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(2)  IronBound Films Documentary Rasa stars in is READY!  Will be featured at all film festivals – Sundance, Cannes, etc.  & PBS!  Will give more info. Soon.

3)  Disciple Franz builds an altar to worship Rasa as the embodiment of God

from GURU RASA  3  13  12


Letter from Student Body Chairman
Hi Rasa,

I read your emails and have all the information you requested. 

1) Type of Event/Set-Up: This event would be a informal event. You would be able to talk about anything you'd like; your church, beliefs, values, how you view men and women, your experiences, etc. We would like to have a question and answer session as well. We would also have a moderator, Ryan Vaughan help with this event (he's a great, funny English humor teacher here on campus). 

2) Your Audience: Mostly if not all BU students.

3) Location and Date: There are two options I'd like to ask you which are both on campus. The first is March 27th at Lecture Hall 14 at 7:00PM(this room has the capacity for 240 people). The second is in the Mandela Room on March 18th at 7:00PM (this room would be about 400 students). I doubt any professors would go.

4) Introductory Speech/Questions: You can give a introductory speech if you'd like. I can introduce you. We can also consult on some pre-show questions as well.

5) Length of Session: I was thinking about 45 minutes then 15-20 minutes for questions and answers.

6) Publicity: I can publicize or announce this anyway you'd like me to. An example could be "Rasa Von Werder Invades BU!"

7) There would be no recording of this event. Maybe limited photography at our discretion.
(at my request they are going to record it & put it on Youtube)

8) Dress: You can dress however you'd like to. Be yourself =].

Hope this answers your concerns. Feel free to email me back at your convenience.

Matthew Lugo-
Matthew Lawrence Lugo
Binghamton University
Bingham Residence Hall Staff
McNair Scholars Program
BU Council Representative
Insights Chair, SA Programming Board
 Letter from a Sorority Sister:
Dear Rasa,
I am so glad to hear that you can be our guest speaker. There were many good topics to choose from, thank you for the links. In particular, we are interested in:
1. Can Female Power Save the Plant: The Fate of the World Depends on Women
2. The Origin and Decline of Body Building
3. It's Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings
4. Theater of Mind: Dreams, Symbols, and MeaningsI read the descriptions for the topics mentioned above and I like how they talk about how bodybuilding for women became a part of mainstream culture and women was seen differently from then on and how female began to play a more dominant/active role in society.  We may need to censor some pardon my french but some nudity or inappropriate language since we are presenting to the student body on Binghamton campus. With that in mind, we want to have a professional approach. The goal is to empower women and I believe you can advocate that.

IMPORTANT: Between 3/19 (Monday) to 3/23 (Friday), what day and time in the evening (usually 7 or 8 PM onward) would you be available? We can plan our other events around your availability. Can you please prepare a presentation or whatever it is that you need to convey women empowerment from the topics above.  Please dress semi-professional. Also, do you know how to get to
Campus or would you like us to pick you up? --
Danping "Panique" Chen
Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.

 My Beloved Disciple Franz, whom I met on Match.com, has built an altar to me....he is getting marvelous results from the Anointing.  Will write an article on his dreams & visions soon.

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