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How to Worship Mother God Through My Body

By Guru Rasa

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"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

“Rasa Tantra Sex”

Tantra is worship of Mother God through the body of the female – It is one of the oldest religions (together with Wicca) – 22,000 known years old.  It came before any Patriarchal religion including The Tao, Buddhism & Yoga.  In Tantra woman is worshipped as the SHAKTI or ENERGY OF GOD & as the Supreme God.  The male is also God but he is an auxiliary.  He gets his energy from her; he is dormant or inactive until she infuses him with her Power.  There is the image of Mother Kali, strong & active, standing atop the “dead” body of God Shiva.  The woman is Supreme God, the same as Brahman or Almighty God, to the “Shaktas” or those who worship her.

I will now give you a script of how to worship my body, but this is “in person” only for my lovers & husbands, not all disciples.  Others disciples can do this with their imagination.

This template should be used on other women, but you will get the maximum results from a Living Goddess, who is Enlightened, the rest of the women are symbols. Even if they are Mother God in name only, you will benefit, as women have their own kind of energy you can receive. 

"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

I will give you several levels of this type of sex, the Highest, the intermediate & the lowest.

The physical / mental / emotional benefits of this type of sex:

The purpose of sex is love, procreation is a by-product of sex, but not the reason people do it.  The benefits are that we stimulate or recharge one another’s chakras or energy centers.  Secondly we stimulate the release of feel-good hormones, such as serotonin, dopamine & oxytocin.  (Oxytocin is what makes men fall asleep, so his orgasm is to happen only after that of the woman.)

The common way of making love – centered on the male orgasm, the “blow & hump” is not sufficient to satisfy the woman, nor does it stimulate the hormones or energy centers to any degree for either one.  It gives little or nothing to the female, can be a two-edged sword for her, giving as much pain as pleasure.  If the male only uses the woman to dump his load, then he sins by neglect & selfishness.  How dare he use the superior for sperm disposal, caring little or nothing about her pleasure or orgasm?  His behavior is a direct result of Patriarchal conditioning:

“Use woman...Don’t love her.  She is here to serve you.  Use her for your own satisfaction, she serves you, you do not serve her.  If you care about her, you are serving her – this is a taboo.”

"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

In this way, the Patriarchal hierarchy keeps women miserable, holds men as tyrants over women, depriving them of love.  Romance is dead, play is gone, spontaneity is lost, tenderness does not exist, compassion is absent.  All these deficits belong to men because they are taught it is right – women suffer, men suffer, the earth is a place of sadness.

The world of Mother God is Love, She is Love.  Patriarchy has killed love, it is the Culture of Death, Matriarchy is the Culture of Life.

Let us go on.  Here is the Highest form of Sex:

When you come into my presence, let it be known to me that you want to worship Mother God.  Obviously, we have agreed upon it in advance, but this is the way of the ritual.

You say,

“Mother God I am here in Your Presence to worship Your Holy Body.”

I then might ask you, even before we enter the room of ritual to kiss my hand & then my feet, & I bless you.

I take you into my private chamber where we undress.  I lie down for a relaxing & stimulating massage.  I give you the lotion, & you massage me from head to toe, after praying,

“Mother God, I want to massage your Holy Body, I worship you.”

 "Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

The massage can be short or long – anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending how I want it, on how good of a masseuse you are.  It can be a rubdown or a deep massage.

Next will be the kissing session.  You will say,

“Mother God, I want to worship you with my kisses, my tongue & my caress.”

You will kiss my face & lips tenderly, depending on how I encourage you, it might be French kisses, & then you will kiss all over my face & neck, going to the breasts & kissing & licking the breasts & nipples while rubbing them.

"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

The modus operandi is that you will do each activity for a while, then move on to the next. The massage & kissing, caressing, rubbing can take a longer time, but you’ll have to be careful when you start humping, so you the man do not come.

After the kissing session, where I will encourage you this way or that, you will move to the yoni & say,

“Mother God, I want to worship you through your yoni.”

Then, under my instruction if necessary, you will find the clitoris & lick it for a while, say five minutes.  I might encourage you to rub it with your fingers.

 "Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

You will then, when I encourage you, put your penis inside my vagina, from any position I choose.  You will say,

“Mother God, I want to worship you with my penis.”

You do this for under the time it makes you come.  Here is the method –

Thrust nine shallow, one deep.  Then eight shallow, two deep,
seven shallow, three deep, until you get to one shallow, nine deep, then ten deep.  Then stop.

Go back to kissing saying,

“Mother God, I worship you.”

Repeat the kissing, a few minutes all over the body, then the clitoris, then the humping again as explained.

Repeat this procedure as explained over & over until I am eager to orgasm.  Then lick the clitoris until I come.

"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

Then, if I feel like it, I will worship your cock by sucking it.  I might allow you to come in my mouth (always using a condom) or I will ride you, or I will ask you to hump me missionary style, depending on how I feel, until you orgasm.  Make sure while you are being sucked or humping me periodically you say,

“Mother God, I worship you.”

This makes our sex sacred & holy.  This act of love should take at least an hour.  Obviously it can be repeated.  If the man is disciplined & holds back his orgasm, such a man can do the love for four or five hours.

"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

With Other Women

You might have trouble with other women worshipping them, as not every woman knows that she is God, (which means she is not Self Realized) & some women might think it’s blasphemous.  With such woman you will have to do the simple “Karezza” sex where you do these things without a ritual, without worship, although you might say the prayers in your own mind.

The intermediate version is when you pray silently, for whatever reason, cannot verbalize the prayers.

You will benefit from such lovemaking immeasurably in mind, body &soul, you will be stimulated, blissful, hormones fully charged up, your orgasms will be powerful. Myself & other women will be made happy, you will get a lot of love.

"Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

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  "Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"



 "Guru Rasa Brings Back Tantra Sex"

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