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Rasa answers a rant from a male who doesn’t like men put down


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Rasa answers a rant from a male who doesn’t like men put down

From: Jeff XXX
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 4:50 PM

Nothing personal but I could not even make it all the way through your article. I wanted to, I tried to be objective but in truth all it came across as was one long rant about a patriarchy society and the evils there of. In truth it is not gender that spoils all but greed. Men and women equally commit many evil deeds yet what is evil? How is it accurately defined? Typically it is by those in power or by those that speak for a large group. They dictate evil thought it is unconsciously interchangeable for "disagrees with my cause". Presidents use it; governments go to war over it. People both male and female commit murder in its name. Yet there is no true definition of it.

It was the title of your article that caught my attention but what I did suffer through meant nothing as defined by that topic. As I stated before it was a gender rant and nothing of real value. I don't say this to be harsh or mean. I don't disagree with you nor do I agree with you on the topic of gender and control. I do however disagree with being mislead. If you want to get your point across then stick to the topic. Don't pull me in with one thing and then talk about another. That is misleading and no better than the most average gov speakers.

Now I would love to hear more about the topic of drug companies. In truth as one that has suffered with a chronic illness for all of my adult life I have some strong views. I have some very nontraditional ones also about medications them self that will often shake up even the most devout religious person, especially the Christians. I would love to hear your thoughts on natural remedies, on topics that actually have worth and value to me and not laced with your own ideals of conspiracy and male domination.

I am sure you are an intelligent person, I would love to hear that come through in what you write. I sense a passion that I would love to feel expressed in your words. But a rant is nothing more than words on a paper, a Sunday lecture from the pulpit. I don't get the feeling that is who you are.

So take this however you want. Or take it as what it is. Not an assault but a request.

You could have skipped my rhetoric & just read the articles on the drug co.'s....Please do so & refrain from giving me your opinions on the other.

I will say that my "rant" was not misleading...The big pharma situation is an extension of Patriarchy.  It is what men do, how they do it.  There are many tentacles to the arms of Satan or the Gulag of male domination, this is one of them.  My job is to bring forth the big picture, not just the parts.  Most people postulate the parts, failing to see that it is a whole picture of what is wrong with who is controlling the world.

Just subscribe to Mercola & he will inform you about the crimes of one phase of male domination - the medical profession.

As far as natural remedies, I have taken a course with


DR. RICHARD SCHULZE'S "INCURABLES" PROGRAM: Resources ... Box 9699/Marina Del Rey, CA 90295/800-437-2362 or 310-453-1987
This course is also called the “Save Your Life”program from the University of Natural Healing.  When I got this it was a dozen videos & a 1,000 page book, which I guard with all my life. 

I buy products from Schultz & have learned from him how to find many herbs in my back yard, make tinctures & remedies, plague tonic, juicing, many other items.

He also gave me the address of Pacific Botanicals in Oregon where I buy herbs to make tinctures.

Between the work of Schulze & Dr. Mercola I feel I have the entire spectrum of how to stay well & healthy until I die with a smile on my face.

Schulze & Mercola often contradict each other.  Schulze says distilled water is the best, Mercola says it’s bad, I don’t know what to believe here.  Both say to put a filter on your water, both are against chemicals like fluoride in the water (of course).  Schulze is a vegan, Mercola eats some meat, eggs, cheese, as I do.  Mercola doesn’t believe you should eat too much fruit or too much juicing with carrots – haha – an extremist about the sugar content (fructose).  He believes you should cut out most of the sugar in your diet including fruits, as sugars are damaging – (keep your insulin levels low for health & long life!)  I think Schulze would disagree about fruit & carrots & I am with Schulze on that one.  But I have cut out all sugars except real fruit, honey & Maple syrup – I have stopped 99% of all processed foods.

Mercola has helped me make a giant leap by cutting out most of my breads/grains/pasta as they are the culprit for heart disease & obesity, not saturated fats.  I now eat butter & on the rare occasions when I will eat meat, will not feel guilty about the fat, as I love it, & he convinced me it’s good for you!  However, the meat has to be grass fed, (not grain fed, filled with antibiotics & chemicals – (has to be organic from the health food store or market), the poultry has to be free-ranging organic.  I eat a lot of eggs from a local farmer. Mercola got me to get whey (protein powder) & Schultz got me to get “superfood”, both of which I add to yogurt.

My yard has St. John’s Wort (calm nerves, anti viral & nerve regenerating.  Heals collapsed  veins, use with olive oil or alcohol),
Blue vervain (nerves, but so bad tasting I threw my tincture out!)
fennel (digestion),
Burdock (skin),
dandelion (liver, kidneys),
plantain (blood cleansing grass),
red clover (anti cancer),
milk thistle (liver, use unripe seeds when green),
mullein flower (lungs & glands), mullein leaves (swollen or infected glands, use with lobelia for infected areas that won’t discharge or dissolve)

What I do not have growing wild here, I get from Pacific Botanicals or directly as tinctures from Schulze.  One of the most important is LOBELIA INFLATA.  I get chest seizures from stress, the kind that people go to the hospital for, thinking they are having a heart attack.  One tablespoon of lobelia tincture & some short minutes later, pains are gone!

Most tinctures are made in vodka or apple cider vinegar, or a combo of both.  You take the herb, put it in your blender with the liquid, let it roar, then sit for 2 weeks before you strain it.  You can start drinking it right away.

Schulze had me put telephone books under the foot posts of my bed so circulation will move to my head while I sleep.  Also, when you take a shower, you go from the hottest water to the coldest water seven times (rub your whole body for a minute or two especially under the cold!), ending with cold,  tremendous circulation boost.  Improvise in the bath.

Schulze has made sure my bowels are clean with his Cascara Sagrada (I get it for half his price at WalMart) & also #2 tincture, which contains powdered clay, to clean the intestines.  He says this is paramount, get all the shit out of you, people have lost 50 pounds of shit under his program!

I now take spinach & green peppers, put them into my blender & have green drinks all the time.  You don’t have to strain these, they will dissolve.

Schulze taught me to make “plague tonic” from garlic, horseradish, ginger root, cayenne peppers & onions, blended in apple cider vinegar, good for everything, keeps forever, 3 tablespoons a day.

Mercola has inspired me to eat the pulp after juicing.  He somehow gets it down straight with raw eggs on top.  I take the pulp of the carrots, turnips, parsnips, apples, whatever, add flour & VINEGAR, sometimes plague tonic even, some water until it’s like wet pie dough, put it into ceramic pie war & bake into flattish pies, eat a couple days, the rest in the freezer for later.  Mercola would disagree with the flour – no grains for him, but I do a little grain.

They both agree no aluminum, no Teflon, no stainless steel, only ceramic & glass, which is what I now do.  My friend at a Chinese herbal school said they use only ceramic to make herbs.

I have learned to heal my formerly CHRONIC BLADDER INFECTIONS with huge amounts of Juniper Berries.  I buy pounds from Pacific Botanicals, the pain is bad, I put a good amount with water in the blender, strain, drink, within an hour, PAIN IS GONE!  Keep taking SAW PALMETTO daily to prevent bladder problems recurring.  Have noticed all the green stuff I am taking in is keeping me right down there.  Mercola says D-Mannose kills urinary tract infections also.

A long time ago, Adele Davis, nutritionist, taught me to heal my menstrual pain with lots of CALCIUM.  Ditto, pain in breasts from fibroid cysts, got from wearing a tight bra, lots of vitamin E daily – no more pain.

Mercola got me on krill oil & just now I made a huge order for ASTAXANTHIN – which he portrays as a miracle food stronger than E or C, great for eyes, fights cancer, helps nervous system injuries, anti-aging.

Mercola speaks much about the govt. conspiracy against the people – I LOVE THIS!  How they EXPERIMENT ON SOLDIERS, the evil of VACCINES & the laws they are passing against health foods.  Schulze is at variance with the medical profession & big pharma. I agree with both of them, but sometimes, you have to use the medical profession.  I recently went from half blind to perfect eyesight with two eight minute cataract operations.  That was a miracle none of my herbs could achieve.

I also learned, 30 years ago, from Edgar Cayce, about massage, & I am totally for touch, caress, rub, deep massage for health.  People say I gave them the greatest massage they ever got.  It’s incredibly important for circulation, physical & emotional health.  Premature babies who get massaged go home early.  Without enough touch, children die in their cribs or suffer emotional damage!  Massage prevents depression & suicide!

Another deal from Mercola – I knew from Adele Davis that mineral oil is terrible to consume, but did not know it was also evil on the skin.  I threw away my “skin so soft” & every lotion containing mineral oil, & replaced it with COCONUT OIL.  My rule now is if I can’t eat it, I don’t put it on my skin.  I learned to FRY with coconut oil instead of olive oil, use olive oil when it is not cooked, like on salads.  Not sure why that is.  Don’t use any oils but these, & natural animal fat like butter.

Here is my write up on food & Dr. Schulze on my 6,000 page website:


Schulze does not advocate vitamins, Mercola sells them, I take a huge amount every day.

Killing the Food Demon


To continue my rhetoric on the political aspect of this:

Once, long ago, women controlled “medical science.”  They were the doctors, midwives, herbalists, healers, therapists, psychologists, teachers, priestesses & guides.  They held all the positions of power, responsibility & held the resources.  At that time, we had a sane & loving world, as women take care of people, they have an instinct for Motherhood.

And men?  What are they made for?  They are made for violence by virtue of testosterone & the way their brains are wired.  They take risks in order to protect the women & children, which means females are MORE VALUABLE THAN THE MEN.  Biology/God see the WISDOM of men dying for, or taking risks thereof, to save those who are MANDATORY FOR SPECIES SURVIVAL.

Our species CANNOT SURVIVE WITH MEN ALONE, but it CAN & WILL CONTINUE WITH WOMEN ONLY.  (human males are going extinct, there will be no more in 100,000 years give or take 25,000!)  See:

“Adam’s Curse – a Future Without Men” Dr. Bryan Sykes

When women ruled the world we had a happy state – there were NO WARS.  In the digs of archaeologist Maria Gimbutas (my countrywoman, Lithuanian), there were no weapons of war (no swords, other medieval weapons) & no injuries to skeletons thereof, for 28,000 years.

What was the modus operandi & the motive of males to take over the world from women?

Women had GREAT POWER.  They were all things to all people, both spiritual & sexual.  They ran the religions of Mother God, but they also represented sex.  Men had to BOW THE KNEE to them, they were worshipped & venerated, there were cults to individual women, living & dead, called Goddesses.

When did males become greedy & jealous?  When did they want to STEAL all the POWER, GLORY & PREROGATIVES of MOTHER GOD?  When did they want to replace Mother God with Father, to oust women from religion, to impeach their character, vilify, enslave them, & murder those who threatened men?  When did they go on rampages of destruction, killing millions of wise women, even their children & their pets, & making it ILLEGAL FOR WOMEN TO PRACTICE MEDICAL SCIENCE & IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO GUIDE & PREACH?

The shift began over 10,000 years ago & there has been a struggle ever since.  We call it “the war between the sexes” & it is a REAL, BLOODY WAR, MOST OF THAT BLOOD BEING WOMEN’S, the first conspiracy was against women.  Males could not have done the damage they have wrought had they first not defeated/enslaved women through killing & INSTITUTIONALIZED DISCRIMINATION.  That means women had a lot less rights than men.  It means they could not legally get an education, work, or hold positions of leadership across the board, from religion, to education, to politics.  Women were SILENCED, they had no “freedom of speech” or activity.

I recall as a child, the 50’s & 60’s – the college students of today are not aware of that. It was stifling, deadly for women until the second wave of the feminist revolution, started by Betty Freidan, (“The Feminine Mystique”) took place.

Thousands of years, prior to this, there was murder, there were lies, there were rapes. Men stood in pulpits (still do in Muslim countries) telling men to beat their wives.  Men killed women with impunity, today, women still get SEVEN TIMES THE SENTENCE FOR KILLING A MAN THAN A MAN GETS FOR KILLING A WOMAN  (see the book from the ACLU, “The Rights of Women.”).  Men walk the streets freely while women get picked up for loitering/prostitution!

This abuse STILL HAS A CHILLING EFFECT on the speech of women, they scarcely can open their mouths before a man stuffs his fist in her face - This is personal speech & public speech & speech includes activities.  I being one of the most outspoken have seen the rage of males when we RIGHTFULLy SPEAK AGAINST THEM & THEIR ABUSES. When we defend ourselves, our children, & animals, what we get are threats, insults, denunciations & crazed accusations.

What did men want when they came against women?  They wanted their power.  Women practiced polyandry, they became polygamists, to the nth degree.  Genghis Kahn, through war, got 16,000 wives. That’s what it’s all about, the right to power (freedom of speech, activity), women & sexuality.  That means beat all the other men, kill them through war, gather the women as sex & breeding slaves.  That’s all there is, there is no more, that is what they want.

Now to get there, is a lot of space betwixt the devil & the deep blue sea.  They had to take over everything; media, information, language, culture, religion & government, & that they did.  For a long time, women could not get a crack in the door.  There has not been the slightest wave toward equality, it’s been a war of who will dominate, & by any means necessary!

So where are we now?  It’s “The End of Men” thank Mother God.  The pendulum has swung the other way, males are crumbling, there is a God.  That means the possibility; once again, that the earth can be happy, there can be sanity & justice.

The writing I presented here is on health remedies, which were taken from the hands of women & put into that of men.  What have men done with the tyranny of medical science?  What their science has evolved into is drugs & operations.  They don’t work on preventing cancer, but KILLING IT with surgery, radiation & chemo-therapy.  Neither of these venues are smart, they kill lots of good cells along with the cancer, they almost kill the patient.  For every disease, there is a deadly drug, drugs kill more people in hospitals than do diseases!  The drugs were designed after natural remedies, but natural remedies rarely kill no matter how much you take, they have built in safeguards, you vomit out what you can’t handle. But drugs, you cannot vomit out, they kill by overdose.  The men presented in this article are anomalies; they have suffered at the hands of men.  When Dr. Schulze had a healing practice, police squads broken down his door twice, threatening him with imprisonment.

We are moving in another direction now.  Women & all their ways are coming back, men are going downhill – see:

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