Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I Have Met a Disciple on the Dating Site!


Rasa Von Werder

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His name is Franz.
It was a phenomenon.
What was different about Franz is that he actually LISTENED to all that I said, interjected little but what was offered was pertinent.
He had no anxiety to control the conversation, did not introduce any threads, said little but seemed genuinely interested, not bored by all that I said.  I was emptying my stories on Franz, including an episode with a young male I seduced – Franz was laughing & then my phone died.

The next day I looked at who I should call & remembered Franz – but then I thought,

“But he didn’t say anything...I did all the talking...Not sure if this is going to be a relationship.”

I looked at my list of phone numbers & left messages for those I had not spoken to enough.  Then I called Franz, all, just for being bored.

His sonorous voice answers.  I am thinking,

“The way I babble on, he might not even want to hear from me - & I transgressed by talking about other men – a definite no no, but I do it anyway.  Some guys get really PISSED.

How did the conversation start? - Can’t recall.  Somehow the subject of God came up.  He asked me some questions about God.  I asked him his history of the dating site, & he said,

“My experience has not been good.”


I don’t get responses.  I sent out hundreds of letters.”

That startles me.  Franz is a TEN.  He is chocolate 35 years old, very beautiful, classy, perfect features, perfect body, & super intelligent.

I read his profile to see if anything is wrong, & you can tell he’s a gentleman with a brilliant mind.  Is he too high up for the women?  No, it can’t be, he’d get the more evolved women.

As we are talking, mostly me, I say to Franz,

“Why don’t you tell me more about yourself?”

“There’s not much to tell about me, I just want to hear you talk.”

He asks me more & more questions about God.  Then he reveals the following,

He is the son of two evangelical Pastors who run their own church.  He works for them, but he has a need to escape his environment.  He tells me,

“Rasa, I feel stifled, drained & depleted.  I love my parents & their church, but I have a different feeling about God, my own perception, & I need to get away from where I am, but I can’t right now.  I feel empty – I’ve lost my spiritual spark.

“After we talked, I couldn’t get you off my mind.  I decided if it’s meant to be, you will call me, & you did.

“I think God sent you to me & I believe I can learn from you.”

The feeling from Franz was totally different than any other man, it’s like he wasn’t there – just a deep, magical voice responding to me, his accent British – a beautiful black man with a British accent in the middle of the South, well versed in Christian theology, looking to me to explain spiritual truths.  I said to him,

“Now I know why women aren’t responding to you...you are blocking them with your mind...you don’t want a woman YOU WANT GOD!

I then saw why the sensation he wasn’t there – he had lost his ego.  In fact, he told me,


But the place where Franz is at is a good place as far as spiritual journey.  He has detached himself from the world & the flesh – but he has not moved into the spiritual place he needs to be – he’s in transit.  Here’s where guidance comes in.

He never talked about sex but when I joked about a guy playing hard to get he said,

“I would give you some dick.”

That made me laugh - thank God he isn’t sexually repressed or guilt ridden. He is easy & natural with it, but it isn’t what he is seeking, he is looking for the ultimate cure– the Divine.

I told him,

“Franz, you understand where you are at, the emptiness, & that’s a great thing.  Most people feel emptiness & they fill that void with substances, repetitive (empty of love) sex & material pursuits.  This of course, doesn’t make them happy, & you have not fallen into that trap, you are seeking God, you are hungry for God.”

Our conversation went on for three hours – I had to beg off.  It continued the next day.  He & I spent four hours in two days talking about God, & we both feel it’s just the beginning.

Franz is now going to install me into his heart, which means I will be his Guru & he will be my disciple.  This is always an exciting supernatural event.  My Anointing will begin flowing into him & great things will happen.

1 31 12 ............update

Franz has installed me into his heart.
I “walked” him through it.
When we got done, he was laughing, filled with BLISS.
He told me,
“As soon as I put my hands on my heart, like you told me to, my hands were BURNING with heat!”
I am now “downloading” or installing the Anointing into my Beloved Disciple, Franz, & it’ll be 24/7!  I am so excited & so is he!

We SPOKE FOR 3.5 HOURS, from 1:30 am until 5 am when I begged off, & it did not feel like a long time!

He told me,
“I could listen to you forever.”

Do you see the miracle here?   A black male who is a “10” wants to listen to me forever about God – He IS NOT a type person looking to women for just sex, he is INTO GOD & he has found ME, THE EMBODIMENT OF GOD - & he knows it & believes it & did exactly as I told him to for the installation, & it worked.  I now live in him & miracles will happen!

From Rasa Von Werder

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