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From William Bond and Rasa Von Werder


 Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

From William Bond:

What is the solution to our present problems? After all male rulers have tried everything from monarchy, communism, socialism and fascism. The only thing that has made things better, has been democracy, but even that is failing now. But one solution that is never, never talked about or discussed is matriarchy.
It doesn’t matter what system you have. if the people in power are totally selfish and corrupt and so have no interest in the people they rule, then there will always be a big gap between rich and poor. This is the present situation, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and more and more people are condemned to live in poverty.
As I previously said my solution to this is for us to have a matriarchal political party. Feminists surprisingly object to this, because they claim that men and women are the same. But the fact is, that men and women are physically, mentally and emotionally different because women have children and men don’t. This makes a difference not only in human beings but in all animals.
Every spring you have male animals like stags, bulls, and rams fight each other for dominance and access to females. Men are very similar, but men fight with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, bombers, rockets and in the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, with nuclear weapons. So if you have a world ruled by men, then you are going to get warfare, and this has been true of patriarchal rule over the last five thousand years, of recorded history. Men are very competitive, like male stags who fight other stags for dominance, “the winner takes it all”. The strongest stag will never share any on his harem of females, with any other male stag, sharing is not an option. We see exactly the same behaviour in the rich money men who rule our world. They might have billions of dollars, but they want more and more and sharing their ill gotten gains with the rest of the population, is clearly unthinkable.
The female animal is not so competitive, and rarely fight other females for dominance. This is because all female animals have a powerful maternal instinct, which drives them to devote their lives to caring for the young. This is needed in all animals because without a powerful maternal instinct in females, a species of animal will quickly go extinct, if mothers didn’t care for their offspring. In the human mothers this maternal instinct has to be very strong, as a human baby is the most helpless newborn in the animal kingdom.
This means that governments that are dominated by men will always be very competitive and warlike, with a big gap between rich and poor. This is what we have seen over the last five thousand years of patriarchal rule. In contrast a government dominated by women would be very maternal. So the main focus of any matriarchal government will be on children. No matriarchal government will want to see any child in the country they rule, live in poverty and ignorance. So far more recourses of the country will be put into the welfare of children. In the process of doing this, more and more people will be lifted out of poverty.
A matriarchal government will not understand why some men want to got to war, or amass billions of dollars in personally wealth and still want more. And so will have little sympathy for war mongers and extremes in wealth and power. Whereas with patriarchal governments, they see this behaviour as ‘nomal’.
One of the biggest obstacles to matriarchy is feminism. Feminist claim that men and women are the same, which worked well back in the 1960s and 70s, but now this doctrine is preventing further female empowerment. This is because, although in theory men and women now have equality, women to gain power within the patriarchal system have to act and behave like men. Which means women have to learn to be as ruthless and aggressive as men. Some women like Sarah Palin or Margaret Thatcher can do this and play men at their own game but most women do not want to be “dicks in frocks”. This is why women have to break away from the whole patriarchal system and form their own matriarchal political party.
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From Rasa Von Werder:
William Bond always makes a great deal of sense.  Matriarchy is the only system that will save our planet, & we are going there, no matter what anybody says.
The statistics point to a future of women.  Women are forging ahead in education & management, they will have the jobs, & eventually, the leadership including taking over the corporations.  Nothing can stop this, because as women get healthier, males are getting sicker with the crumbling of the Y chromosome.  Men are going extinct - (See Dr. Bryan Sykes & Dr. Steve Jones, geneticists.) not soon, but it is inevitable, & long before they are gone, women will take over – I predict in 200 years.
The system of men – every system – has fallen into decay, corruption & violence.  There’s no use quibbling about the details, they cannot make anything work because of their instinct to compete & do violence.  Under the power of women, when they are detained from total destruction, they serve a good purpose.  But when they are leaders they are loose cannons who have created the chaos in which we live.
Consider the religions started by great saints & avatars – from Christianity to Buddhism, to whatever.  Each one has deteriorated into abuse, destruction & murder.  It is that way with every system males control, as William pointed out, it is inevitable that they destroy all that they touch because their instinct is competition with other men – kill the competition – amass resources so I can control others, & have the women, whereas the instinct of women is to take care of people.  This is a big difference!
Fear not, Matriarchy is coming & women will transform every rotten institution now controlled by men (like Medical science, academia, media), create new venues for life, transform all religions into Mother God ones.  The religions of males will shrink into cults, their systems will evaporate, their ideas will be debunked & their whole culture will be a laughing stock.  People will look back in amazement at the stupidity of males & how the women had to go along with it, & the ways of men will become relics in museums.

like the torture chambers of the Inquisition, gone to rust but reminders of what males are best at.

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