Them for assisting the Souls in Purgatory, or for any other person whom you dedicated The Mass to. You kiss the table reverently, and you meditate with love on what Jesus and Mary have given us. If you are going to say more Masses, start again and say as many as you wish.

At the end of each Mass when you kiss the table say,

"Jesus and Mary, thank you for letting me say your Holy Mass."


By participating in the holy Mass, you participate in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ each time. You also participate in the interior death and the spiritual resurrection of Blessed Mary each time. You are given all that is fine and Holy, righteous and powerful. You receive all the merits of Jesus and Mary, and all the benefits and blessings of the Christian Church. The Lord has defeated Satan through the Cross, and by participating in the Mass we reaffirm his defeat again and again. We also annihilate Satan's presence in our lives. We send demons back to the pit and we command them to remain there every time the Mass is said. We liberate ourselves and our loved ones from evil and from the effects of evil with the Holy Mass.


Through the Holy Mass we receive all that is good and bountiful. We receive all healing, health, and virtues. We receive Grace, and Light, Faith, Hope, and Charity. We receive all the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit to some degree. What we receive depends to what degree our hearts and minds are open to the Lord and Holy Mary, and to God who sent Them. We do remarkable things for the Souls in Purgatory by participating in the Mass.


In late 1981, Rasa was working trying to get Women into the Priesthood. She could not get anywhere with the women, because most of the sided with the Catholic Church. The ones who agreed (that women should be priests) were not willing to fight or help Rasa. She became exasperated. She thought, "Maybe I'm wrong and the Catholic Church is right?" She prayed to the Lord, "Lord, do you want women to be priests, or do you want women to not be priests? Give me a sign."

The next day she was all alone in the old gothic Church for the early Mass. A never before seen priest walked up to the altar and began saying Mass. He was young middle age with black-rimmed glasses, attractive. There was a look upon his face of kind benevolence. When it came time for Holy Communion, Rasa walked from the back of the Church where she was to the altar rail, knelt down, put her head low, and waited for the approach of the priest. Minutes passed. She looked up, the priest was standing still behind the altar. In a loving and gallant way, he beckoned Rasa to come up to the altar. His hands were outstretched and palms open, as if to say, “Come”.

Rasa stood up slowly, trying to understand the meaning of this call. When she got up to the altar, the priest inferred by gesture for her to stand next to him, at which time her gave her the Body of Christ. Then he offered her the Blood of Christ from the Chalice, which at that time was not always given to the public. Rasa drank the Blood of Christ, and walked back slowly to her seat not feeling the floor underneath her. The Majesty and awe of the situation had put her into a trance. The Mass ended, and Rasa walked outside. Suddenly she understood. It was the Lord! He had answered her prayer. He wanted women priests!


If you would like to say the Long Mass the way it is said in the Catholic or Episcopal Churches, you are welcome to do so. Borrow the missal from the Church and follow what it says. This will take about 45 minutes. This long version might be interesting for your weekly, or “family & friends” service. It would be delightful to have your children do the Reading , and even the Gospel. Your associates in Christ might feel closer to Him and Mary when they participate actively. Take the Mass into your own hands!

When Rasa first started saying the Mass in the year 2000, she said the long version, which took her about an hour a day. She started to procrastinate, frequently running out of time for the Mass and began neglecting the Holy Mass. She knew there had to be an answer for the Souls in Purgatory to whom she is so devoted. She prayed, and tried the short version of the Mass and realized that it went by so quickly that eventually she worked up to eight Masses a day. With this new method, she never fails to do this One Greatest Act for Souls. Jesus and Mary appeared to her from the beginning, ratifying her Mass. They appear to her again, ratifying the abridged version. More souls than ever are being helped by Rasa’s Masses, and that’s the whole idea.


When you hear about someone dying whom you are concerned with, or if a Soul from Purgatory appears to you, it is a good idea to begin a series of Gregorian Masses. This simply means that you say Mass for that soul every day for thirty days Even if the soul appears to you as having suddenly ascended into Heaven, finished the Masses because God sometimes lets the soul rise up from a sort of credit knowing your good intention, and instead of waiting for all the Masses to end, God let’s them into Heaven.

*"Save us" is repeated after each invocation in the following prayer.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,
  have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
  have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,
  have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
  have mercy on us
Blood of Christ, only-begotten Son of the Eternal Father,
Blood of Christ, Incarnate Word of God,
Blood of Christ, of the New and Eternal Testament,
jesus in heaven 
Blood of Christ, falling upon
the Earth in the Agony,
Blood of Christ, shed profusely in the Scourging
Blood of Christ, flowing forth in the Crowning with Thorns,
jesus cross
Blood of Christ, poured
out on the Cross,
Blood of Christ, price
of our salvation,
Blood of Christ, without which there is no forgiveness,
Blood of Christ, Eucharistic drink and refreshment of souls,
Blood of Christ,
stream of mercy,
Blood of Christ, victor
over demons,
Blood of Christ, courage
of Martyrs,
Blood of Christ, bringing forth Virgins,
Blood of Christ, strength
of Confessors,
Blood of Christ,
help of those in peril,
Blood of Christ,
relief of the burdened,
Blood of Christ,
solace in sorrow,
Blood of Christ,
hope on the penitent,
Blood of Christ,
consolation of the dying,
Blood of Christ, peace and tenderness of hearts,
Blood of Christ,
pledge of eternal life,
Blood of Christ, freeing souls from Purgatory,
Blood of Christ, most worth of all glory and honor,
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord!
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world,have mercy on us!

You have redeemed us, O Lord, in your Blood.

And made us, for our God, a kingdom.
Let us pray. Almighty and eternal God, you have appointed your only-begotten Son the Redeemer of the world, and willed to be appeased by his Blood. Grant we beg of you, that we may worthily adore this price of our salvation, and through it's power be safeguarded from the evils of the present life, so that we may rejoice in it's fruits forever in heaven. Through the same Christ our Lord.


SOURCE: The Mysterious Valley


Another notable character on our journey is Sister Marie de Jesus Agreda, born April 2, 1602 , in Agreda , Spain . Christened Maria Fernandez Coronel, she donned the blue habit and took her vows as a nun in the Franciscan order, and in 1627 she became abbess of the Agreda Franciscan monastery until her death in 1665. The Encyclopedia Britannica states:

"Her virtues and holy life were universally acknowledged, but controversy arose over her mystical writings, her political influence, and her missionary activities (my italics). Her best known work is The Mystical City of God (1670), a life of the Virgin Mary ostensibly based on divine revelations granted to Maria. It was placed on the Index Libroum Prohibitorum in 1681, but the ban was lifted in 1747." 10

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In 1620, teenaged Sister Maria of Agreda, began having unnerving visions, or raptures. Cloistered in the convent, she would meditate for hours, sometimes all day, and return and tell her fellow sisters wondrous stories of her "over 500" spiritual travels to a faraway land, meeting savages and telling them of the Word of Christ. She experienced many of these episodes of rapturous meditation and bi-location, and word began to spread of the young nun in the convent. Finally, convinced of the reality of her experiences, she wrote a book in which she described, in great detail, her missionary work bringing the Word of Christ to the savages of The New World. In early Fifteenth-Century Spain, this was not a prudent claim to make during the height of the Holy Inquisition, which quickly put to death untold thousands found "guilty" of witchcraft and dealings with demonic forces. Before long the Inquisition took a pointed interest in the good Sister of Agreda, and she found herself at the center of a dangerous, whirling controversy. She insisted to the Father Inquisitor that she was indeed bi-locating and doing God's work, but to no avail. A very public trial ensued with the full brunt of the powerful Church bearing down on the poor nun from Agreda. During the height of her trial, a newly returned expedition of conquistadors and friars arrived in Spain with a wondrous tale.


It seems that the Spanish explorers, while in the unexplored region north of Mexico , had encountered numerous Native American tribes in New Mexico , Arizona and Texas who had already been converted to Christianity, and somehow knew of "Jesus Christ" the Savior. Even more fantastic were the Indian's claims of being visited by a white-skinned "Blue Lady" who appeared to many, drifting in a blue haze while she preached the word of the Lord in their native languages. She helped them to build crosses and places of worship, and even handed out rosaries and religious objects.

"From 1620 to approximately 1631 the Spanish nun flew from Spain to the North American State of New Mexico on more than 500 occasions. Thus it was established in the open case of the Holy Inquisition against the nun in 1635, in which it was affirmed further that no one in the convent noticed her absence during those flights. On occasion they would happen twice during the same day. . . How then can we explain a woman of scarcely eighteen years of age that could bi-locate to New Mexico, and while there, she would dedicate herself to distribute among the natives rosaries and other liturgical objects as she instructed them about the truth of the Christian faith. . . Her trips occurred shortly before the diocese of Mexico decided to send evangelizers [north] towards those unexplored territories. Her visits made their efforts considerably easier. 11"


These first Spanish explorers to the Southwest were amazed by the Natives knowledge of Christianity and were baffled by the rosaries they were shown and by their earnest descriptions of the "Blue Lady" that had come from afar and preached to them.

"Finally, when the first Franciscans, led by Friar Benvenedes, arrived [at the Isleta Pueblo] they discovered a singular spectacle. Thousands of Indians approached the Franciscans and asked earnestly for baptism. 12"

 Benvenedes wrote later of the Spaniard's efforts to ascertain how the Indians had foreknowledge of Christianity:

"'When those Indians were asked to tell us what was the reason for which, with so much affection, they asked for baptism and religious indoctrination, they answered that a woman had come and preached to each one of them in their own tongue. 13'"

The rapid Spanish conquest and control of New Mexico in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries may have partially been due to Sister Agreda's solo missionary efforts on behalf of a bewildered Catholic Church.

"Only in New Mexico did the Franciscans baptize more than 50,000 people in record time and rapidly install twenty-five missions and minister to more than ninety towns. The Indians remembered with special veneration the Blue Lady, the one whom they gave this name due to her blue mantle of celestial tones she wore on her back. 14" During the mid-Sixteen-hundreds, the celebrated bi-locating nun from Agreda garnered national notoriety. King Philip of Spain may have enlisted her help in foreign affairs, and it is firmly documented that the king carried on a life-long correspondence with her. It is surmised by some that Sister Agreda may have even bi-located to foreign courts on covert foreign-policy missions on behalf of Spain . Now one would think that this story, alone, is compelling, but the unbelievable saga of our talented nun and her doppleganger-twin does not end there.


Even in death, Sister Agreda defies the rationalists and supplies non-believers and the faithful with evidence of her fantastic talents. In a secluded crypt on the grounds of the convent we find what proves to be the latest dramatic chapter to her unbelievable story. Sister Marie Jesus Agreda's body, it turns out, is incorruptible. Like a small number of deceased mystics and Catholic saints, the nun's body refuses to naturally decay, even after 335 long years. The flush of her cheeks and her life-like features still baffle the Catholic Church and modern science. During an opening of her casket in 1909, a cursory scientific examination was performed on the pristine body in peaceful repose, astounding the scientists and doctors who were allowed to perform the examination. In 1989 a Spanish physician named Andreas Medina participated in another examination of Sister Maria Jesus Agreda as she lay in the convent of the Conceptionist nuns, the same monastery where she had lived in the 1600s.


Dr. Medina told investigative journalist Javier Sierra in 1991: "'What most surprised me about that case is that when we compared the state of the body, as it was described in the medical report from 1909, with how it appeared in 1989, we realized it had absolutely not deteriorated at all in the last eighty years.'" 15 Complete photographic and scientific evidence was obtained by investigators before the respectful closing of her glass-lidded casket. She is beatified by the Catholic Church and may someday become a saint in the Catholic tradition. Although the Blue Lady is said to have visited the Rio Grande River Valley as far north as the pueblos around Sante Fé New Mexico , less than a hundred miles from the San Luis Valley , I can find no direct evidence that Sister Agreda ever bi-located here. But I would not be surprised if she did. I feel her compelling story may provide all of us with important clues pertaining to the understanding of unusual religious/belief-based phenomena. Many thanks to Javier Sierra and Ana Cerro magazine for graciously granting permission to utilize Sierra's well-researched Agreda material, and for use of his rare 1991 photograph of Sister Agreda for this book.


*Pray for us is repeated after each invocation in the following prayer.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
God, the Father of Heaven,
  have mercy on us.
God, the Son, Redeemer of the world,
  have mercy on us.
God the Holy Spirit,
  have mercy on us.
Holy Trinity, One God,
  have mercy on us.
mary with jesus
Holy Mother of God!
Holy Virgin of Virgins,
Mother of Christ,
Mother of divine grace
Mother most pure
Mother most chaste
Mother of divine grace,
Mother most pure,
Mother most chaste,
Mother most amiable
Mother inviolate,
Mother undefiled,
Mother most amiable,

Mother Most Admirable
Holy Mother of God!
Holy Virgin of Virgins!
Mother of Christ!
Mother Jesus
Queen conceived w/o Sin
Mother of Good Council!
Mother of Our Creator!
Mother of our Savior!
Virgin most prudent
Virgin most venerable
Virgin most renowned

Virgin most prudent!
Virgin most venerable!
Virgin most renowned!
Virgin most powerful!
Virgin most venerable!
Virgin most merciful!
seat of wisdom
Virgin most faithful!
Mirror of Justice!
Seat of Wisdom!
Our Spiritual Vessel
Vessel of Honor
Cause of our Joy!
Our Spiritual Vessel!
Vessel of Honor!
virgin most prudent
Virgin most venerable
Virgin most renowned
Virgin most prudent!
Virgin most venerable!
Virgin most renowned!
Singular Vessel of devotion
Mystical Rose
Tower of David
Singular Vessel of devotion!
Mystical Rose!
Tower of David !
Tower of ivory
mary with jesus
Ark of the Covenant
Tower of ivory!
House of Gold!
Ark of the Covenant!
Gate of Heaven
Morning Star
Health of the Sick
Gate of Heaven!
Morning Star!
Health of the Sick!
Comforter of the Afflicted
Help of Christians
Comforter of the Afflicted!
Refuge of Sinners!
Help of Christians!
Queen of Angels
Queen of Patriarchs
Queen of Prophets
Queen of Angels!
Queen of Patriarchs!
Queen of Prophets!
Queen of Apostles
Queen of Martyrs
Queen of Confessors
Queen of Apostles!
Queen of Martyrs!
Queen of Confessors!
Queen of Virgins
Queen of Saints
Queen conceived w/o Sin
Queen of Virgins!
Queen of Saints!
Queen conceived w/o Sin!
Queen assumed into Heaven
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
Queen of Peace
Queen assumed
into Heaven!
Queen of the
Most Holy Rosary!
Queen of Peace!

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord!

Lanb of God, who take away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us pray. O God, you willed that, at the message of an angel, your Word should take flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary; grant to your suppliant people, that we, who believe her to be truly Mother of God, may be helped by her intercession with you. Through the same Christ our Lord.

For those of you who worship the Virgin Mary as God (as we do), when you say "Mother of our Creator" and "Mother of our Savior", in addition to that you can say, "Partner of our Creator" and "Partner of our Savior". Someone we know said that the Blessed Virgin is Superior to Jesus because he was the mother, and he was the infant. We simply believe that they are both incarnations of God, and only God Almighty can judge if One is greater than the Other.



She is Love!
She Provides!
She welcomes you!
Pray to Her!
She is Powerful!
She Comforts!



My soul magnifies the Lord,
   and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior;
Because he has regarded the lowliness of his handmaid;
   for, behold, henceforth all generations shall call me blessed;
Because he who is mighty has done great things for me,
   and holy is his name;
And his mercy is from generation to generation
   on those who fear him.
He has shown might with his arm,
   he has scattered the proud in the conceit of their heart.
   He has put down the mighty from their thrones,
   and has exalted the lowly.
He has filled the hungry with good things,
   and the rich he has sent away.
He has given help to Israel , his servant, mindful of his mercy-
Even as he spoke to out fathers-
   to Abraham and to his posterity forever.

A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful, who piously recite the canticle of the Magnificat.
Contributed by Markus Mössner

He left, after the snow had gone. That he went north, nobody understood.

"The birds are also returning;" he said. He was searching for the Queen Of The World. In an old, dusty book he had discovered a hint: "The Queen of Heaven is residing in a palace of pure crystals far away on the pole star. Answering to the prayers of Mother Katia, She made Her angels build another crystal palace, up in the north, at the shore of the ice sea. This is Her residence on earth, where saintly women and men serve Her and where She welcomes and blesses pious pilgrims."

He had been on his way for three weeks. He lived on the gifts he got from good people and the meals, he earned by one or two hours of work. Some recognized him as a pious pilgrim and asked his benediction. Then he opened the woolen bag on his chest and took out the icon of the Most Sacred Mother and blessed the people with Her.

But now he had not reached an inhabited place since four days. The dried bread, that he had carried with him, was consumed. For the first time, since he started his wandering, doubts were arising. While hunger roared in his stomach, fears and doubts attacked his heart: Maybe it was true, that religion is only the opiate of the people, as had been taught in school many years ago? Was the true reason he loved to listen to the miracle stories, the old Babushka told, to escape from the miseries surrounding him? Was this not the same reason, that made most of the others drink and many to commit suicide? "Maria, Mother of holy Russia do not leave me. Heal my bleading heart and do not let me drown in desperation." He started to pray.

The next day, the pilgrim got up early, did his morning prayer and went on his wandering again. He tried to avoid the dark thoughts of yesterday, by watching the beauty of the landscape, decorated with the first green of spring. Around midday he saw smoke, as if coming from a chimney, some distance away. He thanked the Most Sacred Mother and stepped ahead. In the evening he reached a small farm, that might have been the place of an independent farmer, before the communists centralized agriculture. There were many such farms, most of them ruined. Sometimes the pilgrim had used them, as quarters for the night. But here the farmhouse had been restored and the window was illuminated. The pilgrim knocked at the door.

An elderly woman, dressed in the garb of an orthodox nun, opened. Being surprised the pilgrim bowed down, this must be a Stareza, a holy eremite and spiritual Mistress. "Holy Mother, a pious pilgrim is asking your blessing, a meal and a place for the night." The nun gave her benediction to the pilgrim and guided him into the house. Soon after the pilgrim sat with a bowl of soup and a piece of bread in the warmth of the kitchen, stretching his cold legs and arms. After he finished his meal, the Stareza addressed him. "What is your name, pilgrim and what is the goal of your pilgrimage?" "Wanya I am named. I am on my way to the ice sea. There I want to visit the Most Sacred Mother in Her crystal palace and ask Her to make me Her servant. Blessed Mother can you also tell me your name?"

"Well I am Mother Olga, the eremite. So you heard the tale about Mother Katia and the crystal palace. But you should have been told, that of the many thousands of pilgrims, that went to search for the sanctuary of the Worldmother at the shore of the ice sea, none was able to reach it." "No, I know only little about the crystal palace. I read a few lines in an old book. This was enough to awaken the desire in my heart to search for the earthly residence of the Eternal One. If you know more about it, honorable Mother, please tell me."

The Stareza started to tell:

"About 150 years ago, the emperor sent expeditions of engineers and geologers to the ice sea. They drew maps and looked for resources of the earth. This expeditions set out early in spring, used the summer for their work and returned before the arctic winter started. The members of one of these expeditions met a pilgrim at the ice sea, who must have been there during the winter. He told the explorers about the crystal palace and that the Holymost Mother is residing there with Her angels.

When autumn had come and the expedition finished its work, the pilgrim joined it on the way back. Soon the message about this strange pilgrim spread. Eventually he was invited by the emperors family, to tell them about the Holymost Mother and Her miraculous palace. At that occasion, he mentioned for the first time, that the crystal palace had been erected by the angels to answer the prayers of Mother Katia. After that, the pilgrim went all across the Russian empire to preach about the Heavenly Queen and Her crystal palace. Later on he asked people to do the heartprayer of the Worldmother. This heartprayer consists of only two words: Ave Maria. When this was reported to the patriarch in Moscow , he trembled. This heartprayer seemed to be latin. And therefore must have originated in the rotten West. The message about the crystal palace on the other hand had been supported by him. Was it not a proof for the chosen status of Russia and the right belief of the Russian church, that the Holymost Mother had built her dwelling place on earth in this country? Thus a paradox situation arose. On the one side the message of the crystal palace was being spread by the church and it´s priests and on the other side they were preaching against the heartprayer of the Worldmother and forbade their followers to pray it. When the pilgrim, now known as Starez Wladimir noticed this, he retired into an eremitage. Their he gathered disciples and taught the secrets of the Heavenly Queen.

In the meantime, the message about the crystal palace had spread far and wide. So pilgrims from all areas of Russia set out to the ice sea for visiting the Eternal One. Their longing for the Worldmother and Her house of justice was so strong, that they took any hardship to go to this harsh northern land. It might be a fake of history, that at the same time in America too their was a wandering to the icy north. But not out of a longing for Mary the Queen Of Heaven, many thousands went north. They were driven by the greed for the gold, that had been discovered in Alaska .

But as many pilgrims went to the ice sea, nobody was able to find the crystal palace. One of the last groups of pilgrims, that got there, met an old Babushka at the icy shore. She adviced the pilgrims to seek Mary first in ones own heart and to live Her love in ones own life, before hoping to meet the Holymost Mother at the ice sea. The Babushka reported to the astonished pilgrims, that she was a peasant from the upper wolga area. She had been worshipping the Worldmother all of her life. When she heard about the crystal palace, she prayed to Mary for the boon to visit Her there. In the evening of that very day , she heard a heavy knocking at her door. She opened and was surprised to see the winged lion of st. Marc waiting in front of her house. The celestial animal asked the Babushka to climb on his back. As soon as she did so, it opened it´s wings and took her into the sky. After a wonderful flight across the Russian empire they landed in front of the crystal palace. There the Babushka saw the Queen Of Heaven face to face. She received all the treasures of wisdom and experienced beatitude. By the order of Mary she had left the Crystal Palace to tell the pilgrims her story and to ask them, not to try any longer to reach the Crystal Palace out of their own strength.

When the Babushka had finishes her story, suddenly a dense fog spread from the ice sea . After a short span of time the air became clear again, but the Babushka had gone. The pilgrims went on their way back and told everybody of their experience. Soon after the stream of pilgrims to the ice sea stopped. The church lost it´s interest, and when the communists started their campaigns against religion, they destroyed everything that reminded on the great pilgrimage to the ice sea ." Mother Olga ended her report. Wanya, the young pilgrim sat silently. Eventually he started to speak: "That means that my pilgrimage is futile. But I cannot go back. Where I came from, there is no hope. Vodka and violence are ruling. Young people are choosing suicide, because they lost all hope." Tears were flowing from his eyes. He covered his face with his hands and cried desperately. Mother Olga layed her hand on his shoulder and waited until he stopped crying. "Your pilgrimage was not in vain, because the Holymost Mother has sent you to me. I had prayed to Her, to send me a young and serious disciple, whom I can introduce to the heartprayer of the Worldmother and who will assist me in my day to day work. I am inviting you to stay with me and learn from an old Stareza."

She stood up, went to the samovar in the corner, filled two cups with tea, and returned to the table. The hot liquid refreshed Wanya and he gratefully accepted the offer of the wise woman. "Well," she said. "I am going to show you your chamber. But first we will practice the heartprayer together." The Stareza handed an oriental rosary to Wanya and took another one for herself. She said: "The heartprayer of the Worldmother consists of only two words, `Ave´ and `Maria´. While repeating these words we enter the innermost realm of our heart. This is the place of eternal peace where we remain safe in the lap of the Worldmother. You will experience this yourself. Let us start now."

Mother Olga started to repeat the heartprayer and her disciple joined in. The soft rhythm of the sacred words led Wanya gradually into an inner peace that he did not knew before. "Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria, Ave Maria, ..." Like on mystic stairs Wanya walked on the repetitions of the heartprayer down into the innermost core of his heart. There he remained in peace and inner joy, filled with the mighty name of the Holymost Mother, which rocked him softly like gentle waves rocking a boat on the sea.

Eventually the Stareza ended the prayer and said the benediction. "Stay on your seat for a short time." She ordered her disciple, while she got up to look for some blankets for him. When she returned, she put the blankets on the kitchen bench and said: "You will sleep here. Tomorrow morning, after you wake up, the first thing you do, will be to pray the heartprayer 108 times. This is one oriental rosary. So, now go to bed. May the angels protect your sleep and may Mary bless you." The wise woman smiled at him and left the kitchen.

While Wanya prepared the bench with the blankets he thought about what had happened to him this day. His pilgrimage has taken a miraculous change. And now he was no more a pilgrim, he has arrived.


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