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GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

From GuruRasa  3  4  12

What I am doing now:

I am going to teach men how to make love.  For those who are SPIRITUALLY ADVANCED & LIKE THE IDEA I will teach them to worship Mother God through my body.  I intend to marry some of these men (polyandry) in the sight of God by exchanging gold rings.  Marriage is a sacrament, sex is holy, after all think - what is marriage & sex?  It is Union, it becomes whatever you make it, good or bad.  Bad union, bad sex, bad marriage, is not what we’re looking for.  Good union, good sex, good marriage is what we do in the sight of God.  It’s between God & us, not a piece of paper, economics.

I am looking for the right men to do the worship service.  They have to understand what it is.

For those that do not want or are not ready for the worship, I want to teach them the form of sex known as Energy Karezza (book by Dr. Stanley Bass) which has no worship or prayers but an undertone of veneration of the woman – the man withholds his orgasm & makes love for one to five hours!  This discipline/art/science he derived from the original Tantra – Tantra being the worship of Mother God through the body of a woman.  (The woman always comes first.)

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

This is not FOR EVERYONE but it is for special chosen souls.
Men & women are hungry for love, touch, caress, massage, lick, suck, penetration, etc.

I am now going to work ON A SCRIPT, must get it done immediately to TEACH MEN HOW TO DO THIS ON SEVERAL LEVELS (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) because men are LOST.  Women also have to learn to ACCEPT WORSHIP FROM A MAN, they have lost the ability to demand good sex – they give into male demands which leave males partially satisfied (on the lowest physical level, plain ordinary orgasms) & the women frustrated, hurt, lonely & ANGRY.


(Why is that? - Our CULTURE.)  For one thing, old woman are supposed to teach young men how to make love, but Patriarchy HAS MADE THIS A TABOO.  So it is the OLD MEN who take charge of the mentality & behavior of young men, giving them ALL THE WRONG MOVES.  The result is eventual misery for both, probably more misery for the woman in immediate terms, but misery for the male long term.

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

When women don’t get what they want & need from a man THEY BEGIN TO HATE MEN. They treat men with contempt, anger & hostility, they nag, they are less affectionate, they do less favors, & many women WITHHOLD SEX BECAUSE THROUGH SEX MEN HURT WOMEN INSTEAD OF PLEASURING THEM.

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

Sex, when they try to get it from men, becomes a TWO EDGED SWORD.
Men (the hot ones) act like they are DOING US A FAVOR if they allow us to suck their dicks & hump us.  But after the fake love, they roll over & play dead or else out the door.  This is not love, this is neglect, it is lacking in compassion, 99% OF MEN ARE LIKE THIS.

Most women feel
“The men are beyond hope.  They don’t care.  Even when I tell them what I want they don’t give it to me.  If I demand what I want it won’t do any good.  So I have to put up with this or else be alone.”

What then is the answer?  How do we bring back positive, pleasurable lovemaking?  Through EDUCATION. 

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

Soon I will be writing a script on HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN.  It will consist of several versions.  The low end will be Energy Karezza sex, which has no worship to it; the high end will be RasaTantra Sex which will include prayers to Mother God, said by the male, while he makes love.  The intermediate level perhaps will be the male THINKING THE PRAYERS but not vocalizing them.

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

We’re on a new mission, & it’s FUN!  GuruRasa  3  4  12

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

GuruRasa is teaching men how to worship her body!

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