Wednesday, 26 October 2011

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Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)
  REVOLUTION IS A PHONY!!!   STARTED BY GEORGE SOROS, DEMOCRATS, NEW WORLD ORDER, - ALEX JONES EXPLAINS:  I KNEW IT!!!  I SENSED SOMETHING WRONG WHEN I VISITED MY LOCAL OCCUPATION!!! (Of course, MANY sincere, good hearted individuals are there, but they did not start it, it is started as a way of co-opting our movement, which they sense, as an undertow, they want to co-opt it, take it over)  ALEX JONES IS GOING AFTER THE REAL ENEMY –THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK PEOPLE – THEY ARE THE ONES DESTROYING US!!!
In my article sent out recently I talked about how “lame” the occupation here was.  There were several RED FLAGS & they were thus:
REAL ACTIVISTS ALMOST NEVER GET ATTENTION.  I am a real activist & I have to jump through burning hoops for any publicity I have gotten.  It’s almost impossible for the media corporate whores to cover anything that is REAL.
You NEVER GET A MAYOR to help out in a real movement, they just do not come out & help the poor, the women, anyone that is marginalized, they work with POWER.  Why is our mayor there every other night?  Because it’s a DEMOCRAT thing, George Soros, Al Gore, Obama, & the rest of the phonies, & our Mayor is a democrat.
I knew there had to be something behind it, some kind of power, because for three years I have been trying to gather women students for an empowerment movement, with no success.  Because I am real, it’s almost impossible.  But those who hold phony power have the ability to do this.  Happily, they did not sucker any women in!
The occupants are doing something illegal but not getting arrested.  I mean if I did that for the women, we would get arrested.  Smell a bad fish here.  It is not real activists.
Alex Jones explains how they take dumb zombie college boys, get them to mouth platitudes & people repeat statements WHICH ARE FROM A HANDBOOK!!!  (Like the handbook at the Inquisition by which all Witches were interrogated through all countries in Europe, & they then confessed to having sex with the devil, etc.?) – against capitalism, the stock market, etc.  THAT TAXES SHOULD BE RAISED????????  & the RICH PEOPLE they are going to tax are those making $125,000., which is worth now about $50,000. while the real criminals BILKED OUR COUNTRY OF 27 TRILLION IN BAILOUTS & ALL KINDS OF OTHER FRAUDS, THEY PAY NO TAXES!!!!  It’s a conspiracy to destroy the middle class, they are turning the poor (welfare class) against the middle class – he thinks they will turn out to burn middle class neighborhoods.
Alex Jones is pretty pissed.
I am still thinking of going out there & preach, but on the Matriarchy VS Patriarchy platform.  If they don’t like it, too dam bad.
Rasa Von Werder  
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