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My disciple loves me!

Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder) early 20s

From Rasa  2  19  12

  Yesterday he sent me music composed by him with him at the piano.  Then he took a few new images of himself & sent me them.  I think he wanted to make up for the fact we could not talk yesterday & he knew that would sadden me.  My mind was on him when I saw his love, & I was able to write this artile:

Franz, Thou Art God

& I just love the way you dress, European style, such a gentleman.
I meant to tell you before, I did notice the cufflinks in your onsite shots - Americans don't wear cufflinks (except for the elites)
& this outfit is SUPERB!
You are too handsome & what is so different is the expression on your face.  It's a sweet, innocent purity......this quality is also obvious in your speech, no matter what you are saying even when you express anger.
You are truly one of a kind.
I can't wait for you to be all Healed, Perfect in God, no more pain, Enlightened, Liberated & Free, with the big Halo shining around your head because all your energy has been released into the Sahasrara.
I suspect you sent me these shots to console me, as we did not get to speak yesterday & you knew that would give me pain.  Thank you!

Lessons to my Disciple –
Lesson on the Meaning of the Cross vs. Prosperity              2  19  12

          My dear Franz

You want GOD & you also want PROSPERITY, as is well & good.  But there is a dichotomy or conflict between the two.  How is it resolved?

This is a fundamental lesson that everyone should know, but few know it for it’s not taught.

What is the meaning of JESUS ON THE CROSS?  What is poverty?  Did Jesus Christ not teach poverty or LOSS – lack of – in the lifestyle He lived & the death that He suffered?

Was Jesus not POOR?  Weren’t most of the saints POOR?  By poverty is meant poor in material things, poor in status (looked down upon), persecuted by others, facing great dangers for the sake of God, poor in not being loved, accepted or admired by others, poor in health.

There is another aspect of POVERTY & that is a blessed state.  It means NOT ATTACHED to anything but God, the same as “liberty of spirit”, being FREE to see God, as “the pure in heart shall see God.”

Frequently, the first kind of poverty mentioned facilitates the second kind of poverty. Why is that?  Consider how
“It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven.”
This means the same as THE FEAST a great man gave & invited all his friends, but everyone was 
BUSY & so he told his servants to gather THE POOR, the homeless, the starving, the hungry, for the feast.

And so, in other words, the rich on this earth are BUSY with their eyeballs on THINGS but those who are POOR, lacking, suffering, have their eyeballs on GOD seeking RELIEF, not distracted by THINGS & so the POOR are more likely to receive the RICHES OF HEAVEN while the RICH OF EARTH – who are admired, loved, full of accomplishments, pass by the riches of Heaven – too busy for Heaven, which is an intangible, metaphysical, spiritual reality THAT FEW TRAVERSE – it takes all one’s mind & heart.

On another note, how poor do you have to be to enter the Wealth of Heaven?  Very poor, as Jesus demonstrates, all the way to MARTYRDOM.  That means
·        giving up all RELATIONSHIPS (“if you cannot leave your relatives for my sake you cannot enter Heaven”)
·        giving up MATERIAL THINGS  (“go, sell all you have, give to the poor & follow me”)
·        giving up all DESIRES FOR EARTHLY FAME & FORTUNE  (“what profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul, for what shall he exchange for his soul?”)
·        giving up EARTHLY CONSOLATIONS such as addictions to food, substances (including alcohol) or any other FEEL-GOOD ENJOYMENTS such as SEX (that is why Saints, including me, gave up sex, not because it is sin, but because attachment to sex prevents one from putting all their mind & heart on God.)  When people SUFFER POVERTY they have to allow that suffering to LEAD THEM TO GOD without seeking relief along the way.  I suffered the Interior Divine Stigmata, & when it came, I knew I COULD SEEK NO RELIEF, the pain had to kill me psychologically, & I allowed it to take its course.  Had I then sought relief of the earth by any means whatsoever, I might not have passed this monumental test. Remember Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
“Let this cup pass,”
But then,
“Thy Will be done, not mine.”
The angels consoled & strengthened him to go forward into his Passion, he had gone earlier to his Holy Mother, to say
She would participate EQUALLY in his suffering & death.
(from the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich)

When a great soul decides they want to be ONE WITH GOD they have to do what Jesus taught & give up all things for God.  God is a JEALOUS God & cannot be put second or third to anything.  To place ANY GOD BEFORE GOD means any INTEREST or ATTACHMENT before God.  If you want God, God is MOST IMPORTANT & you cannot place anything or anyone before God, you have to give up ALL THINGS FOR GOD.

That being said, if you give up all things for God, then how can you have PROSPERITY – which means having things – having good luck, health, fame & fortune, success, people loving you, friends, admiration, etc.?  This also includes SPIRITUAL ILLUMINATION OR CONSOLATION which is a supremely blessed state I experienced.  But when I entered into the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL it’s duration was EIGHTEEN YEARS during which time I was poor in every way, I lost the Presence of God, lost the use of the Holy Spirit, could not communicate with God mystically, & this was SPIRITUAL POVERTY, the opposite of SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY, & so I was poor, & all the Saints who aspire to the Vision of God are poor IN EVERY WAY, including what I just described.  If one is not willing to endure this kind of poverty – on every level – for the sake of God, then one cannot attain God for, as I said,



At this point I might mention Buddhism.  What Buddha taught was that all suffering derives from our DESIRES.  If we want nothing, except peace, happiness, the Kingdom ofGod, then there is no suffering.  As soon as we put our eyeballs on people & things, you notice, the trouble starts.
          I know that it’s almost impossible to want nothing but God, but as I said, if God is first, & all other things a long second, then that is good enough.  Obviously, you have to do certain things to get through life like eating, bathing, going to the bank, whatever.  But where is your mind?  What do you think of most of the time?  Wherever your mind is, there you are, so if your mind is on people & things you will suffer the results of winning or losing people & things, but if your mind is on God, then God will never disappoint you until of course you reach the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL & that is an inevitable part of spiritual growth – you grow in stages of illumination & “darkness”.

          Buddha said,
“Walk alone like the rhinoceros.”

Remember Jesus sadhana where He went alone into the wilderness for forty days & nights. What was the purpose of this?  He detached himself from the world & people to make contact with the Divine.  This is another lesson of how we must abstract ourselves. During this time Satan tempted Jesus with visions of PROSPERTY & POWER – take note, Franz!

The last thing Satan did was to take Jesus to a high mountain & showed him all the kingdoms of the world & their glory, & the devil said to him,

“All these things will I give you, if you fall down & worship me.”

These are the temptations of the world all put together, & you must say with Jesus,
“Begone Satan!  For it is written, you shall worship the Lord your God, & serve him only” (Matt. 4-11)

Franz, people HATE “POVERTY”, but it is poverty that brings us to God!  If you don’t get this, you get nothing.

Everyone wants prosperity, money.  Everyone asks for it, prays for it, thinking it will bring salvation from suffering.  It doesn’t.  More rich people go to Hell than do poor people.  No matter how many times the gospel is preached & taught, people don’t get the gospel of poverty.  You turn on Trinity, & it’s all about prosperity.

I went through the entire gamut of sufferings throughout my life, clinging to God, hope against hope that God would release me from my trials.  I put God first, God alone, no matter what I did.  The result of this was what?

“I take care of God’s business & God takes care of mine.”
(St. Teresa of Avila.)

All the while I obeyed God & trusted God in my poverty (I was poor on all levels including financial) God was taking care of my needs

God had a plan, God was working through myself, the universe, & people, to gain me security, love, respect & admiration. (This was all grossly missing in my life.)

I endured my sufferings & I obeyed God.  Years passed, slowly but surely, God returned to me all that had been lost & missing..

I could never have figured out in my human mind how God would take care of my business, but God did.  At the right time, the right place, certain people came into my life & others left.  Every situation, nothing was a coincidence, it was all orchestrated by God, all I had to do was LISTEN, obey God, understand my dreams, & do what God told me to do.

Franz, do as I did.  Follow God, & prosperity will follow at the right time, the right place, with the right people.  Do not try & figure the future out, figure God out.

Give up your desires for worldly fame & fortune, earthly glory, & put your mind & heart on God, who is inside you, the real you, your true identity.  Relinquish all things for God, trusting, believing God will restore to you all things at the right time.  This is the only pass to success.

I think you already know that lust after the things of this world & their glory will lead to the dust.

What I have stated is the one & only path to success & happiness.  You will achieve it. As I predicted, it will take ten years for you to reach Enlightenment.  That I can promise, but I don’t know about the earthly success.  That will unfold, according to what you & God want.


PS  I might add, my Beloved, that the sufferings (POVERTY!) you have endured over the last many years are WHAT BROUGHT YOU TO ME & ME TO YOU.  These pains of yours were NOT IN VAIN, as I said, Poverty leads to God!

To be – as you are – sincerely looking for God first, nothing else, is extremely rare.  God has chosen you to fulfill your potential, the potential of knowing You are God, being God-Realized or Enlightened.

Do you see my point?  Think of the sufferings.  They made you want to die.  You did not escape into the things of the world, substances or sex.  You just kept suffering & wanted to end your life, it was not worth living.  You told me you felt empty, devoid of life, burned out, did not see the meaning of life, why God created you, & what was your purpose. Your pain has been DEEP, going to the depths of your soul.

This POVERTY achieved OUR RELATIONSHIP.  God sent you a God Realized Woman so you could be God Realized, Franz, Thou Art God.

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