Monday, 5 January 2015


Rasa Von Werder brings new teachings on love and sex, illustrating them with photos of her nude and sexy models.  See the website

Guru Rasa Von Werder
 They must begin learning from childhood on, earliest years, like with religion.  I have heard people say,
"I am not going to teach my child religion until he grows up and can make his own decision regarding which one he will follow."
My friend, this will be too late.
If the child is taught nothing until he "grows up" he will have no concept of a God in him; the wiles of the world, the flesh and the devil will have ground in his heart.  He will have no interest in God or religion, this will seem irrelevant, he will not be able to focus on a thing that has never been presented - the world around him will be all the reality there is.
And this is the predicament we women are in, trying to teach a male how to make love to us.  When we get him into bed it's too late.  Every wrong thing has been fed him, every right thing is absent.  He doesn't know who we are, who he is to us and what to do about it.  All he knows is he has a hard on, wants us to suck on it, put it in and come.  He has not the slightest inkling of the religion of Mother God, where men looked up to females and served them, pleased them, and gained Divine Energy from them.  He has attended theschool of Patriarchy all around him, which means hurting, using and abusing her; get what you want and get out.  Now you are faced with this creature with a hardon in your bed, and you are supposed to teach him how to make love?  It's like teaching an atheist about God. He may be in Church but he is not going to listen.  School begins not in the bedroom but in the cradle - he has to love and respect a woman in order to please her, and he has to want to please her.  He has to understand he is not to guide her, she guides him.
So many guys claim they are pleasers know what to do with a woman when they get her into bed - all the while talking crudely, grabbing and groping. And if you are desperate enough to take him home you find out all he said was a lie.  And women are frantic indeed as they go from one man to another, traveling from rocks to hard places - they are all the same, all having attended the same school.
Guru Rasa Von Werder...Jan. 4, 2015

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