Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1 Feb 2011

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

Carlos - the world had Matriarchy (that we know of,  had it since the first Eve) & we had NO WARS - UNDER A MOTHER GOD & FEMALE DOMINATION, THE WORLD WAS FAIR.  UNDER MALE DOMINATION, IT IS THE KINGDOM OF SATAN .  All evil comes from male rule - violence, rape, child abuse, crime, extortion, unjust laws, hate, - Patriarchy is the culture of death because men cannot reproduce so they want to control & kill - it is their nature.  The violence & chaos we see on earth, the injustice, is a result of male thoughts & instincts.  But fear not, Mother God is now on Earth, working through women, & She will lend their rule soon, & in time, human males will go extinct.
Can Female Power Save the Planet?  Yes!
Equal opportunity and equal expression, particularly for women, well beyond the scope of what men deign and claim to deserve, taking nigh everything from others! Unfortunately our society only gives lip service to the women wanting to ventu...re where men usually have a lot of hot wind, little pizazz, zero gusto and absolutely no guts. But as such, I'm for hijacking that golden goose away from men. Men virtually try to get away with anything and to top it off, are downright hostile if you encroach their paltry pathological freedoms, all in the name of death-wish sick thrills. I love minorities passionately too and far beyond the imaginable, destroying the concept of how they can be forced to be made to "fit" some wishful role of the idiot vassal toy of a hate filled patriarchy. Were talking about men and we're talking about blatant hatred and aggression. No playtime for the perpetrators! Yes, they have plenty of fear, primarly the fear of getting caught and not being able to continue mistreating people. You can see the plight of the suffering everywhere, but you also get to see the caloused side of the male strict punisher father archetype at work. I'm sorry for being male and it's a shame that they won't even attempt to bridge the fatherhood rights Oedipal assertions of owning, hurting, corrupting and eventually destroying all the things they can penetrate. I'm sorry, but I will always love women...wild and free, doing the right thing for themselves and not at all apologetic to a rancid male hourde exercising their right to choices and a mastery of strict disciplines. If that's the case, they can kiss my douche bag hiney. Respect? Reminds me of a closing tune from Iron Maiden. Hahaha! What respect have they wanted for the last several thousand years? They've had people drawn and quartered for not kissing their big toes!!
Can Female Power Save the Planet?  Yes!
Origins of Peace & Violence
This man MUST BE STUDIED – He is a friend of mine & I published a booki based on his teachings.
Results of Patriarchy, on all levels.  First, they either destroy or compromise the intimacy between Mother & baby.  Hospitals separate Mom & babe, they encourage formula instead of breast milk; women are forced to go back to work instead of breastfeeding & nurturing their baby for the time biology demands - 5 to 6 years. Children need an absolute minimum of 2.5 years of breastfeeding & intimacy with Mom, but the ideal time is while the immune system is developing – up to six years. Early weaning is physically, mentally & emotionally destructive to the child!  Intimacy means the sound, taste, touch, smell, sight, presence of Mother – all senses need to be stimulated by the Mother / caregiver for optimum brain growth & emotional development.
Future relationships & sexual development of the child are determined by this! 
Lack of intimacy results in SUBSTANCE ABUSE, SUICIDE, HOMICIDE, VIOLENCE,  ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION, FAULTY RELATIONSHIPS & all types behavior based on insecurity & pain.
Here you see a man driven mad by chemicals & substances – the pattern never ceases.  Lack of intimacy, bonding with Mom cause substance abuse, substance abuse causes addiction & more weird behaviors & consequences.
See Dr. John Bowlby, “attachment disorder,” – see Dr. Ashley Montagu on the Importance of Touch.  See my friend Dr. James W. Prescott on “Rock A Bye Baby” his Time-Life Documentary  & the causes of peace & VIOLENCE.
Dr. JAMES W. PRESCOTT – the origins of peace & violence – proving that truncated intimacy between Mother & babe causes violence!
How to Use Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom
By April Sanders, eHow Contributor
updated: July 8, 2010
Use Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom
Behavior management in the classroom can be difficult to master. Although techniques are often taught in teacher-training classes, good behavior management usually comes with time, practice and trial-and-error. One technique that has stood the test of time and always works, however, is using positive reinforcement. The correct use of positive reinforcement in the classroom will work wonders on managing the behavior of your students. You will see immediate results by using the following techniques.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
    * Large glass jar Marbles Paper apples and tape
      Start the day off right. Greet your students with words of praise, such as, "Thanks for hanging up your backpack quietly.", rather than "Keep your voice down!" Try to find at least one student who has entered the classroom or hung up his backpack quietly, and praise him. Chances are, others will hear and follow suit.
      Use praise sparingly and specifically. Too much praise will make it less meaningful. Specific praise will reinforce good behavior. "Great job" is nice to hear, but it's even better to hear, "You are doing a great job at keeping all four chair legs on the floor." This reminds the student of the behavior you want her to continue achieving.
      Use verbal positive reinforcement loudly and openly. When praising a student or group of students, praise them in a nice, loud voice. You want the other students to hear and then mimic the behavior of the good students.
      Use visual aids. If you see the class working together in a positive way, praise them, then drop a marble into a jar or stick a paper apple on the board. This is a visual reminder to the students that you are proud of their behavior. When the jar is filled with marbles or the apples extend all the way across the board, reward the class with extra recess or a fun art activity.
      Be immediate with your positive reinforcement. Catch the good behavior immediately when it happens. Delayed positive reinforcement does not reinforce anything. Sometimes it even confuses those students who have a short memory.
      Catch the good, not the bad. Yes, you have to deal with behavior issues when they arise, but try to look for good behavior as well. For every negative you have to address, find five positives to praise.
Read more: How to Use Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_4556420_use-positive-reinforcement-classroom.html#ixzz1BT0PuQ2U
Smoking causes gene damage in minutes
– Sat Jan 15, 9:17 pm ET
WASHINGTON ( AFP ) – Those first few puffs on a cigarette can within minutes cause genetic damage linked to cancer, US scientists said in a study released.
In fact, researchers said the "effect is so fast that it's equivalent to injecting the substance directly into the bloodstream," in findings described as a "stark warning" to those who smoke.
The study is the first on humans to track how substances in tobacco cause DNA damage, and appears in the peer-reviewed journal Chemical Research in Toxicology, issued by the American Chemical Society.
Using 12 volunteer smokers, scientists tracked pollutants called PAHs, or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, that are carried in tobacco smoke and can also be found in coal-burning plants and in charred barbecue food.
They followed one particular type -- phenanthrene, which is found in cigarette smoke -- through the blood and saw it form a toxic substance that is known to "trash DNA , causing mutations that can cause cancer," the study said.
"The smokers developed maximum levels of the substance in a time frame that surprised even the researchers: just 15-30 minutes after the volunteers finished smoking," the study said.
"These results are significant because PAH diol epoxides react readily with DNA , induce mutations, and are considered to be ultimate carcinogens of multiple PAH in cigarette smoke," the study said.
Lead scientist Stephen Hecht said the study is unique because it examines the effects of inhaling cigarette smoke, without interference from other sources of harm such as pollution or a poor diet.
"The results reported here should serve as a stark warning to those who are considering starting to smoke cigarettes," Hecht said.
Lung cancer kills about 3,000 people around the world each day, and 90 percent of those deaths are attributable to cigarette smoking.
Rasa von Werder:        
slave mentality is the slaves compete with each other for the benefits of the master - they are the ones, in fact, who do the beatings & hangings of other slaves - Men routinely use women to fight women - I recall clearly how Phyllis Schlafly worked hard against eh ERA & how she got all the publicity in the 70's - I have been attacked as much or more from women as from men, they saying "She is not the right woman to represent us."
Can Female Power Save the Planet?  Yes!
The ENIGMA of Kellie Everts is a legend to this day. Who was this woman who PREACHED the Word of God, and then danced and STRIPPED on stages over North America ? How could she perpetrate this dichotomy? Where was her mind, her head? Was she a religious, dedicated woman or a charlatan, using God as a gimmick? That was in the hearts and minds of people and press. Kellie Everts had gained notoriety in a few areas already. Playboy Magazine as Mz Universe; Playboy ended up chronicling her life. Then, Progenitor of Female Bodybuilding, went over men's heads in the establishment and got it into the mainstream. But the sermon in front of the White House? What was that all about? It just ended the cold war, and the threat of nuclear annihilation! Read the chronicles of Kellie on her glorious site and you will never forget the life of the woman who Stripped for God and danced to SAVE MEN'S SOULS!
#      Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy
      Sri Ramakrishna, the great Avatar, said,'I would rather taste sugar than be sugar.'This referred to dualism vs nondualism, with Sri Ramakrishna preferring dualism.
      Rasa Von Werder is the 'Chief Guru' of this group. Her path and teaching fol...low the remarkable realm of the Medieval Mystical Saints, all the way into Sainthood and Divine Stigmata (of which she is a recipient). She discourses on the variances between dark night of the soul and illumination, the two states souls must traverse toward Infinite Light. She has received the Highest Graces and Gifts of the Holy Spirit (including prophecy, healing and miracles) plus additional favors from Jesus (betrothal, marriage), Holy Mother
      Mary (evangelical virtues), St. Gertrude the Great (intimate union with the Sacred Heart), St. Padre Pio (Breastplate of Righteousness), St. Joan of Arc (Courage), Ven. Mary of Agreda (Highest Vision), and many others. Her Catholic road took her right up into seeing God Face to Face, twice! Catholicism notwithstanding, she also harbors love for the Protestant Faith Healers and evangelicals and walks in their shoes as well. In addition, Rasa has been well received by Yogi Saints. She holds the deepest intimate love with Baba Muktananda, who has given her his Sacred Sandals and all his Gifts (& after his Guru, Nithyananda, gave Rasa the gift of Himself in Holy Wedlock, Muktananda also gave himself to her in marriage!So Rasa has been married to three great Gurus Jesus Christ & two Hindu Satgurus, the Apostle of Bliss, Baghwan Nityanana, married her with his gift of the Silver Wedding Dress and Yogic Nirvana. Rasa is ready to take you into the Realms of Light via the path known to her, the path of the mystic contemplatives of all disciplines. Ask! And you shall receive!
Can Female Power Save the Planet?

Well, FIRST of all, Women MUST discover what the Sacred Feminine IS! They have been so abused, tortured and brainwashed by patriarchy that only a very few actually KNOW what the Divine Feminine is. The male ...warlords have destroyed the TRUE meaning and replaced it with their own warped confused, Sister-hating, shallow/superficial rendition and SADLY too many Women buy into it.

SEE RUSSELL MEANS on youtube for the TRUTH on Matriarchy and patriarchy.
Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy Thanks Heidi - they can also see the valuable teachings of William Bond, Michael Tsarion, Suzanna Budapest & myself
you know, rasa, i don't think men are that different than they were in the 50's and 60's. i think women are different (some of them) as to what they will and will not tolerate, and some men have learned that unless they tone down that mach...o shithead bullshit, they won't get laid as often, but by and large i thing men are still the same jerks they always were. look at the statistics...are less women being abused by them? NO. are there fewer incidents of violence in the world? NO. has incidents of child abuse lessened? NO. has the world gotten better, as a whole? NO. animal abuse subsided? NO. the only difference is that women are better educated, are in the work force more, have more independance, but men haven't changed at all. and they NEVER WILL. this is why MATRIARCHY is so necessary. nothing else will change this world. men have had ions to improve, evolve, become more human, and are they...?? a resounding NO...

We cannot underestimate the power of patriarchal propaganda. Men do an incredibly bad job in ruling our world, but cling to power because patriarchal rulers have successfully brainwashed the population, that it is right that men should rule the world.

No patriarchal government could survive if people realized that there is a alternative to patriarchy and that is Matriarchy. This is because the people have never heard the argument why we will be so much better off if Women ruled the world.

Rasa Von Werder & me – Rasa & William Bond blog
Human males commit 99% of the violence & crimes  - Mother God wants them out - She is making them extinct - Dr. Bryan Sykes says that the human male is "a genetic modification experiment that did not work" & Nature is removing them!
“Adam’s Curse – a Future Without Men” Dr. Bryan Sykes
For My Secret Disciple, “Thundernuts”
“How to Meditate”  
1 31 11  by Rasa Von Werder
part 1
Thundernuts, I’m writing this for you as the bottom line of spirituality, you must save yourself, no one can take you to God if you’re not willing, & in God, you will find yourself & the true meaning & purpose of life.
How do you find God?  Where is God, who is God?  How do we begin?
Jesus said, if someone tells you go here or there to find God, do not go,
“For the Kingdom of God is within you.”
He also said,
“Seek first the Kingdom of God , & all shall be added unto you.”
And then my favorite,
“What profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?  For what will he exchange for his soul?”
Your soul – you – is the “pearl of great price” for which you sell all that you have to afford that pearl.
Now a few details.
As to WHERE God is:  God is a point of energy or link, which is in the middle of your brain as a “blue pearl” of Living Light.  This pearl is within all humans, but not all access it, identify with it or receive its power.
The God Power is like a credit card that you receive, which stays inactive UNTIL YOU MAKE THAT PHONE CALL TO GET IT STARTED.
Most humans never make that phone call, & the majority live only by “the flesh” or physical & have no spiritual light activated, & they cannot enter the Kingdom of God because they are zombies on the Broad Highway to Hell.  The ones who make that phone call are “born again” & the Living Light is activated, & they are spiritually alive.
I told you before that I got you activated by baptizing you in proxy (without your presence) & you received the grace  & so you are activated & spiritually alive.
However, that is the beginning, but I also want you to be happy & fulfill your potential with God, become a great human being that the eternal God wants you to be, for you were born to
“know, love & serve God, & be happy with her in all eternity.
So WHERE is God is INSIDE YOU, & WHO is God is THE REAL YOU.
In other words, let’s put it this way.  Who are you?  Who is Thundernuts?  Is Thundernuts his body?  Temporarily, Thundernuts has a body, but that is an abode, a temple, housing the Real Person, which is the Eternal Spirit of God.
Thundernuts, like all other humans, you are a Light from God who appeared on earth housed in a human body.  If you identify only with the body, live only for the body, think only in the body, you will never find the Real You, which is called Self Realization or Enlightenment.  (The ultimate form of this is called “nonduality” where you know that you are God, there is no difference between God & you, & you are aware of this all the time.  This will take many years, if it ever happens, let’s take this one step at a time.)
Now we have ascertained that God is within you, & God is you so let us get into more details of what God is not.
God is not your job, your profession, nor your behavior.  As a man or woman, you do certain things each day, good or bad.  The karma of these good or bad actions comes upon you & meets you around the corner, & you suffer or rejoice over what gets to you.  Every thought, every word, every deed comes back to you, but that is not who you are.  That is what you do, within the body, or through the body.
What you are is a Living Light of God who observes, watches, sometime intercedes (not often) in matters of life or death, or great importance.  Usually the God within you merely sits as a witness to your life & actions, without saying a word.  God is very “polite” or even “passive” in your salvation, although God employs what are called “guardian angels” to watch over you at all times.  These are Powers, Programs, Impulses, Energies or Beings of God who tap you on the shoulder when you are about to fall over a cliff or commit a bad mistake.  Of course, sometimes God lets us go ahead & fall over the cliff or make that mistake, as it’s the only way we will learn.
Thundernuts, I have watched you now for quite a while, digging pits, those pits filling up with water, falling head first into them.  I look around to see if anyone will help & no one near you is capable, & each time, I pull you out of the pit.  Once I saw you almost dead, floating face down in a pool, from which you could not climb out of, until I got a ladder & pulled you out.
You are learning by your mistakes, so in order to learn, you make mistakes.  But your mistakes are so serious I fear you losing your life or spending the rest of it in & out of jail.
Being bored at home, before you go out & get drunk for the night, or being in jail during your free time, could be the right time for meditation.
The Beatific Vision – Seeing God Face to Face

  Kellie Everts, Showbiz name of Rasa Von Werder

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