Friday, 22 April 2011


These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

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also Rasa’s personal news
The leg is a symbol of the ability of "mystical travel" - sending Power, as the legs are what moves you or takes you somewhere.  Your giving donations, a proof of devotion, has given you this.
Like I promised, you will get these experiences as you donate.
I became very powerful & spiritually evolved by generous giving of all things (pleasure for example) including money.
The foot is a symbol of the transmission of that power, as holding the feet of a guru or kissing them, is like a fountain of energy that is transmitted - likewise, the hands, but the feet are especially symbolic as it shows the humility of the devotee - the humility is the emptying out of oneself of ego or attachment to other things besides the Guru or God, shows the disciple is ready, empty, to receive the Power. 
Very good dream.
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Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 12:43 PM
Subject: dream
Mother God,
i had a brief but lovely dream last night.  i was holding my wife in my sleep (spooning) but was dreaming that i was holding Your beautiful powerful leg.  In the dream Your foot was where my wife’s head was and Your head at the other end of the bed.  i was so content and everything seemed right with the world. When i woke up, You can imagine my disappointment that it was not really Your leg that i was clutching lovingly. 
i pray that i will one day kneel before You.
Personal news
Got a set of four CERAMIC POTS from a friend & am over the top with joy that I WILL NOW COOK WITHOUT ANY METAL LEACHING INTO MY FOOD .  Also pulled out the GLASS COOKWARE from the cellar to augment this, as the pots are not very big.  Hope the glass doesn’t crack, as I shelved them because one cracked in the oven.  Must be careful about pouring cold water over the food when something is cooking in glassware.
People are getting sick from all the METAL (aluminum, stainless steel included) in their cookware – metals & chemicals accumulate in the body, giving us all types of illness including cancer, hurting our liver, which removes toxins, etc.  Disciple Randall told me that in his college of Chinese herbal medicine, they use ceramic only to prepare the herbs.
SECOND, I now have a PERSONAL TRAINER for my weights, at the gym, Robert, & he is FANTASTIC.  I was doing all the machines outside of perfection, & he showed me each one, the exact positions, that are right.  Doing something in strict form uses less weight, but gets the exact benefit you want & is safer against injuries.  The exchange of energy from him to me also made me feel happy.  All the guys at the gym were staring & seemed more friendly to me after watching me with this man...why is that???  Competition.  When you’re all alone, they hesitate to look at you or speak to you.  Seeing you with another man emboldens them, as they are jealous.  Human nature.
THIRD I have two beautiful male models lined up for picture taking, when the time is right – which might be a couple months, maybe less.  They are Kamani Myers & Matthew Hadden.  Have to get a webman & finish book 14 before I’m ready.  See photos

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