Monday, 3 October 2011

 Rasa Von Werder, (Kellie Everts)

Letters to Rasa Von Werder, AKA Kellie Everts

Kellie Everts was the only woman who could stand up to Morton Downey Jr. & defeat him.  There is a movie made of his life starring Kellie (now Rasa) for Ironbound films which will be in all the film festivals ( Cannes, Sundance) & PBS coming Jan. 2012

From: Marlen XXX
Sent: Wednesday, September 14
Subject: On the Morton Downey Jr Show
I just watched you on the Morton Downey Jr Show from back in the were getting in their asses! lol I don't think that was the outlet for you tho, but it was entertaining. You had a message, but it eventually disseminated into a mud slinging with the rest of them, you guys had me laughing. Hindsight is 20/20 of course. This is my first time seeing you like that. I usually see you how you are now, much older.
Rasa:  Where have you seen me today?  As far as "mud slinging" was any serious word of mine taken seriously, except hooted on & was I not struck each time I tried to speak, verbally or physically?  So how could I say serious things?  The idea was for a woman to hold her own, hold back the bull while he was goring her, keep fighting against a MOB OF MALES & FEMALES while the females on the show with her all backed out, either left or turned against her through fear!
You did not see the unedited version of what happened here, gotten by my lawyer through subpoena.  It was gory.  I sued Morton Downey Jr. for 40 million, for defamation of character, & got on 5 more TV shows about it & the front page of the New York Law Journal.  The show created a sensation because no one had ever seen a woman fight like this on the air.  Kellie (Rasa) was the BEGINNING OF REALITY TV.

Am I exaggerating?  The show REAL PEOPLE began (1979) with the life of Kellie Everts & was popular for five years, spawning many imitations.  Kellie Everts, shown here, was the only woman at that time WHO COULD FIGHT MEN.  Why?  No other reason than THE ANOINTING, the power of God, David & Goliath.  Women routinely backed down, cried, & went off the Morton Downey Jr. show when he came at them.

There were many other shows where Kellie Everts showed her mettle.  Women thereafter imitated her courage.  It would be the same as black people fighting against racists, strongly, loudly, assertively.  No one had heard of such a thing.  People like that were routinely silenced.  They once gagged Kellie by TURNING OFF HER MICROPHONE because she was BEATING THE MEN IN VERBAL BATTLE.  The show, “Feminists vs. Chauvinists” with Gloria Allred, attorney, & the female editor of Playgirl – Kellie beat the three men single handedly, with no help from Gloria. 

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