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These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

 Just as Baltimore twins head to trial for setting fire to a Pit bull puppy in 2009, a second set of teens were charged by Baltimore police on Monday for dousing a mother cat with lighter fluid and setting her on fire.

A witness said the 17-year-old boys took a nursing cat that belonged to one of the boy’s grandmother onto a second-floor deck and put a milk crate on top of her.  Then as the witness pleaded with the teens to stop, they poured lighter fluid through the openings in the crate, lit a book of matches and dropped it on top of the cat.

The Baltimore Sun reported, the cat screamed, knocked the milk crate over and jumped from the balcony as the flames spread over her body.  The teens poured a cup of water onto the burning crate and walked inside the house.

The cat named Mittens rolled around the yard in circles until finally the fire was extinguished. She then returned to her home to her kittens and hid under a table.

Police who responded to a call about the fire took Mittens and her newborn kittens to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) for treatment. 

The brave cat lost her ears in the fire and has third and fourth-degree burns on her back and side.

Mittens is expected to survive, but will need months of long term medical care.  And despite her injuries, she is still being a devoted mother.

“This is another horrible case of animal abuse in Baltimore City,” said Jennifer Brause, BARC’s Executive Director. “Mittens is a wonderful cat, who despite her injuries is still caring for her kittens and is very affectionate to the staff.”

Mittens' horrific story is strangely similar to the tragic death of a Pit bull puppy named Phoenix in May 2009. 

Then teenage twins, Travers and Tremayne Johnson doused the nearly one-year-old dog with gasoline and set her on fire.

Witnesses watched as the puppy burned, but did nothing to help.  Finally a police officer jumped out of her patrol car and put out the flames with her sweater. 

The public fell in love with Phoenix and donations poured in for her care, but sadly she died of her injuries one week after the incident.

Her abusers have spent the past 20 months walking around free, but are set to go to court for their actions later this week.

Last summer Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called for a plan to be developed to stop animal cruelty by kids and teens in the city.  This came after a series of shocking animal abuse cases were committed by kids as young as 10. 

The plan was supposed to be a combined effort between the police department, educators, parents and the Anti-Animal Abuse Task Force. 
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Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy Animals do what is right by nature, the majority of males are now under the demonic force of their ID'S - they are accelerating their destructiveness as women are rising up from the bottom - women will take over in time & end the male wickedness - but wow, are they going out kicking & screaming! The Satanic knows his days are up & he's trying to do as much damage as possible before he leaves!!!
# Article Summary: Kellie Everts holds the title of being the progenitor of competitive female bodybuilding.
# Kellie does not approve of what female bodybuilding has become or the path it has taken.
# Kellie still weight trains to this day as it is truly part of her lifestyle.
In 1980 the first major women's bodybuilding contest, the Ms. Olympia, was born. Its winner, Rachel McLish, presented a muscular, yet feminine and attainable physique and captivated her audience with beautiful good looks, enviable proportionality and stunning symmetry. Yes women's bodybuilding had begun its evolution and the future looked extremely bright.
But the attainment of female muscularity and its promotion had actually begun eight years earlier with one woman who would go on to become known as the progenitor of women's bodybuilding, the originator of the fit, athletic and muscular female form as a marketable and highly desirable health and fitness commodity.
Having begun weight training in 1964 to stay in shape during her pregnancy - a practice frowned upon at the time as being detrimental to a woman's health and because strong muscles were simply perceived as more of a masculine trait - Kellie Everts quickly became endeared to the feeling weight training gave her and the results in size and self-confidence she gained through working the iron. She immediately saw the many benefits bodybuilding training could provide for women.
Kellie Everts Immediately Saw The Many Benefits
Bodybuilding Training Could Provide For Women.
Wherever she went, Kellie would promote women's bodybuilding, extolling its virtues to whoever would listen. Shunned by those who were not yet ready to associate strength and muscle with femininity and the women's role of caregiver and homemaker, she continued her fight to shift the public's mindset to one of acceptance that women and weights were compatible.
And through her diligent efforts she built a formidable physique of her own and wanted to showcase it in a competitive setting, as the men had already been doing for many years. She would not have to wait long.
In 1972 Kellie began competing at bodybuilding events in the New York City area. Though happy to be onstage showing her hard and muscular body and secure in the knowledge that her efforts had thrown the spotlight onto women's physique display, she still had to contend with patronizing attitudes that relegated women's bodybuilding to that of beauty pageant. Women's physique contests were even called "body beautiful" and the contestants were judged on fitness, beauty and femininity, but not muscle.
In the small, insular bodybuilding community positive change would not and could not occur rapidly enough for Kellie. So she engaged in something unprecedented and, in hindsight, pioneering: the promotion of women's bodybuilding through the media. In 1975 Kellie became the first woman bodybuilder to appear in a mainstream publication - Esquire Magazine.
Before then she had regularly been profiled in Muscle Training Illustrated, a pre-eminent bodybuilding magazine of its day; this five years before female bodybuilding's first major physique competition had effectively legitimized women's bodybuilding. Looking back, it is clear that Kellie's groundwork had undoubtedly enabled the formation of women's competitive bodybuilding.
Kellie's Groundwork Undoubtedly Enabled The
Formation Of Women's Competitive Bodybuilding.
After the first Ms. Olympia contest in 1980, women's bodybuilding grew exponentially and provided many opportunities for its contestants. Prize money increased and lucrative contracts were given to its top champions. The physiques also grew with many now displaying hardness and muscularity that was unthinkable a decade earlier.
However, in the late '90s women's bodybuilding began to lose its traction in the physique competition arena and its fan base all but dissipated for good. Prize money decreased and with the emergence of women's figure and fitness competition, women's bodybuilding was pushed to the sidelines, something that has not since been truly rectified.
It could be said that the overly muscular female became unmarketable and the physical development needed to win at the highest level was both unattainable and impractical for those new to the sport. Kellie, however, had other ideas.
Though many new women's bodybuilding champions have emerged and the sport still attracts support, it is not what it was in the '80s and '90s. Throughout female bodybuilding's decline Kellie Everts has been a strong proponent of handing the reins of power to women bodybuilders, for them to choose their own destiny and build the sport back to where it was at its peak and beyond.
In the following interview Kellie, in her own controversial and thought-provoking style, discusses where and how it all went wrong and how the women's event can again become a force within competitive bodybuilding. Into her 60s Kellie, looking fantastic, still weight trains and promotes bodybuilding.

 Photograph by Maurice Seymour. Body Building Photoshoot of Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)
At an age where many women are content to let nature take its course she has shown that a bodybuilding lifestyle can be life transforming in more ways that one. And this goes a long way to showing that once a bodybuilder always a bodybuilder and that for Kellie Everts some things never change.
Once A Bodybuilder Always A Bodybuilder And
For Kellie Everts Some Things Never Change.
[ David Robson ] As you yourself have noted, after its rise to prominence in the '80s and '90s where many saw it as a viable career option for women at the cutting edge of physical development, professional women's bodybuilding has regressed to where it is now often seen as a poor second cousin to the men's event. First up, what are your thoughts on the state of professional women's bodybuilding today?
[ Kellie Evert ] Women's professional bodybuilding today is deplorable. The contestants spend more money - on drugs - than they can earn if they win; it's a vanity thing. Those who win the contests cannot hope for any lucrative modelling or endorsement careers - what is it all for? Just to say, "I won."
[ DR ] Over the past 10 years men's pro bodybuilding has been strengthened with more events scheduled and greater opportunities for its competitors. When was woman's bodybuilding at its strongest, and if managed correctly could it have been as popular as the men's game?
[ KE ] As explained in my book, I mark the Kim Chizevsky era as the end of female bodybuilding. Her success was a double whammy. First, her body was the most muscular of all time, unsurpassed by anyone before or since then as far as I know. Second, the Weider's stopped promoting female bodybuilding with her, and then when they sold out to AMI and promotion of female bodybuilding de facto stopped.
The image of women in the bodybuilding magazines reverted back to approximately what it was like in the '70s, except, of course, modern times made the "fitness" style models harder and stronger. Most of them also have breast implants, which was not so in the old days. When I started looking at the magazines again in the mid '90s, it was like déjà vu, "the seventies are back" - I was startled. What happened? I thought, and then did the research.
Kellie Marks The Kim Chizavsky Era
As The End Of Female Bodybuilding.
[ DR ] How could women's pro bodybuilding have been managed to strengthen its competitive base and to allow for greater opportunities for its competitors?
[ KE ] It's all a matter of promotion. In the book my insider stated that they "Couldn't use the women to sell their supplements." Hardy har, har. They are using women universally to sell everything, they just didn't want to.
Marketing ideas abound, they had to use them, they didn't want to. Same ole', same ole' gender game. You cannot have women's bodybuilding run by men without eventually running it into the ground, because we are in a gender war, called "Who will dominate who?"
Now, males were promoting the muscularity of females, but sooner or later, it was a case of when they feel "threatened" they will back down - and so they did. As I explained many times in the book: my idea when taken to the mainstream media was not issued by a male.
Males - who ran the institutions - did not seek to promote female muscularity; they wanted them as window dressing for men, the sideshow that would make it more palatable, less of a "gay" thing if you know what I mean. Not that they are all gay, but simply less of a man/man thing - women balance it out.
After I promoted it (women's bodybuilding) through the mainstream media, it took off. The Playboy spread clinched it. In Wikipedia it says Lisa Lyons was the first female bodybuilder to be in Playboy, but of course I was, May 1977: "Humping Iron".
Is it all men's fault? - Certainly not. I broke through their defences with my aggression - yes aggression - in promotion through the media. It was time for another woman to step to the plate, take what had been done, and continue in the arena of promoting an idea into an institution. Joe Weider had done it. Ditto Dan Lurie.
I Broke Through Their Defences With My
Aggression In Promotion Through The Media.
Why could a woman not start a bodybuilding venue? Because they didn't have the chutzpah. One of them, Doris Barrilleaux, was given ample opportunities. Dan Lurie made her an editor, gave her a magazine, but it flopped...she was also head of female bodybuilding for the Weiders, a position she used to discriminate against me, she is catty and competitive, can't put herself aside and work for the sisterhood. She prevented me from entering the IFBB Caesar's Palace contest in Atlantic City, 1981. I was there picketing instead!
Where was the woman who could see the picture that we're in a gender war and we have to fight? There was no such woman. The women that entered the door I had kicked in were "working for the man" and so, the man, who for a while gave them cookies from the cookie jar, suddenly took the jar away. Or rather, he separated the males and females as had been the case before, with women getting a way-inferior cookie jar. Wasn't that predictable?
But these women, having no originality or panache as I had, were employees, looking for fame and fortune - mostly fortune. Had I been like that, it would not have happened, there were no rewards. Think of it - I worked for photographers, and did TV shows, with no money entering my hands, only criticism - and yet I did it.
Why? For the sisterhood - but these women are not sisters, they work against each other, so, they cannot win. Men work together. Women won't sacrifice for the cause of women. They sacrifice for children, husbands, animals, but not the cause of women, except in rare cases; certainly no one in female bodybuilding, besides me, was like that.
[ DR ] You are widely known as the first female bodybuilder, yet have not often been given the credit you deserved. Why is this?
[ KE ] First, I had to do the thing, and then get credit for doing it. That was the "second war." After a prolonged campaign, I won the second war. It wasn't easy. The saddest thing was the other women who were part of the campaign to discredit me. Here's the woman who kicked down the door for you, but you deny her respect? Okay, so see where that gets you, sister.
Here's The Woman Who Kicked Down The
Door For You, But You Deny Her Respect?
And so they have earned the punishment they get from the men. Credit for a thing is all due to politics and in this world truth is not valued, it's all "mind control," "disinformation" and "promote what works best for me/us". Just because something is true does not mean it will be promulgated. On the contrary, there are many truths that are being hidden, swept under the rug, closeted and denied on purpose.
I explain in the book how the IFBB (the organization that eventually took over bodybuilding) had an agenda against me, and pros Lisa Lyons and Rachel McLish. Part of the reason was Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Consider, then as now, fighting alone, then the newly reorganized WBBG sees the facts and gives me the title of "Progenitor - the woman responsible for modern competitive female bodybuilding". Now think of that. Neither Lisa Lyon nor any other woman was given that award, or any award comparable to it, by any organization. I alone am awarded, and in the Hall of Fame of an international organization, for being the founder of female bodybuilding.
In my case the truth came out because I fought for it, with the same kind of aggressive energy that made female bodybuilding happen. No other woman could have been given the award but me; none came forward to claim it. I won.
Conversely, when you look at the spirit of the women in bodybuilding after me it is a "lie down let them do what they like with me" spirit. It's "if I lie down and let them do what they like, they'll pay me." They did not fight men. They lay down for them. I fought men, with an idea they didn't like! See the difference? But that takes a special woman. They are not special.
The Truth Came Out Because I Fought For It, With
The Same Energy That Made Female Bodybuilding Happen.
[ DR ] So how did you first become involved in women's bodybuilding and what impact did you have on its formation as a legitimate sport in its own right?
[ KE ] I got involved in the beauty contests starting in 1972, "Ms Americana" IFBB. I won Best Body, and second place overall; my body was better than the winner's. My impact was one of promotion in the media. I was bringing forth the idea. The wisdom at that time was that males are more muscular and should develop those muscles further. Women are not muscular and certainly should not make any attempt to be more so; to do this would be "unfeminine".
In 1975, and prior to that time I got it into a six-page story in Esquire, to be unfeminine was a sin of major proportions. In late 1976, when we sent in the "Humping Iron" article to Playboy, it was so "out there" they paid us half and were not going to use it. Luckily, "Pumping Iron" came out, and so it suddenly worked, they used it as "Humping Iron."
In between these two articles, I went on every venue I could foster, including Penthouse Forum, TV Shows like To Tell The Truth, Mike Douglas, Stanley Siegel, Real People, - Laura Combs did Real People after me - AM New York, AM Washington, all without pay of course.
[ DR ] You have said that sexism and patriarchy are responsible for the fall of women's bodybuilding. How so?
[ KE ] Indeed. Think of it. In the gender war males have to be "bigger and badder" than women because that's how they dominate. This is promoted. Male bodybuilding was a part of that "public relations program." Now this woman comes along, promoting that females also have muscles and should develop them, and then what?
What I did in the media was like little David knocking out Goliath. But no woman came along after me to keep it going -not even to keep my name alive; it remained in the hands of men. Not that this could stop the trend of females being fitter, stronger, and more muscular and macho. That they could not do; the idea took hold worldwide and cannot be erased.
This Couldn't Stop The Trend Of Females Being
Fitter, Stronger, And More Muscular And Macho.
But what they could do, and did do, was to relegate the female bodybuilding part into oblivion; it's a remnant, a tiny cult. Mind you, they are promoting "fitness" and "bikini" or "figure" contests again, basically telling women to go back the way they about if they started "jock strap" or "body beautiful" contests for men, not allowing men to fully develop their muscles - how would that make men feel?
[ DR ] And of course with the increasing trend for females to become more muscular came a reliance on anabolic drugs. At what point did female bodybuilders begin to experiment with drugs to gain more muscle size and who were some of the protagonists in this area?
[ KE ] I was in the 1980 Ms Olympia and it was written that some complained of hair on their faces. So it was there, or even before. I was not privy to any personal information so I don't know who the protagonists were.
The point is that women now entered a realm where males were using drugs - and some females - so competition attempts to level the playing field, and then get the upper hand, so drugs are an attempt to be better than the next person.
[ DR ] There is an argument that is often made: women bodybuilders should not use anabolic steroids because they are male hormones. What are your thoughts on this argument? Should women bodybuilders use steroids?
[ KE ] I've heard that one since 1980 ad nauseum; Steve Michalik said it to me. It's really silly. My question is: if males have so much of these hormones, why are they taking them?
The fact is, men and women both have the same hormones, but yes, males have more testosterone. Black males also have more muscle, and I was told by a black woman bodybuilding journalist, "Iron Eyes," (now deceased) that they tried to stop the men from taking hormones for a while, and when they tested the men the black guys wiped the floor with the whites.
So of course, they stopped testing them, but continued testing the women, for a while - everything was unfair. Now you have bodybuilding, so if the males can take it, so should the females, it should be a level playing field.
If The Males Can Take It, So Should The
Females, It Should Be A Level Playing Field.
I might add that after menopause, female hormones die down, but their testosterone levels increase. Men's levels decrease, they get more feminine, have less "virility" whereas women, with more testosterone, get hornier, and they can get more muscular. So I am doing well with my bodybuilding these days, I look great.
Now anabolic steroids build muscle, so if this is the game, you will have people taking the drugs. If they don't they can't compete.
[ DR ] How did the public view women bodybuilders back in the '70s and '80s? Do they view them any differently today?
[ KE ] What public?
In the old days when female bodybuilding hit the scene, it was looked at with great interest and mixed feelings. Today, only a cult audience is seeking women's bodybuilding. The women in gyms aren't bodybuilding. I joined four gyms, they're doing aerobics and fitness and that is it. Women's bodybuilding, per se, has been forgotten by the mainstream public.
[ DR ] Some say women's bodybuilding physiques in the early '80s - softer and more athletic - were more desirable to those seen in the '90s where they even began to rival some of the male competitors for mass and conditioning. At what stage were women's physiques at their best in your view, and why?
[ KE ] It's a subjective feeling, what one likes in the woman's body. I can see why most males would prefer the softer look, as that makes them remember, "I'm a man, she's a woman." But there are the "shmoes" who pay $300 to wrestle and feel up hard-muscled women, so that turns them on. My feelings have to do with the gender war and with women's empowerment; it's the issues, although for myself I maintain a natural muscularity with no drugs.
My Feelings Have To Do With The
Gender War And With Women's Empowerment.

 Photograph by Maurice Seymour. Body Building Photoshoot of Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

[ DR ] You mentioned earlier that Kim Chizevsky, to your mind, signalled the end of female bodybuilding. At what point after Kim's rein did women's pro bodybuilding begin to decline and why did this happen?
[ KE ] After Kim Chizevsky it went downhill. I believe she got the highest cup: $60,000. Then after the Weider promotion of bodybuilding women declined, they sold out to AMI and it all but disappeared. From there on in they did choose the most muscular regardless of their looks or overall sex appeal because since they weren't using them in magazines, they didn't care. Prior to that, looks were always a factor. Now they can look terrible.
[ DR ] In the movie Pumping Iron Two, the producers, to create controversy and rivalry, deliberately contrasted the physiques of Rachel McLish and Bev Francis to convey the two different looks within women's bodybuilding at that time. Had women's bodybuilding not gone in the direction of Bev Francis' more massive and muscular physique do you think it would have become and remained more marketable?
[ KE ] The Rachel McLish type body is now being marketed under "fitness" and "figure" and so, yes, that's what the males wanted. But is it empowering for women? Not hardly. Once again, it's males that are choosing what they want, who they promote. They are telling women how to look.
In the bodybuilding world women are at the mercy of men. But the world at large, here is the picture, as outlined on my sites, blogs and books. Right now women maintain a 64% presence in the colleges and universities, while males are dropping out of schools like flies.
Since 2004, women have been getting more doctoral level degrees than men. Right now there are less females of employable age than there are males, and yet, females hold down more jobs. Women are entering management and human resources positions at a fast pace, they will be choosing who works, and they will be overseeing the millions of male prisoners. Males are falling apart biologically and genetically - check out Dr. Bryan Sykes and Dr. Steve Jones' genetic research.
What I am saying is there is a bigger picture going on, and bodybuilding is a microcosm of it. The macrocosm is that we are moving out of patriarchy and into matriarchy, women will rule the family and the world, eventually - perhaps in 200 years - and the future belongs to women. At that time, even now it is changing, women will determine the appearance of males by "natural selection" or choice.
The Macrocosm Is That We Are Moving Out Of Patriarchy And Into Matriarchy.
I wager that they will not want the biggest, baddest, males; they will not be controlled by rich men, as women will be the wealthy, and they will want those who are intelligent, cuddly, cute, macho but not cold, qualities far different than what is espoused today.
They will want men who are sensitive, give creature comforts, are pleasant and handy around the house, can cook and do their share of housework, can converse, have feelings - these will be the types of males women will choose when they are the "powerful".
[ DR ] What could be done to boost the popularity and marketability of professional women's bodybuilding?
[ KE ] Take it out of the hands of males, start organizations solely owned and managed by women, and you can re-establish female bodybuilding in a proper manner.
[ DR ] I would now like to switch topics to your own personal bodybuilding progress, something you have continued to experience as you have aged. You look to be in excellent shape today. How do you do this?
[ KE ] To stay in shape it takes an average of two hours a day of exercise including all the dancing I do at home and in the clubs. I used to walk and jog a lot, but right now I mostly dance, do kicks, stretches, ballet style, and martial arts style exercise. For a while I practiced boxing but that's sporadic. And of course I watch my diet.
Right Now I Mostly Dance, Do Kicks, Stretches,
Ballet Style, And Martial Arts Style Exercise.
[ DR ] Could you describe your current training program in more detail?
[ KE ] I usually do most of it in one session that drags out to two hours. First I do stretching. In this you must find your limit and surpass it. For years I did a split (stretch), but it wasn't perfect so then I did it to perfection and it hurt. But I kept pushing and tried stretching my legs from every angle imaginable, including bending forward and putting my leg behind me, and straight up.
I also combine sits ups with stretching, see how far down I can stretch my legs, and also do the one-arm push ups and backwards push ups. The results of these exercises create quite a stir in the clubs, as I can lift my leg into the air for photos, straight up, and also put my leg on the shoulder of a guy as we dance.
Sometimes a good male dancer will fall to the floor and do all sorts of push ups and splits and I either get on top or behind him and do my thing, or else I fall to the floor and do the same as he gets on me.
If you don't make exercise fun, or emotionally stimulating, it gets old real fast, and harder to train if you just go through the same old weight lifting routine day after day. Pretty soon it's hard to do. I have weights at home and belong to a few gyms including those that stay open all night. As long as I train effectively at home, go to clubs and dance, the gym is not mandatory, so sometimes I skip for a while, but I am always happy to get back.
When weight training, I concentrate on my legs a lot, giving them as much time as my upper body. I have an idea in my mind of how I want my body to look, and it involves incredible legs and shoulders. At home I have dumbbells - 20 and 25 pounds - and do all my training with them. I used to do more elaborate stuff on a bench outside. The dumbbells seem to be enough along with all the dancing and gym. After all I'm not training for contests: my muscles are intermediate.
My stretching comes first. When I am halfway limber all over I begin dancing in between and also do the weights in between various stretches. This all takes about one to two hours daily.
When I go out to dance I often get to the clubs early when the dance floor is empty. After one drink I get on the floor and do all the moves I can't do when it's crowded, which includes going in circles doing kicks every which way, as in martial arts - front, side, round house and different variations - and sometimes splits. After the floor fills up I am limited, but it's all fun and I dance until I can no longer do it. People are amazed as to where I get all of my energy.
When I Am Halfway Limber All Over I Begin
Dancing In Between And Also Do The Weights.
[ DR ] So where do you get all of your energy?
[ KE ] The secret of energy is, first, health, which means proper diet and exercise. Second it is will power - you make yourself continue when you feel tired and you get a second wind. I have learned that it's after the second wind, not the first try, where I get all the energy to keep going for hours.
Sometimes I feel tired when I first begin at the club but I keep going and move for hours. Then I am so revved up that dancing even after I get home. I try to fall asleep but keep inventing new dance moves in my head.
[ DR ] You mentioned the importance of diet. Could you describe the nutrition plan you currently follow?
[ KE ] My diet is 90 to 95 percent vegetarian, but I do include lots of eggs, fish and cheese for their protein content. I eat meat maybe 15 times per year, mostly on holidays. When I do eat meat I often boil it to help remove all of the substances they feed to the animals, boiling also helps to disperse much of the fat into the water. I am careful not to eat processed foods but make things from scratch. The more processed your foods the more chemicals they contain, including those that make you fat.
[ DR ] What are some of your diet tips?
[ KE ] I avoid salt, MSG, all artificial sweeteners and also fluoride. I drink tea or instant coffee with honey and cinnamon every day. I avoid most foods that contain sugar, but honey is good. I never drink soda, which is the worst, and when I am in a convenience store buy juice that appears to be the most natural.
I often use my water distiller - absolutely pure distilled water is the best thing you can drink. I also employ juicing - all the roots as well - and use the blender. In the blender I cut up oranges and grapefruits into small pieces, add water, and blend until liquid. The white parts of these fruits contain valuable bioflavonoids.
I also pick a lot of herbs and seeds in the fields and woods, including the hops of wild roses (for juicing), milk thistle for a liver tincture, St Johns Wort to support calm nerves and to support sound sleep, burdock (the whole plant) for a skin lotion, and plantain (a flat-leafed grass) off my lawns.
I also eat red clover taken from my lawns (I have about three acres of lawns) from spring to autumn for health (10 to 30 blossoms at a time). I eat anything in the wild that is edible including blackberries, raspberries, wild cherries, and wild apples.
One favorite fat-free recipe of mine:
Take broccoli, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, onions, garlic and whichever additional vegetables you might want to include.
Remove the soft part of the broccoli (use this for a salad). Take the vegetable flesh and cut it into small pieces, do the same with any roots. Take the hardest flesh and place it in boiling water. Leave it for five minutes then add the softer parts, and last the greenest softest parts. Boil all of this for about 10 minutes on medium.
Take canned hummus and refried beans and add these to the vegetables and water. Add any seasoning you prefer. Add canned tomatoes as an option. This soup will provide you with many valuable nutrients; I like to make enough to last at least three days.
[ DR ] I understand you are also a big believer in supplementation, Kellie. Which supplements do you take and how have the benefited you?
[ KE ] I personally take a huge array of vitamins and supplements. Here is what I take:
   1. A good multi vitamin and mineral capsule.
   2. A strong vitamin B supplement.
Then I take separate amounts of vitamin A, lots of vitamin C and vitamin E, vitamin D3 (be careful not to take too much of this over a longer period), a calcium/magnesium/zinc combo, krill oil, probiotics, acidophilus culture, hawthorne berries, Co Q-10, nattozimes, Echinacea, flax seed oil in liquid form, quercetin and bromelain, saw palmetto, biotin. These are taken at least five to six days per week.
I also use special supplement to add to my juice including green magma - many healthful green foods contained in one powder. There is also sweet carrot juice powder for the urinary system, D-mannose powder and a liquid concentrate grape seed extract. For these ingredients I take a can of frozen juice - unsweetened or with little added sugar - and add a few tablespoons of each powder and a few drops of the liquids.
There are additional things I feel are important for overall health. The right attitude is crucial. Stress and any kind of tensions kill your mind and your energy levels. Any negative emotions such as bitterness, envy, and hate of any type kill energy.
Stress And Any Kind Of Tensions Kill
Your Mind And Your Energy Levels.
Resist negative feelings and be above your enemies. My motto for doing this is: you can't kill me because I am already dead (meaning dead to the ego). There is no me, I am an actor, what you see is not the real me so you can't hurt me by attacking the image. I am infinite spirit.
At base, we get our energy from the infinite spirit or energy source some call God and to have negative emotions blocks the way to that source of power. When you hate, when you envy the person you hurt the most is you, not them. So stop hating, people can't hurt you.
You must have great faith and confidence that the infinite source of power that is within you, inside your very soul and body. It is there at all times for you to access - this power never condemns you but is always ready, willing and able to help you, restore you and fill you with power at every moment if you think in positive terms.
Do not also underestimate the power of prayer, meditation and sleep. Meditation and sleep are similar in that you are totally relaxed in both cases, and you need to relax, all the time. Even when you are exercising or dancing do so in a relaxed (calm intensity) manner, not with negative tension.
This kind of tension is exhausting. When I am super stressed I often employ "sleep therapy", which simply means I sleep as much as possible. To fall asleep and remain so, I take a few of each: melatonin, L-tyrosine, St Johns wort, and calcium/magnesium.
Sex is also beneficial, but hard to get. You laugh? Good lovemaking with a good partner is not easy to find. But if you can do so as it is great for your health and will help you to release many feel-good hormones. It's an exchange of positive energy; you recharge one another's batteries, providing you have the right partner.
Massage therapy is also fantastic. I give great massages to others and myself; they say I'm the best they ever had. Massage both stimulates and relaxes. And it delivers blood throughout your entire body.
I Give Great Massages To Others And Myself;
They Say I'm The Best They Ever Had.
[ DR ] It is my pleasure talking with you today Kellie; thank you for your words of wisdom. Wishing you every success. Do you have any final words?
[ KE ] Thank you David Robson for the opportunity to be on I am grateful for being given the opportunity to tell my side of the story!
      Check Out Kellie's Website
      You Can Email Kellie At
What happened here is MONUMENTAL - what I did changed the world - female body building changed women's image, behavior & activities in the mainstream.  Little did it matter that the male-controlled body building phased it out!
This was but one of the major things I did under the Power of God within me - as I was sent to earth as an Avatar, to empower women & also bring about the world that is governed by women under Mother God.
Rasa to a friend:  Doesn't your fam & gorgeous wife, & child - make you happy?  Who is your gorgeous wife?  Have you got married again?  Perhaps the answer, if you have all that & still are not happy, is you have not found yourself.  A lot of times people say “I should be happy as I have this & that” but something is missing.  I am writing "How to Meditate" articles for "My Secret Disciple - Thundernuts" He is a lot like you – has fam & gorgeous wife, but happiness eludes him because he has not found himself.  I will post these for you, hoping you &/or your friends benefit.
Rasa says:  Thomas has outdone himself here!  This is going on my status & into our books!!  Wow – amazing words!!!
Shared authority is often misused to artificially attain "conflict management". The problem is that authority can be shared if only men are willing to lose 90% of their control over resource access and the management thereof. That means men... having empty bank accounts and empty pockets. Under such a predicament, I hardly assume men would want to share anything, because they would not be able to use any leverage. Money has always been the means by which men have eventually gained control over women and also the reason why women have always had to prostitute themselves. Without either, the conciliation would become asking with the possibility of being told NO. Can the traditional male ego take being rejected and marginalized without running to a male legal system, demanding custodial privileges? Obviously not as we see everywhere that men are panicking and becrying the eternal excuse for male dominance: "the bad woman". The good woman is the surrogate mother, a female floormat who caters to junior and is the reason why so many men live at home with mommy. Taken at face value, such men believe that being male is a gift. Gift my asshole!
Thomas Andrews These men will gyrate for hours on end about that mystical magical "nurturing woman". Reality is like this, a genetically intact female would be motivated to kill your ass if you come on along acting and behaving like any other hazardous stalking toxic male. Is it any wonder that women want to kick someone’s head in and stop asking for forgiveness from "big daddy", usually the control freak of the millennium? 

Photograph by Maurice Seymour. Body Building Photoshoot of Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1 Feb 2011

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

Carlos - the world had Matriarchy (that we know of,  had it since the first Eve) & we had NO WARS - UNDER A MOTHER GOD & FEMALE DOMINATION, THE WORLD WAS FAIR.  UNDER MALE DOMINATION, IT IS THE KINGDOM OF SATAN .  All evil comes from male rule - violence, rape, child abuse, crime, extortion, unjust laws, hate, - Patriarchy is the culture of death because men cannot reproduce so they want to control & kill - it is their nature.  The violence & chaos we see on earth, the injustice, is a result of male thoughts & instincts.  But fear not, Mother God is now on Earth, working through women, & She will lend their rule soon, & in time, human males will go extinct.
Can Female Power Save the Planet?  Yes!
Equal opportunity and equal expression, particularly for women, well beyond the scope of what men deign and claim to deserve, taking nigh everything from others! Unfortunately our society only gives lip service to the women wanting to where men usually have a lot of hot wind, little pizazz, zero gusto and absolutely no guts. But as such, I'm for hijacking that golden goose away from men. Men virtually try to get away with anything and to top it off, are downright hostile if you encroach their paltry pathological freedoms, all in the name of death-wish sick thrills. I love minorities passionately too and far beyond the imaginable, destroying the concept of how they can be forced to be made to "fit" some wishful role of the idiot vassal toy of a hate filled patriarchy. Were talking about men and we're talking about blatant hatred and aggression. No playtime for the perpetrators! Yes, they have plenty of fear, primarly the fear of getting caught and not being able to continue mistreating people. You can see the plight of the suffering everywhere, but you also get to see the caloused side of the male strict punisher father archetype at work. I'm sorry for being male and it's a shame that they won't even attempt to bridge the fatherhood rights Oedipal assertions of owning, hurting, corrupting and eventually destroying all the things they can penetrate. I'm sorry, but I will always love women...wild and free, doing the right thing for themselves and not at all apologetic to a rancid male hourde exercising their right to choices and a mastery of strict disciplines. If that's the case, they can kiss my douche bag hiney. Respect? Reminds me of a closing tune from Iron Maiden. Hahaha! What respect have they wanted for the last several thousand years? They've had people drawn and quartered for not kissing their big toes!!
Can Female Power Save the Planet?  Yes!
Origins of Peace & Violence
This man MUST BE STUDIED – He is a friend of mine & I published a booki based on his teachings.
Results of Patriarchy, on all levels.  First, they either destroy or compromise the intimacy between Mother & baby.  Hospitals separate Mom & babe, they encourage formula instead of breast milk; women are forced to go back to work instead of breastfeeding & nurturing their baby for the time biology demands - 5 to 6 years. Children need an absolute minimum of 2.5 years of breastfeeding & intimacy with Mom, but the ideal time is while the immune system is developing – up to six years. Early weaning is physically, mentally & emotionally destructive to the child!  Intimacy means the sound, taste, touch, smell, sight, presence of Mother – all senses need to be stimulated by the Mother / caregiver for optimum brain growth & emotional development.
Future relationships & sexual development of the child are determined by this! 
Lack of intimacy results in SUBSTANCE ABUSE, SUICIDE, HOMICIDE, VIOLENCE,  ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION, FAULTY RELATIONSHIPS & all types behavior based on insecurity & pain.
Here you see a man driven mad by chemicals & substances – the pattern never ceases.  Lack of intimacy, bonding with Mom cause substance abuse, substance abuse causes addiction & more weird behaviors & consequences.
See Dr. John Bowlby, “attachment disorder,” – see Dr. Ashley Montagu on the Importance of Touch.  See my friend Dr. James W. Prescott on “Rock A Bye Baby” his Time-Life Documentary  & the causes of peace & VIOLENCE.
Dr. JAMES W. PRESCOTT – the origins of peace & violence – proving that truncated intimacy between Mother & babe causes violence!
How to Use Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom
By April Sanders, eHow Contributor
updated: July 8, 2010
Use Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom
Behavior management in the classroom can be difficult to master. Although techniques are often taught in teacher-training classes, good behavior management usually comes with time, practice and trial-and-error. One technique that has stood the test of time and always works, however, is using positive reinforcement. The correct use of positive reinforcement in the classroom will work wonders on managing the behavior of your students. You will see immediate results by using the following techniques.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
    * Large glass jar Marbles Paper apples and tape
      Start the day off right. Greet your students with words of praise, such as, "Thanks for hanging up your backpack quietly.", rather than "Keep your voice down!" Try to find at least one student who has entered the classroom or hung up his backpack quietly, and praise him. Chances are, others will hear and follow suit.
      Use praise sparingly and specifically. Too much praise will make it less meaningful. Specific praise will reinforce good behavior. "Great job" is nice to hear, but it's even better to hear, "You are doing a great job at keeping all four chair legs on the floor." This reminds the student of the behavior you want her to continue achieving.
      Use verbal positive reinforcement loudly and openly. When praising a student or group of students, praise them in a nice, loud voice. You want the other students to hear and then mimic the behavior of the good students.
      Use visual aids. If you see the class working together in a positive way, praise them, then drop a marble into a jar or stick a paper apple on the board. This is a visual reminder to the students that you are proud of their behavior. When the jar is filled with marbles or the apples extend all the way across the board, reward the class with extra recess or a fun art activity.
      Be immediate with your positive reinforcement. Catch the good behavior immediately when it happens. Delayed positive reinforcement does not reinforce anything. Sometimes it even confuses those students who have a short memory.
      Catch the good, not the bad. Yes, you have to deal with behavior issues when they arise, but try to look for good behavior as well. For every negative you have to address, find five positives to praise.
Read more: How to Use Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom |
Smoking causes gene damage in minutes
– Sat Jan 15, 9:17 pm ET
WASHINGTON ( AFP ) – Those first few puffs on a cigarette can within minutes cause genetic damage linked to cancer, US scientists said in a study released.
In fact, researchers said the "effect is so fast that it's equivalent to injecting the substance directly into the bloodstream," in findings described as a "stark warning" to those who smoke.
The study is the first on humans to track how substances in tobacco cause DNA damage, and appears in the peer-reviewed journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, issued by the American Chemical Society.
Using 12 volunteer smokers, scientists tracked pollutants called PAHs, or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, that are carried in tobacco smoke and can also be found in coal-burning plants and in charred barbecue food.
They followed one particular type -- phenanthrene, which is found in cigarette smoke -- through the blood and saw it form a toxic substance that is known to "trash DNA , causing mutations that can cause cancer," the study said.
"The smokers developed maximum levels of the substance in a time frame that surprised even the researchers: just 15-30 minutes after the volunteers finished smoking," the study said.
"These results are significant because PAH diol epoxides react readily with DNA , induce mutations, and are considered to be ultimate carcinogens of multiple PAH in cigarette smoke," the study said.
Lead scientist Stephen Hecht said the study is unique because it examines the effects of inhaling cigarette smoke, without interference from other sources of harm such as pollution or a poor diet.
"The results reported here should serve as a stark warning to those who are considering starting to smoke cigarettes," Hecht said.
Lung cancer kills about 3,000 people around the world each day, and 90 percent of those deaths are attributable to cigarette smoking.
Rasa von Werder:        
slave mentality is the slaves compete with each other for the benefits of the master - they are the ones, in fact, who do the beatings & hangings of other slaves - Men routinely use women to fight women - I recall clearly how Phyllis Schlafly worked hard against eh ERA & how she got all the publicity in the 70's - I have been attacked as much or more from women as from men, they saying "She is not the right woman to represent us."
Can Female Power Save the Planet?  Yes!
The ENIGMA of Kellie Everts is a legend to this day. Who was this woman who PREACHED the Word of God, and then danced and STRIPPED on stages over North America ? How could she perpetrate this dichotomy? Where was her mind, her head? Was she a religious, dedicated woman or a charlatan, using God as a gimmick? That was in the hearts and minds of people and press. Kellie Everts had gained notoriety in a few areas already. Playboy Magazine as Mz Universe; Playboy ended up chronicling her life. Then, Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, went over men's heads in the establishment and got it into the mainstream. But the sermon in front of the White House? What was that all about? It just ended the cold war, and the threat of nuclear annihilation! Read the chronicles of Kellie on her glorious site and you will never forget the life of the woman who Stripped for God and danced to SAVE MEN'S SOULS!
#      Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy
      Sri Ramakrishna, the great Avatar, said,'I would rather taste sugar than be sugar.'This referred to dualism vs nondualism, with Sri Ramakrishna preferring dualism.
      Rasa Von Werder is the 'Chief Guru' of this group. Her path and teaching fol...low the remarkable realm of the Medieval Mystical Saints, all the way into Sainthood and Divine Stigmata (of which she is a recipient). She discourses on the variances between dark night of the soul and illumination, the two states souls must traverse toward Infinite Light. She has received the Highest Graces and Gifts of the Holy Spirit (including prophecy, healing and miracles) plus additional favors from Jesus (betrothal, marriage), Holy Mother
      Mary (evangelical virtues), St. Gertrude the Great (intimate union with the Sacred Heart), St. Padre Pio (Breastplate of Righteousness), St. Joan of Arc (Courage), Ven. Mary of Agreda (Highest Vision), and many others. Her Catholic road took her right up into seeing God Face to Face, twice! Catholicism notwithstanding, she also harbors love for the Protestant Faith Healers and evangelicals and walks in their shoes as well. In addition, Rasa has been well received by Yogi Saints. She holds the deepest intimate love with Baba Muktananda, who has given her his Sacred Sandals and all his Gifts (& after his Guru, Nithyananda, gave Rasa the gift of Himself in Holy Wedlock, Muktananda also gave himself to her in marriage!So Rasa has been married to three great Gurus Jesus Christ & two Hindu Satgurus, the Apostle of Bliss, Baghwan Nityanana, married her with his gift of the Silver Wedding Dress and Yogic Nirvana. Rasa is ready to take you into the Realms of Light via the path known to her, the path of the mystic contemplatives of all disciplines. Ask! And you shall receive!
Can Female Power Save the Planet?

Well, FIRST of all, Women MUST discover what the Sacred Feminine IS! They have been so abused, tortured and brainwashed by patriarchy that only a very few actually KNOW what the Divine Feminine is. The male ...warlords have destroyed the TRUE meaning and replaced it with their own warped confused, Sister-hating, shallow/superficial rendition and SADLY too many Women buy into it.

SEE RUSSELL MEANS on youtube for the TRUTH on Matriarchy and patriarchy.
Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy Thanks Heidi - they can also see the valuable teachings of William Bond, Michael Tsarion, Suzanna Budapest & myself
you know, rasa, i don't think men are that different than they were in the 50's and 60's. i think women are different (some of them) as to what they will and will not tolerate, and some men have learned that unless they tone down that mach...o shithead bullshit, they won't get laid as often, but by and large i thing men are still the same jerks they always were. look at the statistics...are less women being abused by them? NO. are there fewer incidents of violence in the world? NO. has incidents of child abuse lessened? NO. has the world gotten better, as a whole? NO. animal abuse subsided? NO. the only difference is that women are better educated, are in the work force more, have more independance, but men haven't changed at all. and they NEVER WILL. this is why MATRIARCHY is so necessary. nothing else will change this world. men have had ions to improve, evolve, become more human, and are they...?? a resounding NO...

We cannot underestimate the power of patriarchal propaganda. Men do an incredibly bad job in ruling our world, but cling to power because patriarchal rulers have successfully brainwashed the population, that it is right that men should rule the world.

No patriarchal government could survive if people realized that there is a alternative to patriarchy and that is Matriarchy. This is because the people have never heard the argument why we will be so much better off if Women ruled the world.

Rasa Von Werder & me – Rasa & William Bond blog
Human males commit 99% of the violence & crimes  - Mother God wants them out - She is making them extinct - Dr. Bryan Sykes says that the human male is "a genetic modification experiment that did not work" & Nature is removing them!
“Adam’s Curse – a Future Without Men” Dr. Bryan Sykes
For My Secret Disciple, “Thundernuts”
“How to Meditate”  
1 31 11  by Rasa Von Werder
part 1
Thundernuts, I’m writing this for you as the bottom line of spirituality, you must save yourself, no one can take you to God if you’re not willing, & in God, you will find yourself & the true meaning & purpose of life.
How do you find God?  Where is God, who is God?  How do we begin?
Jesus said, if someone tells you go here or there to find God, do not go,
“For the Kingdom of God is within you.”
He also said,
“Seek first the Kingdom of God , & all shall be added unto you.”
And then my favorite,
“What profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?  For what will he exchange for his soul?”
Your soul – you – is the “pearl of great price” for which you sell all that you have to afford that pearl.
Now a few details.
As to WHERE God is:  God is a point of energy or link, which is in the middle of your brain as a “blue pearl” of Living Light.  This pearl is within all humans, but not all access it, identify with it or receive its power.
The God Power is like a credit card that you receive, which stays inactive UNTIL YOU MAKE THAT PHONE CALL TO GET IT STARTED.
Most humans never make that phone call, & the majority live only by “the flesh” or physical & have no spiritual light activated, & they cannot enter the Kingdom of God because they are zombies on the Broad Highway to Hell.  The ones who make that phone call are “born again” & the Living Light is activated, & they are spiritually alive.
I told you before that I got you activated by baptizing you in proxy (without your presence) & you received the grace  & so you are activated & spiritually alive.
However, that is the beginning, but I also want you to be happy & fulfill your potential with God, become a great human being that the eternal God wants you to be, for you were born to
“know, love & serve God, & be happy with her in all eternity.
So WHERE is God is INSIDE YOU, & WHO is God is THE REAL YOU.
In other words, let’s put it this way.  Who are you?  Who is Thundernuts?  Is Thundernuts his body?  Temporarily, Thundernuts has a body, but that is an abode, a temple, housing the Real Person, which is the Eternal Spirit of God.
Thundernuts, like all other humans, you are a Light from God who appeared on earth housed in a human body.  If you identify only with the body, live only for the body, think only in the body, you will never find the Real You, which is called Self Realization or Enlightenment.  (The ultimate form of this is called “nonduality” where you know that you are God, there is no difference between God & you, & you are aware of this all the time.  This will take many years, if it ever happens, let’s take this one step at a time.)
Now we have ascertained that God is within you, & God is you so let us get into more details of what God is not.
God is not your job, your profession, nor your behavior.  As a man or woman, you do certain things each day, good or bad.  The karma of these good or bad actions comes upon you & meets you around the corner, & you suffer or rejoice over what gets to you.  Every thought, every word, every deed comes back to you, but that is not who you are.  That is what you do, within the body, or through the body.
What you are is a Living Light of God who observes, watches, sometime intercedes (not often) in matters of life or death, or great importance.  Usually the God within you merely sits as a witness to your life & actions, without saying a word.  God is very “polite” or even “passive” in your salvation, although God employs what are called “guardian angels” to watch over you at all times.  These are Powers, Programs, Impulses, Energies or Beings of God who tap you on the shoulder when you are about to fall over a cliff or commit a bad mistake.  Of course, sometimes God lets us go ahead & fall over the cliff or make that mistake, as it’s the only way we will learn.
Thundernuts, I have watched you now for quite a while, digging pits, those pits filling up with water, falling head first into them.  I look around to see if anyone will help & no one near you is capable, & each time, I pull you out of the pit.  Once I saw you almost dead, floating face down in a pool, from which you could not climb out of, until I got a ladder & pulled you out.
You are learning by your mistakes, so in order to learn, you make mistakes.  But your mistakes are so serious I fear you losing your life or spending the rest of it in & out of jail.
Being bored at home, before you go out & get drunk for the night, or being in jail during your free time, could be the right time for meditation.
The Beatific Vision – Seeing God Face to Face

  Kellie Everts, Showbiz name of Rasa Von Werder