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Part II: Dating, Bedding, Wedding ghetto vs. student partners

  Kellie Everts, (Rasa Von Werder)

Anthropological study conclusion in Binghamton, New York, University students vs. “ghetto dwellers” of like age
by Guru Rasa Von Werder
Oct. 5, 2011
“I’m going to write a book on my one-night stands,”
I say to people,
“And it will be more funny than sexy.”
Can one be serious while laughing?  I think so.  What could be so funny about sex?  It’s the PREDICTABLE & unchanging BEHAVIOR OF MEN (& also women I am told, although I’m not an expert as I don’t date women.)
By way of example:
I meet an alumnus of BU, he’s 28, a psychologist.  We dance romantically at then “Boca Joe’s.”  He says outrageously flattering things like,
“You’re too beautiful for me.”
He actually WAITS for me anxiously at night’s end while I go to the bathroom –
“Make sure you come back!”  He cries.
Are you kidding?  He’s a hottie.  A gorgeous bartender girl, on my way out, stops me,
“Hey, Rasa, why do you get more hotties than I do?”
“Learn to say “yes” I say.”
She smiles.
I can’t wait to anoint my apartment on Main St.  He’ll be the first visitor.  I stop the car.  The beauty, 6’1”, 180 lbs., medium brown hair, perfect features, goes around the car to open the door for me!
After we enter I get some wine, we’re both naked on the bed. His soccer-playing body is perfect..  We talk a long time, he understands everything I say! But it gets sad when he reveals the pedophile priest who molested him. 
In due time we get onto business.  I say to him,
“But I will never see you again.”
“Even so,”
he says,
“What has happened between us is important.”
Onward we go when suddenly, his tire is deflated.
“What happened?”  I ask.
“I had a flashback to the priest,” he says.
Ugh, case closed.
Another day.
I spot a big-time tall hottie, chocolate, somewhere on State St.  I chat him up.  He’s willing.  That’s because he’s from out of town.  The local ghetto males are forbidden to date me.  It took me a while to figure out, but ahhh loves a mystery.  Once the ghetto women knew I was “on the prowl” they passed an edict,
“Don’t date Rasa or you will be ostracized.”
Remarkable how such an edict works, hands down totally.
Reminds me of the TV series I saw, long ago, about an English couple with a daughter who went to Africa to plant coffee. The girl later told the adventures.  One of them was, that the cook of the family was dying, because the chief had put a curse on him – (for some adulterous act.)
He was near death, they could not save him.  The mother went to the chief & pleaded for him to take the curse off, but he refused.  When they left, a terrific thunderstorm broke out.  The chief relented, God had spoken.  He went to the cook, restored him to grace, the man recovered.
It works like that in “tribes” both old & new, it works with students, in ghettos, in hillbilly herds, it works in families, with rich or poor, ostracism is a battering ram which keeps the sheep in place.

Ostracism: The Kiss of Social Death1
by KD Williams - 2007 -
 even the most minimal forms of ostracism are painful and distressing.

The Power of Ostracism

by Richard Hammer   shows that the ultimate strength of ostracism could mean death, ...

To repeat:  “Once the ghetto women knew I was “on the prowl” they passed an edict”
This order is not set forth in council at tables; it is simply stated by showing disapproval.  For me, it was constant INTERRUPTION, the ghetto weapon of choice.  Every time ONE OF THEIR MEN approached, one of the women – any one of them – would INTERRUPT HIM as if they had the right to, as if they did not have to respect his conversation with me but somehow OWNED HIM, & they would BREAK THE THREAD of what was being said, & the boy knew “wassup” & would walk away. 
Why do they do this?  Because they are UNITED & as a UNIFIED FORCE they decree or pass judgment on who the guys can go out with.  The women hold the men “in common” & they often have sex with different ghetto members even though most of the time they have a relationship with one specific one, but males are sort of “passed around” for want of a better term.  They KNOW THE DICK SIZES OF EVERY MEMBER OF THEIR COMMUNITY so why would that be?
When I first appeared on State St. I did not know who was who & what was what. The first people to ostracize me were the drug dealing kings.  They didn’t know who I was, so they figured I was an undercover cop or informant.  I started to get very popular, loads of ghetto males wanted to dance with me.  But lo & behold, another guy would come up to them, say something privately, the guy would look bewildered & walk away.  Soon, NO GHETTO GUY WOULD DANCE WITH ME...I was frustrated.
After a while, I became “friends” with many of the male & female ghetto people, but now I faced another dilemma, the women against me.  Most of the men wanted my dance or date, they said so, but did not dare. Why were the women against me?  I am told they felt threatened, a woman that everyone wanted to have sex with & that woman was a loose cannon!  They had to stop it.
What do they fear?  What does ostracism mean?  Every family, society, social group is some sort of psychological, physical, mental, emotional & financial arrangement.  They have gatherings, they give each other leads, knowledge & information for survival, rides, they help one another in emergencies, there can be financial help.  To disregard the edict of the group is to lose these benefits & privileges.  People comply out of fear; they would rather lose you than all they’re getting from the group.  
Recently I had the same experience with a student.  We had been friends for three years.  We weren’t in love, but we danced a lot, we liked each other.  First, the parents found out & told him to get a girl his own age.  That lasted a month, and then he was back to me.
But then he dropped me for good.  I called him pretty irate to what was going on, & he said,
“My girl friend & my friends refuse to allow me to talk to you, because they fear what I might do if I continue talking to you.”

It’s a matter of control.  His family & friends want control, want him to do as they say, not do what he wants to do.  He gives in because he wants the benefits.

So now, next hottie I meet, as I said, because he’s from out of town.  The ghetto women have no control over out of towners, just the in-bred group they associate with 24/7, the ones they’re in bed with, trapped with, up the creek without a paddle, their brothers in crime who give nothing but spermination (oh yes, some of them bless you with black & blue marks) by which to get more paid pregnancies, ...and oh yes, the occasional windfall from drugs.

I must add a note here, that my statements are not judgments of poor people’s morality, just describing their actions which I observed.  I could say a word about professionals & their ways.  Some students go to school, have the luck of being financed.  They commit no great deeds while in school, in terms of charity or humanitarian work, they just get educated, learn skills by which to make money.  Suppose they become doctors or lawyers.  The next step is charge exorbitant rates for what they do.  Doctors get filthy rich off the suffering of people, those who have no insurance suffer grossly at their hands, for services that could be given cheaply but are given for a fortune.  This is a type of theft or exploitation; it is not acts of love.

Everyone knows there is not much love lost on lawyers.  Some of them got an education just to rip people off with.  Someone gave me this,

“What do you call five lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?”

“A good start.”

“What is the difference between a dead dog & a dead lawyer in the middle of the road?”

“The dog has skid marks in front of him.”

I stand talking to my Romeo.  He’s about 6’2”, beautiful muscular body, nice face what you can see past the dark glasses – why the dark glasses?  It’s midnight, not noonday!


Why dark glasses, hoodies, & oh yes, did he tell you his real first name or just a nickname, & they never give their last name nor do they let you drop them off where they live!

I am hard pressed to recall any ghetto guy who right off the bat told me his surname.  It’s sometimes a nickname or first name; never do you get their last.  All the disguises & secrets are because they have criminal intent, & they don’t want you to come after them later on.  They also don’t want you to look up their record.  (This does not apply to any ghetto members who went on to get education & legitimate jobs.  These type guys I also dated & spoke to at length.  Their behavior was normal, they’d give your personal information, & they paid for dates.)

The phone numbers are another story.  They sometimes give you a real number, but it doesn’t do you any good, as they are never available for more than one booty call.  That is, unless they want to use you for something other than sex, like conning you for drug money, planning to rob you, or get any sort of material benefits.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but I have a girlfriend who finally got honest with me.  How she raved about the guys she snagged, only later admitting to me, she had to spend a lot of money on them.  Most of these guys she met at “Bocas.”  And believe me, they were not good looking.  The ones I snagged were all hotties.  I asked her why she went for uglies.  She said,

“I am no beauty queen, & these guys can take it home.” 

Yes, 5’1” & 300 lbs. does not win any contests.  However, with black ghetto guys, the only criteria is
“When you follow her up Broad St. does her bottom cover the whole street?”
Another huge one told me she was popular because of her pretty face.
“Do they ever look at your face?”  I asked.
Again, I will add that the black males who are college have the same tastes as the rest of society.  They go for fit women with balanced bodies.  That leaves a lot of big white lonely women, & explains why you see dozens of them lounging at Scoreboard looking for less educated Nubian gods.
To reiterate, the dark glasses are either imitating rap stars or they don’t want you to see their face...the hoodies same deal...the lack of information about themselves, such as last name & address, is self protection, stay hidden because of crimes past or future. 
“If they don’t have your name or address, they can’t get you.”
Back to my Romeo - I am standing on State St. noting my good luck.  The women who prevented me from talking to “their” ghetto men are alone, observing me score again.  (That is, by the way, why they have to make me anathema – my success with men...they remove me as competition.  One of the local guys said every woman on State. St. was afraid of me...what a compliment!  To think that women 18 to 25 see me as a threat!)The beauty & I walk to my car in the parking lot.  I am feeling him out, seeing if I want to take him home.
He apparently is a Muslim – many black men are - & he is saying he’s not allowed to have sex.  (Neither are Christians, but they do it anyway) & he says,
“My father told me, though; whenever a woman is willing to give you head, go ahead & let her.”
The conversation keeps going back to that one point.  He must have repeated it half a dozen times.
“My father said if a woman wants to suck it, let her.”
I did not allow him into my car (that’s a big step as most ghetto guys pull their dicks out as soon as they are in.)  I decided he was NOT happiness waiting to happen.  I left him there in the parking lot.  Hope he got some good head.
Rasa Von Werder  Oct. 5, 2011

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