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Guru Rasa Von Werder newsletter end of Year 2013

The photos of Rasa Von Werder depict men & women as Embodiments of God –
the title of her new website now being created.  This is an extension of
the “University of Mother God Church.”  This site will teach that God is
All, in all Creation, from the tiniest particle of life to the sky, earth,
air, oceans, planets, Universe.  God is not only “spirit” or “energy” but
God must be worshipped through Creation, Nature, animals & our bodies.

Guru Rasa Von Werder newsletter end of Year 2013


Through my "trials & tribulations" of trying to "have fun" & have
relationships with many males, I have been assaulted, accused on groups
with all kinds of statements such as this:  "Your choice of men is bad" -
"how can you expect a man in his twenties to be suitable for a long-term
relationship?" - "these men aren't going to love you, but you dated them,
your fault."

The assumptions about dating go back to the days prior to Betty Friedan’s
book “The Feminine Mystique.”  The book, published in 1963, brought about
the “second wave” of the Feminist movement.  It challenged the image &
role of women perpetrated by men – their identity/behavior, saying that
women’s lives should center around a marriage, ONE MAN, children &
domestication.  The claim was that this was the FULFILLMENT & ONLY
SUITABLE ROLE FOR WOMEN! – If women OBEYED this path they would find
happiness, to deviate from it was abnormal & NEUROTIC!  It was preached
from the pulpits of men that sex was only for procreation & having sex
with more than one partner was a sin.  (However, this sin applied only to
women, men were exonerated when they did the same thing.)

On the other hand, while preaching what women should do, men were making
it DIFFICULT for them to get jobs – especially good ones.  They could do
menial work, service to others, the lowest paying jobs – maids, nurses,
grammar school teachers.  They also did, & still do, most of the
volunteering.  (Males feel they are more valuable & should be paid for all
that they do.)  Education was PREJUDICED against women (women were
disallowed to enter Ivy League Colleges!) – Women were not encouraged or
financed by family to enter college.  When parents had a boy & girl, but
college money for only one – the boy got college, the girl expected to
marry money.  The props were underneath males, the female had to get her
props from a man, which instituted female slavery.  The best job for women
was marriage, the highest paying job was marry a rich man.  (Job
description: you cook & clean, breed, stay faithful, serve all the man’s
needs while feeding his ego, tolerate his faults including being pushed
around, accept his freedom to have other women, forget your ambitions
for independent success.  You are not supposed to “stand on your own two
feet” – Patriarchy doesn’t allow it.  Either stay alone & poor, or marry,
it is the only way out of poverty.  And so for women, it was either
poverty or slavery.  Most chose slavery, hoping for the best.

There is another important factor to all of this.  There were always
wealthy women –for ages, even during the height of male supremacy.  Often
these women got wealthy through inheritance, either their family or
husband leaving them money.  (Even though in many countries, if there was
a son, the oldest son, in the absence of a will, got the wife/mother’s
money!  This meant the son could squander or spend money lavishly while
the woman who bore & raised him was left penniless!  Also consider any
daughters born did not inherit!)

In spite of these stumbling blocks, there were some women who did inherit
lots of money, but having money by itself did not determine they would be
free, for even when she had money, she was forced to behave in a certain
way.  If she did not, she was ostracized, persecuted, called crazy,
perverted & immoral. So if a woman wanted to say, have a harem of men, it
would have to be secret, she could not conduct her lifestyle openly.  But
people usually find out about such things & a woman like that would become
an outcast.  Most people want to be accepted by society, it’s all about
being a part of the whole, belonging, so usually, women would not veer
outside the range of convention; having an “abnormal” lifestyle would
usually bring more pain than pleasure.  This is how women were kept under
control.  Bear in mind that, for men, it was all about harems, multiple
partners.  They of course did not all house women under one roof, as did
ancient Kings, Pharaohs & Emperors, or today Muslims & Mormons.  But they
had/have multiple affairs forbidden to women.

This is, however, the beginning of 2014.  Many strides have been made for
women.  They have moved into every type job formerly closed, including
construction, police work, fire-women & military.  It is illegal to
discriminate against women in government-subsidized work, & they have to
be paid the same.  Women are totally outstripping men in education, they
can no longer be barred from any school of learning– It has been
discovered what we knew all along, that women are more intelligent than
men.  It’s also now known that women are better at management and
leadership, & we’re moving toward a female-empowered, female led world –
we are on the cusp of Matriarchy - all this happened in 50 years.

And so, enter the present.  Do we now live by the norms prior to 1963?  Or
have the norms changed?  They have changed, but the ideas of older days
still linger in the minds of many, we’re not out of the Patriarchal woods.

The photos of Rasa Von Werder depict men & women as Embodiments of God –
the title of her new website now being created.  This is an extension of
the “University of Mother God Church.”  This site will teach that God is
All, in all Creation, from the tiniest particle of life to the sky, earth,
air, oceans, planets, Universe.  God is not only “spirit” or “energy” but
God must be worshipped through Creation, Nature, animals & our bodies.

Here are the assumptions free women will be assaulted with, the moral,
religious, cultural ideas:

•    You are supposed to look for long-term relationships where a man wines &
dines you, respects you, asks you to get engaged or married, & this man
has to be a financial provider.  It is the man that is supposed to chase
you, the woman does not chase the man.  She might entrap him like a spider
to a web, but woman does not openly chase men.  Neither does she pay for
dates or pay males for companionship, or support males except in unusual

•    Women are not supposed to chase men for sex.  It is the men that want
sex, not women.  Women either endure sex for the sake of a relationship,
or they might enjoy it, but with one partner.  Women who pursue sex with
more than one man are going to be called names & ostracized from society –
you will not see them invited to respectable venues, they are considered
the underworld of tramps, whores, sluts & prostitutes.  They are not fit
to be in decent company.  On the other hand, men who do likewise, such as
Hugh Hefner, are to be applauded.  “He is the man!”  I hear boys say, they
WANT TO BE LIKE HIM!  Having multiple partners is the hallmark of
Patriarchy.  After war, it is their biggest stock in trade.  Multiple
partners is a sign of Power, Leadership, Freedom & Pleasure.  And so, this
is only for MEN, NOT FOR WOMEN!

•    for Older Women – sex is FINISHED.  They are not allowed to HAVE FUN,
certainly nothing outlandish, ostentatious or sexual.  Young, women serve
a purpose as outlined, to SERVE MEN.  (Mature men want young women but the
truth is, young men want older women!)  But old women cannot serve men
except, perhaps as maids or caretakers.  They cannot breed & they are
“over the hill,” not desirable sexually.  (This is a total lie, as most
young males are attracted to older women!  But they are told in so many
ways this is a taboo, the older woman is your Mother or Grandmother, she
is not for sex, to want her for sex is an aberration.  If you date an
older woman you will be ridiculed & humiliated!  Naturally, the older man
is exempt from prejudice, he is GOOD FOR SEX!)  The older woman is to be
pushed aside, “stay in your lane” she is told, you have no WISDOM or
LEADERSHIP ability, as women do not have such qualities, & as the Mormon
harem-mongers say, SHE IS LUCKY A MAN STILL SUPPORTS HER (as part of his
harem!) as she has no purpose in life!

•    So therefore, say, a woman of today wants to have sex with multiple
males.  Say she is an older woman, like Mae West.  Say she has money.
Society has now changed toward this but not entirely, it is the beginning
of a trend that will one day be common place.  Once upon a time, when
women prevailed, they had sexual freedom.  Now they are getting it again,
in increments.

So I can declare I am not looking for monogamous relationships, nor do my
affairs have to be long term.  They can last one night or many years.  I
am not looking for an older man to support me.  I am not seeking
“respectability” – I have no “shame” – I am not ashamed of what is
natural, created by God.  I seek sex, I want as much as possible from many
males of my choice, & I prefer young ones.  I am willing to pay their way,
as old men once paid mine.  Yes, I will chase them as men once chased me.
I am not desperate, neither is Hugh Hefner.  We have awaked to a new day.
The day of female empowerment, & part of this is all I have stated, the
right to have fun, have sex, chase men, support them & live happily ever
after with an ever-changing harem.

Guru Rasa,  12  30  13

The photos of Rasa Von Werder depict men & women as Embodiments of God –
the title of her new website now being created.  This is an extension of
the “University of Mother God Church.”  This site will teach that God is
All, in all Creation, from the tiniest particle of life to the sky, earth,
air, oceans, planets, Universe.  God is not only “spirit” or “energy” but
God must be worshipped through Creation, Nature, animals & our bodies.


Apple cider vinegar is a good nutrient which helps against large number of
diseases and disorders. Its power was discovered at least ten thousand
years ago, so that we can call vinegar a cure of millennium. It comes in
different variations, but vinegar made of apple cider is the most popular
and most used one. Even Hippocrates has considered it one of the natural

Apple cider vinegar has a history of use as deodorant, preservative and
tonic, which is of crucial importance for wound healing, disinfection,
health and power. Its main ingredients are vitamins and minerals. Some 19
minerals, out of 22 possible, can be found in vinegar: sodium, calcium,
iron, boron, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, fluorine and phosphorus, to name
a few.

These minerals are good for overall health, renewal of cells and tissues
and preservation of human body in healthy condition. They can also
influence growth. On the other hand, vinegar also contains a number of
important vitamins, such as A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, bioflavonoids, malic and
acetic acid, beta-carotene and pectin.

How to prepare apple cider vinegar

Prepare first fresh apple juice and leave it in a wide bottle covered with
plate which permits air to have contact with apple juice. Make sure that
juice does not occupy more than two thirds of bottle. Regularly mix the
juice, even several times during one day. After couple of days, the
substance will start to foam. After that it should be kept in dark and cold
environment and you should mix it every day. Apple cider vinegar will be
ready for use after three months: you can filter it and move it into your

How to prepare apple cider vinegar tonic

In order to obtain apple cider vinegar tonic, just mix apple cider vinegar
with water. Take 2-3 teaspoons of vinegar and 30 ml of water. If you want
to protect tooth enamel you have to dilute vinegar in water.

In order to obtain all these positive effects from apple cider vinegar, you
have to take care which vinegar you use and how you process it. Only fresh,
non-pasteurized and unfiltered apple cider vinegar is helpful, because it
contains enzymes and living substances. Don t forget to shake it before use.

Here is just a short list of diseases where this magic nutrition can help:

Diabetes and diet

Apple cider vinegar is perfect for fighting diabetes and excessive weight.
It plays an important role in easier digestion and appropriate appetite
regulation. First of all it sets diabetes 2 under control, improves
resistance to insulin and affects glycemic index in nutrition in a positive
way. Easy digestion without gases, bloating and reflux is provided through
vinegar s capability to keep hydrochloric acid in your stomach.
Furthermore, you will be relieved from diarrhea and constipation. Apple
cider vinegar is good for control of appetite: it prevents overeating and
makes you feel full. Finally, apple cider vinegar is a powerful contributor
to detoxification and energy production. In order for all these effects to
take place, you should take some apple cider vinegar before meals.

Circulatory system

About 15 ml of apple cider vinegar per day is a powerful cholesterol
fighter. Pectin is helping absorption of cholesterol and fats and their
removal. However, amino acids that can be found in apple cider vinegar
helps fight LDL cholesterol.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you can take a spoon of
honey, a spoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, blend
everything and take it twice a day. Both ingredients contain potassium,
which is good for preservation of sodium in your body. You will be
surprised by high blood pressure healing effects of apple cider vinegar.
Furthermore, both apple cider vinegar and honey are rich in magnesium,
which can help reduce pressure from the walls of blood vessels.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful against hemorrhoids. All you need to do is
rub them with apple cider vinegar several times during the day.

To prevent problems with varicose veins you can implement a special
treatment using apple cider vinegar wraps two times a day: once in the
morning and once in the evening.

To reduce the time needed to stop nose bleeding, you can soak a piece of
cotton in apple cider vinegar and push it into your nostrils before you lay
down. This will fasten the process of putting a stop to bleeding.

Joints and bones

Apple cider vinegar has sour taste, but helps in a number of bone and joint
issues. It is an alkalizer and as such, it is powerful remedy for
arthritis, gout, osteoporosis etc. It is known to keep a good fluid balance
in joints to make sure that you don t get sick from joints stiffness and
pain. Bones need a lot of minerals, which is why apple cider vinegar is
useful for them.

In order to cure arthritis use this simple recipe: mix 60 ml of olive oil
and 125 ml of apple cider vinegar and rub your joints with it. You can also
take some apple cider vinegar orally before eating.

In order to cure gout, drink two spoons of honey and two spoons of apple
cider vinegar diluted in water before all three meals a day. Rub painful
spots on your body with apple cider vinegar during 15 minutes. This also
helps against cramps in muscles and legs.

The photos of Rasa Von Werder depict men & women as Embodiments of God –
the title of her new website now being created.  This is an extension of
the “University of Mother God Church.”  This site will teach that God is
All, in all Creation, from the tiniest particle of life to the sky, earth,
air, oceans, planets, Universe.  God is not only “spirit” or “energy” but
God must be worshipped through Creation, Nature, animals & our bodies.

Skin, nails and hair can be successfully treated against aging by
implementation of apple cider vinegar.

Dilute two spoons of apple cider in 30 ml of water. Use this to treat acne
and skin fat many times a day.

In order to decrease development of age spots on your skin apply a mixture
of apple cider vinegar (one spoon), onion juice (one spoon) and water (30
ml) and rub the spots with the solution. Repeat this every day. First
effects can be noticed after two weeks of treatment.

Blend of water and apple cider vinegar in same proportion can help against
yeast infections on your nails if you implement it two times per day. You
should by all means apply the treatment before going to sleep.

A two days treatment of corns and blisters includes the following. On the
first day you should put your feet in a vessel with warm water and keep
them there until they soften. Then rub the affected areas with a stone and
finally wrap your feet with material soaked in apple cider vinegar. On the
second day you should simply repeat the procedure.

When you burn yourself or experience swelling of some body parts, wrap
affected areas with pure apple cider vinegar and keep it like that for one
hour. This is even more efficient than ice.

A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water (in same amounts) removes
bacteria and fungi that cause psoriasis, eczema and diaper rashes.

Head and hair

Half an hour of apple cider vinegar on your head can help remove dandruff.
Don t forget to wash your head and hair after the treatment.

If you want to have healthy and shiny hair, you can use special conditioner
made of apple cider vinegar (0.1 l) and water (0.2 l). This makes hair easy
to comb, it adds shine to it and helps its renewal.

Respiratory system

If you catch a cold it can be helpful to drink apple cider vinegar diluted
in water couple of times during the day. For the night cough we recommend
you to spray your pillow with pure apple cider vinegar. Finally, in order
to fight asthma you can both wrap your wrists in apple cider vinegar or
drink apple cider vinegar tonic.

Sleeplessness and headache

Drinking apple cider vinegar tonic helps with headaches, but you can do
something else as well: inhale apple cider vinegar diluted in large vessel
with water during 5 minutes.

If you have trouble sleeping take a spoon of apple cider vinegar and add
honey to it. One spoon of this blend should help fall asleep, but if you
don t feel the effect, repeat the procedure once more after approximately
one hour. You will sleep better and longer.

Female issues

If you have morning sickness during your pregnancy or rather strong
menstruations you should drink apple cider vinegar tonic every morning.
However, sweating during the night should be regulated by intake of apple
cider vinegar in the evening. Some vinegar sorts can cause fungi, but apple
cider vinegar is doing the opposite. Candidiasis and other yeast infections
can be successfully treated by apple cider vinegar if you wash your
genitals with water diluted apple cider vinegar, complemented by oral
intake of apple cider vinegar tonic. In this way, you will make sure that
you never suffer from bacteria and fungi in your organism.


In order to stop production and development of gallstone you should mix
apple cider vinegar tonic and unfiltered natural juice of apple (0.2 l) and
drink it before meals.

Body odors

Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria, which is why you can use it as a
deodorant on the natural basis. It is sufficient to apply some apple cider
vinegar under your arms once every day. You can also treat your feet in
order to prevent excessive sweating by putting them in a vessel full of
water where you dilute apple cider vinegar (75 ml). Repeat this 2-3 times
in a week.


Some of the principal ingredients of apple cider vinegar act as
antioxidants and have thus also properties that are useful for prevention
of cancer. The most important ingredients are polyphenols, beta-carotene,
pectin and flavonoids. They work on the following principle: they attach
themselves to substances that cause cancer and help remove them from your
body. Not only should you eat an apple a day, but you should also take some
apple cider vinegar tonic.

There is, of course, even wider range of health issues that can be treated
with apple cider vinegar, but we leave that to some more detailed studies.
The best home remedy for a number of listed and not listed diseases should
be taken every day before introduction of food.


The photos of Rasa Von Werder depict men & women as Embodiments of God –
the title of her new website now being created.  This is an extension of
the “University of Mother God Church.”  This site will teach that God is
All, in all Creation, from the tiniest particle of life to the sky, earth,
air, oceans, planets, Universe.  God is not only “spirit” or “energy” but
God must be worshipped through Creation, Nature, animals & our bodies.

the STRATEGY of LIFE –Guru Rasa’s best advice of how to succeed through life.

We are born into a world of family & “friends” thinking that those around
us “love” us.

But there is  a more accurate reality of what goes on on the earth plane.

The world is a place of survival, bottom line.  We are under the illusion
or delusion that we are “loved” the way that God loves us – for ourselves.
But this is not true.  There are only a small minority on earth of those
who actually “love” us (unconditionally) – (guessing it might be one out
of a thousand who have that sort of love for ANYONE).

In most cases, people are merely struggling for survival.  Whoever meets
their needs for survival is greeted cheerfully, sometimes used, even
abused.  Families abuse some members for the survival of the rest of them.
(This is called “scapegoating” of one family member that is used, abused,
& thrown to the wolves.)

People who are nice to us are usually “nice” to us on a shallow level – no
deeper meaning to it at all, in an emergency, these “nice” people will
mostly evaporate with the morning dew – gone.

I have seen that families use each other for “survival,” – couples use
each other for this & that.  Whatever, whoever, interferes with the
survival of “family” or “relationship” is considered “the enemy.”  The
enemy will be abused, destroyed if possible.  So this has nothing to do
with “love.”  It is the law of “the jungle,” the lower self, it is

What is going on in the world is not love, it is survival, it is the law
of the jungle, it is basic instincts, whatever the surface masks may say,
whatever sweet words may be thrown at you, the deeper meaning is survival,
& when all the masks are gone, we are Apes in the jungle, fighting for

This is why we must tread this earth carefully.  To try & figure out what
is going on here or there, is almost impossible.  To succeed, to survive
without sinning, is not an easy task.  Most people are sinners.  Not by
murder or thievery, but by betrayal, by being indifferent to the plight of
the poor, of the helpless, the weak.  They have betrayed Our Lord or Our
Mother God a thousand times, & they will betray God a thousand times
again.  It is done by daily thoughts, words & deeds, sometimes the
smallest actions, but they are all traitors to Truth & Holy Mother God,
with masks of kindness on their faces.

Here is my strategy for success & survival.  I do not try to figure out
this world, per se.  It’s too hard.  I don’t try to figure out people –
nearly impossible.  The schema of all this is so complicated, you could be
on the earth a thousand years still figuring it out, as it keeps changing.
And if you dwell on it you’ll get a major headache, maybe a nervous
breakdown, because it’s a puzzle, a treadmill toward the truth that never
ends.  The thing is, each human on this planet is evolving, & they are
evolving by mistakes, & you cannot avoid those that are flawed, crazy,
mixed up, damaged & dangerous.  If you completely avoid them, you cannot
help them, & God wants you to help others, & love them as you love
yourself – as I said, it gets so complicated, who can figure it out?

Who can you then turn to then for help, advice, wisdom, solace & moral
support?  Who can you trust?  Is there anyone?  In my personal life I hate
to admit this – but I have never found any one human being,( up until
these last years when I met a Matriarchal associate), who ever told me the
absolute Truth or gave me totally Pure & Perfect Advice.  (And my guess is
that I never met a person totally pure of heart & in possession of
Absolute Truth, or who wanted to speak it!)

My answer to this dilemma has always been this:  Obedience to the Inner
Voice (the unconscious, greater Power) which already knows what is best
for me to do, or not to do.

This Voice has guided me all my life, consciously, since age 26.  I do not
usually question this Voice, but I do work at being ONE with It, being
able to communicate.  This takes effort: meditation, prayer, good works, a
pure Heart, a clean conscience, a good Karma.

My greatest advice to anyone that wants to succeed is cultivate a Real
Relationship with YOURSELF - the Unconscious, the God Within; hear her
VOICE.  Obey her, She knows more than you.

This is the Person that loves you at all times, in the purest, deepest,
truest love.  This Person – God within – also knows what is best for you
to do or not to do at all times.  Cultivate a relationship with yourself,
the God within you, stay close to her at all times, speak to her, listen
to her, obey her, & you will never go wrong.

That is my Xmas message of love, the best advice that I can ever give.

Dec. 26, 2013

The photos of Rasa Von Werder depict men & women as Embodiments of God –
the title of her new website now being created.  This is an extension of
the “University of Mother God Church.”  This site will teach that God is
All, in all Creation, from the tiniest particle of life to the sky, earth,
air, oceans, planets, Universe.  God is not only “spirit” or “energy” but
God must be worshipped through Creation, Nature, animals & our bodies.

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