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These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

Wow are you in a funk, seems close to despair.  What is love?  It 's a positive life force, everything good inside you.  What happened to your faith?  You used to be my disciple -  has it all ended?  Life is over?  No hope, no love, no meaning, no happiness on the horizon?  Everything is bad?  Sounds like despair, the worst kind of depression.  Need feel-good hormones revived.  Maybe it's the "dark night of the soul” in that state, God leaves us in darkness where all we have left is FAITH, & that is tested.  I went through an eighteen-year dark night of the soul upon reception of the Interior Divine Stigmata  - 18 years!  I passed the test, came out of it stronger than ever.  Hang in there, Thomas, it's a test.  There is a God.  God is the Power, Love & all
Goodness inside of you.
from Rasa: 
We are, as commandeered by men, heading into total slavery due to the people's poverty & therefore, lack of rights.  They keep them enslaved by the social services, welfare, with subsistence wages, instead of people being able to get well-paying jobs.  People who work are killing themselves with little time to live.  But the super-rich are getting richer, & the disparity is getting greater.  The only hope is WOMAN POWER RISING & CHANGING IT ALL - Do not look for men or any male-made system to get us out of this.  Mother God, woman power, female affluence, veneration of women is the only hope.
I have to go to the gym soon & lift weights for this remarkable body that mesmerizes all men.  And women.  The girls all want to be like me of course.  So I must be the role model mentally & physically.  The college students surround me every night at the clubs, asking for direction, advise & knowledge. 
The women are empowered into their superiority, the males learn to venerate the females & make love properly.  One of the amazing things I teach them is HOW TO TOUCH.  I show them the gentlest touch imaginable, they ALWAYS SMILE like it's a REVELATION.
Great question!
But under male domination religion we have genocide, atrocities, murders, pedophilia, suicide cults, violence, chaos, destruction & injustice
BRING BACK MOTHER GOD WORSHIP & VENERATION OF FEMALES if you want a sane & happy , secure world & safety.  Women do not orchestrate death & destruction, they create life, they take care of life.  Males are the opposite, they destroy & kill.  Give them power & you have Hell on earth. 
I said this so many times before & William Bond agrees - all systems of male domination, including religion, become corrupt & violent.
Rasa says:
About altar boys - indeed, they can get their hands on them.  I was in Canada dancing & was going to daily Mass, & they had female altar girls!  It was delightful!  But Pope John Paul II put a stop to that - it was one of the more regrettable things he did.  Homosexuals join venues where the sex of their choice is prevalent.  The military is filled with gay persons - nothing against gays - I think it's natural - I am not repressive of same-gender sex at all. Many gay females join the military to be with women - they have told me & I have read about them, & I have seen many women speaking in protests against the men raping them, & some seemed gay - which is fine.
The problem occurs when you have males with children.  Half of girls & a quarter of boys, according to statistics, are molested by their Dads.  Now you have priests who are homosexual, & maybe they have adult males they go to bed with, but also have access to altar boys.  Males are not famous for their morals, are they?  Violence & crimes belong 99% to males.  So what would stop them from molesting the innocent & the vulnerable?  I say never leave a male with any child, ever.  But no one is listening.  They all think the man they know will never do it.  Look at the statistics. 
To a young man:  As an athlete sooner or later you will notice that you HAVE to eat healthy foods in order to maintain your health & strength - while you are very young you might get away with it for a while, not to be picky, but it catches up with you. Don't drink soda, don't eat fast foods! Don't eat "snacks" like whatever comes in bags as a snack. Eat salads, fish. In my salads I put fruits & veggies. Have to go make one now. I put this in them:
oranges, grapefruit
baby spinach
romaine lettuce
spring leaves
grated rutabaga
or parsnips or turnips
seeds like sesame or sunflower seeds
cut up melons
I use only olive oil in salads & all my cooking
I also like to boil vegetables like brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes with onions, just plain veggies
put olive oil & butter on them
Sometimes I add tuna or other fish on top of the salad, also a lot of cheese on the salad. This is what I mean by a "diet" to stay healthy.
I do a lot of other things. But I am saying, I am an athlete like you - I dance & win contests at the clubs - I lift weights all my life since I was 18 - I studied health. - be healthy!!!
You probably eat whatever your Mom makes - but in your spare time, when you choose food at school or buy it- eat a lot of veggies, raw fruits & vegetables. Soda is poison. Milk is bad. Juice drinks filled with sugar & chemicals are bad.
"All is fair in LOVE & WAR"
She might BORROW him for a while but she will not KEEP him if he is not hers.  Another girl may borrow him, & another, & another, but no female can keep him if he is yours.
If he belongs to you he will eventually be yours PERMANENTLY.
True love is true love.  It cannot be changed.  When a man keeps jumping to many women he’s EXPERIMENTING to see if it works.  It doesn’t work, he moves on.  He is restless because he is not with the woman that is perfect for him.
I had a husband, Richard von Werder, that no one could take from me & I never worried.  Death took us apart, nothing else.
The man I love will not rest until he is with me, he will move from woman to woman until he realizes
“this is it, I have to admit I love her, there is no one else.”
You have to give a man like a year to settle down even after he’s with you – to let him make sure it’s you & you alone he wants.  Then after he goes back to his old haunts & sees there’s no thrill, he’s alright & can finally rest.
Until True Love finds one another - & it has to be both ways – people keep searching, trying & looking.  Why?  Because they want to find the one that satisfies them & fills their heart completely & it can’t be one way, has to be both.  If he’s restless over a year, if he can’t settle down, can’t be faithful, means, it’s not True Love for him.  In True Love each partner gives the other one exactly what they need spiritually, emotionally, & the physical is part of it, but the physical follows the spiritual / emotional.
Fem Devotee February 24 at 1:07pm
Dear Mother God,
Please remember to check Your POB for my offering. i pray for Your protection and firm guidance. i understand and accept that this will be the first of many offerings and tithings to Your glory that i will be required to make. i want desperately to stay in Your favor and will do whatever You command. It is a privilege.
With love and adoration and respect,
Your disciple, k
Disciple k,
Got the new $100. bill looking so clean & fresh – how I love those hundred dollar bills!  Gonna’ try to gain some more of them by winning the hot body, sexy & strip contests downtown again tonight.
However, on a serious note, this money you sent increases your link with me & forebodes greater Anointing flowing to you, so when you give, you receive from God the greatest thing there is:  God’s Power & Energy, Divine Love.
Thank you for your wisdom in giving.  “My giving makes me rich!”
Guru Rasa
Pope Benedict XVI is facing charges of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court for “the preservation and leadership of a worldwide totalitarian regime of coercion which subjugates its members with terrifying and health-endangering threats,” and for his part in the Vatican’s pedophile priests molestation and rape scandals, and the Vatican’s “adherence to a fatal forbiddance of the use of condoms, even when the danger of HIV-Aids infection exists,” according to a report in The Irish Times.
Read the complete document here below.
“Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel, based at Marktheidenfeld in the Pope’s home state of Bavaria , last week submitted a 16,500-word document to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague , Dr Luis Moreno Ocampo.
“Their charges concern “three worldwide crimes which until now have not been denounced . . . (as) the traditional reverence toward ‘ecclesiastical authority’ has clouded the sense of right and wrong.”
Though not widely reported, Chris in Paris at AmericaBlog writes, “The case is going to have plenty of challenges, but the basis of the accusations is not wrong. The behavior of the church has been immoral and irresponsible with its response to the global AIDS crisis as well as the child rape problems inside the church.”
And AmericaBlog’s Joe Sudbay agrees, adding, “Sounds like all those Catholic leaders in America who’ve been obsessing about same-sex marriage should start worrying about the crimes committed by their boss. And, instead of spending money to fight marriage in states like California , Maine and Maryland , they better start collecting for the Pope’s Legal Defense Fund.”
The Pope, who just one month ago decreed that “no one can make a claim to the right to a nuptial ceremony,” and marriage is therefore not a God-given right, also earlier this year claimed that same-sex marriages were “penalizing” opposite-sex marriages.
Additionally, it’s important to remember that this is the Pope who said in an end of year message to his Cardinals that “In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” and added that paedophilia wasn’t even considered an “absolute evil.”
Benedict XVI has declared that laws which legalize same-sex marriage “contribute to the weakening of the principles of natural law,” and to “confusion about society’s values,” and claimed that same-sex marriage “attacks” the “endangered species” that is mankind. Even before he was elected Pope, he knew of the pedophile priest sex abuse scandal, yet did not act.
This is also the same pope presiding over a Vatican that has said the Vatican was being treated like Holocaust victims, and blamed homosexuality and Jews on the Catholic Church’s international pedophilia scandal.
The document below is purportedly the actual document, via the Internet site of Dr. Christian Sailer, one of the parties who reportedly filed the charges.
Rasa says:  Illuminati, Shadow govt. people, this evil Crowley man, all at the top, take part in the occult or lower forces spirituality - the Bohemian Grovers, worship Moloch, the owl/demon symbol - it's all a part of the metaphysical, non physical world, they believe in Satan, good people believe in the Goodness of the True Mother God.  They believe there is no morality or values or right vs wrong - they believe it is alright to use up, destroy & kill, steal from those whom they enslave or murder.  We are living in the world of males who worship the demons inside of themselves.  The hope coming up is the females, with the minority of males as their friends, who will take over the reigns of the world & l implement the maternal, nurturing, compassionate way of life.
Nuns pregnant by priests murdering babies?
Susan Cole Yeah Christy???? Nuns murder babies after giving birth: I don't think books are sold in America . A co-worker knows that I am a founder of St. Rita's Deaf Child Abuse Survivors, Inc in Cincinnati , Ohio against clergy abusers so she thought I would like to read it. She asked me to read and returned it to her. So I read the book, it disgusted me! The nun became a nun when she was 12 and ran away from the convent to her home so her father returned her to the convent sure she was abused, molested, etc. "Mother" chose those nuns to have sex with those priests they got pregnant. This is so sick I have ever read! My gosh!! I returned book to her. I remember the name of the book. She told me the book was sold in Canada called "The Journey from Catholic to Pentecostal" She finally ran away from the convent and hid out in California trying to avoid the eye contact. She told police about babies and never heard from them. She was on her own. No contact with her parents because she was afraid she would be sent back there. Very interesting but one nun had baby breech so c-section then put her in 8x8 cell left to die plus baby left to die. Out there they are abusing - you look at nuns as they wear masks with wanting to frown but stay grinning all day in front of you then inside the building, they could kill each other! ♥
from Rasa:
Started JUICING again & eating 75% RAW foods & huge amount of vitamins. Broke my exercise record Feb. (in maybe 10 yrs.) with 735 sets of weights/dance—gained a lb. but it must be muscle-Meditating all night tonight-Feeling GOOD-Mother God will speak inside me.
Feel that I’m in TRANSITION. Have spent OVER A YEAR now concentrating on fb. Time to get back to other things as well? - like producing books.  I collected enough material from my, William Bond’s & other friends’ posts for one or two new books – made NEW friends, that is an accomplishment. Also learned some new stuff, that always helps.
As I begin a MARATHON of all-night meditation & prayer, the first thing Mother God tells me as to the meaning of my life,
“The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is stay close to me. I am God, & from THIS SOURCE all work, all meaning, follows.  Stay CLOSE TO ME & it will unfold naturally & rightly. Do not try to figure it all out, be ONE with me... ‘Put first the Kingdom of God , & everything shall be added unto you.’”
Yes, even though one is in “nonduality” permanently, you have to refresh yourself constantly, not to lose hold of the vision that God is you, you are God, you cannot let this vision fade or get swallowed up by the OUTSIDE WORLD, the natural flesh & instincts.  Mind/consciousness has to be fully immersed in Spirit from time to time.
FORGIVENESS you do for your own good as much as theirs -
But they still all pay for their sins.  I have watched karma swallow up many of them.  Disease, alcoholism, homes burned down, disasters, traumas, poverty - I can connect it with their sins that they of course DENY.  When you have lived long as I have you see it - You listen to the LIFE STORIES of people & then look at their PRESENT CONDITION & in many cases it was their own SELF HATE & DESTRUCTIVENESS  (or lack of self respect) - as well as the lack of sensitivity/compassion to others - that led to where they are at.
Rasa says:
John, Susan -  I do understand how you feel but please bear with me.  There is a difference between "forgiveness" & the consequences of sin.  I forgive, but I still punish, says God & says I.  To forgive does not mean to revoke punishment (or justice, like putting them in jail).
I was a minister to Purgatory for over 30 years. I saw forgiven souls sitting there – my own Mother for 24 years -  being cleansed, their greatest torture the inability to see God.  My job was to help them see God face to face.
Forgiven souls are not deprived of punishment!
To forgive does not mean to revoke justice!
Justice & punishment are served upon everyone who sins! – including the forgiven. Those who do not SEEK forgiveness have a place in Hell.
As I said, I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me & I have seen them suffer as a result of their own actions – most of which they chose to forget.  Some of the punishments come many years later – 10-20 years & they do not connect them with things they did long ago.
“Why me?”
they say  Why you?  If you have constant bad luck it might be what you did in the past.
Small children of course are not capable of sin, so what happens to them is not karma.  There are innocent people who get abused, adults, also, not a result of their own karma.  So not all evil is karma (Jesus had no bad karma, many good souls have no karma, but they suffer also), but those who do evil will be visited by their own karma sooner or later.  I have watched it with my own eyes & I have listened to countless hard-luck stories & saw that in adults, most of what comes upon them, they brought on themselves by their decisions, actions, sins & wrong choices.
Jesus said,
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
He forgave them, yet every single one of them who crucified him, got their just rewards.  The High Priest went insane, King Herod got worms & died in agony – they all got it.
But the “good thief” got,
“This day thou shalt be with me in Paradise .”
Forgive & watch God & karma deal with the wicked ones – you have to forgive for your own cleanliness of soul & peace of mind. 
“They don’t know what they are doing”
because they are sometimes ignorant, confused, & stupid.  If they really love sin, of course, then they go to Hell, which is forever.
as I start my journey in the valley of death I fear no man but I walk with my steel mesh underpants on for there are pedophile priests every where
Rasa says:
Laura I have studied some of this via the great conspiracy experts, but somehow, for me, the buck stops with the human males.  The human males are the ones who have committed 98% & more of all the violence & crimes, they create war, they run a system that thrives on death.  They worship the demons that are within themselves.  I plant the blame there.  If reptilians & aliens are affecting the human race, why is it only the males doing most of the evil?
Rasa says:  I do not have to have awakened rage in order to do good, to find God, & to ascend.  I have seen God face to face, twice.  I know what God is - God is within & is the Highest part of ourselves.  You achieve this through the traditional way taught by the saints in Mystical Theology.  It is "death to self" or the lower self, the flesh & its attachments.  "No one can see me & live."
All this talk about reptilians forcing us through violence & atrocities & pollution, to ascend higher, is ABSURD.
How Rasa educates young males online – spends her valuable time answering questions - lol
[Todd Gavazzi]
[Todd Gavazzi]
so were reading what you post and you just made us so confused
confused who about what?
[Todd Gavazzi]
i mean we dont wanna sound like dicks, but like your posts about feminie seniorty, i guess thats waht i think you mea nahah
female superiority is a known fact but rarely advertised in Patriarchy - I am working for female empowerment & Matriarchy
[Todd Gavazzi]
but do you believe a female is superior to a male?
i mean personally i believe in equality
there would be no man or woman without man and woman
there is no equality females are biologically, genetically & constitutionally superior to males
feminists fought for EQUAL RIGHTS but that doesn't mean male & female are equal - equal under the law as far as human rights - we are past that now, into empowerment
[Todd Gavazzi]
how so, how are females superior
im not trying to disagree or argue but trying to more less understand
btw women don't even have equal rights under the law & yet, they are so powerful, the are forging ahead of men in many significant areas
the basis is the chromosomes - female is two huge, powerful chromosomes called XX - these can repair themselves
[Todd Gavazzi]
true , i believe underlaw there should be no superiority, as far as genetic make up i dont know much about it
the male is an X & a Y which is a puny chromosome that cannot repair itself - it's like a fragment of the Y
because of the damage to the Y chromosome, human males are going extinct & there will be no more males in like 100,000 years
women will reproduce without males
meant to say the Y is a fragment of the X chromosome
[Todd Gavazzi]
oh, thats interesting, so where do you stand on that? i mean as far as men in general
there are numerous studies & statistics that bear out female superiority & male inferiority, some of this is archived in my 6,000 page educational site, & also on my blog there are 500 articles I wrote, Google blog, The Future is Women
[Todd Gavazzi]
true, i
ive read some
where I stand is I am an educator, bringing forth facts so that people will prepare for Matriarchy - which is now in progress & will manifest in about 200 years or so
[Todd Gavazzi]
but then again , as of now, do you feel like men are still needed for women?
because men bring pleasure, joy, happiness, love into women's lives
sexually a man is needed to make a woman a woman
we women are all trying to get love out of men & good sex, but that is not easy, as males are cold hearted & know little about sex & how to give pleasure. We women are frustrated
How old are you & how did we meet?
[Todd Gavazzi]
im 23, and not all men, i can give great pleasure. and downtown
I have dated scores of young males from downtown & have gotten little pleasure or love
A small bit of pleasure & a tinal fractalof love I would say
Most males are flops
[Todd Gavazzi]
for love, that would be impossible to find within me in general. pleasre definitly.
the reason I suspect is they have not been tutored by older women in our Patriarchal society
[Todd Gavazzi]
i have been with numerous older women, have been some of the best experiences i have encountered
I am not speaking of the deep "in love" but even an imitation of love like charm, romance, males fall short of that - the things every woman dreams about, they give the opposite - in most cases
there are exceptions. I would say one out of 50 is exciting. My own experience.
[Todd Gavazzi]
i agree, to imitate the scenario of love is the root to pleasure
oh is that so? Is that why you're talking to me?
[Todd Gavazzi]
well not initially but you have me intrigued
would you like to chat by phone?
[Todd Gavazzi]
how about in person, i find that its the only way cause phone chats can just be mocked
well next time you see me downtown, introduce yourself
unfortunatly i dont go downtown anymore, i feel like its too fake, nothing really catches my intrest there anymore
not much there for me
so you don't want to phone chat & you don't go downtown - lovely
[Todd Gavazzi]
well better yet, what would you like?
I don't know you or anything about you or even how you look! Am just trying to answer your questions. I was trying to get a group going to educate in my apt. but haven't had any luck making it work.
[Todd Gavazzi]
yeah i understand, well i guess suprise and suspense is pivotal to making a moment a memory
Dan Sader says:  where can I go to worship you?
Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy You can start any time, wherever you are - Remember, I am the Spirit of God, my body is the Temple of God & also holds the Living God within each atom
Amber Dawn Meadows Bos or . . . . he could spend this money and feed his ENTIRE country very well. or not i guess . . . thinking with his pants.
Gururasavonwerder Kellieeverts MotherGod Matriarchy Unfortunately, yes, they could do a lot of things with the billions/ trillions they spend on luxuries & WAR - But that's NOT WHAT PATRIARCHY IS ABOUT! It's about exploitation, slavery of people, using them up, including torture & death to humans & animals - all to make rich men, all men, powerful, everyone/ everything else weak. The Culture of Death is NOT based on caring or sharing, it's based on KILLING - THE CULTURE OF DEATH thrives on this, lives off this.
Look up “codex alimentarius” and “nutricide” if you want a real education about what is going on right now with the worlds food supply, pharmaceuticals and laws that aim to outlaw anything to do with living a healthy lifestyle. This is way beyond what most people would even imagine in their wildest dreams.

Watch a few of the videos by Dr Rima Laibow (America) or Ian Crane (UK)

I think maybe I'll start putting some of this stuff on my website. This needs to be stopped and it needs to be stopped NOW! The whole world needs to know what these scheming lowlifes are up to.

Rasa says re. abuse of disabled: No shock to me - Orphanages have been emptied by the testing done  them by the U.S. govt. They killed every one.  Put children (animals, anyone) into the hands of men & you have mind control, abuse, molestation & death - They use humans as guinea pigs SO THEY CAN DO MORE DAMAGE & DEATH IN WAR - THEY FIGURE OUT THE EASIEST, CHEAPEST, SNEAKIEST WAY TO KILL - They pick on the  most vulnerable, innocent, without-recourse type people - children without parents - poor black people, Indians, Indigenous natives, military personnEl who have no rights to sue, etc.  Anyone that wilL not take revenge or sue, they use them as GUINEA PIGS.
America's shocking secret: Pictures that show how U.S. experimented on its own disabled citizens and prison inmates
February 28, 2011 - Pictures have emerged providing the shocking proof that U.S. government doctors once experimented on disabled American citizens and prison inmates. Such experiments included giving hepatitis to mental patients in Connecticut, squirting a pandemic flu virus up the noses of prisoners in Maryland, and injecting cancer cells into chronically ill people at a New York hospital. Much of this horrific history is 40 to 80 years old, but it is the backdrop for a meeting in Washington this week by a presidential bioethics commission...
America's shocking secret: Pictures that show how U.S. experimented on its own disabled citizens and prison inmates
By Daily Mail Reporter
February 28, 2011
Pictures have emerged providing the shocking proof that U.S. government doctors once experimented on disabled American citizens and prison inmates.
Such experiments included giving hepatitis to mental patients in Connecticut, squirting a pandemic flu virus up the noses of prisoners in Maryland, and injecting cancer cells into chronically ill people at a New York hospital.
Much of this horrific history is 40 to 80 years old, but it is the backdrop for a meeting in Washington this week by a presidential bioethics commission.
Prison 'volunteers': In this 1966 picture, medical administrator Solomon McBride questions a clearly marked subject at Holmesburg Prison, Philadelphia. Questions have been rasied about whether inmates were coerced
The meeting was triggered by the government's apology last year for federal doctors infecting prisoners and mental patients in Guatemala with syphilis 65 years ago.
U.S. officials also acknowledged there had been dozens of similar experiments in America - studies that often involved making healthy people sick.
A review by the Associated Press of medical journal reports and decades-old press clippings found more than 40 such studies.
At best, these were a search for lifesaving treatments - at worst, some amounted to curiosity-satisfying experiments that hurt people but provided no useful results.
Captive guinea pigs: In 1945, army doctors exposed inmates to malaria-carrying mosquitoes in the malaria ward at Stateville Penitentiary in Crest Hill, Illinois. Prisoners were enlisted to help the war effort
It echoes the deadly and meritless experiments conducted on Jewish concentration camp detainees at the hands of Nazi doctors.
And it will undoubtedly be compared to the Tuskegee syphilis study, where U.S. health officials tracked 600 black men in Alabama who already had syphilis - but didn't give them adequate treatment even after penicillin became available.
Arthur Caplan, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Center for Bioethics, said: 'When you give somebody a disease - even by the standards of their time - you really cross the key ethical norm of the profession.'
Most of the recently revealed studies, from the 1940s to the 1960s, apparently were never covered by news media. Others were reported at the time but the focus was on the promise of enduring new cures, while glossing over how test subjects were treated.
Infect and observe: An army doctor watches as malaria-carrying mosquitoes bite the stomach of inmate Richard Knickerbockers, serving 10 to 14 years, in Stateville in 1945
Many prominent researchers felt it was legitimate to experiment on people who did not have full rights in society - people like prisoners, mental patients or the poor blacks.
Laura Stark, a Wesleyan University assistant professor of science in society - who is writing a book about past federal medical experiments - said: 'There was definitely a sense - that we don't have today - that sacrifice for the nation was important.'
Though people in the studies were usually described as volunteers, historians and ethicists have questioned how well these people understood what was to be done to them and why, or whether they were coerced.
Prisoners have long been victimised for the sake of science. In 1915, the U.S. government's Dr Joseph Goldberger - today remembered as a public health hero - recruited Mississippi inmates to go on special rations to prove his theory that the painful illness pellagra was caused by a dietary deficiency (The men were offered pardons for their participation).
Holmesburg Prison
Survivor: Edward Anthony was experimented on while he was an inmate at Philadelphia's Holmesburg Prison. Shocking as it is today, doctors at the time did not find the experiments unethical
But studies using prisoners were uncommon in the first few decades of the 20th century, and were usually performed by researchers considered eccentric even by the standards of the day.
One was Dr LL Stanley, resident physician at San Quentin prison in California, who around 1920 attempted to treat older, 'devitalized men' by implanting in them testicles from livestock and from recently executed convicts.
Newspapers wrote about Stanley's experiments, but the lack of outrage is striking.
One long-winded but otherwise cheery 1919 report in the Washington Post began: 'Enter San Quentin penitentiary in the role of the Fountain of Youth - an institution where the years are made to roll back for men of failing mentality and vitality and where the spring is restored to the step, wit to the brain, vigor to the muscles and ambition to the spirit. All this has been done, is being done... by a surgeon with a scalpel.'
The AP review of past research found:
1) A federally funded study begun in 1942 injected experimental flu vaccine in male patients at a state insane asylum in Ypsilanti, Michigan, then exposed them to flu several months later.
It was co-authored by Dr Jonas Salk, who a decade later would become famous as inventor of the polio vaccine. Some of the men weren't able to describe their symptoms, raising serious questions about how well they understood what was being done to them.
2) In federally funded studies in the 1940s, noted researcher Dr W Paul Havens Jnr exposed men to hepatitis in a series of experiments, including one using patients from mental institutions in Middletown and Norwich, Connecticut.
Dr Havens, a World Health Organization expert on viral diseases, was one of the first scientists to differentiate types of hepatitis and their causes.
3) Researchers in the mid-1940s studied the transmission of a deadly stomach bug by having young men swallow unfiltered faecal matter. The study was conducted at the New York State Vocational Institution, a reformatory prison in West Coxsackie. The point was to see how well the disease spread through ingestion. The study doesn't explain if the men were rewarded for this awful task.
4) A University of Minnesota study in the late 1940s injected 11 public service employee volunteers with malaria, then starved them for five days. Some were also subjected to hard labour. Then they were treated for malarial fevers with quinine sulfate.
One of the authors was Ancel Keys, a noted dietary scientist who developed K-rations for the military and the Mediterranean diet for the public.
5) For a study in 1957, when the Asian flu pandemic was spreading, federal researchers sprayed the virus in the noses of 23 inmates at Patuxent prison in Jessup, Md., to compare their reactions to those of 32 virus-exposed inmates who had been given a new vaccine.
6) Government researchers in the 1950s tried to infect about two dozen volunteering prison inmates with gonorrhea using two different methods in an experiment at a federal prison in Atlanta. But the researchers noted their methods weren't comparable to how men normally got infected - by having sex with an infected partner. Too late for the men they had already infected.
Around the time of World War II, prisoners were enlisted to help the war effort by taking part in studies that could help the troops. One was a series of malaria studies at Stateville Penitentiary in Illinois was designed to test antimalarial drugs that could help soldiers fighting in the Pacific.
It was at about this time that prosecution of Nazi doctors in 1947 led to the Nuremberg Code, a set of international rules to protect human test subjects. Many U.S. doctors essentially ignored them, arguing that they applied to Nazi atrocities - not to American medicine.
The late 1940s and 1950s saw huge growth in the U.S. pharmaceutical and health care industries, accompanied by a boom in prisoner experiments funded by both the government and corporations.
By the 1960s, at least half the states allowed prisoners to be used as medical guinea pigs.
But two studies in the 1960s proved to be turning points in the public's attitude toward the way test subjects were treated.
The first came to light in 1963. Researchers injected cancer cells into 19 old and debilitated patients at a Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in the New York borough of Brooklyn - to see if their bodies would reject them.
The hospital director said the patients were not told they were being injected with cancer cells because there was no need - the cells were deemed harmless.
But the experiment upset a lawyer named William Hyman, who sat on the hospital's board of directors.
The state investigated, and the hospital ultimately said any such experiments would require the patient's written consent.
At nearby Staten Island, from 1963 to 1966, a controversial medical study was conducted at the Willowbrook State School for children with mental retardation.
The children were intentionally given hepatitis orally and by injection to see if they could then be cured with gamma globulin.
Those two studies - along with the Tuskegee experiment revealed in 1972 - proved to be a 'unholy trinity' that sparked extensive and critical media coverage and public disgust, said Susan Reverby, the Wellesley College historian who first discovered records of the syphilis study in Guatemala.
By the early 1970s, even experiments involving prisoners were considered scandalous. In widely covered congressional hearings in 1973, pharmaceutical industry officials acknowledged they were using prisoners for testing because they were cheaper than chimpanzees.
Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia made extensive use of inmates for medical experiments. Some of the victims are still around to talk about it.
Edward Anthony, featured in a book about the studies, says he agreed to have a layer of skin peeled off his back, which was coated with searing chemicals to test a drug. He did that for money to buy cigarettes in prison.
He spoke of his reaction to the experiment, saying: 'I said "Oh my God, my back is on fire! Take this ... off me".'
Mr Anthony recalled the beginning of weeks of intense itching and agonising pain.
The government responded with reforms. Among them: The U.S. Bureau of Prisons in the mid-1970s effectively excluded all research by drug companies and other outside agencies within federal prisons.
Criminal experiments: Experiments by Dr Josef Mengele (second left) and others like him were internationally condemned as war crimes for their lack of merit
As the supply of prisoners and mental patients dried up, researchers looked to other countries.
It made sense. Clinical trials could be done more cheaply and with fewer rules. And it was easy to find patients who were taking no medication, a factor that can complicate tests of other drugs.
Additional sets of ethical guidelines have been enacted, and few believe that another Guatemala study could happen today.
Despite modern-day outrage, it has not stopped Tuskegee-style experiments continuing.
American-funded doctors in Uganda failed to give the Aids drug AZT to HIV-infected pregnant women, even though it would have protected their newborns.
U.S. health officials argued the study would answer questions about AZT's use in the developing world.
The other study, by Pfizer, gave an antibiotic named Trovan to children with meningitis in Nigeria, although there were doubts about its effectiveness for that disease.
Critics blamed the experiment for the deaths of 11 children and the disabling of scores of others.
Pfizer settled a lawsuit with Nigerian officials for $75 million but admitted no wrongdoing.
The issue of American-led foreign studies was still being debated when, last October, the Guatemala study came to light.
In the 1946-48 study, American scientists infected prisoners and patients in a mental hospital in Guatemala with syphilis, apparently to test whether penicillin could prevent some sexually transmitted disease. The study came up with no useful information and was hidden for decades.
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Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet  
by    Michael Parenti

Some years ago in New England, a group of environmentalists asked a corporate executive how his company (a paper mill) could justify dumping its raw industrial effluent into a nearby river.  The river—which had taken Mother Nature centuries to create--was used for drinking water, fishing, boating, and swimming.  In just a few years, the paper mill had turned it into a highly toxic open sewer.

The executive shrugged and said that river dumping was the most cost-effective way of removing the mill’s wastes If the company had to absorb the additional expense of having to clean up after itself, it might not be able to maintain its competitive edge and would then have to go out of business or move to a cheaper labor market, resulting in a loss of jobs for the local economy.

Free Market Über Alles
It was a familiar argument: the company had no choice. It was compelled to act that way in a competitive market. The mill was not in the business of protecting the environment but in the business of making a profit, the highest possible profit at the highest possible rate of return. Profit is the name of the game, as business leaders make clear when pressed on the point. The overriding purpose of business is capital accumulation.

To justify its single-minded profiteering, Corporate America promotes the classic laissez-faire theory which claims that the free  market---a congestion of  unregulated and unbridled enterprises all selfishly pursuing their own ends---is governed by a benign “invisible hand” that miraculously produces optimal outputs for everybody.

The free marketeers have a deep all-abiding faith in laissez-faire for it is a faith that serves them well. It means no government oversight, no being held accountable for the environmental disasters they perpetrate. Like greedy spoiled brats, they repeatedly get bailed out by the government (some free market!) so that they can continue to take irresponsible risks, plunder the land, poison the seas, sicken whole communities, lay waste to entire regions, and pocket obscene profits.

This corporate system of capital accumulation treats the Earth’s life-sustaining resources (arable land, groundwater, wetlands, foliage, forests, fisheries, ocean beds, bays, rivers, air quality) as disposable ingredients presumed to be of limitless supply, to be consumed or toxified at will. As BP has demonstrated so well in the Gulf-of-Mexico catastrophe, considerations of cost weigh so much more heavily than considerations of safety. As one Congressional inquiry concluded: “Time after time, it appears that BP made decisions that increased the risk of a blowout to save the company time or expense.”

Indeed, the function of the transnational corporation is not to promote a healthy ecology but to extract as much marketable value out of the natural world as possible even if it means treating the environment like a septic tank. An ever-expanding corporate capitalism and a fragile finite ecology are on a calamitous collision course, so much so that the support systems of the entire ecosphere---the Earth’s thin skin of fresh air, water, and topsoil---are at risk.
 It is not true that the ruling politico-economic interests are in a state of denial about all this.  Far worse than denial, they have shown outright antagonism toward those who think our planet is more important than their profits.  So they defame environmentalists as “eco-terrorists,” “EPA gestapo,” “Earth day alarmists,” “tree huggers,” and purveyors of “Green hysteria.” 

     In an enormous departure from free-market ideology, most of the diseconomies of big business are foisted upon the general populace, including the costs of cleaning up toxic wastes, the cost of monitoring production, the cost of disposing of industrial effluence (which composes 40 to 60 percent of the loads treated by taxpayer-supported municipal sewer plants), the cost of developing new water sources (while industry and agribusiness consume 80 percent of the nation’s daily water supply), and the costs of attending to the sickness and disease caused by all the toxicity created. With many of these diseconomies regularly passed on to the government, the private sector then boasts of its superior cost-efficiency over the public sector.

The Superrich Are Different from Us
Isn’t ecological disaster a threat to the health and survival of corporate plutocrats just as it is to us ordinary citizens? We can understand why the corporate rich might want to destroy public housing, public education, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Such cutbacks would bring us closer to a free market society devoid of the publicly-funded “socialistic” human services that the ideological reactionaries detest. And such cuts would not deprive the superrich and their families of anything. The superrich have more than sufficient private wealth to procure whatever services and protections they need for themselves.

But the environment is a different story, is it not? Don’t wealthy reactionaries and their corporate lobbyists inhabit the same polluted planet as everyone else, eat the same chemicalized food, and breathe the same toxified air?  In fact, they do not live exactly as everyone else. They experience a different class reality, often residing in places where the air is markedly better than in low and middle income areas. They have access to food that is organically raised and specially transported and prepared.

The nation's toxic dumps and freeways usually are not situated in or near their swanky neighborhoods. In fact, the superrich do not live in neighborhoods as such. They usually reside on landed estates with plenty of wooded areas, streams, meadows, and only a few well-monitored access roads. Pesticide sprays are not poured over their trees and gardens. Clear cutting does not desolate their ranches, estates, family forests, lakes, and prime vacation spots.

Still, should they not fear the threat of an ecological apocalypse brought on by global warming? Do they want to see life on Earth, including their own lives, destroyed? In the long run they indeed will be sealing their own doom along with everyone else’s. However, like us all, they live not in the long run but in the here and now. What is now at stake for them is something more proximate and more urgent than global ecology; it is global profits. The fate of the biosphere seems like a remote abstraction compared to the fate of one’s immediate--and enormous--investments.    

With their eye on the bottom line, big business leaders know that every dollar a company spends on oddball things like environmental protection is one less dollar in earnings. Moving away from fossil fuels and toward solar, wind, and tidal energy could help avert ecological disaster, but six of the world's ten top industrial corporations are involved primarily in the production of oil, gasoline, and motor vehicles. Fossil fuel pollution brings billions of dollars in returns. Ecologically sustainable forms of production threaten to compromise such profits, the big producers are convinced.

Immediate gain for oneself is a far more compelling consideration than a future loss shared by the general public. Every time you drive your car, you are putting your immediate need to get somewhere ahead of the collective need to avoid poisoning the air we all breath. So with the big players: the social cost of turning a forest into a wasteland weighs little against the immense and immediate profit that comes from harvesting the timber and walking away with a neat bundle of cash. And it can always be rationalized away: there are lots of other forests for people to visit, they don’t need this one; society needs the timber; lumberjacks need the jobs, and so on.

The Future Is Now
Some of the very same scientists and environmentalists who see the ecology crisis as urgent rather annoyingly warn us of a catastrophic climate crisis by “the end of this century.” But that’s some ninety years away when all of us and most of our kids will be dead---which makes global warming a much less urgent issue.

There are other scientists who manage to be even more irritating by warning us of an impending ecological crisis then putting it even further into the future: “We’ll have to stop thinking in terms of eons and start thinking in terms of centuries,” one scientific sage was quoted in the New York Times in 2006. This is supposed to put us on alert? If a global catastrophe is a century or several centuries away, who is going to make the terribly difficult and costly decisions today whose effects will be felt far in the future?

Often we are told to think of our dear grandchildren who will be fully victimized by it all (an appeal usually made in a beseeching tone). But most of the young people I address on college campuses have a hard time imagining the world that their nonexistent grandchildren will be experiencing thirty or forty years hence.

Such appeals should be put to rest. We do not have centuries or generations or even many decades before disaster is upon us. Ecological crisis is not some distant urgency. Most of us alive today probably will not have the luxury of saying “Après moi, le déluge” because we will still be around to experience the catastrophe ourselves. We know this to be true because the ecological crisis is already acting upon us with an accelerated and compounded effect that may soon prove irreversible.

The Profiteering Madness

Sad to say, the environment cannot defend itself. It is up to us to protect it—or what’s left of it. But all the superrich want is to keep transforming living nature into commodities and commodities into dead capital. Impending ecological disasters are of no great moment to the corporate plunderers. Of living nature they have no measure.

Wealth becomes addictive. Fortune whets the appetite for still more fortune.  There is no end to the amount of money one might wish to accumulate, driven onward by the auri sacra fames, the cursed hunger for gold. So the money addicts grab more and more for themselves, more than can be spent in a thousand lifetimes of limitless indulgence, driven by what begins to resemble an obsessional pathology, a monomania that blots out every other human consideration.

They are more wedded to their wealth than to the Earth upon which they live, more concerned about the fate of their fortunes than the fate of humanity, so possessed by their pursuit of profit as to not see the disaster looming ahead. There was a New Yorker cartoon showing a corporate executive standing at a lectern addressing a business meeting with these words: “And so, while the end-of-the-world scenario will be rife with unimaginable horrors, we believe that the pre-end period will be filled with unprecedented opportunities for profit.”

Not such a joke. Years ago I remarked that those who denied the existence of global warming would not change their opinion until the North Pole itself started melting. (I never expected it to actually start dissolving  in my lifetime.) Today we are facing an Arctic meltdown that carries horrendous implications for the oceanic gulf streams, coastal water levels, the planet’s entire temperate zone, and world agricultural output.

So how are the captains of industry and finance responding?  As we might expect: like monomaniacal profiteers. They hear the music: ca-ching, ca-ching. First, the Arctic melting will open a direct northwest passage between the two great oceans, a dream older than Lewis and Clark. This will make for shorter and more accessible and inexpensive global trade routes. No more having to plod through the Panama Canal or around Cape Horn . Lower transportation costs means more trade and higher profits.

Second, they joyfully note that the melting is opening up vast new oil reserves to drilling. They will be able to drill-baby-drill for more of the same fossil fuel that is causing the very calamity descending upon us. More meltdown means more oil and more profits; such is the mantra of the free marketeers who think the world belongs only to them.

Imagine now that we are all inside one big bus hurtling down a road that is headed for a fatal plunge into a deep ravine. What are our profit addicts doing? They are hustling up and down the aisle, selling us crash cushions and seat belts at exorbitant prices. They planned ahead for this sales opportunity.
We have to get up from our seats, quickly place them under adult supervision, rush the front of the bus, yank the driver away, grab hold of the wheel, slow the bus down, and turn it around. Not easy but maybe still possible. With me it’s a recurrent dream.
Michael Parenti’s recent books include God and His Demons (Prometheus 2010), Contrary Notions: The Michael Parenti Reader (City Lights, 2007); and The Face of Imperialism (Paradigm, 2011). For more information, visit his website:

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 9:21 PM
Subject: Guru Rasa's Take on the Recent Events in the US and Elsewhere?

Two things: (1) I left facebook after
(a) seeing numerous people on it describe themselves (and showing it in
every way) as being addictive,
(b) after doing research and seeing that there is now a disorder called
"FAD" (Facebook Addictive Disorder),
(c) after seeing how Charlie Sheen manic it has turned everyone into who is
on it,
(d) after seeing how much chaos this collective manic behavior has yielded
both in a good way (the Middle East) and bad (the US, such as with "flash

We had numerous flash mobs in recent times (most of them, by the way, mostly
girl-gangs) in the local area.

So, this leads to (2): what's your take on the latest political maneuvers
seen in the US in 2010 (with the ramrodding of the Health Care legislation)
and the ramrodding of a winner-take-all partisan polarized legislation in
places such as here in Wisconsin ?

It looks like a real-life conspiracy to me; a conspiracy of imeptitude and
broken "representative democratic" systems that are no longer representative
nor democratic, if ever there was a time.

Mark- & agree with your last statement re. the political situation -
About face book - horrendouly addictive- & I am an addict but God has
blessed me by getting me deleted THE FIFTH TIME IN 13 MONTHS
ONE FULL YEAR, AS FAR AS BOOKS - Right now I know I have an fb problem, & if
I could just stay away from it until I get my most recent book finished, I
think I have kicked the habit -
Some good did come out of it, though, lots of good- I collected valuable
posts of myself, William Bond, & others, to fill up at least one, perhaps 2
or 3 books!!  - all on the things I care about.
Politically I believe we are controlled by a shadow govt., the I.lluminati,
Bilderbergers, Bohemiam Grove set.
I believe they are trying to control us, & are doing so to a greater degree
& they are planning doom for us - more atrocities, genocides, murders,
economic, political elslavement, removal of all our human rights & they want
to turn us into microchipped slaves, after herding us into cities.  Death
would be better than being microchipped.
I also believe, at the same time, that the only hope, & the thing that will
indeed prevent these dire consequences planned by madmen, is the uprising of
women, that which you spoke about.
Women taken over is the only thing that can stop the Patriarchs from
destroying the planet & everything on it.
Those articles that incensed you so much - the end of men - are true, &
lifted my spirits to the Heavens
The problem with the world is men - their instinct, what they have been
The solution is women taking over, & they are - as you yourself know.
There is no point in dwelling fully on what human males are doing - it is
all bad.  All their political systems are bad, all corrupt, they are madmen.
They cannot rule the family or the world.
Everything all over the world, that is machinated by men, is all chaos &
gloom - very little good comes out of any of it.  Women will have to fix
evertyhng on the planet - undo all that males have done & create a new

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