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Another Interview with Rasa Von Werder

I think I read somewhere you did this, "I strip for God" for about 14 years, and there are a few things about this I would like to know.  How did Strip joint owners react to one of their strippers doing sermons?

Negatively.  They did not want me to preach.  The way that I convinced them was the following, “If you do not allow me to preach I cannot get the media here & pack the place in.”

How did the Strip club audience react to you when you gave these sermons? Did any of the audience call out or want to argue with you?

There were bad reactions where men yelled, “We only want to see your pussy”. And women laughed like hyenas.  There a few times when I did exorcisms on men to silence them, & when I got done, I was congratulated by the good ones.

But there were also times, when I got really famous for the sermons, that they listened attentively & respectfully – the most cooperative audiences were in New York City - & one man cried when I described the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (based on the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, whose writings were later used for Mel Gibson’s “Passion.”)

Did you give the sermons in the nude?  If you didn't, how did you keep your audience interested?

At first, I would give the sermons after the show, (with some item over my body, like a feather boa) & some men walked out.  So I got wise & gave the sermon first, haha on them.

And briefly, what was the message you were trying to convey to them?  And would you ever do this again to help start your own church?

There wasn’t any one message – like a minister or Priest, I gave many messages of salvation, & although at the time I was studying Christianity, once in a while I spoke about Yoga.  It was Salvation, being born again, putting God first, the importance of prayer, discipline, virtue, avoiding the Broad Highway to Hell, what Hell would be like, – all the traditional subjects ministers, especially Catholic ones,  speak about.

Kellie Everts, (Showbiz name for Rasa Von Werder

To me, the whole Femdom scene is a mystery. These Femdom fantasies by men are so, so extreme where they want a cruel woman to torture, whip and humiliate them. And it doesn't seem to be about sex as not many Professional Dominas have sex with their clients.

99% of their fantasies & fetishes are because they want to be a little boy or an infant, with their protective, powerful, demanding, frightening & loving Mother over them.  A Mother embodies all those things – love & fear.  Think about it, think small, dependent & afraid – afraid of losing Mother’s love & her punishments.  But they want to be with her again, so the dominatrix fulfills the role.

Why no sex?  Because a child doesn’t have sex with his Mom, he is submissive, & so unless the dominant woman demands sex, he is slow to ask for it, but they always masturbate either during the session or afterward.

Also in these male sex fantasies they are cuckold, or put into male chastity belts and in some very extreme fantasies, the man is castrated!

It’s all the fantasy of control – when Mom controlled them, they felt happy & secure.  The castration is acting out guilt about sex.  Since Patriarchy spooks people out regarding nudity & sex, there is a lot of guilt & fear, so this is a fear acted out – but to actually allow the carrying out of this– I never heard of such a case.

Furthermore, understand that in most cases, men do not want their fantasy fulfilled literally, they are afraid of pain. Many times I did a session or video, they were afraid of the thing they fantasized about, be it getting whipped, hit or the funniest of all, buggered.  I did sessions with a man for a year, every month.  He brought a big dildo the first time – could not do it.  Each session they were reduced in size until it was nothing but a butt plug - & he couldn’t even take that.

When we did videos where we hit guys their clothes were full of thick magazines –I only knew one man you could actually hit & he liked it, but it wasn’t painful hitting.

And it seems many of these men want to act out these fantasies.  You spend some time in the Femdom scene, making films like, "Stand on your Man", did you ever have any insight into these extraordinary desires?

Their fetishes & fantasies are almost all based on what happened with Mom, sisters, aunts, grandmas, or other older women.  Sometimes fetishes are about their first sex experiences.  Whatever happens early leaves an imprint.  They supposedly like pain, but only when it leads to pleasure, like one guy as a boy was beaten by the housekeeper when his Mom was away, but the Mom was so soft & sweet to him when she heard about it, he wanted the housekeeper to keep beating him so he could get the consolation.  This guy you could actually hit without magazines – but again, as I said, when dominant women hit guys, it’s not like guys who beat women.  Guys who beat women actually injure them, even kill them.

Do you think these men are attempting to pay back a karma debt to women, for how men have treated women in the past?

RASA:  No, I don’t give men that much credit.

Or is it men's natural behaviour to be very submissive towards women and patriarchal brainwashing has distorted these desires?

RASA:  Women are naturally dominant over men, they see them as children, which they are.  Men are afraid of women, & it takes a whole pile of instruments to control them, to keep them from taking over.  Men use wealth, technology, brainwashing, discrimination, & their muscles, to keep women dependent, afraid, & SILENT.  Without these weapons, men quickly disintegrate, lose their confidence, & fall behind women.  This is what is happening today, you see men who don’t know what to do any more.  They are having trouble controlling women as they are losing their wealth, & women are not taking them seriously any more.  Women now know they have to get educated, get a job, & they are not concentrating on men, getting a man, except for love or pleasure.  This is the trend..

I personally think that the big problem with patriarchy is that men are not taught how to love. (Even though Jesus did attempt to teach men this).  Men can learn about love from women, but if they do not respect women they won't learn from them.  So men can only learn about love from women they hold in high regard and worship. What has been your experience in teaching men how to love?

We learn about love from intimacy with our Mom mostly during the early years of life, & if this is satisfactory people are functional, peaceful, & have good relationships & sex.  But if intimacy is lacking, with little or no breastfeeding, there can be brain damage, & certainly, the emotional system is disturbed which leads to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, sex problems, disorders, violence & homicide.  Sexual repression in Patriarchy exacerbates this, because if sex play & experiences are allowed early on, young people get affection & satisfaction, but if this form of relief is not permitted, they find unnatural ways of relief such as cutting themselves, substance abuse & violence.

We have a world wide Patriarchal plague of “attachment disorder” - both males & females have this, but the males act upon it more.

Women always knew, by instinct, how to manage children, how to keep them whole & healthy – it was Patriarchy that took the management & control of children away from them, so we have severe problems due to this.

(Patriarchy is not a healthy system, the system itself thrives on discontent, it is not a world where people can be made happy.  If people were happy they would not go to war, & Patriarchy would disintegrate, so they want unhappy people.)

Women knew all these things – the ways of raising infants were handed down from woman to woman, women learned by example, by watching & listening to their elders & no doctors were needed.  Males took that away from women, put it all into the hands of a male-dominated medical, psychological system, social services, child protection agencies.  None of this was needed when women were in control, they did everything properly.  Males then put a lot of erroneous & toxic thinking into the child rearing system, which was taught to women.  They told them not to touch their babies except to feed them, to ignore them when they cried, to let them bang their heads against floors & furniture. Many children in orphanages died under the dictates of males.

Children –especially males - who are not loved then grow into dysfunctional people.

Bear in mind also that breastfeeding is discouraged, & so the brain does not develop as well, the immune system is not nourished – this is what we are looking at now – the damage in the males is tremendous.

Last but not least, as far as love & love making, when the males come of age, they are supposed to be taught life & love by the elder women, not the old men.  The old men teach them cold heartedness, how to use women.  The older women teach them compassion, tenderness, caring for the other person, that love is right, & that making love is an art – you have to learn it.

Patriarchy is a culture WITHOUT LOVE – the Culture of Death.  Matriarchy is the Culture of Life, or by the terms of Mary Daly Biophilia.  She called Patriarchy Necophilia, fucking corpses.

Men are taught by other men this way – they are afraid to open their hearts, show feelings or compassion, to anyone, men or women.  So they live locked in an emotional cage, like turtles in a shell, only satisfying their physical needs.  In a consciousness like that, there is no happiness, because happiness lies within opening up one’s system.  If one’s system is shut down, he cannot feel the depth of joy, bliss or ecstasy.

“Love God with all your Heart, soul & mind”

is the key to joy.  God is all that is good, all that we can enjoy & experience, so if we cannot open up our feelings, then, we cannot enjoy.

These recent photos are from the forthcoming books of Rasa Von Werder,
"Old Woman / Young Man - Why They Belong Together"
Parts I & II

What I like about you is not only our mutual interests in matriarchy and spirituality, but also your positive thinking.  Were you always a positive Pollyanna type since you were a child or did you have to learn how to be positive?

I was born positive & have a natural bent for it, but I was severely abused by my Mother & the rest of the family, & this set up negative programs in my brain.  I had to learn to overcome those programs, & that being done, I learned the hard way, the keys to happiness.  It came through my spirituality.

And so, yes, I had to relearn to be positive.

The keys for me are my faith in God & myself, & that with God, I can do anything, & I have done most of the things I ever dreamed about.  It was very hard, & still not easy, it takes effort to accomplish things.  Faith is the key, & putting what you believe in into action, working hard all the time toward your goals.

Every day that I live, I try to do as much positive things as possible, such as exercise, a health routine, studying & promoting Truth.

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