Wednesday, 7 September 2011

letter from Glenn

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Dear Lady,
                    This will be my last communication. I wanted to learn where you are in relation to God, and you have conveyed that to me. We are on seperate sides of a fundamental divide. From your writings, I have seen that you have suffered from rejection, in a way that only people like yourself and I can know. So before I can continue, I must pour out my heart that I have never met anybody like you, and will surely love and pray for you til God decides our fates.
    I do terribly grieve your departure from the Faith. I will not call you an "apostate", or say you are going to Hell, because that is not God's will for you. God loves you as a Mother, Who would die Herself rather than lose you. God wants only the best for you and does not want me saying any different.
    Please don't get me wrong about the Catholic male hierarchy. Chaucer got it right: there will be millions of priests in Hell. This is not the first time in history the Church has been a cesspool of corruption, of homosexuality, male arrogance and lies. But the Church is a human construction. It is Christ Who said to Peter, "Upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." The Church has identified the Culture of Death which infests itself and the world. "Judgment begins with the House of God": Jesus finished His own death. He isn't through with us.
    How ardently I wish you would return to us, Dear Lady. I would be the first to kneel and kiss your lovely hands in devotion, to submit to you as teacher and my spiritual Mother. With God all things are possible.
     Forever yours in loving admiration and in faith,

Hi Glen,
The Culture of Death is Patriarchy.  The Catholic Church is part of that.  Indeed, it has a great good to it (the saints, the theology minus their discrimination against women & animals & a few other points), but the male priesthood is evil.  God showed me in a dream, when Pope John Paul II died, the Catholic Church was finished.  He was the last good leader.  I saw him ascend directly into Heaven, which to him, was a vast magical woodland.
The Catholic Church is now dying along with the rest of Patriarchy.  It scares you to hear what I have to say, so you are bowing out. You are comfortable in your framework – I understand.  It’s “home sweet home,” where you feel secure even though it’s warped, the love isn’t perfect, but it’s “family.”  Toward the end of my sojourn in Catholicism Jesus & Mary appeared to me, invited me out of it, that it would limit me thereof.  It does take courage to leave a family, a society, a religion, a culture, when you have been fed by it so many years.
It’s like leaving a Guru.  The Guru is there to help you find the God within yourself.  If you cling to the Guru too long, she has to kick you out because you won’t find yourself.  It’s like you can’t leave home & move on, grow up.
I didn’t want to be harsh with you, but I have to.  The Patriarchal religions will diminish & shrink down until they are cults.  The churches on every corner with the penises (steeples) on top will be turned into Temples, Domes (breasts, vaginas), Mother God / Goddess venues. Women will be running most of religion, as with all things.  They will lead the family & the world – we are moving into Matriarchy.
There will always be the “old time religion” but people will laugh at them as they laugh at witches now.  The women in these Patriarchal religions, who stay on, will be the most pitiful & insecure of people – the kind who get sucked into cults like the Mormon / polygamists.  These are women who have nowhere to go, who have been beaten physically or psychologically, born into it, can’t escape like Muslims trapped in their culture.  Some will be just plain ignorant failures, like overweight women who can’t get a man so they’ll take anyone, & if he happens to be a Patriarch, they go along with it, even though they know deep inside he’s crazy.  Any woman – I mean any – who has anything going for her will move into Matriarchy as it comes.
The prerogatives of Mother God & her Culture of Life will once more be expressed.  Women will revolutionize religion & all that is on this planet, restoring it to the good, as it once was, when women ruled the world.  This will not be easy, but it has to be done.
The lies of males, including those told by the Catholic Church, will all be exposed.  Mother God, who lives within me, has been showing me the future for years, & my part in making it happen.
The Earth will breathe a sigh of relief when Mother God once more ascends the throne & the world worships her.  This is what Satan / Patriarchy, wanted to destroy, but his hold was temporary.
Good Bye Patriarchy, good bye Glen.  If you don’t want to talk to me, it’s fine.  I’ll talk to someone else.
Guru Rasa

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  1. Beautiful views by Guru Rasa...You are an amazing woman...I pray what you say come true soon...

    Faith love..