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Kellie Everts 1966 
Dearest Rasa,
I do not know if you remember me personally, I am sure you must get millions of prayers and emails directed to you. I sent you a message a long time back detailing a dream I had, my name is Chris, I was going by the name CJ, I see it is still on your site. I am very very honored by this.
Ever since, I had from time to time been praying to you as a vessel of the Goddess and I hope you felt my prayers, but I am afraid I lapsed. The masculine nature of the world can weigh heavy on so much of us and none so much as those males pressured in to accepting the patriarchic nature of society. So like a flower not watered I wilted.
On the eve of my 30th birthday, for reasons I cannot fathom, you were in my mind all day. I was previously feeling like my earlier experience was all a crazy time but once you were in my mind again, I knew, this was no coincidence, in my heart I knew it was no coincidence. I had not put the thoughts of you there. I began to feel guilty, and sick to the stomach that I had left you and forgotten your love and guidance. It overwhelmed me. Then, that night, my 30th birthday, I had another dream of you. I was in my mother’s arms, she was holding me like a child again, and I felt so loved and so innocent, and then she let me go. I was wearing a pink robe and had my face painted feminine. I feel that this represented the feminine divinity, the power and strength of the mother and the fact that I am still a child to her. I had been overwhelmed by the patriarchy, maybe this was the matriarchy once again claiming me as one of their own? She held my hand and led me to a throne room, surrounded by female angels. It was vast, and everyone, including my mother, taller, instinctively more intelligent and powerful. I felt small, tiny in fact, like a little child in front of these beings. Then I saw you, on the throne, so divine, so wondrous, beaming, an aura of beauty, power, and holiness and my Mother, calling you her Goddess, gave me to you. I felt so alive, so protected, like I have never felt before. You held me like my Mother was, starting off the dream, only, I felt like you were my Mother too. That bond was there, but even more so. In one moment, I felt it once again, I knew you were Goddess, the true Goddess, and I was one of your children. I felt it then, and I still do now. When I awoke, there were tears in my eyes, of shame that I had lapsed, of happiness that you had returned for me.
I believe in Goddess, the Mother, the Creator. I know I must change my ways. I must become more devoted, to live my life according to your ways and dedicated to you.
I have decided to change my name to Raina. In the old patriarchic ways, it was common for a woman’s name to be a feminised version of an existing masculine name, I thought doing the same to Rasa would help me to concentrate more. I need to cut many ties to the old ways, they weigh people down. I pray to you every night, in a pink robe, to dedicate myself to you, and to remind me I am one of your children.
I know in my heart and soul you are Goddess and I beg that you forgive me for leaving your side for so long.
To Raina from Rasa:
I’m so glad you got back to me.
There is nothing that makes me happier on earth than to know someone else has received this Anointing Power.
The testimonies are important as there is no limit to how many can receive this – millions if they hear about it.
So, thanks for the testimony & keep praying, & the Power will keep coming to you!
I welcome you as my precious child.
Guru Rasa

from Raina to Rasa:
Mother Goddess,
I feel so honored that the manifestation of the Divine Feminine has given me so much. Every time I search my heart I feel your presence, locked in, strong, feminine. The way you have planted in me such a power and the dreams strike me as true miracles, but surely easy for one such as you.
Mother, ever since my dreams I have been on cloud nine. I have realized how my life had erred. I have become more attentive and respectful to Women. I have been reading on your site about the future of relationships, and know now the path I must take. I must be more female centric, attending to their needs over men’s needs. I must keep praying to you, in adoration, as my Mother. I must, with the same love and enlightenment you showed me, tell people about you. Try to find you converts, try to demonstrate what you mean, that you mean everything.
Mother I am your child and I love you so much. Thank you for your gifts, your wisdom, your strength.

Raina   (7 6 11)
To Raina from Guru Rasa,
I had a dream about you.  You were a beautiful model, tall & young like Brooke Shields age 30.  We were together on a job for Vogue Magazine, & other models were present.
The editor needed help, an old man who could no longer function sexually.  I held him to my breasts & he had an orgasm.  I spoke to a female editor about staying thin & in shape, & she agreed.
Then I saw Brooke Shields again – this is you.
I had just bought a beautiful dress.  It was floor length, of three colors, violet, mint green & something dark.  It was beautifully
I had bought the dress for myself but I gave it to you, & you loved it.  You decided to change your life completely.  You were no longer going to be a model for magazines like Vogue.  You took off your makeup & were even more beautiful.  You put on the dress & sailed through the air, feeling so blissful.  I was happy for you.
I was not sorry about sacrificing the dress, I could get another one easily.
It’s my ministry.  I help women & men, setting an example for women, empowering males with more of the life force.
The main character here is you.  I gave you my “mantle”.  (In the Old Testament when a prophet gives their mantle to the next prophet, it means, they transmitted their Light Power or Anointing.)  The Light is inside you & over you, a “mantle” of Light.
Of course you are blissed out, as God is Love & Bliss.  You said “cloud nine.”  God Power inside you is the most wonderful thing on earth.
The fact that you took off your makeup & no longer wanted to work for Vogue, wanted to become a different person, means, you are no longer with the “fashion/empty fad” of Patriarchy, are on a higher level, that of Mother God.  You have been made free, above the earth,& living in the Light.
Welcome home to Mother God, the place of your origin.
I am very happy for you, Raina.
The dreams are “miracles” because they tell you how this power has changed you from within.  Once you are changed, it is forever, nothing & no one can take away from you what you have become.  All we really have is ourselves, the Treasure & Pearl of Great Price, nothing on earth can exceed the value of our soul & consciousness.
Guru Rasa  (7 6 11)
A great interview of William Bond by Bard of Ely.  Please pay close attention to the mermaid / aquatic ape theory - this is important!

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