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“Satan Rules the World, & He Works Through Men”

working on this now for my 15th book - It's a rough draft & will be greatly improved - content & writing

“Satan Rules the World, & He Works Through Men” – Old Demons Working to Create New Ones
I have a great new insight or vision.  It has been won by a lifetime of effort, & I believe it is true.  Here it is:
The ORIGIN OF EVIL – The Christian Myth of Lucifer & His Demons – What Really Happened “in Heaven?”
By RasaVon Werder
What Really Happened is that the Human Male turned against Mother God & Women – this Myth personifies what happened “in Heaven” & Earth & I will prove my case.
We all know the Christian myth where Lucifer, looking in the mirror at his own beauty, decided he was the fairest of the fair & said to God,
“I will not serve!”
With this statement, he immediately fell from grace, & lost the beauty & light that he had, & turned into the “serpent” or “reptilian” called Satan, & was cast into Hell by St. Michael the Archangel, who said to him & anyone,
“Who is like God?”

With Satan “one third” of Heaven emptied out – all those who agreed with him followed him into Hell for all eternity, where their job now is to assault the human race - which they hate with all their might - & tempt us to sin relentlessly, never giving up the pursuit of destruction.
I have studied the nature of demons in my ministry as a Catholic & from the great Protestant exorcist, Bob Larson.  I purchased all his valuable teachings on audio/video, $1,000. worth, & have been doing successful exorcisms most of my life. 
I am going to say my words “ex Cathedra” – as the Pope of the “ Mother God Church,” & that means I am infallible! (smile)
This myth personifies the male desire to defy women & their Mother God, feeling they were as good as women or better, & therefore they should not serve women nor the image of God as them.  This portrays “the Leader or Leadership being able to convince one third of the male population to go along with them.  Interestingly, the myth appears within Patriarchal religion & can be taken as a secret message from men who STILL WORSHIPPED MOTHER GOD & WOMEN.  The men who are AGAINST Mother God & women are the ones who’ve tried to convince us YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT SATAN & DEMONS ARE LIVING CREATURES, SEPARATE FROM US, THEY ARE NOT PSYCHOLOGICAL STATES OR PARTS OF OUR EVIL SELVES, WE ABSOLUTELY MUST BELIEVE THEY ARE TANGIBLE, LIVING, SEPARATE CREATURES.  (From that point of view, indeed, evil persons are living creatures.)
The next interesting moment is where the story tells us that the instant the leader & his men made the decision to turn their back on God as Mother, they were DOOMED to Hell for all eternity & all they do 24/7 is try to get the human race to join them!  Does this not sound like Patriarchal men, all their governments & institutions?
The devils are all LIARS FROM THE FIRST, & they come to STEAL, KILL & DESTROY – is this not PATRIARCHAL MEN & women?  They are con artists, users, cheats & thieves.  They will kill you if they think they can get away with it.
Do you not see with me, ever so clearly, that men have created HELL ON EARTH, & want EVERYONE TO BE IN IT & that those who THINK LIKE THEM are also doomed & will live outside the Love of Mother God, encased in the Hell of their own hate & limitation?
Patriarchy is a death trap – “the pit of no return.”.  It lives as a sociopath, a thing unto itself, whereas Mother God’s religion, voiced by Jesus, says to love others as you love yourself, & forgive them who hurt you.
Jesus also said,
“Satan is the Prince of this World.”
The hypothesis that Lucifer/Satan demons are symbols of Patriarchy & its manifesto makes incredible sense.
If you ask
“Who is Satan?”
You get,
“He is a living perverted, evil creature, who lives outside the grace of God & wants to bring people to sin & eternal perdition.”
Edited with remarks from Rasa:
In traditional Christian understanding of the holy Hebrew scriptures, the Torah, Satan is a synonym for the Devil. For most Christians, he is believed to be an angel who rebelled against God—
(ed:  specifically, males who were once part of the Matriarchal Heaven – God the Mother was Queen - & they rebelled against her, & against Matriarchs, & against Matriarchal principles of Life.)
and also the one who spoke through the serpent and seduced Eve into disobeying God's command. His ultimate goal is to lead people away from the love of God—to lead them to fallacies which God opposes.
(ed:  All Patriarchal tenets are fallacies, all their beliefs, at the core, are evil.  Everything they do is outside of Love, it is for personal profit, for control, & damage to others, to all life.  A Patriarch is a sociopath, a perverted, twisted being who if he is the head of a family will kill every member in it, & ultimately himself.)
 Satan is also identified as the accuser of Job, the tempter in the Gospels, the secret power of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2:7, and the dragon in the Book of Revelation.
(ed:  sounds like every-day politics & business as usual in our society.)
 Before his insurrection, Satan was among the highest of all angels and the "brightest in the sky". His pride is considered a reason why he would not bow to God as all other angels did, but sought to rule heaven himself.
(ed:  Heaven was Matriarchy, & he was one of its servants, but he sought to rule Heaven himself!  Pride?  They are built on it.  Why did they want to rule Heaven/Women – take Mother God off her throne & put a man there?
They wanted to dominate.
Women were taught to bow to men, to serve men, sacrifice for them, do anything men wanted.  They cooked & cleaned, they primped, they spent all they had on being beautiful, they had to charm them day & night.  Women were sluts when they wanted sluts, madonnas when they wanted housewife’s, whatever they wanted – women had to do. Institutionalized discrimination closed all doors to women except marriage, it stopped them from education, jobs, & security, slave security came from being servants of men in marriage, without a man, women faced poverty. This was ALL PLANNED BY THE DEMON MEN.)
 The popularly held beliefs that Satan was once a prideful angel who eventually rebels against God, however, are not portrayed explicitly in the Bible and are mostly based on inference (e.g., Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14:12–17). In mainstream Christianity he is called "the ruler of the demons" (Matt. 12:24), "the ruler of the world" and "the god of this world". (2 Cor. 4:4).
(ed:  God of this world, indeed.  The male leadership of this world is worshipped, it was once Goddesses, then it became the “reign of the phallus,” the steeples/dicks on top of their fake churches instead of domes/caves of Matriarchy.)
 The Book of Revelation describes how Satan will be cast out of Heaven, down to the earth, having "great anger" and waging war against "those who obey God's commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus". Ultimately, Satan is thrown into the "Lake of fire", not as ruler, but as one among many, being tormented day and night forever and ever.
(ed:  Yes, it is the ultimate frustration/rage of Satanic male that he cannot be worshipped as is Woman
Man is NOT THE SOURCE OF LIFE, Dr. Bryan Sykes describes him as a “parasite” on the body of a woman – anthropologist Ashley Montague explained this in 1952.
When a bully tries to take the place of the leader but can’t, he’s going to be angry.
Every woman knows how quickly men get hysterical when we assert our dominance.  You take a risk for acting like an independent human, speak with dignity, no kow towing to them, a full emancipated human, with her own thoughts, not centered on him, not living for him, - this makes him freak out.  This is the Satan in him which wants to believe WE MUST SERVE HIM, NOT HE US.
But thank God, according to the myth, only one third of males wants to DOMINATE.  Thank God for small mercies, two thirds of them want to obey. 
When you dwell on THE RAGE OF SATAN it’s a perfect analogy to the dickheaded, arrogant son-of-a prick that calls himself  “manly,” the kind that tortures animals, children, women & other men – another characteristic is they are either HOT or COLD – Hell goes both ways.
When they want to bed you they are hot with passion, every word a lie – typical.  Now they feel POWER – “I had her – I am in the driver’s seat NOW I CAN REJECT HER & I WILL, WHAT JOLLY FUN!”  When they have had their pleasure they are cold as ice, no words because they are not speaking to you any more.  So they either burn you or freeze you to death in their Hell.
Can’t wait to see them thrown into the Lake of Fire.
How did they become this way?  Through the agency of old men or demons from the Hell of Patriarchy.
Demons from the Hell of Patriarchy – What They Teach the Young Men – Why Subsequently Young Males Don’t Know How to “Make Love”
The way men “make love” is a sore point with many women.  The way you relate with, or your attitude with another, is determined by what you think & feel about the other.  You’re going to treat someone differently if you harbor great respect or lack respect for them.  Young men are taught not to respect women.
In broad brushstrokes Patriarchy has made sure that women would not have the slightest chance of being loved or looked up to.  For a woman to even have the imitation of respect rendered a “respectable housewife,” a “lady” or “Madonna”, she has to forfeit her human rights & liberty.  I have a motto that says,
“I used to be a lady, but it wasn’t any fun.”
Ladies don’t like sex – they are sexually repressed, they are always monogamous.  I don’t know what their version of “fun” would be, but life can only be enjoyed as compliant, dutiful members of Patriarchy, no conflicting thoughts or actions against it, no behavior disapproved by the old demons.  You dwell on that, I don’t have time.
Following that, the next question would be what sort of sex lovers would these guys be, raised by the old demons?  They would be miserable lovers, selfish, without regard for a woman’s feelings.
“Making love” expands beyond sex, before & after.  Making love begins in the mind – the perception of the lover.  Thoughts & feelings regarding the lover are the prelude to consummation, in fact, the act of “making love” & “orgasm,” if any, are only a minor bump in the road of love.
It seems to me that using a woman as a “garbage disposal for sperm,”  “a place to dump a load” is not love, but it is mainly the perception old demons want males to have.  This is how they see it,
“Son, women are for using.  Men are for admiring.  You admire other men for their manly qualities, which means, men are heroes.  Admire men, use other men as role models, do not take women seriously, do not listen to them, do not admire them.  If you listen to women, obey them, even your Mother, you are a sissy & a Mamma’s boy.  Men do not obey women, they obey men.”
In this way, the old demon sets up the young man for WAR.
For what else does obedience to other men lead up to?  Of course, you would have competition under any circumstances, Matriarchal as well as Patriarchal, but in Matriarchy, males would be competing for the favors of women, to live under the authority of this or that woman.  But in a Patriarchal society, when a man “wins,” he gains a “harem” of women who belong to him.  In the old days men had physical harems where women were kept under lock & key, their property.  This then shrunk down to men with multiple mistresses – only the most extreme Patriarchs still have physical harems.  Then after mistresses, you simply had males with a lot of women lovers, they didn’t support them, but they had liberty to bed them.
Not so for the women, their sexual opportunities were limited - today, this has changed drastically & is moving in the direction of multiple partners & harems for women.
Old demon continues:
“Son, the last thing you would ever want to do would be to love a woman, this is weakness.  Show no feelings.  She has a hole between her legs, & also, her mouth.  Fuck one of those holes or both.  If she is to be your wife, then show some consideration, if not, throw her to the curb when you’re done – you owe her no kind of allegiance or kindness just because she allowed you to fuck her.” 
The problem with women gaining control – there was never a way where one lone woman could beat the system, could get the rights & respect she deserved, when the entire society went against her.  One lone wolf doth not make a pack, there has to be group mobilization, union,, for women to get their rights & respect.  Just as the power of the demon-males was won over thousands of years, in spots, until it took hold of most of the world, that power must also be won back by women, not in thousands of years, but within hundreds.  2200 looms as a time, for me, when we will be inside Matriarchy once again.
This entire system of men against women & Mother God, entailed a completely new world, which took thousands of years of stealing from what women had created, usurping it, misappropriating the good of the women’s creation into Patriarchy, then twisting & ruining it, changing all belief systems so they would be anti-women, pro-men, erasing all the good women had done from history, pretending that history started with male wars – what an elaborate spider web of lies Satan wrought! He’s been working at it for a long time, & now, it’s unraveling!

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