Monday, 16 May 2011

Sheila's Planet

Three young men Jim, Wayne and Graham, and one girl Jane, crash land their aircraft an Australian desert with no hope of survival. They are rescued by a black woman in a flying saucer and taken to a Mothership where women are the in charge and men have to do as they are told. The men are then trained to learn how to obey women. The book is erotic where the earthpeople experience sexuality very different to what they experience on Earth. It's an adventure book where one of the earthmen makes more than one attempt to escape back to Earth. While the earthwoman Jane also goes back to Earth to find and save her mother. An also a romantic book where Jane also falls in love but find barriers to having the man she wants in the matriarchal society she now lives in. The book also compares life on a male dominated patriarchal planet like the Earth and compares it to a female dominated matriarchal world.

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