Thursday, 8 September 2011

Are men and women the same?

 Recent photo of Rasa Von Werder

William Bond writes to Rasa:
I am still writing on some facebook groups but the biggest problem seems to be is this feminist dogma that men and women are the same!?  They even state that if women rule the world we will still have wars and poverty.  Some people who are interest in matriarchy even claim this.
RASA SAYS:   We seem to have our hands full, William, in pointing out that women & men are different, that females TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE BUT MEN DON’T.  Men lack the maternal instinct because PATENTLY THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE ONE!
Surprise!  If males had A MATERNAL INSTINCT they would not be as good at what they do – which is violence toward those who appear as enemies to their women & children.  Males are supposed to RISK THEIR LIVES (& they do, all the time.  Watch them!)  Women are not supposed to risk their lives - & they don’t – as they are NEEDED TO NURTURE CHILDREN.
Males & females are not equal.  They are created for different things, women to take care of others, to guide & nurture, to lead.  Males are BODY GUARDS, WORKERS & SPERM DONORS.  Males have to be TAUGHT to be tender in lovemaking, it isn’t NATURAL to them, they want to deliver sperm & be off.  Women have to MAKE THEM give extended foreplay – massage therapy, caressing, kissing, playing, as they get erected fast & want to deliver the goods & move on.  It’s all instinct, so they can take seed to as many women as possible.
Since men do not have an INSTINCT to TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE, neither can they rule the family & the world, as they compete for women & are violent to anyone who stands in their way – when they are allowed to rule (in Patriarchy) they attack, exploit women & children as well as other men.  At this point, the PENDULUM HAS TO FALL BACK TO MATRIARCHY, as males have stepped out of bounds.
Men cannot be women & women cannot be men.  Men will always be violent by nature, impulsive.  Women will always be compassionate & careful – which is a generality but like generalities, true most of the time.
To say that women will be like men if they rule the world is ignorant, because they never were, when they did rule.  To say that males can be baby sitters or nurturers or manage things humanely is also ignorant; they are very bad at this.
Let men do what they were meant to do & women lead the world, & everyone can be happy.

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