Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MY 14TH BOOK! From Rasa Von Werder

After a two year gestation, finally the book comes out!
Six hours of effort, everything going wrong, can't upload, wrong dimensions, wrong pixels, new system @ Lulu, doesn't work - praying to get it through each step of the way, finally I upload it.  My intention was to have it not available to the public until I saw the printed copy – but the system tells me it’s published & available.  Not sure if I have the option of revising it any more, then, so the dye is cast, if it has mistakes, I will have to say they were meant to be.
The book turned out somewhat different than I intended it to be.  I used many more pictures of myself in my youth than I planned, because I found a Mother Load of them.  But I increased the number of pics rather than stinting on the ones with myself & Marcel & him alone. I got over 100 pics into it.
I can hardly believe I got it done & uploaded after sitting on it for two years while I worked on face book.

Old Woman, Young Man - Why They Belong Together

Paperback, 193 pages
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Old Woman, Young Man - Why They Belong Together
Price: $33.69
The visual & intellectual dimensions of this book present something unique in the annals of book publishing. Kellie Everts, the world’s top beauty queen & Stripper for God, has become Guru Rasa Von Werder, now revered as an Anointed Image of Mother God. After nearly 31 years of celibacy Rasa took on a 26 year old lover (a muscular black boxer!) & photographed him in the nude, by himself & with her, naked at 63. “Seeing is believing,” her 46-26-36 figure with amazing muscles, skin & face. She also packs a message – that it’s the old women that must now take over young guys into the “Culture of Life”, or Matriarchy, away from the “Culture of Death” or Patriarchy. She explains her message forcefully, occupying the minds & hearts of many, & entertaining them at the same time, the older women not only teach the boys what life is, but what love is, & how women want to be loved by men. The pictures alone are worth the price, they are RAVISHING. Women love the pics as do the men, they ordered advance copies!

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