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You Cannot Escape Derrick Without an Orgasm

From GuruRasa Von Werder  3  6  12

Excerpt from my forthcoming book, “The Gods of Sex”

How do I know?  He checks your pulse.

Of course, a lot goes on between meeting the darling & the pulse checking.  Let’s begin here:

How to Talk on the Phone With Women From the Dating

First, he teaches me, he does not deal with “10”s.  They are too hard to manage; arrogant, full of themselves, you can’t control them.  He contents himself with “7”s although he himself is “10” – the “7”s are most likely to do as they are told.  (That is the important thing, do as they are told.  You need a steady supply of love / sex with the women; it’s not a beauty contest.  He likes them fit & attractive, curvy, maybe a few pounds extra, slim but nice.  No fatties, no skeletons, body first, face second, they must be compliant.  They go through rigorous interviews to see if they’re Derrick material.)

 Derrick is Rasa Von Werder's partner in promoting Loving Sex

Main thing to find out is IF SHE’S WILLING TO HAVE SEX RIGHT AWAY.  You don’t want those broads that make you grow a beard before they make you grow.

Ask her the following,
“When’s the last time you had a relationship?”
(If she just broke up might not be good material.)
“Have you been dating?”
(If no, she might not give it up.)
“When’s the last time you were intimate?”
(If it was yesterday, you have a good chance.  If it was a year ago, ditto, haha.  The main thing is whether she does it or not.) 

When you get the ones on the phone that you like:  Be sure to get off the phone first.  Have her call you back at a specific time.  Don’t talk too long, as more than ten minutes is the kiss of death.  You have to remove yourself so she can talk to more men & you to more women.

If she doesn’t call you back at the time stated, it’s over.  She will not reciprocate in a relationship.

You must try to determine by phone HOW SHE LOOKS NAKED.

 Derrick is Rasa Von Werder's partner in promoting Loving Sex


What to talk about: 
If they don’t want to talk about sex, means they don’t like sex – pass – Women who like sex want to do it right away.
You can introduce the topic of sex like so:  Tell her you had a naughty dream about her.  If she does NOT want to hear it.......... NEXT.  (next woman, she isn’t into sex or you.)
You can also ask her,
“Have you ever had a naughty thought of us together?”
And she says,
“No, I’m not THAT KIND OF A WOMAN”..........NEXT.
Then if she’s friendly, ask,
“Have you played with yourself thinking of us?”
If she says yes, you’ve got it made.  If she’s playing with herself thinking of you, she’s ready to have sex with you.
Be INNOCENT (benign) in your questions. 
“Did you service yourself?  Did you do something about it?  How about us getting together and serving each other?”

Guys usually think in GROSS terms – porno – which turns women off:
“Do you wanna fuck?  Suck my dick?”
Men are too hot or too cold.  Make it WARM, put it in the MIDDLE.
Talk about her sex fantasy:
“Were you naked?  Did I kiss you on the neck?”
Ease into it ROMANTICALLY.  Women are sensitive.

 Derrick is Rasa Von Werder's partner in promoting Loving Sex


          You must talk about sex but in a romantic, not pornographic way.  Ask questions:
“What positions do you like?”
“Do you ever fake it?  I don’t want you to fake it.”
Be careful what kind of words you use, like cunt & bitch – not to turn them off.  You don’t want her to think of you as a PERVERT.  (He defines pervert as a selfish man who only thinks of his orgasm & not the woman’s pleasure.)


It’s crucial to have a profile that attracts a woman who is serious about meeting someone.
Don’t show SKIN – SHOW YOUR BODY, BUT NOT too much of it.
She likes you when she responds or favors you – a flirt or wink.
You say “thank you,” – give her your number to call you.  Some don’t call.  Some send their number.  Wait for them to call you.
On the phone – see if the conversation flows.  Use your intuition & gut if she’s just there playing games, or if she’s serious about meeting.  If she doesn’t open up it’s a problem, look for her being receptive.  If it doesn’t flow just politely get off.  Say like,
“I have to do something.”
Don’t tell her what.
If she calls & leaves a message, call back.  If she doesn’t call you back she’s DISMISSED.
When the conversation flows, set up a meeting (if she’s within driving distance.)

 Derrick is Rasa Von Werder's partner in promoting Loving Sex


With out-of-towners you have to talk a month or so before the setup. 
For locals you have a “meet & greet” where sex might not take place, even if you like her.  I sometimes put it off, because I want to do things with her, have fun, not just sex.
But with out-of-towners, the meet & greet is the sex.
When you meet a local the first time, you sit next to her, not across from her.  You have to gage IF SHE TOUCHES YOU OR NOT.
You touch her when you meet (hug, kiss) but don’t touch her again – wait for her to do it.  If she touches you two or three times, go for a kiss.  Kiss her back the way she kissed you.  She will kiss you again, go with her style.
If she moves away or turns away from you it’s a bad sign – she’s not really interested in you.

Some women take a long time to open up – I don’t have time for that.  So if there is no touching or kissing, I move on.
If she wants to have sex right away, I might do it or I might postpone it I’m serious about a relationship.  (ed:  one of his multiple relationships, he never has JUST ONE.)

If you go to see a woman out of town, you either stay in her place or get a room – she should pay for the room.  (He admits that women rarely pay for the room the first time.)
If you meet in the middle the man pays for the room.
Give her the option to refuse you after you meet.
It’s the man who sets the framework during the month & a half before meeting, he says.  He should mention to her that he’s not going to pressure her for sex if it doesn’t clic.
He admits it has to work both ways.  Once a woman showed up that was forty pounds overweight & ugly.  He declined, gave her the keys to the room & departed.

 Derrick is Rasa Von Werder's partner in promoting Loving Sex


Derrick is the one who introduced me to “Energy Karezza” & that got me focused on “Tantra.”  The man has studied sex for years – I’ve been listening to him for three - Most of the time I didn’t pay attention, just listened as I like him, but I found the subject boring.  His brand of books at first was gigolos, pimps, “experts” on seducing, holding, controlling women.  I would cringe or laugh at some of the stuff.
But recently, when he hit upon Dr. Stanley Bass & his “Energy Karezza,” I started to listen & even took notes.
“Doesn’t that have to do with worship of Goddess, worship of woman as God?  Did he mention that in his book?”
Derrick said no, he saw nothing like that.
I immediately hit Google on
“Worship of Mother God through the body of a woman as a path to Enlightenment” & came upon pay dirt.  Absolutely, Tantra has been practiced for 22,000 years.  He’s on to something!  I had better check into this, it might be the answer to prayer, how to relieve sexual repression in our culture; bring back worship of Mother God & women.
Derrick gave me his script for Energy Karezza, which I guess he got out of the book, that he started working on two women.  The women love it.  Here it is:  (Note that he does not put the spiritual part into it - that awaited my imprimatur.)


First things first,– he is romantic, engaging, mostly charming, articulate, playful & very horny on the phone, without being a pervert.
When he meets you he is touchy, but not too touchy, massaging your neck & back, waits for you to take his hand & hold it – grieves if you don’t.  Constant interaction, eye contact, smiling, wining & dining you, teasing you – makes women melt.  Most women he meets get horny right away – some weirdoes don’t melt, they have mental issues.
Derrick goes off the beaten path to court a lady.  One time he took Cassandra hiking.  They both wore back backs.  Miles into the mountains atop California, they come upon a cave, scoped in advance by clever Derrick.  Derrick opens up his backpack.  There is a blow up mattress, a candle, & a flower.  He gives the flower to Cassandra, kisses her hand, blows up the mattress, lights the candle & lays her.  She swoons from shock & the pleasure.
Then there’s the scavenger hunt.  One of his women has a birthday.  He gets a bunch of envelopes for a “hunt” like finding Easter eggs.  The first envelope tells her they are going to Starbucks for coffee, she will find the second envelope there.  The second envelope takes them to a store for a special bracelet he buys her.  She finds the third envelope there, which directs them to a lovely outdoor place, overlooking a garden, for lunch.  He planned a bottle of champagne & birthday cake in advance!  There she is directed into the garden where there is a bouquet of roses for her behind a bush.  The envelope there tells her to go somewhere, etc.  This goes on for hours.
Finally the last stop of the scavenger hunt.  They are at the trunk of Derrick’s car, & he opens it, saying,
“This is your real present.”
Inside his trunk are forty blown up balloons, one for each of her years.  She has to break them open, & inside is a note explaining why Derrick loves her – forty reasons.  She cries. 
He has done this FOR MULTIPLE WOMEN.
No wonder they fall in love with him.  He’s got three, four five women infatuated at the same time, ALL THINKING SHE IS THE ONE & ONLY, somehow he gets around to them without the others knowing, servicing them for HOURS OF SEX – no standard blow & hump for Derrick, & get this:

 Derrick is Rasa Von Werder's partner in promoting Loving Sex


And there my friends, could be three of the reasons for his success.  First of all, he has a lot of “psychic” or sexual energy because he never relieves himself with his hand.  He’s told me many times while we were talking he had a hardon.  Most men cannot bear the pressure of a hardon & they relieve themselves, but Derrick never does.  All is for the woman, & he never comes until he knows for sure she has.
The blow jobs are another story.  He says he doesn’t want any woman to control him, & apparently, men love blow jobs so much if they get them from a woman she (presumably) has control.
The third item, pornography, also makes Derrick completely different, as almost all the men I know watch porn.  Porn is deadly for intimacy & sensitivity toward a woman.  Men begin seeing women in the way that porn depicts them, depersonalized things to be used, objects to fill his needs. There is no love for women in porno. (Men also look subhuman.)
And so, by avoiding porno, Derrick remains sensitive to the finer feelings & needs of the woman, he concentrates on pleasing her.  Unlike most men, HE ACTUALLY ASKS THE WOMAN WHAT SHE LIKES.
Most males will tell you WHAT HE LIKES.  Can you ride it?  Do you give a good blow job?  Can you tighten your muscles around his dick?  Do you like it up the ass?  Etc.  They get crude & offensive, women begin to hate men.
That’s why when Derrick comes along, women melt.  I mean the other guys give sex a bad name, Derrick is a healer.
Which is not to say that Derrick is all saint, no devil.  He does two bad things.  The first, I already told you, he lies.  He plays them to get them & keep them.  Sooner or later they find out.  These relationships are mostly temporary, even though he services them in a special way.  These are women who want to be exclusive, & he lies that they are.  Most of them, when they find out, break up with him – they feel betrayed, they’re angry.  One woman blogged him for his infidelity, declaring him to be toxic, without empathy & monstrous.  His average relationship lasts a few months to three years before the shit hits the fan – he doesn’t care, he always has more, one out of five stays, he gets new ones.  But here is the worst:


Ok,  it’s bad, no excuses, I do not defend him.  Derrick is not black or white, he’s grey, & when he’s good, he’s very good, & when he’s bad, he’s horrid.  This is the worst, no need to explain.  What floors me is that he persuades the women (not all of them) to let him do it bareback.  How dumb can these broads be?  They are RISKING THEIR LIVES FOR A GOOD TIME & SO IS HE.  Enough said, draw your own conclusions.


Here’s the script Derrick gave me:
In Derrick’s bed, you must have at least SEVEN different activities which you alternate doing, average five minutes at a time.  He gave me twelve.
(1)     dry pumping / humping, missionary position, man on top

(2)     five minutes same thing, woman on top

(3)     five minutes man dry humping from the back

(4)     five minutes man kisses breasts

(5)     five minutes man kisses neck

(6)     five minutes man kisses pussy

(7)     five minutes man fingers “g spot”

(8)     five minutes man fingers clitoris  (as he fingers her clitoris he kisses her neck, breasts & body)

(9)     five minutes hump her inside missionary position

(10) five minutes woman humps him on top

(11) five minutes he humps her from behind

(12) five minutes she rides him in a chair

At this point, after doing all twelve of these things, Derrick then humps the woman doing the shallow / deep strokes.  Nine shallow, one deep, eight shallow, one deep, seven shallow, one deep, until you get to the ten deep.  Then you change into something else on the list.

The man MUST NOT COME AT ALL through the entire Session Number One.

The first session is ONE HOUR.  The woman should come at least once in the First Session.  Now start the Second Session, doing all these things, & the woman comes again.  At the end of the Second Session, the man can come.  The woman comes at the end of both sessions, before the man.


          Derrick is also attentive with aftercare.  He does not do a woman one time, he has relationships.  When they are done loving, he keeps in touch by phone & visits both ways, constantly interviewing them on how they enjoyed being with him, did they really come or faked it (they all say they really came), what did they like about him?  (his smile!  I hear most of them say on the three-way!) etc. etc.  He has sex with right now, three women, averaging three long nights & mornings a week, three hours at night, & two hours in the morning of lovemaking, as described.

          What do you make of this man?  I am still scratching my head.  My turn is coming up – maybe.  He’s in California & we have never met.  He says it will be the greatest romance & love I have ever had.  I don’t doubt it.  Compared to most men – well let’s face it – they stink.  Derrick, along with the condoms I put on him, will seem like a rose without thorns.

I might add a bit of  truth here,

“If you wanna score like Derrick,....you gotta look like Derrick.”  (hahaha, if you don’t, you might hit on women that are 1 to 6, maybe that’ll work)

Guru Rasa   3  6  12
(This article took six hours to write)

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