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10 31 11

Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

BardofEly turning against David Icke & Alex Jones!  Some males have influenced Bard to turn against David/Alex; Rasa Von Werder analyzes these men... 
BardofEly to Rasa Von Werder re. Chris Everard, who complains about Alex Jones demanding money to be on his show...Bard feels this is a condemnation of Alex Jones, Bard describes Chris thus:
is a leading conspiracy researcher, film-maker and author who in some
ways goes further than Icke by naming demons and magical texts like
the Goetia they have been conjured from. He has worked with Icke   on
films. A few months back though he found he was not welcome posting on
Icke's forums and had his posts deleted and was going to be charged a
lot of money if he wanted to be a guest on Alex Jones's show. Here is
Chris's site:
Rasa says:  I have looked at this website.  Christ Everard is a business-oriented, commercial person who uses all things esoteric & “out there” for industry.  He sells his skills as a movie maker & technical person to those who believe in something.  What does he believe in? Making money.  That is the focus of what he does, he gives nothing out for free, he is not a member of our movement.  He is like the guy, when you have a Church, who you pay to do the plumbing, or the heat, or paint the place.  You pay him, he’s gone, case closed.  He does not sit there & pray. 
Bard continues defending Chris Everard:
Yes, Chris sells the material he gets out and pays people like me for writing for him.
Rasa says:  That is THE WORST argument you have given me why you defend Chris against David & Alex.  What if Hitler or Stalin paid you to work for them?  The side your bread is buttered on is the right side?
Bard continues:
But David Icke and Alex Jones also sell their services.
Rasa:  Indeed, but that’s not all they do – it is all Chris Everard does, sells.  He has nothing out there for charity, if you look, as I said before, at the work of Alex Jones, David Icke, William Bond & myself, most of our material goes out for free.  We ask for money for things, but I know William Bond & I get almost nothing.  We support 99% plus out of our own pockets.  That is someone who BELIEVES in what they do, it’s not a commercial venture.  Chris is ALL COMMERCIAL.
Bard continues:
Icke charges for his lectures, videos, books and emailed newsletter whilst constantly appealing for donations, and Alex Jones sells DVDs of his films and it turns out charges fees to some guests he has on his show.
Rasa:  Then I must be lucky as I receive free newsletters from both of them & reams of valuable material from them via videos & writings...I have never paid a dime to either one & yet, have been educated greatly by them both.
Bard continues:  
He must be selective about this because he had Charlie Veitch on as a guest.
Charlie was lucky as he is, to me, incredibly boring, immature, & has nothing of value to say.  It’s all platitudes, like a college boy with nothing to do but go out & pull pranks, in this case, pranks disguised as activism work, some of it might be benign, but mostly, it’s just a hoot for Charlie, the attention whore.
and Charlie has no money
Rasa says: 
Well, at least he has a lot of pussy & drugs, he said so – he says he gets more women than all the activists put together, I’m sure he smokes more dope than all the activists put together.  That’s what counts, what he measures himself by.
Bard continues:
Charlie Veitch is a guy who came to fame two years or so back when he and Danny Shine called themselves the Love Police and started filming videos in London in which they spoke out using a megaphone commenting on consumerism, war, the police state etc
Just like Alex Jones, I have hunches, & I always had a feeling about this “love police,” that it was of no consequence, although they sounded good, they were just kids out for larks.  There is a difference between sincere, committed people whose work comes from the heart, & the kids who do things for laughs.
Bard continues:
 and often ran into problems with police and security for doing so.
Rasa says:
Getting arrested got them more fame, credibility for their “work.”
Bard continues:
They examined why it is OK for Big Brother to film us but not OK for us to make films of them doing so.
Rasa says:  Even a broken clock is right twice a day, so prankster Charlie is also right once in a while.
Bard continues:
They called into question what a public area is seeing as they were often stopped and told they were filming on private property such as a shopping mall or train station.
Rasa says:  I too have been stopped in malls & a train station for preaching, so you just move to the street, you don’t get yourself arrested.
Bard continues:
Their slogan was EVERYTHING IS OK and they tried to hug as many people as possible including police and security staff.

Charlie and Danny parted company some months later but Charlie had rapidly became a 'hero' of the conspiracy and truther movements. He was arrested twice and imprisoned in
Canada at the time of the G20 protests in Toronto - - and
then arrested again before the royal wedding. He has been arrested
recently for wearing a balaclava in the street. There are thousands of videos starring Charlie.
Rasa says:
Good one.  Lots of cartoons on Charlie Brown also.
Bard continues:
This summer Charlie appeared on a BBC programme examining the beliefs of conspiracy theorists and he recanted on his belief about 9:11. This resulted in him losing hundreds of his supporters, receiving hatemail and a load of videos being made, including one by Alex Jones, ridiculing him.
Rasa says:
Alex Jones was not ridiculing him but simply stating how ridiculous it would be for him to recant his stand on 9/11. 
Bard continues:
He discovered through this painful experience that if you don't agree with the whole range of standard conspiracy/truther beliefs and become a public figure you can expect a lot of hatred directed against you if you change your mind.  Charlie's site:
Rasa says: 
I have seen this site, further reinforcing for me that this is a boy student, & has a lot to learn.  This is an ego-based site, he is not developed enough to exude charity, or concern for fellow man, it’s ALL ABOUT HIM.  This is the hallmark of immaturity, not being able to surrender to the higher principle or cause, he is infant/child based psychologically.  He should stay out of the way of the big guys, because he’s wasting their valuable time.
This is what Charlie Veitch is – I have met hundreds of guys like this on the internet & in person.  They interrupt you or ingratiate themselves into your work, thereby DERAILING what you are doing.  They just want ATTENTION.  All you can do with people like this is ignore them if possible, if they persist, you must walk away.  On the internet you ignore or better yet, block them.  Do not waste time with such people, they are energy vampires, they give nothing, they just impose their immaturity, & in this way, are dangerous to a cause.  He is not part of our movement.

Bard continues:
As for Alex Jones I used to follow his broadcasts like I used to read David Icke and watch his videos but I discovered the nasty side to Jones when he did all he could to insult David de Rothschild when he was a guest on his show. It resulted in me siding with David. I made all this very public in this hub:
Rasa says:
I watched the interview.  Both men did what they had to do well.  Alex Jones hit David de Rothschild hard, but David could take it, & was unperturbed & a gentleman at all times.
I was amazed at the constancy of Alex Jones, who never let up & never got ruffled, & the same for David, who held his own under fire.
Both turned out good, both were impressive.
The problem with David is that he has upon his shoulders the whole criminality of generations of Rothschilds, & I am hoping he does not think like they do.  I am of the mind that he is sincere about cleaning up the oceans of all the garbage/pollution.  I did not know he was mainly concerned about global warming – that is controversial.

Bard continues:
Over the past two years I have seen hundreds of examples of hatred directed at David de Rothschild and anyone with the Rothschild surname from David Icke and Alex Jones supporters (and yes, I have had proof that these people are their supporters). I wrote and published my response to this:
Rasa says:
I get my share of hate, threats, being ignored or hated, from every side.  Only lately, women have begun to rally around me as some men have done.  This is to be expected, is nothing unusual, it goes with the territory.  Maybe David should address some of the transgressions of his family & own up to what he thinks about it?  After all, I am no longer in the adult trade & yet I am asked to defend myself for being in it all the time. 

Bard continues:
I have had to deal with these haters on the fansite for David de Rothschild -
- and on my own wall at Facebook. It has caused me to block and delete offenders and to re-evaluate the work of Icke and Jones when I see the results of it appearing as hatred for the elite families stirred up by their generalized public statements against these families, and in Alex Jones's case a personal verbal attack against David de  Rothschild).
Rasa:  It goes with the territory of being who we are, we all have to hang in there against this, that or the other.  Do you know what happens when I preach male extinction?  Chaos, all directed at me personally, not the geneticists who discovered it.

Bard continues:
I also witnessed several incidents at the David Icke forums where
people have been censored from saying what they want. Chemtrail
debunker JazzRoc was banned from the site. Chris Everard had some of his posts deleted. It appears that it does not allow freedom of thought and speech there.
Rasa says:
How can I comment on this when I don’t know what was being said, which was deleted, or why they were blocked?  I have taken shit from so many males, & a few females, that my blocking finger is quick on the trigger.
In my case, I am out there as a target.  I receive innumerable       AD HOMINEM ATTACKS, incredible, hateful things, about my being a woman, how I look, my age, my sexuality, specific, ugly things, mostly from males but some females as well.  You just don’t have time for all that crap – you have WORK TO DO.
I used to try & talk to these people, but learned IT IS A WASTE OF TIME, they just want attention & a scapegoat on which to vent their hate, their frustrations.
Bard continues:
This is yet another example of where I have seen for myself how those people who call themselves conspiracy theorists and truthers are as much thought police as those they accuse. Basically if you agree with all that Icke and Jones and other conspiracy gurus say well all is fine, but dare to hold an opposing viewpoint and watch out! This is not truth-seeking, this is not any sort of awakening, this is another system of thought control!
Rasa says:
Thought control?  These people are human, as am I.  One must take the human qualities along with the Divine in us, & Jesus had feelings, we have feelings.  Remember how Jesus picked up a whip & knocked down the money changers tables?  He had a temper.  Divine people have tempers & they have a right to it.  Divine people get annoyed & irritated & furious; Jesus was incensed at the hypocrites.

Bard continues:
Finally, having witnessed Alex Jones spending his own time making a video directed at Charlie Veitch in an attempt to ridicule him for holding a different viewpoint, I find that I have lost even more respect for him.
Rasa says:
It escapes me as to how someone as important as Alex Jones could spend his valuable time addressing Charlie Veitch?  I saw the video & it was not about Charlie, it was the issues surrounding 9/11.  Charlie Veitch is, the best definition I can find, INSIGNIFICANT.  To even think about him is to waste one’s time – we have given him enough.  Good bye, good luck, Charlie, grow up.
Another letter from BardofEly 10 31 11 (Happy all Hallow’s Eve, a Wiccan celebration!)
To:  Rasa, I am not indulging in any infighting - I am simply not
promoting Icke or Jones any more. I am leaving them behind and moving on. And if their followers post hateful comments on the David de Rothschild fansite or my wall I block them,
Rasa says:
They have no right to post hateful comments, they can post pertinent ones, but hateful?  No.
Bard continues:
although in some cases I first try reasoning with them. Do I go to their walls and post verbal abuse there? No! As for Jones, he launched a verbal attack on David de Rothschild who was a guest on his show. It was also Alex Jones who recently launched an attack on Charlie Veitch by making a video mocking him. Charlie did not start any infighting but merely stated that he had changed his mind about 9/11 and was then subjected to hatemail and ridicule.
Rasa says:
It was because Alex Jones said HE WAS AN OPERATIVE FROM THE BEGINNING.  That means some negative shit, as in agent provocateur, Judas, traitor, etc.  That is no joke.  To infiltrate a movement, especially one so important, in order to betray it, is a serious crime.
But maybe he’s just a dum fukk & they convinced him the other way, & he is easily persuaded whichever way the wind blows, & therefore dangerous.  Next he might decide that Eugenics is needed & join the Bilderbergers.
Bard continues:
I am looking at where the fighting/attacks are starting. In the case of David Icke he has spent years demonising all the elite families and listing by name a lot of politicians, royalty and celebrities from various fields too calling them satanic and reptilian etc. Who cast the first stones? Icke! Icke's followers take this Satanic Illuminati reptilian stuff on board and carry on the attacks.
Rasa says:
These people, families, banksters, have caused the torture of untold millions of people, animals & nature over the years.  Surely a little verbal scolding will not place them in the Iron Maiden?  It’s all verbal, isn’t it?  Yet what the Illuminati banksters are doing to us is physical, they are killing us.  Why do you feel sorry for THEM, NOT US?
Bard continues:
 Did David de Rothschild or Charlie Veitch verbally abuse Alex Jones? No! Did he verbally abuse them? Yes!
Rasa says:
David gave it back to Alex with some digs, as far as his investment supposedly in oil & his being some kind of Texan who never traveled.  Like so what?  Physical travel does not turn all people into geniuses.
I saw no digs against Charlie except that he was an operative.  If he is then he is vile & deserves whatever words are spit out on him.

Bard continues:
I look at what David de Rothschild has done and is doing and it is a lot and all good work and all stuff that isn't debatable unlike Icke's theories.
Rasa says:
What David Icke has done is a miracle.  Not putting down De R, but De R is a billionaire, & he is having fun, & he is not risking his life.  David Icke faces each day not knowing if & when he’ll be assassinated, - there is no comparison.
Bard continues:
I mean is David de R right about the plastic pollution and threat to wildlife? Anyone can see that yes, he is right! I have been working with teachers and children here on Tenerife on this subject last week for three days - looking at how much plastic is on local beaches and what can be done about it. David has been to the Polar Regions and the Amazon so has seen these places for himself. Has Alex Jones? No!  Now David is off on another expedition into the Amazon where forests and tribal people are threatened by a vast dam building project. So I'd rather get on with supporting some causes I can get behind than bothering with Icke and Jones who both incite hatred and bias against people they don't even really know!
Rasa says:
So it’s either one or the other?  I support them, one at a time, by their merits.  If they differ, they differ.  But they are all doing great work, I support their work.
So assisting David De Meyer Rothschild is good for you, do it.  I still don’t get why you have to turn against Alex Jones & David Icke, because of three people they are in conflict with, two of whom have no foot to stand on as victims.  The third is being targeted, as he’s a Rothschild, which is to be expected & since he has benefited financially from their criminality, he has to bear the gaff.
The finality of your stance against Alex Jones & David Icke portends to me that you are hurt.
Here is what I would like you to do, if possible.  Don’t think of yourself personally, & how you feel.  Look to Mother God – what does She want.  Look to the good these men are doing.  Chris & Charles aren’t doing any good – legends in their own minds.  David De is doing good, but not as much.  I know you’ll disagree, but David De is bringing attention to one cause, but these two men are bringing attention, constantly, to hundreds of Truths. 
To be David Icke or Alex Jones requires self sacrifice bordering on martyrdom, great courage, tenacity, fortitude, wisdom, patience, faith, confidence, & charity.  There are many who want their glory, but they are imitations, & fall down fast.  The true saint is in it like a marathon, they never quit, it’s never about them, it’s the cause, what they believe in, they have surrendered themselves to.  They are not materialistic, they are spiritual, they are sent by Mother God, they obey.  David Icke, I don’t know if you realize, had a monumental transformation from the Feminine Divine, he was filled with overwhelming Spiritual Power. I don’t know what Alex Jones went through, but he is empowered by God.
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