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Newsletter from Rasa 10 25 11

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I’m thinking about going to preach for the “Wall St. Revolution”
from Rasa Von Werder  10  25  11
I’m thinking about going to preach for the “Wall St. Revolution” – They are occupying the corner of State St. & Court, Binghamton, NY, right by the corner where at least a thousand people pass, mostly BU students (& they know me), BINGHAMTON UNIV. HONORS RASA WITH FRONT PAGE:  )  I could walk up & down Court & State with a MEGAPHONE, (which I have used before), in front of the “Binghamton Occupation”.  This is a series of tents in a park, ALL MALES, holding up cardboard signs, with frequent supportive visits from our Mayor, Matt Ryan. 
What I am informed with that I would preach:
From David Icke re. the “revolution”:
David Icke, along with Alex Jones, is the number ONE conspiracy expert in the world & these men are always up to date & must be referred to for understanding & action.  Ignoring them is your loss.  Go to Alex Jones’
The mainstream media is nothing but lies & confusion, controlled by the corporations – do not believe anything they tell you.
David Icke is RIGHT ON with everything that he says, but he does not address the solution being Matriarchy taking over Patriarchy, obviously, because he doesn’t SEE IT, he sees WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PRESENT SYSTEM.  He DOES reference our spiritual power as being a solution – David Icke is a soul Anointed by God.
Alex Jones, the greatest hero of our United States,  likewise knows everything except Matriarchy taking over Patriarchy!  He is also a soul of God Anointed for his work; nothing else could explain his great Power like David against Goliath.
            Males Can Never Save the World – They Are the Problem
How do I know this?  Because IT HAS BEEN TRIED & NEVER IN THE HISTORY OF PATRIARCHY HAVE MALES EVER BEEN ABLE TO STRAIGHTEN OUT SOCIETY.  There have been revolutions & more revolutions.  Monarchies were thrown over by socialists, communists & capitalists – they all failed.
·        The French revolution - As a Monarchy it was controlled by males, as a socialism it is controlled by males. France is now, along with the US, England, Israel, totally bankster controlled.
·          Jesus Christ created a religion of Love & Peace.  In the hands of males, you had the Crusades, then the Inquisition, bloody murder of nine million women & all the dissenters.  Then you had the pedophiles, with injury to God knows how many children.  (This ended by my prayers.)
·        Buddhism has a good name, as far as shedding no blood.  But in Tibet, the Dalai Lama used the peasants as SLAVE LABOR to build their endless monastery palace. I suspect also the Buddhist priesthood, which pulled in every boy from the peasants to do a two-year stint, was parallel with the Catholic pedophiles & the Spartans/Greeks who took all the boys from the Mothers for “mentoring.”  Buddhism, in the hands of men, is not without corruption. 
·        Russia:  They ended the Monarchs / Emperors & tyranny of the Russian Orthodox religion with Communism, then appears Stalin, the bloodiest dictator who ever lived.  In the guise of creating a “dictatorship of the proletariat” (common people)”, there was the opposite, where soldiers returning from war were killed as traitors.  It is estimated that with thirty million people killed, Stalin was worse than Hitler.  He sent one third of my country, Lithuania, to Siberia as slave labor.  The ones targeted were anyone in authority who could think & resist - (teachers, cops.)
Aside:  As Stalin arrested & hauled off to Siberia anyone who could THINK or RESIST consider the BIOWARFARE the U.S. is now committing against its people:  Fluoride forced on us in the water, lowers I.Q. as one of its evils.  Vaccines, injected into babies (& anyone else,  but babies are targeted with scores of vaccines before the age of two!), cause BRAIN DAMAGE - mercury, aluminum, & other chemicals do the work.  Why would a government do this to its people?  The same reason Stalin sent one third of Lithuania to Siberia – Get rid of possible resistance & use people as slave labor.  The banksters plan to eventually turn us into total slaves, being dumber will help, zombies, unable to think for themselves, afraid, disempowered.  That is the purpose of fluoride, vaccines & other poisons, to disable us so we cannot resist as the One-World-Government strikes.
End of aside.
Communism in the hands of men worked like this; no condoms were issued, no sanitary napkins.  Women used rags for menstruation; abortion was used as birth control, with the average iron curtain woman getting SEVEN abortions. 
(My cousin in Lithuania told me they didn’t issue sanitary napkins because men didn’t need them, obviously no condoms because men didn’t want them.) 
MALE REVOLUTIONS ARE FOR MEN.  THE BIG QUESTION IS THAT IF THIS REVOLUTION SUCCEEDS, corporations end, then what? – Another incarnation of MALE CORRUPTION & VIOLENCE?  That is the pattern that has emerged again & again, for thousands of years – one flawed male system replaced by another.  They keep waiting for the man on the white horse, & when he comes, they crucify him.  There are no more male saviors; the savior is Woman.
·        America “overthrew” King George, (but I am told England still rules us via Rothschilds.)  We became a Democracy (Demo-crazy), but in the hands of men, we had SLAVERY & tyranny over women.  Our country is controlled by the Shadow/Illuminati/Bankster Govt., all ruled by males.  We are the Number One WARLORDS in the entire world, waging wholesale terror against innocent people for resources - oil, land, or strategic positions.  We are killing, decimating untold numbers of citizens by use of America ’s economic slaves as soldiers.  And so, the American Revolution came to naught.
I could go on & on, but these examples will suffice.  There is no major system on our planet, run by males, which has worked to change the planet. 
And so, my conclusion, is we have a male gender problem & it stems from their instinct for violence.  It isn’t competition that is bad – competition can bring health – it’s violent competition.  This violence wants to kill others when in conflict.
The “Wall St. Occupation” duplicated in <> Binghamton</ >
The Binghamton occupation is a male domination venture.  There were no vocal women, there was one woman to twenty men, and these were silent.  Both genders going to the bars walked by without taking note of the proceedings, as if to say
“There is nothing of relevance going on here.”
I talked to the activists about “sound bytes,” stating their manifesto in plain & simple terms & spoken with forcefulness.  Several males did listen to me, became my friends, & we will be in touch for further work.
As I saw the situation each night, a sense of pity came over me.  They needed help, but how could I help them?  Two of the ones most visible did not welcome my input.  At 21, they knew it all, asserting themselves was the main issue, in fact, one of them kept repeating a book I should read & kept asking me the name of the author until sure I memorized it.  It’s amazing how much 21 year olds know – imagine how smart they’ll be by age of 31! - Or 41, or 51?  At age 61 they should be Alexander the Great & master the world - if they haven’t exploded from all that puff.
What WAS important, my “mentor” said, was that the Mayor was coming!  Not one to be involved with politics, I learned his name only that day, Matt Ryan, & heard him on the mike with the band.  He recited anti-corporation platitudes; the forty males & two women clapped dutifully.  I shook his hand & thanked him & wondered why he didn’t even TRY to reach the club audience, but he didn’t give me an opening to chat.  He’s been a frequent visitor to the occupation, & it seems to me, the men are galvanized by his support; however, neither Matt Ryan nor his chelas are generating any charisma, no Martin Luther King Jr.’s are they.
I went back to Flashbacks to dance, just thinking if there was anything I could do.  Frankly, they seemed hopeless, like losers who didn’t want any help.
I went to the pizza parlor & sat with six girls whom I did not know but they knew me.  One of them asked me what I thought of the occupation.
“It’s lame,”
I said.
At this, she jumped, as if awakened.
she cried,
“They aren’t saying anything & there are no women!”
I answered,
“They are not representing the women.  They think they know it all & no women need apply.”
At that point a group of young males walked in – as usual, they think they can butt in any time they see women talking.  One pulled up a chair before getting an answer & said,
“Can we sit with you?”
I kicked his chair away & said “no!”  The girls were thrilled & thanked me for it, one said,
“They are afraid of you.”
What are the Issues?
In this global “revolution” or occupation David Icke states the issues well.  Please hear his over half hour speech.  He explains how the nidus of the problem is the banksters creating money out of thin air, to lend it to us, money that does not exist.  Then we have to pay it back with real money, from our labor, & when we don’t, our property is taken away.  They “print” the money (not the government) – it’s simply a line of electronic credit.  So they give us something that does not exist but when we don’t pay up, they take what does exist, our property.
They create an abundance of money – prosperity – by “printing” a lot - giving credit.  Then they withdraw the “abundance” of “money” & we have depression – they create all this at whim to bankrupt companies so we have no jobs by which to pay & to take away real property, - this increases their wealth until they have taken over the world.
Why does the government allow banks to loan money THAT DOES NOT EXIST? (It’s called FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING – so they can LEND AT LEAST TEN OR MORE TIMES THE MONEY THAT THE BANK ACTUALLY HAS ! - Because the governments are controlled by the same networks that own the banks!
David Icke says that if the “occupation” is to succeed, it has to insist that banks no longer be allowed to lend money on money they don’t have.
He explains how their final intention is to take over the world & enslave everyone in it, have a one-world government, one world electronic credit – one world “health” organization, where we are dictated to easily by a minority on top.  It’s all about consolidation for them, so the few can control the many, but for us, it has to be about diversification & breakdown of the centralized powers / cartels.  If our “revolution” does not affect the breakdown of these cartels, it will fail, & our progeny will suffer a terrible fate.
David Icke says many more wonderful things, & so does Alex Jones, please check their videos & websites.
To be continued – What are the solutions?  There is a God, & She is doing something!
Rasa’s life story as a stripper/preacher making international headlines!
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