Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Gods Of Sex!

Recent photo of Rasa Von Werder

Exciting Times Re. SEX! Images: * Disciple - Franz - I found him on Match we talk daily! * NEW MODEL: Get a load of that dick! Can anyone estimate what size is the beast? Update from Rasa! 2 18 12 Things are really steaming up around here. Got a new book in my mind, & Derrick stimulated it – “The Gods of Sex.” Derrick is the most successful man I know as far as “playing” or “dating” & he shares his secrets with me. We’ve been talking regularly for four years, & finally HE IS COMING HERE IN MARCH for a week! This is big news, as we’ve been arguing for years how to meet up, me wanting him to come here & he vice versa, finally my latest photos made crack. While he’s here I’m going to take nude & sexy pictures of him for the book & maybe some with him; get all the secrets of his sexual success with women - & believe me, he has turned Love into an ART. He regales me with his methods snagging women – how to talk to them, how to turn them on, how to convince them to meet him, then have sex (not always on the first date, sometimes HE refuses because he does not want ONE NIGHT STANDS or use women as dumping loads – he wants RELATIONSHIPS with each woman he woos.) He usually has SEVERAL WOMEN at his beck & call – all ga-ga over him, in love, wanting to marry him (haha, I’m the only one das gonna’ marry him!) The stories he tells me are fascinating. Once he flew all over America to meet his dates. After a while he figured a more economical ploy – get them to come to him. Not only that, IN SOME CASES THE FEMALE PAYS FOR THE ROOM! How does he do it? There are several steps. First, the conversations. He’s a master at that. He’s let me listen in a few times, yes, those women are in love. What do they love? His smile, his tender hands, his romantic bent, etc. Is his dick alright he asks? Yes, it’s perfect. His tongue, oh, yes. What makes me laugh is when these women are so subtle, afraid to say, “I want your dick ramming me – suck me till I explode.” His latest game – you will find BEYOND BELIEF. He NEVER COMES. He had a lady the night before. He made love to her three hours that night, making out, oral (not for him, he doesn’t like it, only for her!) deep French kissing, stroking, fingering her deeply & on the clit, making her come AGAIN & AGAIN. All night he’s tender, touches & kisses the lady. The next morning, he makes love to her another two hours, same thing, he NEVER COMES! He’s practicing a thing called KAREVZA (which sounds like the ancient practice of Yogic tantra to me, where the man disciplines himself not to come, to give longer pleasure to the female.) Does Derrick BREAK THE MOLD? Indeed he does. After two days of love making, very little food consumed by beautiful Derrick, he goes TO THE GYM TO LIFT WEIGHTS FOR ONE HOUR! That’s before even eating! And he is FIFTY years old! (can pass for late 30’s - the secret to that, same as me, is proper diet! He knows healthy food gives him a mighty hardon! I know young men who can’t get it up or keep it hard because they EAT JUNK! Both Derrick & I eat lots of protein, eggs, vegetables, no processed foods or sweets!) That VERY NIGHT Derrick had to go to the airport to meet his next conquest – two women two days in a row – paying her own way from Colorado. He did pay for the room, & he is wining & dining her – but the romance he gives is PRICELESS. You see, he is affectionate in public as well as in bed – he knows that to turn a woman on you start outside, touching her, warm caresses, holding, sweet kisses, sweet smile. He makes the women melt before they even get into the bedroom, after the bedroom, he owns them! Please understand, Derrick WORKS AT THIS. He confessed that he was once a lousy lover like all the rest of the guys – who are SELFISH & just want a blow job & hump – they want to know what you, the woman, will do for them – they don’t care about what THEY CAN DO FOR YOU. Derrick is THE OPPOSITE & so, he has the women EATING OUT OF HIS HAND. (He proved it to me when he had me on three way convos on the phone – I heard dozens of women telling him they loved him!) Derrick BUYS BOOKS & looks up shit on the internet, all day, constantly, studying everything everyone knows about sex, about seduction, the ways of pimps, the ways of men who SATISFY WOMEN & therefore get ALL THE LOVING they want out of women! Sometimes I get weary of listening to him because he reads to me from these books – not exactly the greatest literature - & he describes to me what he did to this or that woman in minute detail – goes on for hours. But then it came to me, “This is good material for a book. Women will love it, men will learn, we gotta’ get this all down to educate people!” I told my friend Derrick, “Let me interview you, get this all down for a book.” He said, “Don’t write anything UNTIL I SHOW YOU.” ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` First Date Meanwhile, my first date from Interracial is coming here next week! He is hotter than hot. I hope he allows me to take some pictures of him! I will keep him private because of his job, but he is HOT & after we made our date, only then, did he tell me HE HAS A BIG ONE! OMG I would climb over a nest of rattlesnakes for a big one! I guess I’m not going to be lonely any more! `````````````````````````````````````````````` How to Score With Men What Derrick told me about how to score with men. This is so funny. He said, “Just give them blow jobs. That’s what they all want. Give them blow jobs the way I give women oral & romance, & you will have them eating out of your hand.” That very morning I tried the new ploy on Rodney. He called, & asked me to finish that letter where I was writing what I was going to do to him when he came here (in late March.) I said, “I can tell you. The minute you walk in the door I will take you to my bed & suck you until you come in my mouth. “Then I will make you a terrific meal. “Then I will take you to the bed & give you another blow job. “Then we will take a walk outside & get some fresh air. “Then I will take you back into the bed & suck you dry. Hahaha, it worked. He liked it. Such simple little things make a man happy! How easy it is to suck on his cock, make him come, & satisfy him. Then he will love me? I sure hope so, Derrick says this is the way to go. (Derrick says he won’t let a woman give him a blow job because he doesn’t want them to control him! What great points he makes!)

 `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` A new model lined up! OMG – don’t even ask, the SIZE OF IT! I will send an image of it covered with a towel. Can anyone guess? 10” – 12” - 14"? He called me YESTERDAY after FLIPPING OUT over my profile. He said he would PAY MY WAY TO FLORIDA, to come see him where he owns his own tattoo, body piercing center. He is a professional nude model when he goes to Europe, works for the art colleges & artists. I told him I am a photographer, he said, “Let’s go!” OK, he isn’t muscular like Derrick or Rodney – these guys are the shit as far as muscles, their dicks are normal. But this boy, his dick is not normal methinks, & so, he does not have to be muscular, the dick speaks for itself, it is a weapon, a work of art, something to behold, it’ll work. Of course, he is slim & fit, beautiful face, so that’s all she wrote – we have it made. I can’t wait! ``````````````````````````````````````````````````` Other Males There are other males on this list I want to photograph & love – Mell, are you listening? Anyone else out there? Not hearing much from any of you, just Mell, Dion, Ty, who else is listening? I guess I’m not the wifey type. I’ve been there, done that, been celibate 20 plus years. Time to have fun. No, I am not a professional. Some wise asses ask me if I am a professional (hooker) or a swinger. I said, “No, I give it out for free. No, I am looking for relationships, but no, I don’t want to be a (monogamous, bored, repressed) wife.” Is that so hard to understand? If any of you here on the list get bent out of shape because I am being open & honest, so be it. Derrick tells me, “You gotta’ play m'to get m'.” That means, play each one – let each one think he or she is the “one & only”. That works for Derrick for a while, but they find out....women who found out how he played them have started blogs about him, denouncing him, so it does backfire. But he always finds new ones. I guess the guys who are OVERLY jealous will not work for me (a big of jealousy is understandable, but we have to be mature adults!). If they are possessive, want to be the “one & only” – I’m not sure if there is such a thing. How does one find the one & only? Have you ever found the ideal, a perfect party that satisfied you in every way? What I see around me is men & women getting together with one, then breaking up, then finding another one. Most married people are not happy, they are bored & frustrated. So people are with multiple partners, but they PRETEND they WANT ONE – the ideal that NEVER MATERIALIZES. I admit there may not be just one. Or if there is, I will have to be, like all of us, with many until I find him. Might take years. Let us quit the pretense & hypocrisy. Women like sex as much as men do. They just don’t want to be used as garbage disposals for sperm, where guys get what they want, leave the woman hanging, act like they don’t know her the next day. ````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Bottom Line I am going to do that book, “The Gods of Sex” with Derrick as the main one, him on the cover. The other hotties, models, dates will be inside. I think it’ll be great. Rasa --- 2 18 12 P.S. My new disciple, Franz, who I got on, & he is a “10” hottie - & I are getting along just great. I am teaching him daily & he’s building an altar to worship me. I guess I’m “all things to all men,” – I know it sounds vain, but.....

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