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abuse of science to empower tyrannical governments and corrupt industries

Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

...11 22 11
Someone thinks Rasa Von Werder is TOO HARD ON MEN, I mean PREACHING THE TRUTH about how Mother God IS IMPLEMENTING THEIR EXTINCTION? 

That real leading anthropologists/scientists say they are PARASITES on the bodies of women, that Dr. Bryan Sykes, world’s leading geneticist says that human males ARE A GENETIC MODIFICATION EXPERIMENT THAT DID NOT WORK, & NATURE IS REMOVING THEM?
This is why Mother God no longer wants human males on this planet - their instinct, when they rule the world, has brought them to this.  Only women can save the planet & they will (see my book "Can Female Power Save the Planet?), within several generations - human males, by the breakdown of the Y chromosome, will be no more, in about 100,000 years. Women will reproduce without males because the egg is a reproductive cell, the sperm is NOT (it’s DNA info.), - 23 chromosomes from one egg put into the egg of another female creates two-woman parenting & an all-female offspring.  But until then men are crumbling from within, getting more feminine from phthalates & medical wastes, their own vomit, the Y chromosome breakdown has 8% of them infertile now.  Women are rising in education & work, from the grass roots, soon enough, they will reach the top, along the way ousting men, taking over all their institutions & transforming the evil venues of men (medical science, academics, religion & government).  This is the only help & hope for humanity, Mother God has won, the mitochondrial DNA has beaten the Y chromosome – She & her offspring will continue, the demons will be ousted. My information comes from Dr. Bryan Sykes, “Adam’s Curse – A Future Without Men,” Oxford U. & Dr. Steve Jones, geneticist, London U., “Y – the Descent of Men.” As well as from anthropologist Dr. Ashley Montagu “The Natural Superiority of Women.”
(NaturalNews) What corporate-driven "science" has in mind for the future of humanity is far different from the dreamy utopian landscape that's been portrayed by the mainstream media. To hear the corporate-run media tell it, science is always "good" for humanity. Scientific achievements are always called "advances" and not "setbacks," even though many of them have proven to be disastrous for humanity (atomic bombs, for example, or GMOs).
While pure science is, indeed, a necessary component of any civilization which seeks to expand its understanding of the universe, what we see dominating the landscape today isn't pure science but corporate-driven "science" that only seeks to accelerate corporate profits, not human understanding. And with that corporate-slanted science comes a whole new era of truly terrifying technologies that we may soon see become reality in our world.
Here, I've compiled a list of ten future technologies that might be used to strip away your freedoms and enslave you to the corporate globalist masters, all under the label of "science."
#1) Organ harvesting from genetically modified, patented pigs
Need a replacement heart or lung? No worries, mate! Monsanto will grow you a new one using a genetically modified, trans-species pig (patent pending) that was raised on GMO animal feed and subjected to organ harvesting while it was still alive in order to keep the organs "fresh."
Your government-approved, Medicare-funded transplant will be handled by one of the top U.S. hospitals, which are, even today, deeply engaged in black market organ trafficking and illegal transplantations.
#2) "Behavioral vaccines" that rewire your brain to eliminate dissent
Disobedience is a disease! And the "cure" for disobedience (or Oppositional Defiance Disorder, as they call it) will be a new "vaccine" that biologically rewires your brain to make you more socially acceptable to the controllers.
It will be called a "behavioral vaccine" even though, in reality, it's just a chemical lobotomy. This technology will be a cornerstone of the global police state, which will have no tolerance for independent thinking or critical thought of any kind, especially against the state.
#3) Centralized, remote monitoring of all your health statistics and vital signs by the police state
Think your medical records are really private? Think again: Even now, the U.S. government maintains a secret centralized bank of blood taken from children at birth. In the near future, citizens will be implanted with biometric monitoring chips that relay information back to the government about your pulse, respiration, and the presence of either illegal drugs or legalized pharmaceuticals (which are often the very same chemicals as illegal drugs, just re-branded as a medication).
These chips will be used by the government to enforce people taking their medications. They will also be used to locate and arrest those who smoke a little pot or take addictive substances without a prescription.
But most importantly, these chips will be used to monitor nutritional levels and make sure no one attains a high level of vitamin D, for example, which promotes clear thinking and strong cognitive function ( Under scientific dictatorship, the sheeple must be kept in a state of chronic nutritional deficiency in order to be easily controlled. This will all be sold to the public as a way for the government to monitor their "safety" because, the government will claim, "Too much vitamin D can be dangerous!" So they will set the upper safety limits to the lower threshold of cognitive awakening, making sure that everyone remains in a mental stupor as they live out their state-run lives.
#4) The total secrecy of all food ingredients, sources and places of origin
As the food industry is increasingly invaded by junk science (GMOs, anyone?), efforts will increase to hide all the chemical ingredients in food products and rename dangerous-sounding chemicals into nice-sounding chemicals.
The Corn Refiners Association is already trying to rename "High Fructose Corn Syrup" to "corn sugar." ( Aspartame is now going to be called "AminoSweet," and MSG has been renamed things like "yeast extract" or "Torula yeast powder."
But it's going to get far worse as fraudulent science accelerates food industry deceptions. Expect to see preservatives like "sodium benzoate" renamed as things like, "Freshiness crystals." Or "artificial colors" might be described as "Fortified with pretty colors."
Above all, the food industry wants to hide where its foods come from, how they are made, and what's in them, because all three of those categories are bad news for your health.
#5) The complete criminalization of home-produced foods and medicines, forcing total reliance on factory food production
Speaking of food, corrupt "scientists" will soon insist that growing your own food is extremely dangerous because you might grow e.coli in your garden! With such absurd justifications, home gardening will be completely outlawed in many towns, and those who try to secretly grow tomatoes will be arrested and imprisoned as if they were heroin smugglers.
The idea of all this is to make the population completely dependent on centralized factory food production, in the same way the population is currently dependent on centralized electricity and centralized fossil fuels. This will all be justified with the help of "scientists" who claim that factory-produced food is safer for you because it's all pasteurized, irradiated and fumigated.
#6) The unleashing of a global bioweapon pandemic through seasonal flu shots
Whereas vaccines were once intended to prevent disease, they are now being increasingly weaponized and engineered to spread disease, which is why most of the people who get the flu each winter are the very same people who routinely take flu shots.
In the near future, as the globalists decide the world population has reached its upper tolerable limit, a live "population control" virus will be engineered right into the vaccines, followed by an aggressive vaccine push that even offers to pay people to receive flu shots. (Get a flu shot, earn $25!)
The whole scheme, of course, is nothing more than a population control measure designed to eliminate all the lower-IQ people on the planet who are stupid enough to allow themselves to be injected with biological weapons packaged and sold as vaccines. Effectively, it's really a eugenics program that the globalists believe will save the human race from the rise of stupidity (no matter what the cost in human suffering).
#7) Total government control over your reproduction and the genetic code of your "offspring"
Copulating with the person of your choice and producing your own "random" offspring will no longer be allowed under the scientific police state. Reproduction must be carefully controlled through licensing and regulation to make sure that no unexpected results occur.
Before having children, parents will need to apply to the government for permission to reproduce, at which point they will be genetically and cognitively profiled, then granted a reproduction classification status that must be strictly followed to avoid imprisonment.
People who show rebellious tendencies and speak out against the state will be denied reproduction "privileges." Only the most obedient, white-skinned, do-gooder mind slaves will be granted reproduction privileges, and they will gladly copulate and raise yet more babies to be sacrificed to the state as the next generation of mind slaves.
#8) Wireless brain implants that can be remotely activated by law enforcement to make entire crowds of people passive
The future of "science" involves all sorts of electronics implanted into the human body. One of the most convenient ones will be the "pacification chip" that will be forced upon citizens along with "money chips" that they use to pay for everything (cash will be outlawed, and using cash will be seen as a terrorist activity).
The pacification chip can be remotely activated by the government through cell tower bursts -- or through hand-held units issued to police and law enforcement commanders -- to instantly pacify large crowds of protesters or rioters. Are the students protesting about free speech again? Activate the pacification chip, and they'll all lay down on the lawn and daydream for a while.
Are revolutionaries marching on the capitol and trying to overthrow the government? Activate the pacification chip, and your tyrannical dictatorship is safe!
Such chips may also be used to "excite" the brain at times when it is also politically useful. For example, when another terrorist attack is staged on U.S. soil, the "excitation chips" can be activated across the population to get people riled up and calling for war! (And that's the whole point of false flag attacks, of course.)
#9) The genetic engineering and breeding of obedient super soldiers
In the far future, battlefield soldiers will actually be humanoid-shaped robots equipped with firearms and body armor. Think "Terminator" model T-1000. That's still a ways off, of course, given the incredible complexity of mobile power, robotic actuation technologies, vision recognition systems and artificial intelligence.
In the mean time, the most powerful nations of the world will pour R&D money into growing genetically modified super soldiers who are secretly birthed, raised and trained to be as robotic as possible. These super soldiers will be genetically engineered with peak performance attributes (high blood oxygenation, large body frames, etc.) combined with small brains that can only process enough information to follow orders but never question them.
They will also be outfitted with numerous electronic implants, making them more cyborg than human. They will have vision implants attached to their retinas, for example, GPS chips wired to their brains, comm equipment wired into their ears, and built-in pain medication dispensers that flood their bodies with stimulant chemicals so they can keep fighting even after an arm gets blown off, for example.
#10) The electromagnetic activation of metals and nano-crystals injected into you through vaccines
Here's a new one most people haven't thought about: In addition to vaccines being used to spread infectious disease, they can also be used to inject humans with nano-crystals that are sized and tuned to resonate at certain frequencies, much like a radio crystal tunes in to a specific radio band.
Such nano-crystals may lie dormant in the bodies of the general public for years or even decades, but at some point the government can take over the radio towers with an "emergency" national transmission that broadcasts an activation signal at precisely the right wavelength to excite the nano-crystals already in peoples' bodies. The results could be anything from mass insanity to massive outbreaks of violence (rioting, etc.) or just tens of millions of people instantly dropping dead. Any of those outcomes could then be exploited by the government to sell a cover story of a "terrorist attack" that requires even more government control over the population.
It could all be done in the name of "science"
Remember, this collection of 10 points is about possible future technologies that exemplify the abuse of science to empower tyrannical governments and corrupt industries. Thankfully, these ten examples have not come true yet, but several are well on their way to become reality in just the next few years.
Real science has an important role to play in any society, but I believe that science should serve the interests of the People, not the self-serving controllers who run globalist corporations and national governments. When science is used to dominate and enslave people rather than setting them free, it is a violation of one of the most fundamental truths throughout the universe: only through freedom (the freedom of ideas, freedom of questioning, freedom of discussion) can true understanding of our universe be achieved.
NaturalNews salutes the real scientists out there who pursue the betterment of human civilization without punching a clock for all the evil corporations which abuse science for their own nefarious purposes.
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From Rasa Von Werder 11 22 11

Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

Friends,  after I wrote this “thanks” (below) of course I recalled a dozen good people later, so forgive me if you’re one of them, it was just off the top of my head.  The thing is you have to have lists of people.  Whoever encouraged me the most recently got into the thanks.  So keep encouraging me if you want to get famous (wink)!
To the Men On the Harshness of My Message – DO NOT  Take it Personally!!!
I know that the recent list of things I preach is HARSH against men, the worst that I say, & I need you to realize why I have to do this.  It is because this is about WAR, the gender war of males against women & women against men.  It is not a personal issue against any man if he be a good man – it is against the majority that have stomped on women (&men), animals, nature & life, & continue to do so EVERY DAY.
I will channel Mother God to explain to you why I have to speak this way.
Rasa to Mother God:
Mother God, I am speaking in the harshest terms there are against men as I speak on the street & I feel I am justified.  What do you want me to do here, compromise because some of the men, albeit a minority, are good?  Or is it alright that I “offend” the good guys while speaking against the bad?  I feel that WE ARE AT WAR & now women are winning because you, Mother God, have stepped in.  Because of this, males are going extinct, they are deteriorating, they are leaving the planet, & we can breath a sigh of relief.  This sounds so amazingly harsh, but yet it IS TRUE
Mother God:
Where were & are these same people, all of whom puff up with indignation at your words, when you risked life & limb to emancipate women?  This is not a new struggle for you, it started with body building & Stripping for God.  Did any of them help you?  If they didn’t, tell them to go fly a kite.
Tell the women when they preach during the gender war, to phrase their statements any way they wish, to soften them up, placate the good guys, calm down the bad guys, put disclaimers & addendums to all that they say – you do not have time or inclination to do so, & you are not risking their lives, you are risking your life when you preach, so this is your prerogative.
To the good men, it’s like preaching “you sinners.”  They are not all sinners.  Those who do not sin know they do not, & they can rest easy.  What matter that you call men sinners, if they are exempt, the shoe doesn’t fit and they don’t wear it.  God knows, they know, they are not sinners, so why worry? They are upset for “being called bad guys” when they are good guys, but you don’t have time for all the addendums, disclaimers, ad infinitum, during the gender war.  They have to make an allowance for that.  In all the thousands of statements you make – in articles, books & words on internet & street – you strike at the bad guys, enough said.  Why don’t they good guys help you if they are so good?  They are not eager to help you, so maybe they aren’t so good, they just want to be thought of that way.  Those who truly are good, like William Bond & BardofEly, really do help you.  If the others are offended, let them just be quiet, knowing they are good, not talk to you about it, you don’t have time for it.
Thank you
To all the friends who have encouraged me in my endeavors, especially William Bond, Steve Andrews, Yasmeen Stewart, Mikraus, Nick Kushner, Rudy Strauss, Virginia, Mary Jane Murphy, Howard, Kathleen the channeler,  Judy Levy, Mercurius Trismegistus, Gilbert McCrary, Diva Taunia, Amber Meadows, Randy Roach, Mark Hopkins, Sergio Daneri, “Slave Bob,” Kestel, Marlis, & to those I have forgot, a triple hug to you!
To the students at Binghamton University who give me so much attention & love, a big warm embrace for you all.
William Bond’s new video on Youtube

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Rasa’s new book is SELLING FAST! (it must be THE PICTURES! See end)

Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

Rasa’s new book is SELLING FAST!  (it must be THE PICTURES! See end)
“Rasa never dies” could be a cute motto as at the age of 63, she began espousing why old women must take charge of young men, & LIVING IT!  She is setting the groundwork or template for old women to have relationships with young males, trying out all the modems toward success.  She will continue working on this, reporting it & photographing the young bloods in all their grandeur.
Is a better world possible? (Yes!  By the POWER OF WOMEN, that & ONLY THAT!)
From Rasa Von Werder   11  16   11
Is a better world possible?

By William Bond and Pamela Suffield

Today, the world is suffering from a major financial crisis that could be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Rasa says:
Indeed, orchestrated by the obscenely rich banksters, they decide when to give us prosperity or collapse, all to funnel most of the money into their own hands & keep us groveling, at their mercy:
From Kurt Nimmo of Global Research
“The global elite will not rest until all economic structures are aflame and taking on water. At precisely the right moment, the globalists plan to pose as our saviors with a rescue that will instead be a curse - a centralized banking structure and managed economy complete with world government and a totalitarian police state to keep the rabble in order.”
  As a result, people all over the world are protesting. Their main focus is the fact that even though jobs and wages are being cut for ordinary people, the rich are becoming more and more wealthy.  In a time of great austerity, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  Those who caused the crisis, seen as bankers and financial organisations, are perceived as having  been left untouched
Rasa says:
Indeed, authors on Global Research says they have huge parts of their money untaxed, offshore.  I think I’m moving to Monte Carlo.
by hardship and are free to do what they like. For this reason, many people are very angry indeed. Activists in America are calling for extreme measures, a kind of French Revolution, in which the bankers and financiers will be guillotined.  Although the anger people feel about the way bankers might be cheating the rest of us is very understandable, we need to learn the lessons of the French Revolution - why it didn’t work out and why it went horribly wrong.
Rasa says:  I am glad that you are so good at politics, William, because I tend not to pay attention, but the lessons of history are those of today; history repeats itself in a pattern.
The FINANCIAL PATRIARCHAL PATTERN is explained by MICHAEL MALONEY.  He gives it thus, & this from the Roman Empire up until today:

1         Good money backed by gold
2       Social programs instituted
3       Military spending begins to the max
4       WAR IS – Spend all that money on war!  Countries go to war, the governments STEAL FROM THE PEOPLE FOR IT!
5       FIAT CURRENCY BEGINS – Backed by NOTHING – just images printed on paper
6       WEALTH TRANSFER, severe inflation
7       400-500% increase of wealth FOR THE RICH
It's a little known fact that women played a very important role at the beginning of the French Revolution, but then allowed men to take over the leadership.
Rasa:  I am extremely curious about his phenomenon, how the women were important in starting it (fishwives with knives I heard) but then allowed the men to take over.  Why that, how is is that?  You mean they did it willingly, or receded back into the background, becoming passive while men were aggressive?  What were women doing as men took over, attending of the basics of life like cooking, cleaning, breeding, taking care of babies, old people & animals? 
The new revolutionary leaders proved to be as bad, if not worse, than the people they replaced. They began by guillotining the aristocratic class, but it didn’t stop there. The male leaders fought savagely for power and the losers of this struggle were also guillotined.
Rasa:  Exactly like Stalin who murdered some 30 million people, including his own soldiers who survived the war. 
I had a student speaking to me for over an hour last Saturday night, 11/12/11, in a club.  He said,
“What about us good guys who care about others?”
I said,
“You good guys never take over the world, it’s always the bad guys...There is no more hope for good guys to change things.  Jesus tried, Buddha, Gandhi, but the world is still evil.  They preached true love, but the world has to be taken over by women.  Mother God, women & Matriarchy, are on the rise, this is the only hope, & it will happen.
This 21-year old Turkish boy said to me,
“I know how to save the world, by teaching them not to be materialistic, not to give in to consumerism...I have reached 2,500 people in Turkey...I can save the world as this continues.”
Young men with pipe dreams is what it is – age 21 they all have fantasies like this.  Their dreams are based on wanting to be admired & loved.  But the truth is, you have to give up on your earthly desires & ego to be effective, give yourself to a higher cause – what we call God or Perfect Love & Truth – to get things done.  Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. were all assassinated because they were effective, effective people are targets.  Anyone can be an ARMCHAIR GENERAL, but in the line of fire, it is different.
As I explained to the boy what I had done (like reaching 4 million, 200,000 on my Youtube in one year but it didn’t change the world) & that ONLY WOMEN could now save the world, he became SADDENED & TIRED & said he had to go home & sleep.
(As we were speaking, dozens of handsome young guys were watching us, – the same guys who are afraid to approach me & chat me up, but want to have me in private.  They wondered, I guess, what we were talking about so animatedly & feared it might be sex.  They relaxed when they saw the boy left without me...this conversation was a result of the preaching I had done that night, it brought new energy.)
Under the rule of the dictator Robespierre, tens of thousands of people were executed in a reign of terror.  Ironically, France was now being ruled even more repressively and violently than before the revolution.  In some regions, the people rose up against the revolutionary government, but were suppressed using brutal force.  In the end the country became a military dictatorship headed by Napoleon Bonaparte, who embarked on a long war to try to conquer the whole of Europe.  Millions died.
The lesson of the French Revolution is clear. The problem is patriarchy.
Rasa:  “THE PROBLEM IS PATRIARCHY, male domination.  Men cannot rule the family & the world because they have not a maternal instinct. Their days are over, they are doomed.  I need to reach the girls & tell them that.  Patriarchy never changes, as men never change.  Matriarchy never changes, as women never change, they will always want to TAKE CARE OF OTHERS while men WILL ALWAYS WANT TO KILL.
 It doesn’t matter whether you replace one group of male leaders with another, you will still end up with conflict, war and an unequal society.

The Wall St protesters point out that only 1% of the population owns nearly half of the wealth of the USA.  This is not unusual. Five thousand years ago, in Ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh and the ruling class also owned the vast bulk of the wealth of Egypt.  Such inequity has been true throughout history in every country in the world.  At times, ordinary people have risen in rebellion against such manifest injustice.  There have been scores of Peasant revolutions over the last two thousand years, most of them brutally suppressed.
Rasa:  Of course, as they always have the military & police under their employ, they have gotten ready ahead of time for the people.  That is why no bloody revolution can ever work, it has to be peaceful, by women infiltrating the system bit by bit, through education & work, getting leadership positions, top jobs, the end of the line being the Fortune 500 companies.  This is exactly what is happening.
But even the uprisings that have been successful haven’t made life better for the ordinary person. We only have to look at the French and Russian revolutions to see that the oppression of the common people became even worse.  Even recently, in Egypt, where a popular uprising caused the fall of the government, it still hasn’t produced a better life for the people and may never do so.

Over the years, people have tried many different political systems, like communism, socialism, theocracy, fascism and democracy.  It's true that some systems have been better than others, but all have created unfair societies where there is a big gap between rich and poor.  Even in our present unstable world, where large numbers of people are angry enough to revolt against injustice, there is no guarantee that the new rulers will be any better than the ones they replace.  They might be even worse.

So why is it that every political system man has tried, has failed to create a reasonable, equal and fair society?  It's because men are very competitive in nature.  It's completely impossible for those who fight each other for power and wealth, to create a fair and equal society.
Rasa:  “It's completely impossible for those who fight each other for power and wealth, to create a fair and equal society.”
No, it has to be people dedicated to a higher cause, working in concert.  Men, with their violent instinct, have even taken the image of God & subverted God to their own thinking, their God is false.  They call their wars, “holy wars” instigated by God, they said God told them to “kill everyone, even the virgins” of victim countries.  God punished them when they kept the virgins!  Thus the insanity of men keeps going on even when the “good guys” start great religions, it all gets corrupted & violent, we could go on for thousands of pages on this.
It's not going to happen. We only have to look at communism to see the truth of this. The avowed aim of this political system was to create equality, yet all communist revolutions have led to dictatorship.  Does this mean that people’s desire for a more equal and fairer society will never be achieved?  We have tried every political system and none of them has brought equality. Apart from one. We have never tried matriarchy. We have never seen what it might be like if we were governed by women.

In the five thousand years of recorded history it has largely been men who have ruled our world.  It is still true today. Although we are seeing more female politicians, presidents and prime ministers, they are still a small minority. These women have to join patriarchal political parties and rule using the patriarchal system.  The result is that they have to act like men if they want to be a success in a male dominated world.  What women need is a matriarchal political party which allows them to act and behave like women instead of substitute males.  So what, you might say. If we had a matriarchal political party ruling a country, what difference would it make?

The difference is that women are less competitive than men. A woman’s body produces far less testosterone than a male one.  This makes the average woman not only physically weaker than a man but less aggressive as well.
Rasa:  This is an important point.  How do Matriarchal women subdue the men?  If the Bonobos are an example & we can imagine the same for us, the Bonobo females MOB A MALE WHO THREATENS VIOLENCE, there is safety & power in numbers, in women joining together & overthrowing a male who is bigger & stronger. 
That explains why males insisted on a NUCLEAR FAMILY where women were SEPARATED FROM THEIR KIN WHO WOULD GIVE SAFETY & PROTECTION, THEY WANTED WOMEN & CHILDREN TO BE VULNERABLE, under their domination, & this domination morphs into violence & sexual molestation.
 It's the reason why men have ruled our world for the last five thousand years. Fighting for power, wealth and status comes naturally to many men and when this is coupled with a lack of compassion for the suffering of others, it's a recipe for the worst excesses of tyranny and cruelty. In a patriarchal world where the dice is loaded in favour of competitive and aggressive men, most women have no chance of having their voice heard and even less chance of gaining power unless they inherit it. Even then they may be married off to an ambitious male and shunted off to the sidelines. It's not much fun for most men either. If they lose out in the dog eat dog world of patriarchy, then they are seen as failures and are used to further the ambitions of the alpha male winners.

It would be different if we had a matriarchal political party. Voters could choose female politicians whose desire is to see a fairer and more balanced society. They would be far less likely to take a country to war, far more likely to see inequities and seek to remove them. No, women are not perfect, but they are far more likely to make decisions which benefit the whole of a society and far less likely to favour the rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else. There are good reasons why this would be the case; women's maternal instinct and their ability to act unselfishly which springs directly from it.

Most women care deeply about their children's welfare. Many care about children in general and some care for everyone. It's no accident that the most vulnerable people in our society are largely looked after by women while men generally pursue money and power.
Rasa:  This situation calls for SUPERNATURAL HELP, & WE HAVE GOT IT, BY MOTHER GOD MAKING MALES EXTINCT.  I believe the extinction process has been underscored by the women’s movement, somehow in the human unconscious, we know what is going to happen, and we are moving toward it from inside.  And so, women started fighting back, males were not able to hold them down any more like the cork you reference.  Why were women fighting so hard, why could males no longer hold them down?  After all, they killed nine million women leaders in the Inquisition.  Why didn’t they just kill the feminists?  For one thing, males are GETTING MORE FEMININE & FEMALES MORE AGGRESSIVE.  Why, how is that?  For the males, the crumbling of the Y chromosome (I imagine) & the pollution that feminizes them, right in the wombs of women.
So the focus for any matriarchal government will be on children and those who, like children, cannot fend for themselves in a competitive world. A matriarchal government will spend more of the resources of a country on the welfare of children than any patriarchal government. No matriarchal government will want to see children live in poverty and ignorance.  In the process of helping children, the government will also have to help the parents who are caring for the children live a life which allows them to nurture their young. Eventually, the resources of the country will be devoted to caring for all people in ways that our military-industrial nations cannot contemplate and would reject outright.

This all sounds crazy. Where does business fit into this dream? Where are the large armies to defend us from aggressive countries? Where would the money come from to nurture all children and help them realise their potential? If we shared out the wealth of a country more equitably, wouldn't successful entrepreneurs simply jump ship and go to where they could keep more of their money? Sensible questions given the world as it is today, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Not all people who set up a business are greedy selfish people whose only interest is in making money. Some care for their employees and for the society they live in. This can be reinforced by the political decisions made by matriarchal governments. Laws do not have to favour the rich and powerful. It is not inevitable, although we have reached a state of such disillusionment and despair that it seems that way. People living under tyrannical governments often believe that nothing will ever change. Dissidents will always be thrown into prison and tortured. The dictator will always be free to squander the wealth of the country on palaces and guns while the poor starve. Then the revolution comes and a chance to overthrow the corrupt regime arrives. We are in exactly the same position globally. The tyranny of patriarchal power and greed has brought us to our knees. What we need this time is a revolution which empowers women and allows them to lead instead of replacing selfish and competitive men with another bunch who are just the same. We can change the world.
Rasa:  “What we need this time is a revolution which empowers women and allows them to lead instead of replacing selfish and competitive men with another bunch who are just the same.”
Wow William & Pamela, how is this done?
Over here in Binghamton at the occupation, women are not taking part, except the small number of wives/girlfriends who are supporting the males –they do not speak & one of these women TRIED TO SABOTAGE ME.
The only way that women now could become a part of this revolution is if they get out in the street & REPRESENT WOMEN, NOT MEN.  NO ONE IS DOING THIS THAT I KNOW OF, I HAVE NOT SEEN ANY WOMEN REPRESENTING FEMALE EMPOWERMENT & MATRIARCHY, ON THE STREET, EXCEPT MYSELF.
Feminists RARELY do things in public, on the streets, they almost never put themselves in harms way such as Emmeline Pankhurst & others once did. 
If many women did this, actually representing Female Empowerment & Matriarchy, it would galvanize others.  But how do we galvanize these women?  Do we need to?
Or should we just let nature take its course, observe the increase of females in higher education, females getting jobs, & let the slow, laborious process of this crank its gears?
If the process is TOO SLOW it gives evil men more chance to do harm.  They are planning heinous atrocities, the enslavement of the entire human race.
Only the conspiracy experts seem aware of this danger – the young people are going to their clubs as if nothing is happening -  & THE CONSPIRACY EXPERTS ARE ALL MEN!
What do we do?  What do I do?  Will my walking down State St., book in hand, preaching, change anything? I await the will of Mother God, but I am She!  And so, I will do what I can.
(Rasa Von Werder)
William Bond to Rasa,  11  16  11
Obviously what you are doing in preaching on the street about matriarchy is very, very brave, and very few people would be able to do this. (I know I couldn't do it).  But I think the reason you are able to do it, is because of your faith in MotherGod.  I am sure the reason why you were able to do your, "I strip for God", was because of your faith in God then.  So, at a guess, I would say that what supports you in this is your faith in MotherGod.
Rasa says:
“I Strip for God” was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, so is street preaching, (but I did not feel a thing when I did it last, fear wise.)
I recall this, after it was over, when I stopped preaching.  One night I was lying in my bed, & I heard myself scream inside, I screamed long & hard.  It was a RELEASE from the stress & the agony of fourteen years of “stripping for God.”
In order to “strip for God” I had many opposing forces to combat.  First, I had to be prepared to speak publicly TO A HOSTILE AUDIENCE.  Second, I had to convince club & theater managers to let me speak – most of them resisted it, not concerned about the benefit.  I had to use the argument that it would bring the press, therefore business, & then & only then would they permit it; they gave a rat’s ass for the salvation of souls.
The next thing I had to do BY MYSELF, no manager, no press agent, 99% of the clubs/theaters did not help – was TO GET THE PRESS TO COVER ME.  That entailed the sacrifice of many nights GOING WITHOUT ENOUGH SLEEP as I called them in the morning, sacrificed many evenings/days off STAYING INDOORS WRITING LETTERS TO PERTINENT VENUES, while my confederates in the show partied.
I was not compensated in any way financially, materially for this effort.  It only meant more work & more stress for me, but I DID IT, WHAT NO OTHER WOMAN BEFORE ME EVER DID & PROBABLY NEVER WILL AGAIN.
If ever a woman “strips for God” again it will be within Matriarchy, or moving toward it, as “stripping for God” is a Matriarchal action, but the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Patriarchy.  I was digging ground into virgin soil, clearing the woods, for a Matriarchal concept, which is that in the old days, Priestesses were both sexual & spiritual, they honored God, represented God, were the living embodiment of a spiritual, nurturing, SEXUAL GOD.

So I think it is very important to keep your contact and faith in MotherGod throughout this.  I am sure you pray beforehand, but I also think it is important to actually enjoy it all.  This is because you are also giving a performance and what I have seen, a performer who enjoys what they do, will attract a bigger audience than someone who doesn't.  This is because if the performer enjoys herself, then so will the audience.  This is important because a audience on the street will not listen to anyone, unless they are entertained.  So it is all about having fun and within this fun you can put out an important message.  I also think this will protect you, men are unlikely to attack any speaker who shows she is confident, and has the audience on her side.  I also believe MotherGod will protect you if you keep in contact with HER.
Rasa:  This is a good point.  I have learned that to disarm my enemies & keep it safe, I turn insults into jokes.  When the guys say
“Suck my dick”
usually standing in groups as we walk by, to myself or other females, my answer is,
“I would if I could find’s like finding a needle in a haystack.”
FEAR is the MAIN FACTOR which KEEPS WOMEN FROM SPEAKING UP & STANDING UP TO MEN.  Remember the civil rights days, how much courage it took for black males to stand up to white?  They also had to be careful about violence, to receive violence without striking back.  These were hard times.
Women, as the class pushed down by men, have also to muster their courage to dominate them PUBLICLY.  This fear does not apply to dominatrixes who receive willing men in private, but in the society, where many men DO DOT WANT TO BE DOMINATED & want to silence females if they speak up.
The THREAT OF VIOLENCE is always there, both men & women perceive it; it’s WORDS, it’s POSTURES, the ATTITUDE.  By one’s attitude they show HOSTILITY, ANGER, which can explode at any moment in a physical strike.
Most women, some men want to avoid physical violence, so the threat is given in order to SUBDUE.  For a woman TO STAND UP AGAINST THE POSSIBLE VIOLENCE OF MALES IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL.
My intention on the street, as I encounter unsympathetic or wise-ass males, is to IGNORE THEM.  How they HATE being ignored, they want to DOMINATE!  Ignoring someone is an insult, but, they cannot say I PROVOKED THEM, THEY WOULD HAVE TO CHASE ME DOWN TO STRIKE ME – THIS WOULD BE SEEN AS WE ARE IN A PUBLIC PLACE.
I also intent to COUNSEL the females as I speak not only about the TRUTHS concerning Matriarchy, but specific female-empowering facts, such as

“Don’t be afraid of men, they are inferior to you, genetically, biologically, mentally, emotionally & constitutionally.  THEY ARE AFRAID OF YOU, BECAUSE THEY KNOW, DOWN IN THEIR HEARTS, WOMEN ARE SUPERIOR...THAT IS WHY THEY DO SO MUCH WORK TO HOLD YOU DOWN.”
“you have two X chromosomes, they have one X & a damaged Y which is highly inferior, & is crumbling  Men are going down, falling apart, right now...8% of them are infertile.”
“begin learning how to take charge of men now, because the future belongs to women.  Men are going extinct, women will reproduce without men, and it will be a WOMAN-ONLY WORLD – THIS IS WHAT MOTHER GOD WANTS.”
“Mother God has seen the damage males have done to life on this planet, & what more they intend to do, & as a remedy, she is making them go extinct.  They will NOT DESTROY THE PLANET, HOWEVER MUCH THEY PLAN TO DO SO, WOMEN WILL TAKE OVER & MOTHER GOD WILL RULE.  Male religions & churches will evaporate, female-led religions & temples will rise up.”
There is no remedy for the extinction of men – nothing can stop it – check out Dr. Bryan Sykes book, “Adam’s Curse – A Future Without Men” – he is the world’s leading geneticist.  He says this,
“Human males are a genetic modification experiment that did not work, & nature is removing them.”
Understand who you are as a woman – you are a creative force designed by God to rule the family & the world.  By demonic power, force, violence & evil, you have been held down for a while.  But now your escape from male rulership is imminent, realize you must take charge of your life, get educated, get involved in politics & religious leadership, start taking over the world, do not kow tow to men, do not obey them, do not take them seriously, they are going down.” 
“You as a woman are meant by God to be the dominant force.  God has made you maternal, which means you take care of others, you have an instinct for it.  Males have an instinct for violence, that is why they cannot rule the family & the world.  Apart from female authority, males are loose cannons ready to go off.”
Those are just a few tidbits I will say.
So I think your state of mind is very important. I wouldn't do it, if you lose your contact with MotherGod, or if you are so nervous that you are not enjoying it, or lose confidence.  But anyway, like you said, you have done street preaching before, so you will know more about this than me.
Rasa:  When I first hit the street, TEN YEARS AGO, with the megaphone, I was so scared my knees were shaking.  But I did it anyway.  I persisted all winter, 2-3 hours a day.  Why did I do it?  How can I explain that I want to save souls & help humanity?  It is the GOD WITHIN ME which has become STRONGER as the years went by.  Every time I did something to honor & praise this God, my closeness to this God WITHIN ME became ever stronger, until this day, right now, when I know GOD & I ARE ONE.  When I pray, talk to God right now, sometimes, I can’t tell which is which.  Is it my flesh speaking or my Spirit?  It’s hard to differentiate & get into “duality” when I am in “nonduality.”
Even though I was afraid, I PERSISTED, & I had less fear as time went by, but it was ALWAYS STRESSFUL as each day brought new assaults.  That is why YOU DO NOT SEE PREACHERS, ESPECIALLY WOMEN, ON THE STREETS, IT IS THE OPPOSITION, IT IS THE ASSAULTS, they would rather preach to the choir in a church than be on the street – but I was there because only about 10% of people GO TO CHURCH & Jesus said he came to save
“not the good, but the sinners.”
In other words, the good are there in the church, presumably receiving Grace, but those outside of it are wandering the streets, & those of God MUST FIND THEM!  (from Rasa)
Love william
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Chapter 2 - William Bond & Rasa Discuss the Work .....................52
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Chapter 4 - Not All Women are Goddesses.....................................86
Chapter 5 - Sex Instructions for College Kids..............................89
Chapter 6 - Domination & Equality....................................................94
Chapter 7 - The Morton Downey Jr. Show.......................................98
Chapter 8 - Rasa Begins to Explain Who She is............................101
Chapter 9 - Men Will Become Slaves Of Women!.......................................................................126
Chapter 10 - Why Males are Bizarre................................................129
Chapter 11 - Evils of Circumcision...................................................145
Chapter 12 - On the Origins of Evil
With Bard of Ely............................................................150
Chapter 13 - The Underlying Factors &
Closing Remarks............................................................159
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Her life & work as KELLIE EVERTS...make sure you look under “humanitarian work” and world publicity, hard news –check her sermon on front of the White House, & her affair with Arnold.
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