Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Letter to a beautiful male model

Rasa Von Werder.

Letter to a beautiful male model who just worked 4 a gay photographer (he
denies he’s gay because the man is not “flaming.”  This photographer led
reality to the model.

About the male photographers:
They give U the impression that they R SO SUPREME, SO VALUABLE, that Ur
supposed to PAY THEM.  They R doing U a FAVOR by taking images of U FOR

Here is the TRUTH:
They R using U 4 sexual stimulation in the way the girls who buy Ur
services - even though Ur not having sex - use Ur services in the VIP
room.  (I have worked in  places like that & there R 2 clubs I hung out in
our city - I know exactly what happens.  I recently worked in one of the
clubs, which is a theater, where there is more intense activity.)

The photographer has U there FOR SEX.  Sex per se might not happen, but U
R there to excite his sexual feelings.  If it is totally "innocent" - such
as just plain non nude photos, it does not terminate his imagination &
fantasy level, there & when U R gone.  Ur presence, & the images, serve to

He is getting AT LEAST as much out of U as U out of him via images.

Do not allow them to convince U they  R DOING U ANY FAVORS - it's @ least

Now if the photographer attempts to do anything sexual or asks U to do any
nudity or sexual images - then HE OWES U.  Do not let these fags con U
into stuff like that, many of them do that with the naive models.  Some of
the models get spooked out.  It is common 4 a gay photographer to say to a
boy, even when it's trade, no nudity, does he need any help to get
"fluffed."  The boy says,
"What do U mean?"
The man says,
"I will help U get hard by playing with U or sucking on U - it will look
better 4 the pictures."
Most straight guys then want to get the fukk out of there fast.
But the gays keep trying with ever new guy.

Many straight males quit going to their MM or else delete it after 2 or 3
assaults by gays.  But some of them use it as a "gay 4 pay" escort
service.  They keep working & they R about the only ones making $$$.  They
get paid decent wages, sometimes $100. an hour or more for maybe one, two
or even 3 hours.  Pictures R taken.  But the payment is not 4 the images -
It's the sex.  If sex was not given, no money would change hands.  The gay
would never hire him again.
This is reality.
So don't tell me what goes on - or what does not.  I already know.
Don't tell me what these guys R like - I already spoke to 100 male models.
And another thing THEY R ALL GAY - THEY R ALL AFTER SEX.  That is reality,
there is no in between.  The "sex" takes on a few forms - sometimes body
to body, sometimes less than that, but sexual things happen.

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