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Rasa’s 15th book has MORE NUDITY & SEX APPEAL than any before!

Rasa Von Werder

Rasa’s 15th book has MORE NUDITY & SEX APPEAL than any before!

(See END for William Bond & Rasa on Pornography)

To show their erected cocks or not?  That is the question.  Yes, Rasa said to her book.  Besides Marcel, there are a dozen other lovers, with 10”, 11”, 12” & even a 14” “horse cock.”  Her fave is the one she calls “python” a curved one glistening dark from a gorgeous mixed race male.

The book also contains more of Rasa nudity & more erotic shots of the two of them, and the latest images of Rasa taken Nov. 2011.

Part II begins with the day-by-day account of Marcel & Rasa, describing euphemistically for Face book their activities & love making.  It culminates past day 14 when everything ends.

Marcel stole Rasa’s ATM card, jogged 7 miles a day 3 days in a row to remove $2,200. from her bank, when fortunately, Rasa was sitting by her pc / phone when the FRAUD DEPT. called.  Doors were locked, police were called, he was arrested with cash & info. on all 3 Rasa credit cards!

It did the boy no good.  He did some time in jail, Rasa retrieved all her money from his suitcase & got back what was in his pockets, case closed, love is grand, so is larceny.  You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the boy.

Marcel could have gone two ways.  One, he could have continued benefiting from Rasa, who gave him gifts every time she saw him, or, he could BETRAY & rob Rasa, forfeiting the relationship, losing all.  He made a bad decision.  Marcel was attracted only to older, European women; one of these is a millionaire.  But none of them ever gave him anything – made him pay for the dates, HIS OWN BIRTHDAY HE HAD TO PAY WITH THE MILLIONAIRE LADY!  (She is a graffiti artist who convinced some yo yo in Germany to give her a fortune for her scribblings, with bullshit written all over them.  Got another friend to NOMINATE HER FOR THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, because she writes “peace” all over her graffiti!  I groaned when on Face book, after Marcel had stood me up, before he robbed me, there he was on a date with her, WEARING THE CLOTHES I BOUGHT HIM!).  Rasa, the only one who paid all his expenses, all the dinners, gave him money for birthday & photography, is the one he hurts.  But whom did he hurt the most?  Himself, of course.

We move on.  Marcel is only one chapter in a book that is finished, I have the gorgeous pics to use of him now forever.  But onward & upward to other dicks, big ones.  Onward & upward to meaningful articles, beyond the tantalizing pictures, there are always those great, inspired articles.


This book contains tons of images of Rasa & her nude young lovers (mostly black), in their passion & positions! It has MORE NUDITY than any of Rasa’s books so far, more than in Part I.
In the days of Matriarchy, sex was fertility & love, & pleasure was happiness. God wants LOVE on earth as it is in Heaven, certainly not this Hell men have created where sex is DIRTY while death (as in war) is declared HOLY! How could all this have turned around?
Rasa declares in her vision that when Lucifer turned against God, & one third of the angels went with him, became Satan & his demons, is an analogy to MEN turning AGAINST MOTHER GOD & WOMEN & creating the totally evil world we have today, where SATAN (Patriarchy!) is THE PRINCE OF THIS WORLD, with everything collapsing including economies & ecological systems. The OLD WOMEN must rally now to SAVE THE YOUNG, the planet & the future of us all. OLD WOMEN with YOUNG MEN is a concept that is STILL TABOO, but Rasa Von Werder is working to CHANGE THAT!

Rasa’s 15th book has MORE NUDITY & SEX APPEAL than any before!

Rasa’s 14th book published!  This one’s a LULU, at Lulu!  More sexiness & nudity than any book before – with a powerful message as well:
Rasa Von Werder & me – Rasa & William Bond blog – Features GREAT RECENT PHOTOS & SEMI-NUDES of Rasa with muscular nude male model –

Jan. 4 2012
I have read this William & it is perfect for my next book, all about SEX....I will include my comments.
Men & women are at CROSS PURPOSES it seems within the Patriarchal setting.
I believe in Matriarchy, they were NOT at cross purposes.
It’s when men dominate that nothing makes sense any more; it’s all about them, nothing much for women except being slaves.
In Matriarchy males – the way I imagine it – could have sex with just about anyone,  without any problem or repercussion, it was a free-for-all, although I suspect they were not allowed to molest the underage. Thereby, the erotic needs of males were fulfilled, - without all the bans, taboos, repression, they could satisfy themselves & did not have to become rich to get women.
The reason for this is that all the privileges & resources came from the Mother, not the Father, the Father DID NOT MATTER so who put his seed in you DID NOT MATTER  The father was a sperm donor, & we are getting back to that within the welfare system – women paid by the state (subsistence wages) as they bear children.  The men are but a sideline.
Marriage is getting rarer these days as women CAN WORK.  Marriage was a form of SERVICE OF WOMEN TO MEN & THE ONLY WAY MOST COULD SURVIVE OR HAVE STATUS.  That has changed so drastically, the women in future will be the success objects, the males the sex objects, a whole different perspective.
There will be no more pornography of men face fucking & ass fucking women.  They will have trouble finding women to play these roles as opportunities for women increase.

Pornography, Love and Romance

William Bond

Pornography is extremely popular on the internet, and this has revealed just many men like it.  At the same time, most women don’t seem to like it at all, and many are very hostile to it.  So why is there this big difference between the sexes on this subject?

because as you will explain momentarily, William, it is MALE DOMINATION PORNOGRAPHY, which is produced by the most vile, lowlife males – I knew some of them, they are the vermin who crawl the bottom of the earth, they are demons set out to degrade women.  What is there in this type of scenario for women to like?

Pornography is about sex and men and women have different attitudes about sex. For men, sex seems to be about depositing semen inside women, but most men do not think much about, what happens afterwards.  But women cannot have this attitude, because if the semen makes her pregnant, then she then has a child growing inside her and when it is born, she has to devote her life into looking after that child.  So for this reason, what sex means to men, is very different to what it means for women.

The men who produce these videos are mafia.  In their spare time they also do illegal gambling, extortion, drugs & murder – pornography is but a part of their criminal empire.  These men have no souls, no virtue, no sensitivity, they are DEMONS.  So it is WORSE than what you are saying, William, they are out to DESTROY WOMEN, destroy their image, destroy the respect for them, destroy all that has to do with love, compassion, & the precepts of Mother God.  This is not INNOCENT BOYS trying to deposit their sperm where they may, it is purposeful degradation of women, purposeful brainwashing of males to hate women.

How little men think about fertilization is shown in porn videos, because most of it doesn’t show man’s semen going inside a woman’s vagina but more inside a woman’s mouth or anus, or even just on her face or breasts.  This is generally the climax of the film. (no pun intended). All this is far too mechanical and limiting for most women, because women are more interested in relationships.

RASA:  Face fucking & anal fucking, like this, for the pubic, is DEGRADATION.

William:  Most women prefer romance rather than pornography;

RASA:  Little by little, as I take images of males, it will become sexier or more “pornographic.”  The women ALREADY LOVE MY PHOTOS because they are sex-positive, love positive, male/female relationship positive.
What we know as “pornography” is ONE VERSION OF SEX, the kind called DEPERSONALIZATION.
They do us the way they do animals or the occupied citizens in a time of war.  They separate their EMOTIONS from their actions, they depersonalize us – we are not human, we are THINGS.
When another person or creature becomes a THING you have license or permission to do whatever to them, including skin them alive, mutilate, rape, abuse, molest & murder.  That is what this pornography is about – it is BODY PUNISHING, SOUL DEGRADING, it is not LOVE – it is ABUSE.  The men who produce this, as I said, have no souls.  They hire actors who can act like they have no souls.  They teach & encourage the males who watch this shit to GIVE UP THEIR SOULS.

 this is because romantic stories are about the relationship between men and women.  There is a very good reason for this.  Once a woman becomes pregnant, then she is going to be better off looking after her child, if she can receive the help and support of the child’s father.  So a romantic story of a man who falls in love with a woman, and loves her so much, that when she has children, he devotes his life to looking after her and her children is what most women want.  This then, is why romantic stories are far more appealing to a woman, than pornography

RASA:  It could also happen another way.  Give us back our Matriarchal families (we are getting them back anyway, without your help or consent, Mother God is empowering us), let us women take care of the children & the economics.  You deposit your sperm in us & work for us, then go away before you start beating us up or molesting the children.  Or if you want to hang around you have to behave like a human being, not a monster.

So if romantic stories are very appealing to women, why aren’t they also appealing to men as well?  Why is it that so many men will prefer a pornography story, than a romantic story?  The reason could be about how men and women think about love.

For most women, love is not a choice; it is very difficult for a woman not to love.  The reason for this is that women have a powerful maternal instinct.  For most species of animal to survive, it is important that the female want to have young and nurture them, until they reach breeding age.  This instinct is even more important for human beings because the human baby is the most helpless newborn in the animal kingdom, as well as taking nearly 20 years to become an adult.  So, for the human species to survive, it means that the human female has to have a very powerful maternal instinct in caring for and protecting her children.  This means, women have very little choice in wanting to love.  This maternal instinct is so strong that women not only love children, they also love men and animals as well.  The caring professions, like nursing, old people care givers and social workers are also dominated by women.

RASA: I cannot believe that all men are as vile as these “porno” movies depict.  I have seen males sick & disgusted at porno theaters, walk out ready to vomit – when I was a dancer & they had these movies between shows.  We can’t give up on all the males & believe they are all like the ones who rule the world & worship Moloch. 
It’s true that male’s maternal instinct is not as strong as females, it is vestigial.
However, men have a strong desire to worship women & serve them, if this is encouraged.  I proved this in my articles about “Worship of Beautiful Women is Hunger for Mother God.”
I believe that a huge number of males will venerate, worship women & serve them once women are empowered & the demonic males are disempowered. Right now they are being BRAINWASHED by the evil, alpha old males, to think & act as they do.  We are moving toward a change.

On the other hand, men do have a choice about whether he wishes to love others.  In evolutionary terms, men can fertilize many different women and therefore father lots of children and not be involved in caring for any of them, if he doesn’t wish to do so.  This is one of the reasons why human societies have marriage, laws and customs.  Is to try and force men to stay and help to look after the children they have fathered.  This attitude of mind is reflected in pornography.

RASA:  Marriage for women has been a mixed blessing, sometimes for the good, other times a trap, a prison.  Women you notice, who are working, are not getting married as much.  Then what was the purpose of marriage?  It became the only employment opportunity available to women!  When women are employed otherwise, they can take care of children without the male!  This is DIFFICULT, but women, who are great beings, can manage!

One of the reasons why many women do not like pornography is that it is devoid of love.  Women like romantic stories about love, but men are not so sure about this.  The reason for this, is that, if you fall in love, then you are ‘hooked’.  In other words if you deeply love another person, then you many find yourself devoting your life to caring about other people.  For this reason, many men are wary about getting married, and forming relationships as they want freedom from this.  This is also why men like pornography, because it is mostly about sex without love.  Men do like to have fantasies about having sex with women, without having all the problems of loving relationships or having to care for children.  Women on the other hand have no choice in this, it is far harder for women to divorce sex from love and the nurturing children.

RASA:  Women like to have fantasies about sex, also, with lots of men, even though they don’t admit it.  But women, again, are pragmatic.  They take responsibility for what comes out of their body, but the male can run away.  In an ideal society women can take care of the children, because they are not lacking resources (Matriarchy) & can also have sex with all the men they want, any time they want.  We are also moving toward polyandry, I might say, which means women will have multiple steady partners.

Another thing that many women don’t like about pornography is that some of it goes further than just being unloving.  Some of it, is about men degrading and hurting women.  So why is this?  The reason probably is, is that if men do fear loving a woman, then the defense against this, is hatred.  By hating women, allows men to have sex with them, without getting emotionally involved in them.

It can be even get more problematic that this.  Men do want and need women to love them, but when this happens, it is hard not to love women in return.  So hate becomes the antidote to love, as men find themselves in a position of hating the women who loves them.  This is shown in extreme porn videos, where women are shown being loving towards men and only receiving abuse in return.  These men do not even like to acknowledge these women are being loving, and accuse these abused women of being, kinky, perverted or masochistic.  Psychologists claim that women who love abusive men are masochistic because they lack self-esteem.  They do not comment on the powerful maternal instinct of women, that allows them to love these types of men.  So it is not about her being kinky, perverted or masochistic or any of the other labels people place on these women, but just about the expression of her powerful maternal instincts.

RASA:  Interesting point.  We see men as CHILDREN & as inferior, dysfunctional, needy persons.  We see their STUPIDITY, their neediness, their lying to themselves about how strong they are.  We see how WEAK they are, how lacking in character & virtue, when they have to beat on us, abuse us & helpless children.  What is wrong with them?  Something is – we know that.  We feel sorry for them until we are so fed up, can’t take it any more – then we leave. 

The same cannot be said about men who abuse loving women.  It is true they are simply resisting feelings of love, they have for others.  Therefore, it is perfectly reasonable for a man, not to want to love, so he is free to do what he likes.  But it is not so understandable if he abuses women who love him.  Or fathers children and runs away, the moment his girlfriend is pregnant or gives birth.

Another problem women have with pornography is that the type of sex that is written about or shown, is unlikely to give a woman pleasure.  Certainly a woman is not going to receive an orgasm through having a penis in her mouth or anus, but this can also be true, if a woman has a penis in her vagina.  A very large number of women cannot orgasm through vagina stimulated.  The reason for this, is that orgasm can only happen, if the clitoris is stimulated.  If a woman has her clitoris close to the opening of her vagina, then the penis might rub against it while the penis is pumping inside her and so she may be able to have an orgasm. But if there is no contact between the penis and clitoris through penetrative sex, then it is very difficult for this to happen.  This is still true, even if the man has a gigantic penis.

RASA:  What you are saying is true.  Most women lie about orgasms, men want to believe they give us orgasms instantly, but it is tedious to make a woman orgasm, but easy for men It’s easy for men because biology has made it that way so he squirts his sperm as fast as possible – if the women climaxed easily she might terminate the act & the sperm would not be deposited.

The problem is, that if a woman tries to explain this to some men, he can see it as a criticism of his sexual performance.  As a result, she can be accused of being frigid, and encouraged to see a doctor or a psychologist.  Because of this, many women end up faking an orgasm, to spare herself this aggravation.  This faking also happens in pornographic stories and videos.  For this reason, seeing a porn actress faking an orgasm from penetrative sex, is not going to excite a woman, who knows she cannot orgasm like this.

You can’t explain anything to men, most of them are daft.  You have to start teaching them in puberty, so many things they never learn; no one teaches them in a Patriarchal setting.  By the time they grow up most of them are impossible to talk to – they have a host of stupid opinions, all centering on themselves & their own needs, & their own delusions about superiority.  Who wants to argue all night? 

It seems most women can only orgasm through direct clitoris stimulation, which means that the man has to either use his finger or tongue.  Pornography is full of stories and videos of women giving men oral sex but there is not a lot about men giving oral sex to women.  And even when that is shown, very few of it shows a man licking a woman’s clitoris until she orgasms.  So for this reason, as far as women are concerned, pornography is only about men’s pleasure and not about what women enjoy.

RASA:  There is so much more to what is called “sex” that the physical touch of genitals.  There is looking, talking, saying kind things, there is soft touching when no sex is intended.  Every kind & loving act that stimulates & RELAXES a person is part of the SENSUAL experience.  The genital act is but one percent of all the nuances & the foreplay of love.  True love is with all beings – you have to have love, you have to have kindness.  For a male & female to share love, it is way, way beyond the genitals. And if a person only wants their genitals stimulated, they are zombies & Cretans, they are subhuman.

So the differences between the sexes, in their attitude to pornography and romance are all to do about their different feelings about love.   Women are looking for love and relationships in their sex lives, whereas many men prefer to separate sex from love.

RASA:  I have to stop you there in the middle of the paragraph.  How many males prefer to separate sex from love?  We should do some study on this, as males DIE WITHOUT THE LOVE WOMEN GIVE THEM, THEY BLOW THEIR BRAINS OUT, THEY COMMIT SUICIDE.  They TAKE FOR GRANTED the routine love women give them – Mothers, girlfriends, wives.  When they lose all their women, are rejected, no one wants them, you have SUICIDE.  You also have HOMICIDE.  Guys like TED BUNDY, serial killers, are LONERS, rejects, men that someone rejected or that NO ONE WANTS.  They are SO ANGRY they become KILLERS.  Women do not become killers (usually) through lack of love, but men do.  So how is it that THEY DON’T WANT LOVE?  Is this true or is it a DELUSION THAT THEY BELIEVE THEY DON’T WANT LOVE BUT ONLY SEX?

In this, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of compromise.  Many men have learnt to have loving relationships with women when they live with them and have a family.  But it is very difficult for women to have sexual relationships without love.  It is true women working in the sex industry are expected to do this, but they don’t find it easy.  The stereotype of the prostitute with the heart of gold is true, because women find it too difficult to suppress their maternal instincts completely.

So the pornographic industry will continue while many men fantasize about sex without love, and women are willing to serve the needs of these men.

RASA:  Women WILL NOT continue to serve the needs of these selfish, deluded men.  We will un-delude them, we will un-brainwash them, & they will become human again.  It’s all about the programming, the old men VS. the old women programming the young what life means, what sex means, what relationships mean.

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