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Matthew 6:24
New International Version (©1984)
"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”

My Disciple,

You cannot serve God & money.  It’s one or the other.  If you pledge allegiance to money, you forfeit God, if you pledge allegiance to God you forfeit the ATTACHMENT to or LUST for money.  Which way will you have it?

Do not PLAY GAMES with me by saying you want to HAVE MONEY so you can HELP OTHERS.  MONEY DOES NOT SAVE SOULS.

Spiritual power saves souls.  Love saves souls.

All the trillionnaires of the world HAVE SAVED NO SOULS – (in fact, they are hell-bent on destroying them.)


Jesus did not pursue money to save souls, nor did he tell anyone to pursue it.  He got angry at the money changers who turned his Father’s house into a den of thieves.

St. Paul said the LOVE OF MONEY was the root of all evil.

I say where there is a seed of greed there will be a bushel of avarice.  A seed of greed can kill your soul.  Kill the seed of greed before it grows.

Buddha did not pursue money to find Enlightenment – He left it – He renounced it to be poor.

Jesus said to the rich young man,

“Go – sell all you have – give to the poor & follow me.”

What is wrong with the prosperity principles?

If you put PROSPERITY FIRST you will not reach Enlightenment.  PROSPERITY is a LONG SECOND after God.  It is one of the many things of the world.  It is a thing you RENOUNCE, not a thing you seek after.

Prosperity of any type is in direct contrast to spiritual poverty.

It is spiritual poverty that directs a person to God – It is prosperity that can DERAIL a person from God.

“Prosperity” cold be explained by the man who gave a feast but no one came because they were BUSY with the CARES OF THE WORLD.  He then sent for the HOMELESS, the beggars & bums, to come to the Feast – which means the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus lived in poverty.  Most saints lived in poverty.  Buddha lived in poverty.  None of them pursued prosperity, nor did they use money to save souls.

Money has its place as a means to an end – but don’t ever say you need money to save souls.  You can only save souls by Spiritual Power, & this is gained NOT by prosperity but by poverty.

Definition of Poverty:  Not being attached to anything but God – wanting God above all things – sacrificing all things for God.  (God is a jealous God, you cannot put any desires before her.)
Definition 2:  Being DEPRIVED or LACKING IN the things of the world, be it honors, fame & fortune, recognition, health, being looked down upon because one is not high up in worldly status.

The preachers of prosperity – look at them on Trinity.  How many of these have true spiritual power?  Can they demonstrate God’s power with Anointing?  They preach prosperity, but not the Cross, because they want money, not Enlightenment.

Aimee Semple McPherson, the greatest faith healer of all time, lived in poverty & died that way.  Her Mother, who had no spiritual power, amassed a great deal of money with her church (due to the fame of her daughter) & left $300,000. (equivalent to today’s millions) at the time of her death.  Minnie Kennedy could not heal, but she had prosperity...which do you want – the things of God or the things of the world?  Minnie Kennedy did not take it with her.  There are no armored trucks at a funeral.

PS  If I think LIKE YOU then I would CHARGE YOU or make you pay me the TITHES as taught in prosperity circles.  But I NEVER mentioned money to you.  If you want to be rich, then send me your TITHES which are 10% of your income.  That is THE PATH to prosperity.

I might mention that prosperity mentors have no spiritual power, they can help you gain wealth, but that is it.  They can help you with POSITIVE THINKING, but they cannot heal you or make you rise up through the chakras – they have no Anointing for this.

Guru Rasa  3  20  12   

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