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Kevin has installed me into his heart this very night, & instantly called me “Mother God.”  He took to this worship like a duck to water.  I realize now that “my sheep hear my voice” & to those I am called to – there is no persuasion necessary – they are ready.
I found Kevin, like Franz, also on  We have spoken several times.  He was on my mailing list & read the various newsletters.  He was influenced by the spiritual ones, & wanted to discuss these matters with me.  It was so natural & easy, it was meant to be.
From RASA:
  This is part of my background & what I teach.  Siddha Yoga explains that GOD IS WITHIN US & WE MUST WORSHIP GOD WITHIN THE SELF.  Baba Muktananda gave me ALL HIS GIFTS during a 2.5 month sadhana, after I installed him into my heart.  Later on HE GAVE ME HIMSELF IN MYSTICAL MARRIAGE.  Then his Guru, BhagawanNityananda, also appeared to me & GAVE ME HIMSELF IN MYSTICAL MARRIAGE.  Mystical marriage is BEYOND GIFTS, when a Guru gives you himself / herself there is nothing left – no hindrance – you ARE ONE with the Guru.  I am also married to Jesus Christ – I have gone the complete route of Christianity / Yoga.

I am now seeking males who want to worship Mother God through my body, to become my spiritual lovers & husbands.
I am speaking to my new disciple Kevin about this & told him he must prove himself to me, that his sincerity has to be established – this is WORSHIP OF MOTHER GOD moreso than sex per se, sex is only the tool of the worship.
I have explained that I am the EMBODIMENT OF MOTHER GOD, because I am Enlightened or Self Realized.  Women who are not at that level are to be worshipped also as the SYMBOLS OF MOTHER GOD.
When a man worships Mother God through me, he gets the Powerful Anointing as well as the regular feminine energy.  All of this charges up his energy centers & releases feel-good hormones.  This worship brings the man closer to Enlightenment.


Essential Teachings
The Siddha Yoga Vision:

"For everyone, everywhere, to realize the presence of divinity in themselves and creation, the cessation of all miseries and suffering, and the attainment of supreme bliss."[4]

The Siddha Yoga Mission :

"To constantly impart the knowledge of the Self." (Shiva Sutras III .28)[4]

Three aphorisms express three essential teachings of Siddha Yoga:[5]

"Honor your Self. Worship your Self. Meditate on your Self. God dwells within you as you." --Swami Muktananda

"See God in each other." --Swami Muktananda

"The heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam." --Bhagawan Nityananda
[edit] History

Swami Muktananda's spiritual teacher, Bhagawan Nityananda, has been widely regarded throughout India as a Siddha Guru and as an Avadhut since the mid-20th century. Born in South India , he first came to Ganeshpuri, a small village located 82 kilometers north of Mumbai, in 1936, settling there in a small hut built for him by the caretakers of the local Shiva temple. As his visitors and devotees increased in number, the hut expanded into an ashram.

In his autobiography, The Play of Consciousness, Muktananda describes how he received shaktipat initiation from Nityananda on August 15, 1947 , and how he attained God-realization or moksha after nine more years of sadhana and discipleship.[6]

Nityananda installed Muktananda in a small three-room dwelling in Gavdevi, a mile from Ganeshpuri. After his death in 1961, Nityananda's Ganeshpuri ashram was converted into a samadhi shrine and has subsequently become a renowned temple and pilgrimage site. Under Swami Muktananda's leadership the three-room dwelling in Gavdevi also expanded into a flourishing ashram and international retreat site (Sri Gurudev Ashram, now Gurudev Siddha Peeth).[7]

Swami Muktananda extended the ancient tradition of shaktipat initiation by bestowing spiritual initiation on tens of thousands of people throughout India and other countries. In 1975 he founded the Oakland Ashram in the California Bay Area, and in 1976 he established Shree Nityananda Ashram (now Shree Muktananda Ashram) in the Catskills Mountains , a resort area north of New York City . His fame increased to the point that he was made the subject of a New York magazine article ("Hanging out with the Guru") and a Time magazine article ("Instant Energy"), both in 1976.[8]

In 1983 William Rodarmor wrote an article for the CoEvolution Quarterly charging that Muktananda had engaged in behavior at odds with his own teachings and with wider societal norms.[9] In 1985, Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityananda stepped down amid controversy and soon started his own organization, Shanti Mandir.[10] Swami Chidvilasananda continued in her appointed role and has been the sole spiritual leader of Siddha Yoga since then. Lis Harris repeated and extended Rodarmor's allegations in an article in The New Yorker (1994).[11] In 1996 former devotees started a website entitled 'Leaving Siddha Yoga' to express their grievances against Siddha Yoga.[12] An article by Sarah Caldwell in the academic journal Nova Religio (2001) argued that Muktananda was both an enlightened spiritual teacher and a covert practitioner of an esoteric form of Tantric sexual yoga.[13

Muktananda was born in 1908 near Mangalore in Karnataka State , India , into a wealthy family. His birth name was Krishna.[1] At 15 he encountered Bhagavan Nityananda, a wandering avadhoot who profoundly changed his life.[1] He studied under Siddharudha Swami at Hubli, where he learned Sanskrit, Vedanta and all branches of yoga, and took the initiation of sannyasa, becoming Swami Muktananda. He then began wandering India on foot.

In 1947 Muktananda went to Ganeshpuri to receive the darshan of Bhagavan Nityananda. He received shaktipat initiation from him in the early morning of 15 August of that year. Swami Muktananda often said that his spiritual journey didn't truly begin until he received shaktipat from the holy man Bhagavan Nityananda. According to his description, it was a profound and sublime experience.[2]

August 15, 1947 Nityananda stood facing me directly. He looked into my eyes again. Watching carefully, I saw a ray of light entering me from his pupils. It felt hot like burning fever. Its light was dazzling, like that of a high-powered bulb. As that ray emanating from Bhagavan Nityananda's pupils penetrated mine, I was thrilled with amazement, joy, and fear. I was beholding its color and chanting Guru Om. It was a full unbroken beam of divine radiance. Its color kept changing from molten gold to saffron to a shade deeper than the blue of a shining star. I stood utterly transfixed. He sat down and said in his aphoristic fashion, "All mantras... one. Each... from Om. Om Namah Shivaya Om... should think, Shivo'ham, I am Shiva... Shiva-Shiva...Shivo'ham...should be internal repetition. Internal...superior to external".[2]

Muktananda spent the next eight years living and meditating in a little hut in Yeola. He wrote about his sadhana and kundalini-related meditation experiences, in his autobiography published in 1970 as GURU, by Harper & Row and as Play of Consciousness in India in 1971. In 1966, Swami Nityananda gave Muktananda a small piece of land at Ganeshpuri, near Bombay on which Muktananda developed an ashram.[3]

According to the Siddha Yoga organisation,[5]

    A Siddha Guru is a spiritual teacher, a master, whose identification with the supreme Self is uninterrupted. The unique and rare quality of a Siddha Guru is his or her capacity to awaken the spiritual energy, kundalini, in seekers through shaktipat.

[edit] Teaching

Swami Muktananda's teaching can be summarised in two quotations:

    Honor your Self, Worship your Self, Meditate on your Self, God dwells within you as you.
    See God in Each Other

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