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Why We Need Matriarchy

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Why we need Matriarchy

By William Bond

The whole written history of the human race has been a story of conflict, warfare, genocide, slavery, injustice and poverty, and we don’t find much difference today in our TV news.  We have had many great thinkers trying to solve these problems, through either religion or politics, but what is noticeable with all these solutions, is that they all have failed.  Religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism all have failed to stop conflict and wars, and in many cases seem to make the situation worse, as conflict between different religions and religious sects has caused many wars.  Political systems haven’t been that successful either, as countries with different political ideologies have fought each other, over this.  They even have failed to create equality as well.   For instance in the French revolution that promised equality for all people, only succeeded in creating a reign of terror as men like Robespierre and later Napoleon Bonaparte fought for power.  Later on Communism and Socialism also attempted to create an equal society but likewise failed.   The only political system that has noticeably improved the lives of the people has been democracy, even though wars and inequality are still commonplace in democratic countries.
Because of the failure of both religions and politics to create a better world for us all, many people have given up on this, while those who still try, end up using the same methods that has been tried so many times in the past.   But throughout recorded history the one thing that hasn’t been tried and that is Matriarchy.  In the whole of recorded history it has been men who have ruled our world, and as history has shown us so many times, men do a terrible job in doing this.  So if we recognize that men on the whole make dreadful rulers, then it makes sense to see if women can do a better job.
So why would women do a far better job in ruling our world than men?  The reason would be to do with our basic instincts.  Men have a competitive instinct and women have a maternal instinct and these instincts make a big difference in the way men and women behave.
Most male animals tend to fight each other for power and access to females, and evolutionists tell us this is a good thing, as the strongest male gets to pass on his genes to the next generation.  This may be alright for animals to behave like this but can be a disaster when human males have the same instincts.  We can see this behaviour in sport.  Back in medieval times they had the sport of jousting where two riders charge each other with long lancers on horseback.  This is not much different to the way stags, bulls and rams with big horns, charge each other every spring.   Nowadays, we also see similar behaviour in a rugby scrum, or American football scrimmage.  This is also true of other sports where there is not a lot of difference in the way male kangaroos box each other and the way men fight in a boxing ring.
There is not a big problem with men competing with each other in sport, but it becomes a real problem when men compete on a battle field with spears, swords, rifles, machine guns, field guns, flame throwers, aircraft, rockets and nuclear weapons.   There has never been a time, in recorded history, when men were not fighting a war somewhere on our planet.  While in the cold war between the USA and USSR, from the early 1950s to the 1980s, men come close to committing global suicide through nuclear warfare.
This fierce competitive instinct also creates very unequal societies as well.  Although people have demanded equality for the whole of recorded history, it has never happened, and we can understand why, by observing the behaviour of male animals.   For instance, a male stag will fight other male stags to have the biggest harem of females he can possibly have.  There is no sense of justice or fairness in this, it is always, “the winner takes it all”.  The biggest and strongest stag gets to mate with most of the females and those who are not strong enough, never get the chance to mate.  In other words, in male competition, there is no equality, and this has been the case in every society ruled by men.
In most of history we have been ruled by chiefs, warlords, kings, emperors and dictators.  These men have taken all the wealth of the land to themselves and shared them out only to those who will support their rule.  The majority of rulers in history have had untold wealth, while the majority of people live in poverty, and at one time slavery was commonplace.  Democracy has improved on this but we still have a situation where the majority of wealth of any country, is still in the hands of only a handful of people.   So it means, because of men’s powerful competitive instincts we will always have wars and very unfair societies, while men continue to rule our world.
If that is the case, why would women do a better job at ruling the world?  The reason would be that women have a powerful nurturing instinct.  We see this from a very early age when little boys like to play with toy guns, cars and planes, while little girls like to play with dolls and prams.  In the animal world it is very rare to see female animals fight each other unless they are a carnivorous animal.  The focus of most females is to bring the young into the world and to care and look after them, until they can fend for themselves.
This means that if we had matriarchal governments, where the vast majority of the members of the government were women, then this government will be dominated by women’s maternal instinct.  These women will have far less interest in warfare than a male patriarchal government, and will be better at negotiating peace, in any dispute.  A matriarchal government will not have the same interest in competition for wealth and power as their main focus of attention will be on the children of the countries they rule.  No female dominated government will want to see children live in poverty and ignorance, so they will put far more of the resources of any country they rule, into the welfare of children.   In the process of helping the children they will within a generation, also help everyone else in the country they rule.
When matriarchy is discussed, some people mention Margaret Thatcher and point out they she wasn’t a very caring leader, so it seems all women are judged by her actions, but we wish to explain that a female leader of a patriarchal political party, is not a Matriarchal government.  Like most female politicians in patriarchal political parties women cannot get respect and recognition unless she becomes, ‘one of the boys’.    In other words, women who try to get ahead in any patriarchal institution, has to act and behave like competitive and ruthless men, because if she was to show her caring and maternal nature, she would be condemned as being weak and sentimental.
In his book, “The Inevitability of Patriarchy”, Steven Goldberg put forward a powerful argument that men’s competitive behaviour, will always make men strive harder than most women to gain the high-status roles in any society. He claims this means that men will always outnumber women in most positions of power in our world. To be fair, this is the situation in our world today, and has always been the case throughout recorded history.  So if this is true, how is it possible for women to rule the world?
Before we had democracy, it would have been impossible for women to rule any country, because men ruled through violence and intimidation, and women would find it hard to compete with men in a world of violence. It is true we have had, in the past, Queens like Elizabeth 1 of England and Catherine the Great of Russia, but they had to still rule governments, dominated by men and male values.   But today, through democracy, it is now possible for a political party to gain power without the use of violence, so it would be possible for women to set up a Matriarchal political party or even take over existing political parties.
Now, many feminists say that one sex shouldn’t rule our world and men and women should share power equally.   The big problem with this, is that equality is an unknown concept to competitive minded men.  As pointed out previously, men have attempted to create an equal society through the French revolution as well as communism and socialism, and completely failed in this.  In a government of equal numbers of men and women, there is nothing to stop men fiercely competing against the women for power.  Women then have the choice of either giving away their power, or to learn to be as assertive and competitive as men.  So unless women learn to be as ruthless as Margaret Thatcher they cannot compete against men for power.  So this is why we need to have Matriarchal political parties of only women, so they do not have to compete within their party with very competitive men and together can create a powerful sisterhood.
So this means that while men ruled through violence and intimidation, patriarchy was the only option.  But through democracy if women are willing to set up their own matriarchal political parties, then the people have a real choice in what sort of world they want to live in.  The people can choose to vote for the status-quo in traditional patriarchal political parties and continue to allow competitive minded men rule our world.   Or they can vote for a Matriarchal party and allow caring and nurturing women to rule instead.   This then will give the people a genuine choice of voting to live in a far more caring and loving world.

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