Tuesday, 22 November 2011

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Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

Friends,  after I wrote this “thanks” (below) of course I recalled a dozen good people later, so forgive me if you’re one of them, it was just off the top of my head.  The thing is you have to have lists of people.  Whoever encouraged me the most recently got into the thanks.  So keep encouraging me if you want to get famous (wink)!
To the Men On the Harshness of My Message – DO NOT  Take it Personally!!!
I know that the recent list of things I preach is HARSH against men, the worst that I say, & I need you to realize why I have to do this.  It is because this is about WAR, the gender war of males against women & women against men.  It is not a personal issue against any man if he be a good man – it is against the majority that have stomped on women (&men), animals, nature & life, & continue to do so EVERY DAY.
I will channel Mother God to explain to you why I have to speak this way.
Rasa to Mother God:
Mother God, I am speaking in the harshest terms there are against men as I speak on the street & I feel I am justified.  What do you want me to do here, compromise because some of the men, albeit a minority, are good?  Or is it alright that I “offend” the good guys while speaking against the bad?  I feel that WE ARE AT WAR & now women are winning because you, Mother God, have stepped in.  Because of this, males are going extinct, they are deteriorating, they are leaving the planet, & we can breath a sigh of relief.  This sounds so amazingly harsh, but yet it IS TRUE
Mother God:
Where were & are these same people, all of whom puff up with indignation at your words, when you risked life & limb to emancipate women?  This is not a new struggle for you, it started with body building & Stripping for God.  Did any of them help you?  If they didn’t, tell them to go fly a kite.
Tell the women when they preach during the gender war, to phrase their statements any way they wish, to soften them up, placate the good guys, calm down the bad guys, put disclaimers & addendums to all that they say – you do not have time or inclination to do so, & you are not risking their lives, you are risking your life when you preach, so this is your prerogative.
To the good men, it’s like preaching “you sinners.”  They are not all sinners.  Those who do not sin know they do not, & they can rest easy.  What matter that you call men sinners, if they are exempt, the shoe doesn’t fit and they don’t wear it.  God knows, they know, they are not sinners, so why worry? They are upset for “being called bad guys” when they are good guys, but you don’t have time for all the addendums, disclaimers, ad infinitum, during the gender war.  They have to make an allowance for that.  In all the thousands of statements you make – in articles, books & words on internet & street – you strike at the bad guys, enough said.  Why don’t they good guys help you if they are so good?  They are not eager to help you, so maybe they aren’t so good, they just want to be thought of that way.  Those who truly are good, like William Bond & BardofEly, really do help you.  If the others are offended, let them just be quiet, knowing they are good, not talk to you about it, you don’t have time for it.
Thank you
To all the friends who have encouraged me in my endeavors, especially William Bond, Steve Andrews, Yasmeen Stewart, Mikraus, Nick Kushner, Rudy Strauss, Virginia, Mary Jane Murphy, Howard, Kathleen the channeler,  Judy Levy, Mercurius Trismegistus, Gilbert McCrary, Diva Taunia, Amber Meadows, Randy Roach, Mark Hopkins, Sergio Daneri, “Slave Bob,” Kestel, Marlis, & to those I have forgot, a triple hug to you!
To the students at Binghamton University who give me so much attention & love, a big warm embrace for you all.
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